571 Golden Bell Shield, Iron Cloth

The strength of a spirit beast like the goldenback gorilla lay in its rough skin and thick flesh and its ability to resist attacks. Furthermore, as soon as a battle became drawn out, it would enter rampage mode, which gave it explosive power. The truth was that it wasn't weak at all. However, a fourth-class spirit beast was in the end a fourth-class spirit beast, and the disparity between third class and fourth class was very big. Before, it had just been that third-class crystal king scorpion's bad luck that it had met its natural enemy.

The most critical thing was that both this land shark whose "violent" physical nature had been aroused and the green-furred dog that had taken out an emerald green bone staff of unknown origin now had combat strength that overall was at second class on average. The goldenback gorilla felt a moment of despair… it was a difference of two grades, it had no chance of winning this competition at all!

Since this was the case, it might as well sit and watch the show; at the very least it wouldn't suffer much. Anyway, Jinbei was already more than satisfied with having beaten the crystal king scorpion since it meant that at worst it was in third place!

Frankly speaking, Jinbei's reaction put Xia Fei as a pet trainer in an awkward position. Xia Fei felt a little disappointed, but he actually couldn't completely blame Jinbei. The main reason still was that in today's era of peace, the brutal natures of contract spirit beasts on the whole had weakened to a certain extent.

In addition, standard spirit beast contests weren't fights to the death, so the spirit beasts that specialized in challenging all kinds of spirit beasts in a stadium setting had already long lost the awareness of a wild beast.

Unfortunately, he wasn't Jinbei's owner. If Jinbei's owner was here, the latter might still be able to order it to make a move through the power of the contract.

Xia Fei frowned as he looked at Wei Zhi. If it was shishuzu, what would he do at this time…

Wei Zhi didn't give too many instructions, but carefully observed the changes in the Bone King. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that it wasn't simple. Wei Zhi actually never expected Loopy Toad to think of refining the Bone King into such a magic treasure. Additionally, the refining had been successful and it now carried the spatial attribute "change at will"; that meant it could transform into whatever Loopy Toad wanted.

After several rounds, the land shark Aluminum Small Fish began to feel a little tired. It didn't expect a mere green-furred dog to be so difficult to deal with.

"I'm going to get serious!" Aluminum Small Fish stared at Loopy Toad.

At this thought, the land shark took out a bag of Mylikes and poured them all into its mouth.

Loopy Toad stared blankly at this scene. It turned out that potato chips weren't the only snack that could stimulate the land shark's volatile physical nature.

At this point, the commentator guessed that a lot of people would be questioning this move, so he immediately explained at the scene, "According to the rules of the competition, snacks are not prohibited items…" Actually, this was already on par with a "stimulant," but because there weren't any rules against it in the competition system, this type of spirit beast which had this unique volatile physical nature skirted the line.

In fact, during the general assembly for spirit beast assessment centers in previous years, some people had proposed restrictions on spirit beasts with special physiques by establishing new rules, but it never moved forward; apparently it was still under review.

After eating this second snack, Aluminum Small Fish curbed its spirit energy. Just a few seconds after eating the snack, it had already felt some excitement. However, it didn't immediately launch an attack, but jumped to a position far from Loopy Toad.

Loopy Toad didn't attack immediately; it actually still wanted to see what this cute little land shark was up to.

Aluminum Small Fish took a deep breath and its whole body began to swell up like a balloon.

The goldenback gorilla sensed that this wasn't good; this was obviously a prelude to a major attack!

"Golden Bell Shield!" Jinbei roared inwardly as it unexpectedly took out its own magic treasure. This was because it realized that this would be a wide-ranging group attack. What it needed to do now was hold firm; this might be a fight between immortals and Jinbei didn't want to get involved or get hurt, but it wanted even less to be directly kicked out of the arena.

To be kicked out of the ring by these two little things despite its huge size would actually be quite embarrassing! Although… it was already pretty embarrassing now…

As Aluminum Small Fish continued to suck air in, it got bigger and bigger until it finally became a massive black balloon.

"Brother Dog, watch out. This should be a sonic spell attack! Hold steady and don't let yourself drop out of the ring!"

Seeing this transformation, Wei Zhi immediately guessed what the land shark's next move was going to be based on his rich experience in directing spirit beasts as well as his firsthand experience, so he immediately gave Loopy Toad a warning.

The both of them could feel tremendous spirit power gathering inside the land shark.

Wei Zhi had already imbued his ears with spirit energy and covered them.


The next moment, a terrible belch burst forth, and the sound was like a tidal wave which kicked up a strong wind that shook the whole ring. In his seat, the commentator was utterly shocked as he stared at this scene. This sonic attack was so strong it had even cracked the glass that shielded the commentator room!

This massive belch shook the sky and the earth. It was as if countless wind knives were blowing around in the air, lifting the bricks and tiles in the arena. This sharp scream of spirit power was all concentrated on Loopy Toad, who thrust the Bone King into the ground and held on tightly for fear of being sent flying out of the arena by this powerful sonic attack. Compared with that goldenback gorilla over there, it was way too light, so at this moment it could only rely on brute strength to hold up under this attack.

Everyone was swept up by this momentum as they stared stupidly.

The goldenback gorilla was sweating profusely in its heart. It was a good thing it had quickly taken out its magic weapon, Golden Bell Shield, otherwise it would have been sent flying straightaway. Because at that moment, even with the Golden Bell Shield, Jinbei could still feel an inexplicably strong pressure forcing its huge body backward despite itself, and it had to use all its strength to keep its center of gravity firm as it faced forward!

"Pretty amazing…"

Loopy Toad narrowed its eyes. It sighed in its heart: this sonic spell was at the very least a grade four spell!

The sound wave lasted for a very long time and was fiercely powerful as it came wave upon wave. Still, the most terrifying thing was that it was produced by belching…

The entire sound wave lasted for over forty seconds, and only after the land shark on the other side had let out all the air in its body did things settle down. However, it had already turned the arena into a mess.

Loopy Toad was puzzled. "What kind of sonic spell is this?"

Wei Zhi, who had looked up information on this land shark before, couldn't help narrowing his eyes. "I've heard before that this land shark has a sonic spell which it invented itself. It lasts for a long time and is a very powerful destructive and hair-trigger explosive force. Also, it can raise an endless strong wind… It looks like the sonic spell just now might be it."

Loopy Toad: "Does it have a name?"


Wei Zhi nodded. "Floating Waves Sound Belch…"Mylikes is a brand of chocolate in China that are a solid dark brown in color.
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