586 Are You Stupid Or What?

Dog Two's attack was so fast that no one could react. From when the mysterious green light appeared on the horizon to Dog Two breaking the window with a flying kick, everything happened in less than a second.

Everyone in the peace consulate was dumbfounded by this scene, since no one could have foreseen something like this happening at this time.

This was a violent strike from Dog Two, bolstered by how enraged it was. While the flying kick wasn't boosted by the power of Sword Dao, Loopy Toad had put one hundred percent of its strength into it. Along with the "for every action, there's an opposite reaction" effect of the golden light shield, there was double the recoil strength in Dog Two's violent kick, which made it especially ferocious.

Caught off guard, Daoist Horse Face directly saw stars and was muddleheaded after getting kicked.

The peace consulate had been built with special materials, but this green-furred dog from who knew where had unexpectedly broken the window and kicked Daoist Horse Face in the face hard enough to maim him – this was enough to show how much force it had!

This force directly sent Daoist Horse Face flying like a scarecrow, and he smashed through several walls inside the peace consulate until finally hitting the last one.

There was a Daoist Horse Face-shaped hole in the wall, with web-like cracks radiating out around it.

On the side, both Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle were pale with fright as they hurried over to check Daoist Horse Face's injury. In the end, they were even more shocked.

It was just one kick, but it had been enough to give Daoist Horse Face an internal injury.

He sprayed out a mouthful of purple blood and stood up from the wall, supported by Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle. His legs were trembling, not from that heavy strike just now which had rendered him unable to stand, but because when Loopy Toad's leg had made contact with him just now, his soul had directly drowned in oppressive strength and couldn't help shivering.

What kind of divine saint was this green-furred dog?

It was too terrifying!

"What on earth… what's going on?" Daoist Horse Face swayed as he stood up from the floor. Blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. Just one kick had actually shaken his jade palace.

When he came back to his senses and saw the green-furred dog in front of Elder Wen, he almost instantly flew into a rage. "How dare you, demon dog! How can you do as you please in the peace consulate?"

In the next moment, he took up a stance as he prepared to unleash his demon energy, but Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle on the side stopped him. "Brother Horse Face, don't! Demon Saint's restriction is on the peace consulate!"

It was a pity that Daoist Horse Face was so infuriated in that moment and the only thing he wanted to do was regain face.

"This brazen demon dog used a powerful strike just now – even then, it didn't set off Demon Saint's restriction. This is proof enough that it doesn't exist at all! It's just a bluff! We've been fooled!" After saying that, he shook off their advice and struggled free of their arms.

In the next moment, he released his demon energy at maximum strength. It was an extremely terrifying blend of several demon spells. With a surge of unrestrained powerful energy, he stretched out one palm toward Dog Two and Elder Wen behind it.

"Be careful… This palm is very powerful!" Elder Wen paled with fear. He had utterly no idea where this dog had come from, but for some reason it felt familiar.

So weak…

However, Loopy Toad thought nothing of this palm at all. With the protection of the golden light shield, it didn't even think it needed to do anything special to parry it; it was enough to rely solely on the golden light shield to block it.

The strength of a mere territory envoy was at the very most on the level of a demon king, while Little Master Ling's golden light shield could perfectly withstand a hit even from a Venerated Immortal!

So when Daoist Horse Face attacked with his palm, the expression on Loopy Toad's face was very contemptuous because it knew very well that ultimately, it would be Daoist Horse Face who would be facing the consequences of his own action with this palm.

But halfway through Daoist Horse Face's strike, before he could stop –

At that moment, the other two envoys, Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle, as well as Loopy Toad and Elder Wen, suddenly looked up at the sky. Even Daoist Horse Face ceased his attack, as if he had sensed something, and his expression changed dramatically!


An indescribably intimidating aura spread out from the direction of the holy pillar in the center of the demon world; it was as if a pair of tightly shut eyes in the highest heaven were opening!

This immensely powerful aura was followed by formidable pressure which forced the three envoys and Elder Wen to their knees. Only Dog Two, who was covered in the golden light shield, remained unaffected.

Nevertheless, Loopy Toad could still sense how fierce this aura was…

There was no mistake.

This was Demon Saint's aura!

Even demon gods could only kneel and bow their heads before Demon Saint, let alone the envoys present. In a flash, the envoys and Elder Wen were brought to their knees by this massive force and every single one of them could feel how tiny they were, like a bunch of ants in the ocean! How immeasurably small!

After several seconds of this powerful oppressive force, Daoist Witch Demon, Daoist Bronze Turtle as well as Elder Wen then felt it ease up, and one by one they got to their feet.

Demon Saint's aura disappeared off of their bodies.

But there was still one person lying on the floor in the peace consulate.

It was none other than Daoist Horse Face who had been the first to use demon magic in the peace consulate.

He couldn't feel more regretful than in that moment. He was a grand envoy of one of the territories, with a rank more revered than that of a demon king, but he was now twitching uncontrollably on the floor as the fear of death caused his snot and tears to flow…

This was the terrifying but hopeless reality…

The rumor that Demon Saint had set a restriction on the peace consulate was unexpectedly true.

No one had dared to cross this line before, and in the long history of the demon world, Daoist Horse Face had become the first to do so.

Staring at the sky, Loopy Toad was unaffected by Demon Saint's pressure, but it could still feel Demon Saint's aura lift off of its body. Against expectations, Dog Two never thought that this Demon Saint would actually act justly!

So at that moment, the only person to suffer in the peace consulate was Daoist Horse Face alone.

Lying prone without the least bit of dignity, he was pressed into the floor like a dead fish. The massive pressure had already deformed his face and body, yet the force of Demon Saint's punishment still continued to increase.

Daoist Horse Face snarled painfully, "This is bullshit! Bullshit! Why! Why doesn't the restriction apply to this demon dog?"

"Because I, this father, am a spirit beast!"

Dog Two looked at him sagely. "Are you stupid or what?!"

The envoys from the other three territories: "…"

Elder Wen: "…"A meridian in the kidneys.
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