547 I’ve Taken a Fancy to the Old Man at the Door

President Qi had already thought all these plans through prior to this meeting. In terms of strategy, Wang Ming felt that this was actually very consistent with Old Qi's style, which was "to bluff." In order to protect Beast King's Remains this time, Old Qi had gone so far as to plan early on to create fake remains, which amply demonstrated how much priority they were putting on security this time.

And it was clear that the Ten Generals' ultimate aim wasn't just to protect Beast King's Remains, but to give a stern warning to the unlawful forces that wanted to try for the remains.

"Then according to procedure, if you have any objections about the summer camp project and the protection plan I've just put forward, please press the objection button in front of you," said President Qi as he looked around.

The way Huaxiu Alliance worked was that after each meeting, the Ten Generals would vote on the proposals that had been put forward before they were submitted to the head of state for final approval.

At the meeting, if more than half of the people present were in agreement, the plan would be passed.

As Wisdom Saint, President Qi was an absolutely wily person with experience in looking at the big picture. Even Wang Ming who was called "the strongest brain" couldn't imitate him. A person could hardly rely solely on IQ alone to control an overall situation; this was something that accumulated over time and with countless experiences of putting it into practice.

When Huaxiu had first been founded, it had been in constant turmoil as criminal dark forces acted out in unbridled and arrogant ways.

Wang Ming hadn't been born yet then. It was Old Qi who had fixed these people thoroughly…

The Wisdom Saint's power wasn't just for show.

This was also the reason why Wang Ming had been perfectly happy to stay with Old Qi and learn from him.

No one pressed the objection button, and the motion was passed again like before.

"Great, then we just need to wait for the head of state's endorsement. I will now officially activate Number 001 and have it connect remotely with the head of state. The Number 001 you're looking at now is still in standby mode." Wisdom Saint President Qi nodded with satisfaction.

Then his eyes turned to the machine Number 001 on the side and he said very soulfully, "I've taken a fancy to… the old man at the door…"

His voice was extremely tender, almost as if he was speaking to his lover.

What the hell?

The Ten Generals all got goosebumps. "…"

These were all outstanding founding ministers who had gone through thick and thin back in the day and knew each other inside out.

But this really was everyone's first time seeing this kind of adoring manner from President Qi…

This was in fact the activation code, and after President Qi said it, he also couldn't help blushing. "Cough! It was the head of state who set up this activation code himself; furthermore, it has been specially encrypted, so it has to be expressed in a particular way in order to take effect…"

The Ten Generals: "…"

Activation code accepted, Head of State Number 001 slowly lifted its lowered head.

Its pupils began to focus as it started up, and the Ten Generals present could already hear the sound of it breathing.

To be honest… when it was activated, Number 001 really looked exactly like the head of state – you couldn't see any difference at all!

President Qi explained, "If you observe Number 001's minute facial expressions, you'll see that we've achieved one hundred percent synchronization. The head of state's facial expressions are perfectly synchronized with that of Number 001, including movement, appearance and tone of voice."

"Comrades…" At that moment, Number 001 steepled its fingers and rested its chin on them before slowly opening its mouth.

— Even the voice sounded exactly like the head of state's!

"It's like a clone…" the female Medicine Saint exclaimed.

"In truth, Number 001 is actually more formidable than a clone," President Qi said. "As we all know, a clone is created through magic. As soon as it's violently attacked head-on, it'll disappear. But Number 001 won't… furthermore, Number 001 can also produce its own clone. This is actually in line with our cultivation philosophy that 'One is the child of the divine law. After one comes two, after two comes three, and after three comes all things.'"

The Ten Generals instantly sucked in their breaths sharply; what damn "after three comes all things"… But if the mass production of this type of human replica magic treasure truly became a reality, they would be too powerful!

"At Itinerant Immortal level, up to ten thousand clones can be summoned at one time… If we produced ten of these humanoid magic treasures, it would truly be an army!" Marshal Jiang clicked his tongue repeatedly in admiration.

Medicine Saint: "Let's not…" She was extremely afraid of winding up with a phobia of men…

"I haven't decided on mass production yet for the time being, and Number 001 is still in the experimental stage." Suddenly, the head of state opened its mouth.

Silence instantly reigned in the conference hall.

As leader, even if what he said was just a short sentence, it carried a great deal of weight, and people couldn't help attaching heavy importance to it.

"Dear comrades, even though Number 001 was in standby mode just now, I was still remotely listening in on the meeting. After the meeting ends, I'll formally endorse President Qi's conference report. But before that, I need to add two more points." The head of state said, "Based on leads which I currently have, there is a foreign dark power called 'Night Chief' which everyone needs to be aware of. I've only mentioned it in passing to Old Qi, as investigation into this matter is still ongoing."

General Yi frowned. "What kind of force is it?"

"Currently, it's very difficult for us to catch them since they are a foreign dark power. Furthermore, we are unable to apply for an international Heavenly Dao arrest warrant without any evidence. But one thing we have confirmed is that this Night Chief has a minor leader who is on the run in our country at the moment. And this man… you may have heard of him: he was exposed a while ago, and is Bai Zhe, leader of the Demon Hunters Association."

Everyone was stunned. "It's actually him…"

The head of state: "This person is currently on the run. At this stage, we've only arrested a tree gremlin who is willing to serve as a witness. According to what this tree gremlin has divulged, it's highly possible that this person is the ringleader responsible for the massacre that led to the extinction of the holy beasts. According to all the signs so far, this man is sure to act in relation to Beast King's Remains. Dark Saint's intelligence department will have to concentrate all their efforts into making sure that this person is brought to justice before Beast King's Remains opens."

"No problem," Dark Saint Minister Ying said solemnly.


Remotely controlled by the head of state, Number 001 nodded. "That was the first point I wanted to add. Now I want to add a second point. This, is just as important! And it's also terrible!"

Everyone sat upright. For some reason, it felt like the atmosphere had suddenly turned even more serious…

Head of State Number 001 rested its chin on its steepled fingers. "Dear comrades, do you know Wang Situ?"

The Ten Generals present: "???"


Elsewhere, Wang Ming, who had been listening in the whole time, was also blank.

The head of state: "This is my most favorite writer. He texted me twenty minutes ago…"

General Yi: "Could it be that this person has news on the president of the Demon Hunters Association?"


The head of state shook his head. "He said that the monthly votes for his novel have been overtaken, and it's by a whole six hundred thousand votes! That's really terrible!"

General Yi instantly sucked in his breath sharply. "Head of State, your meaning is…"

The head of state: "All of you, contact the person in charge of that website and vote."

The Ten Generals: "…"

The head of state was very calm. "Let's set a small target first. For example, before midnight tonight, let's push the votes up to one hundred million."

The Ten Generals: "…" This is a transliteration of what the lyrics in Bulgarian singer Azis's song "Hop" sounds like in Chinese, which then became a meme.This is from 'Tao Te Ching,' a Chinese classic text on religious and philosophical Taoism.
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