348 The Strongest Brain

Chapter 348: The Strongest Brain
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Turning his head, Wang Ming saw a man dressed in a gray long robe with a face that was a little ghastly to look at. There was no way to tell at all from his face how old he was, since it had been completely disfigured.

Analyzing the injury, Wang Ming thought that this was probably a first-degree burn from being hit by dense spirit energy balls. Furthermore, these balls had most likely been doused in a curse, so that any injury they caused would never ever heal, not with any kind of appearance-retaining methods or even plastic surgery.

"Brother Er, be careful!"

Odd Zhuo stared at the newcomer warily; things had taken a turn for the worse. It should have occurred to him earlier that since Shuigou Sect's aim was for Xiao Yuncheng to successfully explode, it was impossible that they wouldn't have sent someone to keep an eye on him.

"Whether it's Xiao Yuncheng or the students whom you sent to the hospital to be quarantined, you might think they're safe for the time being, but they're all doomed to die." The ugly man smiled sinisterly, but because his features were wrecked, his expression as he spoke was utterly indecipherable. In one hand, he held a longsword with a unique sawtooth edge.

This person tapped the longsword on his shoulder, his face indifferent and his voice coarse. "The Lord has already been planning this revenge operation for a very long time; there is no way anything can go wrong."

Wang Ming sat cross-legged on the ground, completely undaunted. He merely placed the black tech helmet down and looked at the man as he said, "This is just a feud between two epic killers... These children are innocent; you shouldn't involve the innocent."

The man sneered. "This has only ever been about revenge since the beginning. When Gorgeous Itinerant killed the Lord's adopted son, he did it without the slightest hesitation and in an extremely ruthless way. He thought that if he withdrew from the world, the Lord would be helpless to do anything about it – how utterly ridiculous. Of course, it's not like there isn't a good way to settle this."

Speaking up to this point, the man narrowed his eyes. "The Lord still cherishes their friendship from their old days as brothers from the same sect... As long as Gorgeous Itinerant is willing to prostrate himself and acknowledge his wrongdoing before the grave of the Lord's adopted son, Black Gauze, as well as give up the supreme weapon he's hiding, the Lord can simply undo the fruit's power in those students with a wave of his hand."

Wang Ming and Odd Zhuo had also previously heard from Wang Ling about the feud between these two epic killers.

And mention of this feud always included two things.

The first was Black Gauze, Taoist Taotie's adopted son.

The other was the supreme weapon which Gorgeous Itinerant had hidden away.

Odd Zhuo: "I have a question. From where did you hear that Gorgeous Itinerant is hiding a great weapon?"

The man was startled: "Isn't this what everyone says?"

Wang Ming and Odd Zhuo were stupefied – wasn't this just a damn rumor then?!

Odd Zhuo: "Have you seen Gorgeous Itinerant use this great weapon before with your own eyes?"

"How is that possible? Can just anyone see Gorgeous Itinerant's great weapon? They say that those who have seen it are already dead, and that their blood flowed copiously to cover the ground. This is enough to prove how vicious this great weapon is!"

The man shook his head with a sneer. "I can leave one of you alive to deliver our terms to the police outside."

Odd Zhuo laughed. "I am the most senior commander of this operation; their words would be worth nothing to you."

The corners of the man's mouth twitched. "You, a Golden Core cultivator, are actually the most senior commander in charge of this operation?"

"He's actually amazing."

Wang Ming couldn't help laughing. "Do you know Odd Zhuo?"

Hearing this name, the man was finally shocked. "You're Odd Zhuo?"

It was impossible for him not to know this name... it was really too familiar!

From the beginning to the end of one short month, he had been involved in the operation to capture the old devil, and his identity as commander had even extended to another city where he had destroyed Immortal Mansion, which was currently the largest dark force in the history of Huaxiu nation. Furthermore, he had captured the Master of Immortal Mansion alive! This was an Itinerant Immortal expert, after all!

The man took a deep breath. The sawtooth sword in his hand gave off a glow which lit up his face.

"Then it seems that the only thing I can do is to kill the both of you!"

He was at the Nascent Soul stage!

In his eyes, an ordinary person and a Golden Core cultivator weren't his match at all!

Gaps between realms were impossible to cross!

But before the man made a move, he noticed a very serious problem: as an ordinary person and a Golden Core cultivator, these two individuals didn't seem the least bit pressured and were really too calm as they faced him...

Considering that the old devil and the Master of Immortal Mansion had both fallen at Odd Zhuo's hands, the man suddenly felt that this was most likely a trap!

Maybe they had on them defensive magic treasures capable of creating backlash!

In a scenario with two sides of unequal realms, if the expert with the higher realm suffered defeat, it was often because they had underestimated the enemy and thought they could win with a single blow. Thus, there were times when a person would frequently fall into the other party's trap because of their scornful attitude.

In a situation where you couldn't confirm whether the other party had a defensive weapon capable of backlash, directly striking at the head was the best decision!

Like a shadow, the man rushed at Odd Zhuo with his sword, so fast that the latter didn't have time to react at all!

Killing intent burst forth!

There weren't any embellished movements with this sword, but the wind it created had already come whistling close. Brandishing the sawtooth sword in a graceful posture, the man in gray traditional dress was intent on chopping Odd Zhuo's head off.

Odd Zhuo's expression finally changed; when he had felt the man's killing intent, his first response... had been to pull the top of the long johns up to cover his head, like Wang Ming had told him earlier!

But it was already too late.

The man was already about to cut off his head.

"Got you!"

The man sneered in his heart, but in the next moment his expression abruptly changed.

Because when he had cut off Odd Zhuo's head, there hadn't been even the slightest hint of fresh blood. And Odd Zhuo, who should have already been beheaded, seemed to turn into sand as his entire being disappeared directly into thin air.

What the hell?

Was this an illusion spell?

The man instinctively started to become suspicious.

But even if this was an illusion, he didn't believe that he could be befuddled by a Golden Core cultivator's illusion spell.

Then in the next second, the scene before him transformed.

Odd Zhuo reappeared in front of him, completely unharmed.

On the other side, Wang Ming sat cross-legged on the ground, completely undaunted. He placed the black tech helmet down and looked at the man. "This is just a feud between two epic killers... These children are innocent; you shouldn't involve the innocent."

The man: "..."

Wait a minute! He seemed to have heard this line before!

Furthermore, while the youngster in the white coat had said this, he had indeed put the helmet on the ground. The man remembered this very clearly; there was absolutely no mistake!

But then... what the hell was going on?

"Damn it!"

Feeling that something wasn't right, the man lifted the sword again, and this time advanced on Wang Ming and slashed at him.

And just like with Odd Zhuo, there wasn't any blood to be seen! After Wang Ming was cut down, he simply turned into sand which swiftly dissipated on the wind.

The man rubbed his eyes...

The next moment, he saw Wang Ming reappear; the latter sat cross-legged in front of him and placed the helmet down on the ground, then looked at him. "This is just a feud between two epic killers... These children are innocent; you shouldn't involve the innocent."

"..." The man's lips instantly twitched.

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