349 I'm Just An Ordinary Person!

Standing to one side on the rooftop, Odd Zhuo's face was full of black question marks as he watched the middle-aged man continuously wave his sawtooth longsword at the air.

"Bro… Brother Er, what's going on?"

Wang Ming smiled. "The true essence of the Brain Deduction Technique actually isn't just about calculating probabilities mentally. At its most powerful, you can draw someone into your mind space. It's a little complicated to explain, but he's now already trapped. He thinks he's already cut me down, when in actual fact the person he killed is just one of my mind copies."

Hearing this, Odd Zhuo was secretly astonished. He had never thought that there could be someone who could actually wield this technique to this extent. This also proved how frightening Wang Ming's brain was.

Odd Zhuo now finally knew why this Brother Er could wear this white coat despite his young age.

"What now?"

Odd Zhuo asked, staring at the middle-aged man who was chopping the air like a maniac.

The man was at the Nascent Soul stage. Even if he had been trapped by Wang Ming's Brain Deduction Technique, Odd Zhuo had no idea what to do with him. Even if he stabbed the man in the back with a sword in a sneak attack, there was a limit to the injury he could inflict at the Golden Core stage on a Nascent Soul cultivator's tough body.

They couldn't use the Brain Deduction Technique as a delay tactic for very long…

Of course, Wang Ming was well aware of this fact in his heart.

Furthermore, without the helmet, there were only fifty mind copies of himself. Once the man cut all of them down, Wang Ming's control would be broken. In addition, the Brain Deduction Technique had a very long cooldown period.

The biggest limitation of the Brain Deduction Technique was that it couldn't be used again on the same person for a brief period of time.

But Wang Ming already had an idea.

The ring on his hand flashed with spirit light, and he actually took out a new pair of red long johns… plus a very ordinary hemp rope.


Odd Zhuo was greatly astonished; he already knew what Wang Ming wanted to do.

In a situation where you were unable to cause your enemy any harm, the only surefire way to keep them tied up for long periods of time was to use these long johns like a sack and wrap this person from head to toe, then bind him on the outside with the ordinary hemp rope… It was just like a prison! More useful than the Spirit Shackles!

"Brother Er, this is too dangerous… let me do it."

"It's fine."

Wang Ming, who was a few meters away behind the man, said, "I finally got rid of that she-devil outside, so give me a chance to prove myself! Besides, I'm telling you, I have experience in doing this!"

Odd Zhuo: "…"

"Have you seen Man vs Wild?" Wang Ming asked.

Odd Zhuo: "Ah?"

Wang Ming: "It's the show where after you take off the head, everything else is protein!"

This was the first time that Odd Zhuo felt that he was behind the times. "No…" In a sense, he was in fact older than Wang Ming! Odd Zhuo felt like crying but had no tears to shed. Sure enough, a different in two years was a generation gap! Nowadays, the news talked about youngsters in their twenties who were already experiencing midlife crises – indeed, this wasn't unreasonable!

"It's fine if you've never watched it – let me demonstrate it for you!"

With a slight grin on his face, Wang Ming made a "hush" gesture at Odd Zhuo.

He had already pulled open the collar of the long johns, and was stealthily circling around behind the man as he looked for an opportunity to put it on him.

"Look! Here is a single fallen Nascent Soul cultivator. Since we have the long johns specially made by Ling Zhenren and a common thick hemp rope, we can try catching him!"

Wang Ming cautiously stood a few meters behind the man. "A Nascent Soul cultivator can provide us with a lot of protein!"

Odd Zhuo: "…"

"But a Nascent Soul cultivator isn't easy to deal with. We have to make a slow approach from behind, and kill him while he's down! Although he's currently stuck in my Brain Deduction Technique, we still need to be careful!"

Odd Zhuo was speechless.

In the very next instant, Wang Ming took advantage of the moment the man paused to gasp, and in one fell swoop, actually managed to accurately pull the long johns down over the man — he actually freaking succeeded!

"Why are you still spacing out, come and help me!" Wang Ming shouted.

After a short, stunned moment, Odd Zhuo quickly stepped forward to help, and together with Wang Ming, straightaway tied the man up with the hemp rope.

It was only at that moment that the man woke up from Wang Ming's "Brain Deduction Technique."

"What's the hell?!"

He was surprised to find that he had actually been encased in a pair of long johns; even his legs had been forcefully covered. His entire body was bound tightly with hemp rope.

He struggled hard, the blue veins on his neck popping out. His entire body burst with spirit light, but the long johns gave off a golden light at the same time. Struggling was like punching cotton, or a clay ox entering the sea – it was utterly useless!

"How can this be?!"

The man blustered; this magic treasure carried by a regular person was actually able to trap him?!

What was more, this was just an ordinary pair of long johns that could be seen everywhere on the market!

"What is this magic weapon?" Utterly incredulous, the man had a disbelieving expression on his face; combined with his already disfigured appearance, it made for an especially terrifying image.

Wang Ming crouched down in front of the man and patted him on the shoulder. "Stop struggling; these long johns might look a little shabby, but even an Itinerant Immortal cultivator wouldn't be able to escape."

The man from Shuigou Sect gave a miserable smile, and suddenly he looked like he had given up. He had already been on guard earlier when he had heard Odd Zhuo's title… but in the end, he had still been caught.

This ordinary person without the slightest bit of spirit energy wasn't ordinary at all!

Recalling how he had been trapped by the Brain Deduction Technique, the man raised his scary face and stared at Wang Ming. "You sensed me since the very beginning?"

"To be exact, it was probably when we entered the barrier. My fifty mind copies had already begun to move then. Actually, I've known Xiao Yuncheng's location since the beginning, and I was also aware of your presence." Wang Ming crossed his arms and shrugged as he said indifferently, "I was just acting to lure you out."

Wang Ming's words were a little playful and he had on his characteristic smirk, the complete opposite to Wang Ling's facial paralysis, but it was still very intimidating.

If Wang Ling's power of intimidation was his ability to suppress auras from beginning to end, then Wang Ming's power had to do with the dread he inspired from toying with someone in the palm of his hand.

The man was secretly alarmed; he hadn't expected Wang Ming to have actually calculated everything to that extent.

It was at that moment that the man finally looked at Wang Ming properly. He started looking up and down at the white coat that Wang Ming was wearing. His eyes finally fell on the medal pinned to the coat.

Then something struck him, and his eyes widened.

But before the man could speak, Wang Ming was already holding the Heavenly Materials sword to his throat. "Tell us what your Shuigou Sect's real aim is. According to my information, everything your Shuigou Sect is doing isn't just for something as simple as revenge, right?"

The man narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Ming.

"What are you looking at?! Speak up!"

Wang Ming frowned and complained, "I'm just an ordinary person! Holding this sword is like holding a dumbbell, it's very tiring!"

The man: "…"

Odd Zhuo: "…"

What the hell! What kind of ordinary person was able to create fifty mind copies at the same time…'Man vs Wild' is a survival television series hosted by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel.An allusion to the various gross critters Bear Grylls eats on the show.
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