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Father Wang's operation actually wasn't very surprising as it was already a common occurrence for Lie Mengmeng. However, he hadn't expected Father Wang to actually respond with his author account this time. This troll seemed quite full of himself to Lie Mengmeng... this time, he might truly "never be forgotten."

He felt that to be a fan of Father Wang's was a blessed thing.

But a response from Father Wang was just one thing. After all, these trolls would write thousand-word comments on pirate websites and attack Father Wang's works and the fans who liked them. Usually, the only way to stop them was to mobilize the power of official readers and report these trolls.

But even before Father Wang rallied them, fans in the group were already riled up as they spontaneously launched organized "attacks" one after another in reporting the situation to customer service.

On the side, Lie Mengmeng gasped in admiration at this operation, which demonstrated the unity among fans. Given Father Wang's status as a top guru on the website, the solidarity in his fan group was naturally indomitable.

Father Wang looked at his watch. After around five minutes, he refreshed the website and saw that all the troll's comments, including that long commentary, had disappeared.

Lie Mengmeng wiped at his sweat. "That... it's all gone?" Too fast!

He suddenly felt a little sorry for this troll. This guy had a low IQ to begin with, and had rummaged through primary school language books to painstakingly write a thousand-word negative review. He thought no one would notice and he could do whatever he wanted by posting it on a pirate app; in the end, it was reported as soon as it was posted and then deleted.

Father Wang smiled unperturbed and puffed on his cigar. "It's not over yet. Believe it or not, he's going to post again."

"That's looking for trouble; does he have so much to write about...?"

Thinking carefully, Father Wang chuckled. "I'm guessing that he might even use what he learned from Peppa Pig when he was a kid."

Lie Mengmeng: "..."

After another half an hour, Father Wang refreshed the website again.

Mm... very good...

Sure enough, this troll had once again written two hundred words with difficulty.

The reply as below:

"Firstly, I really can't afford to buy every book; rent in a first-tier city is too expensive, and I can only select which books to buy. It's unrealistic to buy all of them, but I will buy real copies of good publications. I would never disclose the fact that I read pirate copies, but you say the author called me out? May I ask, how does he know? Does he also use the pirate app? Or was it a "true love fan" using the pirate app who ran crying and complaining to the author? If it's the first case, what right do you have to criticize me? If it's the latter, then I can only say that the author is really Lu Dongbin!"

After reading it, Lie Mengmeng scratched his head. "What does he mean by this? Why does it feel like the logic is contradictory?"

"Hey hey hey, let me analyze it for you!"

Pointing at the screen, Father Wang laughed as he analyzed each individual section. "Look at his first sentence... he said: 'I really can't afford to buy every book; rent in a first-tier city is too expensive, and I can only select which books to buy.' The implication is: 'Rent is so high, how can you blame me for reading on pirate websites? I scrimp and save and choose which books to read; I've read all the Four Great Classic Novels.'"

Lie Mengmeng: "..."

Father Wang: "Now look at this second part, he said: 'May I ask, how does he know? Does he also use the pirate app?' The implication is: 'Aiya, I wasn't careful and was actually found out. I thought no one would see me post trash talk. Since this book fan is part of a water army, the author is definitely a pirate user!'"

Lie Mengmeng: "..."

"Mm... the following third part is actually the most hilarious one: 'If it's the latter, then I can only say that the author is really Lu Dongbin.' The implication: 'I am a dog.'"

Lie Mengmeng couldn't help laughing.

After he was done analyzing the comment, Father Wang couldn't help tsking. "This troll is really short on brains."

After saying this, Father Wang directly picked up the cell phone on the table and started to scroll through the address book.

Lie Mengmeng: "Brother Wang, who are you looking for?"

Father Wang answered lightly, "A doctor."

Lie Mengmeng: "Why?"

Father Wang burst out laughing. "Don't you need a vaccine after getting bitten by a dog?"

Lie Mengmeng: "..."


On the other side, at the Cultivation Academy of Science, preparations had already been made for the space assessment.

Standing in front of a huge egg-shaped glass dome, Wang Ming and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal could clearly see an infinitesimal space fissure inside it.

This fissure hadn't been caused by magic; instead, modern technology had been used to break down the space, thereby creating this minute fissure.

"Brother Wang Ming, will this work?" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal asked curiously.

Hands in his pockets, Wang Ming nodded confidently. "No problem, this machine has already been tested several times and meets all performance requirements. However, it does take quite a while to warm up, so there's still room for improvement."

After that, Wang Ming picked up that tattered Daoist robe which Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had brought over. But just as he was about to approach the glass dome, Zhai Yin blocked him.

"Let me do it."

Zhai Yin drew in a breath; her voice was as cold as usual.

"I've already done so many tests, there won't be any problems..." Wang Ming really wanted to refuse, but his attitude wasn't as resolute as before as he tried to speak as evenly as possible

After putting on a bold face when he had used the Heavenly Materials sword previously to save that group of students in the hospital, and coupled with him overusing the Brain Deduction Technique before that, he had fallen into a coma for several days.

Although he didn't want to admit it, it was indeed Zhai Yin who had looked after him during those few days.

Wang Ming wasn't stupid; he of course knew that Zhai Yin was interested in him. But he really couldn't understand how he had managed to attract the attention of this female Bodhisattva.


Zhai Yin said decisively, "Even if it's just a small space fissure, if anything goes wrong, you will instantly be cut into pieces!"

Wang Ming: "That's an exaggeration..."

Zhai Yin crossed her arms and looked at Wang Ming. "Either you listen to me or you terminate the experiment!"

Wang Ming didn't feel like continuing to argue and straightaway chose to give in. "Fine fine fine, I'll listen to you, big sister!" Saying that, he gave Zhai Yin the tattered Daoist robe.

Perfectly satisfied, she accepted it and then operated the machine with practiced ease.

On the side, the young man in white was shaken at what he had heard. "Big big big... big sister?"

Wang Ming nodded, his gaze on Zhai Yin's back. "That's right. This person who looks like a man is in fact a big sister. Shocking, right? In our nation's study of gender, there is no gem rarer than this big sister!"

Zhai Yin's lips twitched when she heard this. "..."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal asked in a whisper, "Brother Wang Ming... what is your relationship to her?"


Wang Ming couldn't help laughing. "Brothers, of course!"

Zhai Yin couldn't help shaking when she heard what he said!

Behind her, Wang Ming cupped his chin and gazed at this scene with immense satisfaction, with an "I like watching you get angry, and you can't do anything about it" air... This is from a Chinese two-part allegorical saying: 'A dog bit Lu Dongbin, a good man's kindness is disregarded.'
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