394 The Truth About the Gate Between Worlds

This Taoist Guang couldn't help sighing when he heard this.

It wasn't like he couldn't understand – after all, that senior outside was at a level where he could even come and go as he pleased in a True Immortal's soul space; he could even actively block the space contract that Taoist Guang had set up...

And so, he had in fact already come up with his own theory earlier on: the senior outside was at the very least a Venerated Immortal...

In the entire history of cultivation and since the beginning of the Spirit Energy Information era, the number of Venerated Immortal Almightys recorded in historical texts could be counted on fingers. This was the upper realm which every True Immortal dreamed of.

For many cultivators at the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core stages, true cultivation only started at the Soul Formation stage.

Likewise, Soul Formation cultivators felt that true cultivation only started once they entered the True Immortal realm.

But the thing about realms was that they were forever without limits. It was only after you stepped up to a higher level that you became aware of the vastness of the world and the mysteries of the universe – in the minds of most True Immortals, the Venerated Immortal realm was the beginning of the path of Dao.

All realms under Venerated Immortal were nothing!

Inside the soul space, Taoist Guang stood on the island he had created as he welcomed the sea breeze, his gaze on the boundless horizon as he pondered endlessly.

Every cultivator in pursuit of the Venerated Immortal realm had something called "vision" inside them.

"The senior outside must have a very large world in his heart; he likely has a vision that ordinary people can't begin to imagine..." Taoist Guang was suddenly deeply moved, and he looked at Loopy Toad and said, "I guess this senior must be making preparations to break through to the next realm."

Loopy Toad stayed silent. "..."

It didn't know whether Little Master Ling had this vision Taoist Guang was talking about.

The only thing it was sure of was that the thing Little Master Ling was chasing definitely wasn't as exaggerated as Taoist Guang was imagining.

Ling Zhenren was indeed making preparations...

He was preparing for the upcoming midterm exams...

"I know senior's identity isn't simple. Every senior has their own unique cultivation method, and would never let other people know about it so easily. It's fine if you don't want to tell me. As long as you agree to help me pass on my message, I'll still give you the blueprint." Taoist Guang sat down cross-legged on the ground. When he spoke to Loopy Toad, it was with a gentle tone, and didn't sound like the voice of an old senior at all.

"You haven't told me what the blueprint is of." Loopy Toad wagged its tail.

"You won't turn it down." Taoist Guang was very confident on this point.

"Don't tell me it's a blueprint of a divine weapon?"

Loopy Toad looked at him with contempt. "As far as I know, divine weapons are created naturally and cannot be manufactured. If this really is a blueprint of a divine weapon... senior, you can save your breath. You can fool other people, but I'm not stupid."

Taoist Guang burst into laughter. Wasn't this that senior's dog after all? It understood so much.

"Don't worry, I'm not giving you a blueprint of a divine weapon; however, nowadays, this thing is worth just as much."

He waved his hand, and when he raised it, a jade scroll suddenly appeared in his palm.

At its appearance, Loopy Toad instantly sensed that this wasn't a simple thing.

There was a very familiar smell to it. What was more, leaving the blueprint aside, the jade scroll itself was an invaluable treasure! It contained spirit power so dense it was extraordinarily terrifying!

"Actually I have quite a few priceless things on me. Back then, I sealed them all in this soul space. This was an invaluable item I collected back when I was all-powerful." Taoist Guang gripped the scroll tightly as he introduced it. HIs words were proud but also begrudging.

But in exchange for freedom and Ling Zhenren's help, he had no other choice.

"What on earth is it?" Loopy Toad stared at the jade scroll, slightly lost in thought.

"You've probably heard of the Gates Between Worlds?" All of a sudden, Taoist Guang changed the topic to the one thing that Loopy Toad was most familiar with.

Loopy Toad nodded its head; of course it was familiar with the Gate... Back then, it had been pushed out of the Gate as a vanguard by the other demon kings!

And then, it had kicked the bucket!

Taoist Guang started to talk about the Gate Between Worlds.

"As everyone knows, the Gate Between Worlds is a door between the demon world and the human cultivator world. Most people think that it was specially built by the demon race in an attempt to invade the human cultivator world, but this isn't the case.

"There are a lot of vital raw materials in the demon world which cannot be found in the cultivation world nowadays, and the demon world has an abundance of rare minerals. In order to create stronger magic treasures, a lot of weaponsmiths back then had looked for ways to enter the demon world. It was after that when the first version of the Gate Between Worlds was created... Thus, the Gate you see now was in fact built by a cultivator."

Taoist Guang continued, "You may have heard this creator's Taoist name. It is precisely that legendary Immortal Zhenyuan, who already stepped into the Venerated Immortal realm a long time ago."

Immortal Zhenyuan again?

Loopy Toad was amazed; it had never heard this story before.

Loopy Toad actually didn't know much about Immortal Zhenyuan's origins, but after listening to talk from all sides and reading the information available, it felt that this was an experienced and knowledgeable person skilled in refining both weapons and elixirs, and who could be said to be a master Almighty among cultivators.

Furthermore, the famous magic weapons treated as the "Three Auspicious Treasures" in the cultivation circle — the Seven Stars Sword, the Purple Gold Gourd and the Golden Canopy Rope — had all been created by Immortal Zhenyuan.

Loopy Toad had already been incredibly astonished when it had heard about this at the time, but now, it was even more so!

It had never expected the Gate Between Worlds, which it was pretty familiar with, to have actually been personally built by Immortal Zhenyuan! And the most crucial thing was that this Immortal Zhenyuan's whereabouts was a real mystery; all this time, he was spoken about in legend, and no one had ever seen his true appearance... he was as mysterious as Little Black and Dopey Guo's uncles.

"Shocking, right?" Taoist Guang noticed Loopy Toad's stunned and pale expression, and couldn't help laughing. "When I found out the truth back then, it also took me a very long time to accept it."

At this moment, Loopy Toad latched onto a key issue. "I seem to have heard senior say the first version of the Gate Between Worlds... what do you mean by the first version?"

"It's the literal meaning."

Taoist Guang replied honestly, "The first version of the Gate Between Worlds was made out of crude materials. After its first appearance, and each time it appeared after that, it would be reinforced and upgraded. Because it was already connected to the demon world, Immortal Zhenyuan started using raw materials from the demon world to refurbish and repair the Gate."

Loopy Toad: "..."

Taoist Guang: "Hence, the latest Gate Between Worlds is probably the twentieth version as reinforced by Immortal Zhenyuan."

Loopy Toad: "..."

"By the twentieth version, the Gate Between Worlds was completely made out of materials from the demon world, which is why later generations of cultivators mistakenly thought it was created by the demon race. And in fact, until the appearance of the twentieth Gate Between Worlds, diagrams of the array for summoning the Gate were dispersed in the cultivation circle."

Taoist Guang said, "If my calculations are correct, it was Immortal Zhenyuan who released this array-summoning diagram... and before the twentieth version appeared, the twenty times before that when it descended were probably Immortal Zhenyuan carrying out performance tests."


Loopy Toad suddenly felt a twinge of fear.

Speaking up to this point, Taoist Guang gazed at Loopy Toad with the jade scroll in his hand. "The jade scroll in my hand is the blueprint of the first Gate Between Worlds designed by Immortal Zhenyuan!"
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