538 King of Holy Beasts, “Devil King”

The participant list for the "battle of soul pets" event needed to be confirmed as soon as possible, so after Teacher Ye heard Dopey Guo's recommendation, he straightaway took out his cell phone and asked Dopey Guo to call his little uncle Wei Zhi to confirm in person. Wang Ling had no problem with this. As long as Wei Zhi agreed, the matter was basically settled.

After getting through to Wei Zhi, Dopey Guo simply summarized the ins and outs of the whole thing. In the end, Wei Zhi was so excited that he directly yelled, "Holy shit! For real?" Teacher Ye and Wang Ling could hear Wei Zhi's excited shouting over the phone.

"Let me speak to him."

Teacher Ye took the phone from Dopey Guo and smiled. "Is that Mr Wei? I am Student Guo's PE teacher, my surname is Ye."

Wei Zhi laughed very happily. "Mm, I just heard from Dopey Guo! If Teacher Ye is looking for me about this matter, you've definitely found the right person!"

Teacher Ye nodded. "Are you really a pet trainer?"

Wei Zhi hummed in assent. "Yes, I really am a pet trainer."

Actually, there was one point Teacher Ye hadn't mentioned before this call.

Although the battle of soul pets could only give a low score, it was often the key to deciding the final outcome. While it might seem like every school wasn't paying too much attention to it, they were actually quietly making their move, like Reliance High School, for example. Teacher Ye had previously gotten the news in the office that they had found an S-level pet trainer to replace Aluminum Tree, the owner of the land shark "Aluminum Small Fish," in the battle.

Therefore, if Wei Zhi was a professional pet trainer, Teacher Ye thought that they had a much higher chance of winning than if Wang Ling participated.

Teacher Ye asked in a low voice, "May I ask... What is Mr Wei's professional level?"

Wei Zhi was blank. "Is there a restriction?"

Teacher Ye shook his head quickly. "No, no, no, there are no restrictions, but we need your exact details in order to put you in as a substitute on the competition list. Mr Wei Zhi, if you confirm that you're participating, I'll need copies of your ID card and your professional certificate."

Wei Zhi nodded. "No problem, Teacher Ye. But my level is just average... Professionally speaking, there are a lot of people stronger than I am."

When Wei Zhi said this, Wang Ling and Dopey Guo immediately knew that this guy was being modest again. Wei Zhi's family used to be in the military line of work, but since Wei Zhi's grandfather's generation, they started becoming professional pet trainers. They could now be considered a family of pet trainers; how bad could he be? Wei Zhi also had contracts with a dozen or so spirit beasts – this wasn't a number just any average pet trainer could achieve.

This modest remark made Teacher Ye smile. Of course, he wasn't counting on a person whom they had randomly asked a student to help them find to be at a very strong professional level, but if he was an A-level pet trainer, that would be great. Thinking this, Teacher Ye asked as tactfully as possible, "Mr Wei Zhi, are you at B level?" He deliberately lowered the level to avoid potential embarrassment.


Wei Zhi smiled. "I'm SSR..."

Teacher Ye's eyes widened as he was petrified on the spot. Holy shit! SSR?! This was only a level under Master! A Master professional pet trainer... this was the highest recognized professional qualification at present; Teacher Ye remembered that there were no more than ten of them in the whole nation, though there also weren't a lot of SSR-level professional pet trainers! Currently there weren't more than fifty of them in the whole country!

Teacher Ye was stunned. "Mr Wei Zhi, you're pretty amazing..." S-level pet trainers could already be regarded as experts among pet trainers, while SSR could be said to already be completely beyond levels; pet trainers would have no problem becoming university PhD advisors at that level.

Besides, pet trainer specialist courses had been gaining popularity in the past two years. While student enrolment was high, there was a shortage of teachers. Most Master pet trainers ran their own guilds and wouldn't particularly go down the teaching route, so SSR-level pet trainers like Wei Zhi were very rare talents that the government would enthusiastically welcome into the fold.

Wei Zhi was very modest. "I was lucky; when I took the exam back then, I just kept my grade down."

Teacher Ye: "..."

Wang Ling and Dopey Guo: "..."

Kept his grade down...

Wang Ling suddenly thought that this Wei Zhi might also be a hidden boss.


In the afternoon, Loopy Toad went out once more to look for Fatty Luo and was accompanied by Sheep, since she had been to Fatty Luo's metalware shop several times for maintenance, and so was very familiar with the way there.

They had made the decision last night to look for Fatty Luo. Loopy Toad had just mentioned the Bone King a little while eating broccoli, but by the time it got home, Little Master Ling had already arranged everything. According to Fatty Luo, customizing a magic weapon required a detailed discussion in person, and it would be better for him to take measurements. As for how long it would take, this would depend on the level of difficulty and requirements.

Fatty Luo's metalware shop was on Amitayus Road, which legend said used to be the former residence of Venerated Immortal Amitayus who supposedly was the first person to reach Venerated Immortal level in ancient times. However, there was very little specific information on Venerated Immortal Amitayus in historical texts, less so than for Immortal Zhenyuan. Although he had a brief introduction in the encyclopedia, there was pitifully little information and details on his achievements.

When Sheep brought Loopy Toad inside, Fatty Luo was busy at the counter, his chin in his hand. According to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal, Fatty Luo had already stopped taking orders in the last two days and had shut his doors to work on his own stuff.

Fatty Luo actually didn't lack money to begin with. What Loopy Toad knew about Fatty Luo was that this was a geek smith who treated his magic treasures like other geeks would their figurines.

Because Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Wang Ling had told Fatty Luo that Loopy Toad would be coming, Loopy Toad directly pushed the door open when they arrived. Fatty Luo didn't look up as he studied a map with a magnifying glass he was holding. After a while, he sighed. "Ah! I just need one more thing, then I'll have all of them..."

"What thing?" Sheep climbed straight up onto the counter.

Fatty Luo looked at the pink miniskirt Sheep was wearing. The color brightener he had applied the last time was pretty good; the color on Sheep was still as bright as before, and it looked even more natural now than right after the top-quality maintenance he had performed a few weeks ago.

Loopy Toad also jumped up and moved closer to look at the map in Fatty Luo's hand. "A map of Devil Valley?"

Fatty Luo couldn't help asking, "You know this place?"

He was shaken; when all was said and done, this was Ling Zhenren's family dog – it knew so much!

"Mm." Loopy Toad nodded.

Actually, it had heard of it from Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal a long time ago.

Devil Valley was a secret land that opened once every century; however, it was actually more ruins than a secret land. In these Devil Valley ruins, there were a lot of rare resources that already could no longer be found in the world today.

In the outside world, many people thought that this Devil Valley was a secret land that had been set up by an Almighty. However, after Little Silver joined the team, everyone had a much clearer concept of Devil Valley.

In truth, these Devil Valley ruins actually had a significant connection to holy beasts.

That was because these had been left behind by the king of holy beasts, Devil King, who ruled over all the holy beasts...

This was information from Little Silver himself, so it wasn't a lie.

Unfortunately, however...

This king of holy beasts had a huge weakness, which was narcolepsy. Furthermore, once it was asleep, it wouldn't wake up anytime soon, not even if the sky fell.

As a result, Devil King in the end was doomed to be turned into stew...

The fact that the holy beasts were left without a leader was one of the main reasons for their extinction.


(On Devil Valley, please refer to Chapter 256: "Lord Jingke Is Really Too Cool!")
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