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There were many comments under the post and Lie Mengmeng scrolled down for a look. If it wasn't an official Weibo account of a sect that had shared and commented, then it was some sect leader going so far as to abuse their power in the comments.

A verified account, Principal of Huaxiu Thunder and Lightning University @Head of Guodian Wushu Studio, commented: Delay in updates don't exist. For any writer who does this, I won't be able to help myself from teaching them a lesson!

From @Lolita Immortal Sect Official Weibo: Is Master Wang Situ tired? Our immortal sect can provide door-to-door service to wake your brain up! Our service is free! You just need to update more! Please send the official Weibo lady a private message! Mwah mwah!

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Lie Mengmeng looked at Father Wang and then directly grabbed the mouse to close the Weibo window. "Give up, just do your best and type."

Just as Lie Mengmeng said this, Father Wang saw his phone on the table vibrate suddenly as he received a secret message from a "7777777" number.

The moment he saw the number, he already knew who the message was from.

He opened the message, which had been grandly sent by that "superior."

That superior: "I read your Weibo, is someone out to get you? What is that Red Hair Medicinal Liquor doing? Want me to get someone to check it out? Forget it… I might as well directly ban the brand. I've already asked President Qi to get a fix on your phone's location; if someone within Songhai city is looking for you, he'll know. If they want to detain you, I'll find out who… so hurry up and update! I'll die if I can't read Immortal King! _(:3 」∠)_"

Father Wang: "…"

Standing some distance away, Lie Mengmeng couldn't see the exact content of the message, but what was obvious was the deathly stillness that came over Father Wang's face after he read it.

And this message had actually been sent by the number 7777777!

It went without saying that it was definitely a big shot fan that had sent this message to press Father Wang for updates.


Emm… Lie Mengmeng cupped his chin as he pondered: The world is focused on you?!


It was July 1st and the thirteenth Thursday of the semester.

During the self-study period at noon, Wang Ling would be participating in the medicine ball event. The opening ceremony was already over. This time there wouldn't be a huge crowd of spectators from the three grades watching, which was a huge relief to Wang Ling. However, there were still some who didn't want to rest during the self-study period, and had come out to watch.

From Senior Grade One, three other students had signed up for the medicine ball event apart from Wang Ling; one was Fang Xing, one was that Classmate Shi Shuai from before, and the other was Hu Su, who had remained in Grade One for four years but whose grades had recently and suddenly improved dramatically.

After being slapped in the face the day before yesterday, Shi Shuai had completely lost his arrogant air, which made Teacher Ye very happy.

Shi Shuai was normally a pain in the neck who was prone to creating trouble in school. Each one of the ten individuals had outdone themselves the day before yesterday except for Shi Shuai, who had found himself at the very bottom. Teacher Ye guessed that this had probably been a heavy blow to him.

So in today's medicine ball competition, whether or not he performed well, Teacher Ye decided to encourage him by using the basic "carrot and stick" approach.

Every teacher in No. 60 High School attached great importance to psychological education, since a successful mental foundation in education would directly impact a person's future prospects.

Senior Grade One in particular was a time when students would feel especially hollow and lost, and easily became embittered. This was the period when they enjoyed posting especially provocative and unconventional things on QQ Zone and in WeChat Moments… It was clear that proper guidance in building a mental foundation was especially important.


The supervisors this time were still those three referees from the day before yesterday, but the arbiter today would be one of the old referees since Odd Zhuo was unable to be present due to work.

Holding a specially-made red medicine ball in his hand, the old referee gave an explanation before the start of the competition. "According to the competition rules for the medicine ball event in the district sports meet this time, we will be testing the performance of four students in total: Students Wang Ling, Fang Xing, Shi Shuai, and Hu Su. In the end, we'll add together the numbers for how far the four of you throw the ball to calculate the overall score. One meter is one point! Full marks for one hundred meters!"

After saying this, the old referee handed the ball to Shi Shuai. "You go first!" He didn't do it on purpose; it was purely only because Shi Shuai was the closest to him. Having said that, Shi Shuai had certainly left a deep impression on people with his troll nature the day before yesterday.

But everyone should be given the chance to redeem themselves; perhaps he would do well today!

A medicine ball for regular people weighed five to eight kilos, and naturally it wasn't hard at all for a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage to throw it hundreds of meters. However, this red medicine ball had been especially custom-made by cultivation schools for Foundation Establishment cultivators to use in competition; although it was small, it weighed close to one hundred kilos.

The moment Shi Shuai accepted the ball, his hands couldn't help dropping a little. Although he couldn't hold it in one hand as effortlessly as the old referee, throwing it wouldn't be a problem. For a Golden Core cultivator like this old referee, this Foundation Establishment medicine ball was as light as a chick.

On the other side, the other two referees had already used a sand gourd magic treasure to set up a "sand path" to prevent the medicine ball from damaging the sports field when it fell to the ground. The sand path was the standard one hundred meters in length, but the referees all felt that it was impossible for Foundation Establishment students to throw it very far without professional training.

In the best performance yesterday from the key city high schools Reliance High School and Prime Elevation High School, the furthest the ball had been thrown was still just seventy meters.

Furthermore, looking at the scores for the medicine event in previous years, No. 60 High School didn't have a competitive edge at all; they'd lost the last two years and had been right at the bottom behind No. 59 High School by a large margin.

When he was about to officially throw the medicine ball, Shi Shuai couldn't help casting a look at Wang Ling since he had been looking for a chance to apologize.

He had been planning it since the end of the opening ceremony yesterday, and had repeated his lines countless times in his heart, but they just wouldn't come out. In addition, it would be embarrassing to say anything with so many people around.

"Just play first… I'll look for another chance!" Shi Shuai gritted his teeth and then gazed at the one hundred-meter long sand path in front of him.

Gathering strength and then dropping into a "catapult" position, he threw the ball with a roar. "— Go!!!"

Shi Shuai's medicine ball flew in the air in a perfect arc and then dropped into the sandpit up ahead.

Holy shit?!

Seventy-three meters?

The old referee and the two referees next to him, plus Teacher Ye and all the students present at the scene, were dumbfounded.

On the side, Fang Xing gave a knowing smile.

He noticed Wang Ling stealthily withdraw his crooked finger.Chinese netizens used this phrase to praise Clearlove7, the only Chinese player to win the League of Legends World Cup twice. '7777777' has a similar meaning to '666' but was initially only used in relation to Clearlove7 when he played a good game.
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