543 Ten Generals!

Father Wang was already an old guru on the website. There was no one who didn't know this "Wang Situ" pseudonym in the whole of the online writing circle. It was in fact very common for writers to compete in the monthly votes battle. The harder a writer strove for votes, the stronger the sense of honor and unity would be among their fans.

In Father Wang's eyes, this 'battle' between Braised Pork Shoulder and Braised Pig Feet was very smart. Both of them were popular frontline writers with huge sales volumes. After this incident, their popularity would increase further. They wanted to use this double monthly votes campaign as an opportunity to thoroughly crush Father Wang this month with dominant vote numbers.

There were some young readers who were too easily instigated; after reading the heroic and lofty words in the writer's standalone chapter, they were especially prone to impulse spending as they bestowed gifts on the authors they supported while eating instant noodles themselves. Of course, everyone was free to support whoever they wanted… But Father Wang had always felt that they should be a little more rational and consider their current situations first.

For those readers who didn't have extra money to compete in the monthly votes, even just a legal subscription was actually already the greatest encouragement to writers.

That was why Father Wang on the whole wouldn't actively plead for monthly votes or rewards from his readers. Despite that, given his current status in the industry, Father Wang was still ranked number one in all types of monthly statistics.

But the standalone chapter should be released had to be released, so Father Wang's standalone chapters were usually just words of comfort.

"You can speak now, elder brother, I'm ready."

Lie Mengmeng had already logged on with Father Wang's author account and was ready to put together the statement for the standalone chapter.

Title: "What Do I Need This Cudgel For"…

"Yes, just write it like that."

Father Wang nodded. "Situ's path is obstructed on the way to godhood. Currently I am third in the monthly votes and the gap is large. This is a true time of crisis, but Situ is not in a hurry. I am indebted to the support and love of my readers, and I pledge that I will give the final strike with the cudgel at midnight and surpass the numbers… It has only been two months since this book was released, but I also intend to fight for first place in this year's annual list. You can say that I am being delusional, but I, Wang Situ, will tear down the southern wall and I won't turn back… This final cudgel, will wipe everything out completely!"

Lie Mengmeng: "…"

After he was done compiling it, Lie Mengmeng clicked "Send" and then breathed a long sigh of relief.

"Can we really catch up?" He watched the gap in the number of votes grow wider on the TV, and was understandably doubtful.

Father Wang's last book Let Go of That Wet Nurse had indisputably crushed everyone else almost every month. This huge disparity in vote counts was truly the first time for him.

But the truth was that the monthly votes list this time was just a minor unforeseen issue for Father Wang.

It was true that Braised Pork Shoulder and Braised Pig Feet in Sauce these two writers were very difficult to handle.

But most unfortunately, they had misjudged how Father Wang's fan group worked.

In Father Wang's champion fan group, there was an epic-level boss who kept watch.

When there was such a huge disparity in votes, Father Wang usually only needed to send this "old pal" a private message…


At the same time, in a splendid rectangular building in Jinghua city, which was the Huaxiu Alliance Building in the heart of Jinghua…

The full name of Huaxiu Alliance was Huaxiu Alliance of Cultivators which was a cultivator organization directly under state jurisdiction.

What the Huaxiu Alliance managed now was all the Huaxiu light forces that were on record.

All legally established cultivator sects came under the administration of the Huaxiu Alliance, including the recently popular "Society of Saints" that was known to be gathering a large number of young and talented cultivators.

Tonight, in the top-class conference hall on the top floor of Huaxiu Alliance, the Ten Founding Generals would gather together for an internal top-level meeting.

General Yi, Yi Jianchuan, and Marshal Jiang, Jiang Lei, came at the same time and showed up together downstairs.

A brawny man dressed in a special service uniform stopped the two of them at the main entrance. "Senior chiefs, please cooperate, this is standard procedure!"

"Very well, go ahead!" General Yi and Marshal Jiang nodded.

Special service personnel like this brawny man could be found throughout the entire Huaxiu Alliance Building. These people had been trained by "Magnificent Immortal" and were already top-ranked leaders in the guard. Wherever this group was, the area for fifty li around would be clear.

In order to hold this Huaxiu Alliance top-level meeting tonight, all the roads in a radius of fifty li around the Huaxiu Alliance Building had been closed, and no one was allowed to pass through except for the security teams and the staff involved in the meeting.

Holding a bronze mirror in his hand, the special service employee held it up to Yi Jianchuan's and Jiang Lei's faces respectively. Hidden in this magic mirror was a great spell that could distinguish between what was real and what was fake, and which would see through any disguise.

After verifying General Yi's and Marshal Jiang's identities, the special service personnel nearby saluted them in unison, and the brawny man who had been responsible for inspecting their identities swiftly stepped aside to let them through into the corridor behind him. "Senior chiefs, please come in! Thank you for your cooperation!"

"Has the head of state arrived yet?" Dressed in exercise clothes, General Yi was floating in the air as usual.

The brawny man respectfully replied, "Yes, senior chief! The head of state arrived half an hour ago!"

General Yi nodded slightly, and without saying anything else, he and Marshal Jiang directly hurried to the conference hall on the top floor.

When both of them arrived at the conference hall, they found that almost everyone attending this meeting had already arrived… They were all familiar faces!

Body Saint Minister Shi, Minister of the Ministry of National Defense. Known as the person who had the body of a Steel Saint, he fought seven demon gods at the Battle of Shimen back then with his powerful physique and hadn't fallen.

Wisdom Saint President Qi, President of the Cultivation Academy of Science, who had controlled the layout of the battlefield and the formation of the various holy arrays.

Spirit Saint Sun Dakang, Secretary Sun, the person who currently helmed the Alliance of Ten Thousand Schools and who was the direct leader of all the branches of the General Administration of 100 Schools. He had the ability to hear the voices of all living things.

Weapons Saint Minister Ke, the director of Huaxiu nation's magic treasure munitions factory, who was proficient in the use of all kinds of magic treasures.

Dark Saint Minister Ying, Minister of Intelligence. He travelled all over the country all year round on counterintelligence reconnaissance missions and his movements were a mystery. He had excellent body movement techniques and was a master of illusion.

Medicine Saint President Luo, the president of the general military hospital. She had super regenerative abilities and could survive even if her head was the only thing left of her.

Including Blademaster General Yi, Battle Saint Marshal Jiang and the head of state who was sitting at the very front with his head lowered in deep thought…

If the remaining two generals showed up, the Ten Founding Generals would have all assembled.

As for the last two people who weren't there, it just so happened that in terms of overall military strength, one was in first place and the other in second.

One was General Bai, Bai Xing, who was the chairman of the board of the state enterprise Hua Xing, which was currently Huaxiu's largest manufacturer of smart products. Nicknamed Explosion Saint, he had the ability to create independent explosions.

General Bai was currently ranked first in terms of overall combat strength.

And the second strongest person who hadn't shown up was Skin Saint Minister Ku, who could control the power of rhythm and by playing the pipa, kindle the will to fight.This is derived from a Chinese saying "to refuse to turn back unless you hit the southern wall," which means to be very stubborn.
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