581 Dog Two’s Journey to the Demon World

After leaving Wei Zhi's place, Loopy Toad thought about the "Basic Dog Skills" which it had used in the fight. Currently, it didn't feel that there was anything wrong with cultivating this boxing art; cultivating it had even opened up a lot of the meridians inside Loopy Toad's body which had been blocked initially, enabling its soul and body to reach a higher level of alignment with each other.

However, Wei Zhi's words still made Loopy Toad a little fidgety because his instincts were always spot on, especially when it came to spirit beasts. The main thing was that Loopy Toad had originally been a demon beast; now that it was cultivating a spirit beast art, what if something really went wrong?

Little Master Ling had previously modified that "Demon King Heart Sutra," which Loopy Toad had absolutely nothing to worry about. The problem was that Little Silver had initially recorded down these Basic Dog Skills based on what he had read in Dog Saint's depository of Buddhist texts. Furthermore, Little Silver himself had said that he had condensed this set of spirit techniques in his own way so that it was more refined than the original version. For some reason, however, Loopy Toad didn't feel that this was reliable.

On the way home, Loopy Dog couldn't help texting Little Silver. "Is the Basic Dog Skills you gave me last time complete or not?"


Little Silver was hugely baffled when it saw this message. "It is."

Loopy Toad: "Are there any aftereffects?"

Little Silver: "…"

It would have been fine if the aftereffects hadn't been mentioned, but now that it had, Little Silver immediately recalled something… because back then, Dog Saint had actually highlighted on the back page a matter for attention when cultivating the "Basic Dog Skills." But because this point of note had only been directed at the Dog clan, Little Silver hadn't memorized it; he only remembered that if the user didn't pay attention to this matter while cultivating the art, this could lead to some aftereffects…

When it saw the ellipses in Little Silver's reply, Loopy Toad was so alarmed that its dog fur stood on end. "So there really are?!"

Little Silver rubbed his face and answered a little aggrievedly, "Mm… certainly there are. It was a point of note directed at the Dog clan, so I didn't memorize it because it was only for the clan… It was only after I gave the technique to you back then that I remembered that there was something like that, but it was too long ago, so I thought I'd wait to remember what it was before telling you…"

Loopy Toad was alarmed. "Shit, you cheated me! You scoundrel Silver!"

Little Silver: "… Do you feel unwell right now?"

Loopy Toad: "No…"

Little Silver: "Then what is there to be afraid of? Who knows, there might be no aftereffects, or they're not obvious, which means they aren't severe."

Little Silver was blank. "What are the common aftereffects?"

Whether humans, beasts or some other living thing, they all had a natural fear of the unknown. Wasn't this why "wolfberry" was so popular nowadays as a preventative measure?

Little Silver pretended to recall something and didn't reply for several minutes… How would he know what the aftereffects were! The main thing was that he really hadn't paid any attention to it back then, otherwise there was no way he would have forgotten it.

For some reason, Little Silver had a bad feeling inside that he had indeed cheated this "Dog Bapi." Although Dog Bapi was indeed usually quite the opportunist, Little Silver had an overall favorable impression of him.

On a scale of five stars, if Loopy Toad didn't get five, then it would be four stars.

It was a very loyal dog!

But in this situation, Little Silver truly didn't know how to comfort Dog Two.

It was only after a long while that he replied, "… The common aftereffects are lack of strength, fatigue, backache, and night sweats from kidney deficiency."

Loopy Toad: "Kid.. kidney deficiency?"

Little Silver: "Worst comes to worst, take some Liuwei Dihuang Pills."

Loopy Toad: "…"

Little Silver: "Don't worry, it shouldn't be too serious. Don't you have Master? With Master around, why do you need to panic? If you really have a kidney deficiency, get Master to stroke you."

Loopy Toad: "…"

Little Silver: "I mean stroke your fur, don't be dirty."

Loopy Toad: "…"

Speaking up to this point, Little Silver couldn't help sighing. "When will Master stroke my hair?! I heard Master did it for you many times, and his hand technique is very relaxing! I wonder what it's like compared with Grenade-Throwing's technique."

Loopy Toad: "You pervert…"


When Loopy Toad reached the entrance to the house, it did its best to push the issue of the aftereffects to the back of its mind. It didn't want to reveal its uneasiness and cause Little Master Ling to suspect something. This was because it was about to do something big. Furthermore, it wanted to settle this as quickly as possible before returning to act as a idle dog once more.

The time in the prophetic dream had arrived; Loopy Toad would be journeying back to its clan tonight.

Loopy Toad was actually a little nervous when it entered because it was doing this whole thing behind Wang Ling's back, which made it feel a little guilty. It now just wanted to hurry up and settle everything and then return to Little Master Ling's side as soon as possible.

Taking a deep breath, Loopy Toad pushed the door open. It was nine o'clock. Mother Wang was already upstairs as it was time for her to put on a face mask, while Father Wang was in the study writing his manuscript under Lie Mengmeng's eye.

And Wang Ling was actually already in bed at this time.

This was outside of Loopy Toad's expectations; why was Little Master Ling asleep so early?

Was he tired out from the sports meet today?

There was a huge difference between Little Master Ling and the other people who had participated in the sports meet. Everyone else was tired from running around, but Little Master Ling was tired from controlling his primordial qi as he ran around; this operation consumed way, way more energy than just pure sports.

Thinking this, Loopy Toad suddenly felt that this explanation was too perfect!

It went over next to the bed and called in a low voice, "Woof?"

Wang Ling who was pretending to be asleep: "…"

There really wasn't a response!

Loopy Toad was surprised and delighted; God really was helping it!

Wang Ling who was pretending to be asleep: "…"

Loopy Toad went to the bathroom and closed the door.

It recalled how Wang Ling had located Immortal Zhenyuan's "Drought Star" back then and started Lord Ma.

The toilet lid on Lord Ma's body opened by itself and a booming voice like before came out, with a faint echo. "I serve…"

Before it could finish talking, Loopy Toad fired back in a low voice, "Are you looking to die? Little Master Ling is sleeping!"

Lord Ma shut up obediently. "…"

After Loopy Toad quietly recited the coordinates, Lord Ma emitted a radiant light like before which enveloped it.

Then, with a whoosh, Loopy Toad turned into a ray of light which vanished on the spot.

Right after it disappeared, Wang Ling pushed the door and came in.

"Took it away?" he gazed at Lord Ma and asked telepathically.

Lord Ma: "Yes, Supreme Lord Wang Ling."

"Added the buff?" Wang Ling asked again.

Lord Ma: "I have, Supreme Lord Wang Ling." This was the power which Wang Ling had deposited inside Lord Ma's body beforehand; as long as Loopy Toad activated Lord Ma, Wang Ling's golden light shield would directly encase its body.

After making sure, Wang Ling felt a lot more relieved.

With the golden light shield on Loopy Toad, Wang Ling felt that he didn't have to worry too much about its safety.

In addition, this Dog Two was quite smart.

It had Immortal Zhenyuan's immortal seal on it.

If something happened…

With one command, Immortal Zhenyuan would come running to be a "dog"… It's believed that Chinese wolfberry water is good for health in many waysA Chinese herbal medicine for the kidneys.
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