432 Loopy Toad is Dreaming Again

This white lace umbrella had actually been made from Little Silver's holy beast hair...

Wang Ling broke out in a sweat. This could be considered making the fullest use of Little Silver's value; in the end, a holy beast's entire body was a treasure.

But it was plain to see that Fatty Luo hadn't put too much effort into making this white lace umbrella; from the beginning, he had regarded it as a decorative magic treasure while making it. But in spite of that, thanks to Little Silver's holy beast hair, this casually thrown together lace umbrella was still an eighth-class holy weapon...

If they had specially plucked Little Silver's hair to make this umbrella, then that would have been too much!

Wang Ling put his bag on the table and took out a thick pile of review materials. The moment he had approached the table, Pen and Eraser these two goblins had already appeared on each of Wang Ling's sides like a pair of door gods.

At this scene, Sheep very consciously left the room, holding the lace umbrella.

No one could interrupt Ling Zhenren when he was studying. This had already become the most important commandment for all the transformed goblins in the Wang family.

When Wang Ling pulled his chair out, he discovered Loopy Toad lying under the table; it had nodded off while playing on its phone.

He glanced at the screen and found that it had actually been watching Taoist Guang's live stream. At this point in time, however, the live stream room was already dark, which indicated that Taoist Guang had already gone offline.

Wang Ling looked at the number of Taoist Guang's live stream room subscribers.

In one short day, Taoist Guang's live stream ID "Lord Island" already had eight hundred thousand fans, and the number was still rising.

Even though the live stream room was dark, these eight hundred thousand "Light Chasers" were still cheerfully discussing the content of Lord Island's live stream today in the room.

Wang Ling had heard of the game 'eating chicken' but had never played it. But he had personally taken part in real-life 'eating chicken' during the military training for six schools previously. Logically speaking, Taoist Guang's performance when playing this type of online game for the first time definitely wouldn't be great, but from the bullet messages that flew across the screen during the live stream, it seemed that the audience was very satisfied with it.

Wang Ling's lips twitched; in light of the increasing number of fans...

He felt that what Taoist Guang had mentioned before about setting up nine thousand nine hundred and eighty one statues plus recruiting ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and eight one disciples as the task quota for the Samsara Spirit Tribulation didn't seem difficult... On the first day alone, eight hundred thousand people had already become "Light Chasers"!

It was just that creating statues would be slightly more complicated...

But if Taoist Guang could win the support of a group of faithful diehard fans, nothing was impossible.

Sitting at his desk, Wang Ling very curiously opened his chat app. There were no new messages in the three-person chat group, but Taoist Guang had sent him a string of private messages. The earliest one had been sent after ten o'clock last night.

Wang Ling remembered that he had still been thinking about things at the time and hadn't seen the message at all. He seldom received private messages, and it took a very long time for him to notice them unless someone @'ed him or used the "vibrate" function.

Of course, there were two exceptions: one was Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and the other was Wang Ming; they were both in Wang Ling's "Special Attention" list.

[Messages received at 10:03 last night]

The first one: Senior Ling! I've opened a live stream, remember to cheer me on when you're free...

The second one: Damn! Why so many people? When I first started, there were only two or three people in the live stream room! I used my spit to crack a coconut open, then suddenly there were more than a thousand people!

Wang Ling: "..."

[Messages received at 00:06 today]

The third one: F**k! Senior Ling... it's over one hundred thousand! I just used the "iron crotch technique" to crush two coconuts, I never thought it would attract so many subscribers...

[Messages received at 1:15 today]

The fourth one: Senior Ling, there are more and more people... this old man suddenly feels that if it continues like this, collecting believers and setting up statues don't seem too hard to do...

Wang Ling: "..."

[Messages received at 17:02 today]

This was the latest message, which Taoist Guang had sent after his live stream.

Taoist Guang: Senior Ling, you may not believe me when I say this, but I already have eight hundred thousand fans. I asked them during the live stream just now whether they would be willing to help me set up statues... In the end, this group of people asked me if I was asking them to make model figurines. Senior Ling, what are these? How do you make them?


Reading this message, Wang Ling was stupefied.


Loopy Toad lay at Wang Ling's feet. This time, it had fallen into a dreamscape naturally and not because of narcolepsy.

Members of the toad clan seldom dreamed, so every time it had a dream, Loopy Toad would remember it very clearly. However, there was one type that felt especially real.

"A prophetic dream..."

Having experienced it once, Loopy Toad was already used to it.

It was able to maintain a clear sense of consciousness in the dream.

In the dream this time, its line of sight was fixed on something in particular and it was completely unable to move.

But Loopy Toad was extremely familiar with the scene in its dream!

This was the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan's Hall of Valor, where statues of all the previous leaders were set up.

— Wait.

So... had it become a statue?

All of a sudden, Loopy Toad was struck by something.

Out of the corner of its eye, it looked at the statue next to it. Although it didn't have a clear view, Loopy Toad could already confirm that it was the ninth demon king of the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan, the ninth generation leader.

The ninth generation of the clan was also the most unique one. Loopy Toad had only just been born when the eighth generation leader had died, into a clan without a head.

As an official who had assisted the eighth generation leader, the ninth generation leader had been crowned following tremendous public pressure.

And so it had become the demon king of the ninth generation of the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan.

Later, another demon clan had invaded, and the ninth generation leader had died very tragically on the battlefield.

Since it had inherited the eighth generation leader's bloodline, Loopy Toad remembered how it had been pushed onto the throne back then after the death of the ninth generation leader, thereby becoming the tenth generation leader... For a very long time after that, after the ninth generation leader sacrificed his life in battle, the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan hadn't suffered another invasion.

It was an elder in the clan who had told Loopy Toad stories about the ninth generation leader and its own father, the eighth generation leader. This elder had once served its father as an official, and later had overseen civil matters when the ninth generation leader took charge of military affairs. Furthermore, in the current Sky-Swallowing Toad clan, it was the most senior elder, so the whole clan called it Elder Wen.

In the dream, Loopy Toad recalled many things.

All of a sudden, it opened its eyes.

If the statue next to it was the ninth generation leader... then the statue it was currently in was actually of itself?

It was at that moment that the dreamscape changed once again.

The initially empty Hall of Valor was now filled with tens of thousands of toad clan officials.

"This is the prayer ceremony?" Loopy Toad felt like it had seen this scene before, and it involuntarily recalled seeing the prayer ceremony when it was young. It was the same Hall of Valor, and similarly there were tens of thousands of important core officials kowtowing to several massive stone statues.

Loopy Toad watched as Elder Wen, standing right at the front, recited the clan's incantation...

Only members of the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan understood this incantation; it was like a hometown dialect, and every demon clan had its own "dialect."

Loopy Toad had never forgotten it.

As it watched Elder Wen, it suddenly jerked awake!

Under the desk, its dog fur was matted with cold sweat.

If it hadn't heard wrong, the incantation Elder Wen had been reciting wasn't a prayer... but a cry for help!文官 'wen guan' means 'civil servant.'
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