589 I Am the Supreme King’s...

Demon Saint's decisive response was unexpected, but Wang Ling was very satisfied – he wouldn't need to handle the matter himself, at least.

He didn't want to get involved in the affairs of the demon world. Although humans had been studying the demon world all these years, to the extent of trying to uncover information on the Holy Pillar and Demon Saint, all of this was too troublesome. Wang Ling didn't want to be involved nor did he care; there was no way he was someone well-meaning enough to supply state organizations with intelligence on the demon world.

Previously, it was because of that inner demon, that had split off from Immortal Zhenyuan, causing mischief that the Gate Between Worlds had unrestrainedly landed in the human world several times, causing misunderstandings between both worlds and even resulting in war.

But after coming in contact with this Demon Saint, Wang Ling now suddenly realized that this leader of the demon world didn't seem as unfeeling and ruthless as people had described him. It was the exact opposite: this was a person who abided by the rules and who was scrupulous in his duty; even a territory envoy of the demon world who had violated the rules wasn't exempted from Demon Saint's punishment.

To be frank, Wang Ling felt that this merman Demon Saint knew how to separate his personal matters from public ones…

On this side, after Demon Saint refused Daoist Bronze Turtle's request, he felt his body lighten as the pressure that had stuck to him earlier disappeared.

It looked like this Lord "Supreme King" had indeed come because of this matter and seemed quite satisfied with the way Demon Saint had handled it.

"Mm, the Supreme King feels you have done well. It'll be fine as long as you don't interfere."

Lord Ma's voice came through the golden cloud again as it conveyed Wang Ling's thoughts.

As long as Demon Saint didn't interfere, Wang Ling wasn't bothered with anything else. It was just that Demon Saint was too powerful, and if his restriction deliberately fell on Dog Two, that golden light shield that had been cast across space wouldn't be able to hold up for very long without Wang Ling around.

But now that Demon Saint had very wisely reined himself in, Wang Ling naturally didn't want to bother anymore.

It would be fine to leave it to Dog Two to handle the rest itself. Wang Ling didn't want to steal its limelight when it was protecting its family, nor would he get Demon Saint to help Dog Two punish those detestable territory demon gods.

From the start, Dog Two had come here with the intention of ending everything. When there was a beginning, there was an end; if Dog Two didn't resolve this with its own paws, it might never be able to enjoy its dog food ever again…

On the other side, merman Demon Saint collected his wits about him and then looked at the golden cloud in the air. "May I ask, Senior Golden Cloud, which divine saint are you?" He hadn't received a response earlier to his inquiry about Wang Ling's identity, so now he wanted to take a step back and ask who on earth this person who relayed the king's will was.

In truth, even Demon Saint himself never thought that there was such a frightening existence in this world…

The other party might have already surpassed a True Immortal and might even be a Venerated Immortal. Currently, Demon Saint's preliminary guess was that this senior had to be an alien from outside the Milky Way… How could there be anyone with this sort of strength in today's world of human cultivators?

After obtaining Wang Ling's permission, Lord Ma answered Demon Saint's question very politely, "I serve the Supreme King… I am the Supreme King's…"

At this point, Demon Saint raised his head, reverence in his eyes.

Lord Ma: "I am the Supreme King's toilet…"

Demon Saint: "…"


There was karma in all things.

For the rest of their lives, Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle might never know that the real reason Demon Saint had refused their request so decisively was because of a single gaze from Ling Zhenren.

Unexpectedly, Demon Saint hadn't taken action, which was also something Elder Wen hadn't foreseen. But after all, this was the first time everyone here had come into contact with Demon Saint, and no one knew the reason for his rejection.

As the top-ranking leader of the demon world, the reason for whether he would make a move or not were oftimes very simple.

Ultimately, Daoist Bronze Turtle and Daoist Witch Demon could only blame themselves. Perhaps they hadn't used a fervent enough tone and Demon Saint hadn't been able to feel their sincerity, thus giving him the impression that he was just being used as a "gun."

When all was said and done, they still had to rely on themselves in the end.

"There's no need for Brother Dog to do all this for me…" Elder Wen's words were actually also a feeler as he wanted to know Loopy Toad's true identity. He was convinced he had never seen this green-furred dog before, but somehow it felt familiar. If it really was just a dog passing by on the road who had come to his aid after seeing injustice being done, to go this far was still too excessive.

Furthermore, this wasn't some random main road; this was the peace consulate located on the border between two territories. Most importantly, this dog didn't belong to a demon clan, but was a spirit dog!

Thus, Loopy Toad's actions were even more incomprehensible to Elder Wen.


"Let's go outside and fight it out." Dog Two gazed at the two envoys.

"You, one dog, against us?" Daoist Bronze Turtle and Daoist Witch Demon looked at each other in dismay.

"I, this dog, will be enough."

Elder Wen: "…"

Done speaking, Loopy Toad then opened the door itself, and when it was leaving, it even turned to look at Elder Wen in passing. "Wait here for me, I'll explain everything after I've gotten rid of these two."

Elder Wen: "…"

Dog Two was extremely glad for the protection of this peace consulate safe zone, otherwise it would be distracted by the need to safeguard Elder Wen.

"You're looking for death."

The two envoys gnashed their teeth; this dog was too much! It was too overconfident! They were the envoys of two territories, on par with, maybe even above a demon king… a mere dog that had yet to obtain a human form – where did its courage come from?

After the two men and the dog went outside, Daoist Bronze Turtle and Daoist Witch Demon could no longer hold back the flames of fury in their hearts. "Fellow Bronze Turtle, let's work together and use long-range magic to break this dog's golden light shield!"

Their line of thinking in battle was very clear; they were obviously veterans who had experienced much and clearly knew how the golden light shield worked: once it was destroyed, it was very hard to rebuild it again in a short time. Also, in order not to suffer the backlash from the power of the golden light shield, using a long-range magic attack was an exceptionally good choice.

But the issue was that this was Little Master Ling's golden light shield; how could it be destroyed so easily?

Loopy Toad thus didn't care at all what kind of tactic these two people were going to use; in any case, it just needed to stick it to them and beat them up!

"Awuu!" At this thought, Dog Two leapt up and directly pulled the Bone King out of its mouth, and the Bone King instantly transformed into boxing gloves which Dog Two put on over its dog paws. It then unleashed the first and second forms of the Basic Dog Skills on Daoist Witch Demon.

Elder Wen was watching this scene, and while Loopy Toad's offensive strike was very fierce, what Elder Wen paid attention to wasn't the Basic Dog Skills but the spell that Loopy Toad had used to take out that emerald bone staff.

There was no way he had seen wrong.

That was the Toad clan's Space Swallowing Spell.
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