518 I’m Just Passing Through...

At the thought of Evil Sword God, Immortal Zhenyuan felt a deep stab of pain, as if his IQ had been insulted.

And most crucially, this "Brother Echo" nickname was extremely devilish; it made Immortal Zhenyuan think of the "SpongeBob SquarePants" song despite himself, and each time he thought of it, he couldn't help the way his head and his legs started shaking involuntarily like that bunch of idiots doing the "social shake" – his immortal image would be utterly ruined!

He had done a divination, and it had shown him that an Almighty would definitely descend to this world before long… So he had been waiting all this time, but it never occurred to him that before the Almighty could arrive, he would get a reckless fool instead.

"That man certainly has some strength, but he's completely not strong enough, is he?" Wind Spirit sneered. "I think I could stab him to death with just one finger…"

"A finger is a bit of an exaggeration… Brother Echo is still pretty strong, two fingers!" Immortal Zhenyuan had always been at odds with his inner demon, but he found that on this point, their views were surprisingly in accord.

If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't kill the innocent as he pleased, and because he was worried about messing up what the divination foretold and polluting the feng shui of this planet…

At that moment, Immortal Zhenyuan really wanted to just stab this person to death.

He sighed before he stared at his inner demon in front of him. "Are you here to stop me today?"

"I'm here to take you back; come with me, let's create a world together! You and I will be emperors!" Wind Spirit stared at him. "Zhenyuan, you can't wait much longer. Haven't you realized, my form is getting more and more distinct?"

Immortal Zhenyuan frowned deeply with a very heavy expression.

Of course he had noticed, and he knew that time was running out for him.

His inner demon was starting to materialize, and it was already almost sixty percent complete… forget a hundred percent, once it was ninety percent solid, he would already be powerless to stop it.

The backlash from a materialized inner demon would drain him thoroughly, and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

When that time came, they would truly then become one.

However, his soul would be forever enslaved by the inner demon, who would take his place and become the new master of this body.

And if that happened, the human world would suffer.

This world…

What a wonderful world…

Bilibili had just been listed…

Rem and Ram were keeping him company…

The nation's strength was growing with each passing day…

Immortal Zhenyuan still remembered watching a major documentary called Amazing, My Country a while ago…

He didn't want to "personally" destroy this beauty.

The red-haired youth felt that the stupidest decision he had ever made in his life was to separate this inner demon from his own body!

"Wind Spirit." Immortal Zhenyuan looked up; his eyelashes were very long and his eyes were like water reflecting the autumn light. "Let's be reasonable about this…"

Although the expression on this figure's face wasn't clear, the red-haired young man didn't need to see it at all as he could imagine the inner demon's crafty smile. As the inner demon had said, they had the same origin. Except for the fact that their personalities were different, everything else was like looking into a mirror.

The inner demon folded his arms and stared at Immortal Zhenyuan in amusement. "Oh? Reasonable?"

"Today, I will, annihilate you…" The instant he said this, Immortal Zhenyuan's entire figure directly disappeared in a flash. A white blade of light flew out from his fingers, like the Little Li Flying Dagger.

"God Extermination Blade?"

This wasn't the name of a weapon, but the name of a spell.

Once it was sent out, it was tireless in annihilating gods…

A powerful aura instantly engulfed this world; it was a power even gods and devils would find difficult to withstand. This attack of pure spirit energy mixed with primordial qi from Immortal Zhenyuan's fingers didn't touch the ground, but just passing over it caused the earth to crack and create a massive, bottomless crevice, like the monstrous mouth of a cold abyss.

"You're afraid that if you use all your strength, you'll destroy this planet which you tried so hard to find…" Wind Spirit sneered in the face of this attack from the "God Extermination Blade.""It's just a grade nine spell, I can also do it…" Without the slightest sign of stress, a blade of light also flew out from Wind Spirit's fingers.

Use a "God Extermination Blade" to fight a "God Extermination Blade"!

But the difference was…

Wind Spirit's God Extermination Blade was black! Unlike Immortal Zhenyuan's pure blade, it was mixed with the blackest kind of dark power which petrified people when they saw it.

The two God Extermination Blades collided head on, splintering this dry and cracked land and creating more devastation than ever in their wake. The two energies tore into each other until they finally generated a massive energy explosion, like one caused by a meteor hitting the earth.

Immortal Zhenyuan narrowed his eyes and rose in the air to hover in the sky since there was no longer any ground for him to stand on; one step further and it was just a bottomless abyss.

After the dust had settled, Immortal Zhenyuan looked at the smoke before him and gently flapped his sleeves, dispersing it instantly.

He looked at Wind Spirit in front of him. "This God Extermination Blade is a spell I created not long ago… How can you cast it?"

"You've already removed me, but that doesn't mean you won't produce more inner demons… whatever inner demons you create will come to me. These demons also contain your memories, so I can do whatever you can do. Back then, and now." Wind Spirit hovered across from him in the air. "If you use all your power, you might still have a very slight chance of destroying me…"

Wind Spirit was poking fun at him; he knew that the red-haired young man in front of him wouldn't do it because the planet stored in this space was something he had found outside the Milky Way with much difficulty. Although it was very much smaller than Earth, it was currently the second most suitable planet for human cultivators to inhabit.

Once simple nomological laws were set up, and mountains and water were put in place…

And most important of all was that this small planet had an abundance of spirit qi.

Wind Spirit couldn't help laughing. "As long as you and I join hands and search carefully, there are planets in this vast space outside the Milky Way that are far more suitable to live on and where we can build an empire."

Immortal Zhenyuan was a little tired in his heart.

They were equal in strength, and even if they went all out, it might not necessarily end well.

Regardless of whether or not he could deal heavy damage to this inner demon, he would undoubtedly be wounded in battle, and once he was injured or in a weakened state, this demon spirit didn't need to wait until he was fully materialized before he could directly take over Immortal Zhenyuan's body.

At that moment, Immortal Zhenyuan was between a rock and a hard place.

Was it…

… all over?

Immortal Zhenyuan looked up, his cloak fluttering behind him despite the windless space.

But it was at that moment…

Almost at the same time, Immortal Zhenyuan and Wind Spirit felt the ground start to shake!

To be exact…

It was the whole planet that was shaking!


With a deep boom!

A golden ray of holy light suddenly fell straight on Wind Spirit's head… The social shake was a Chinese dance craze in 2018 made popular by singer Xiao Quan's MV.Bilibili went public on the US stock exchange in March 2018.Twin characters in the light novel "Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World."Probably adapted from "Amazing China," which is a 2018 Chinese documentary on China's achievements in science, technology and industry.This is the weapon of Li Xunhuan, the protagonist of the "Little Li Flying Dagger" novel series.
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