590 Daoist Bronze Turtle Fails to Keep His Human Form

The Toad clan's Swallowing Spell wasn't a complex one and was actually a common demon technique in the demon world. It could be performed ordinarily whether with demon energy or spirit energy as an energy source. There were very few demon spells like this, but the Toad clan's Swallowing Spell was one of them.

The Swallowing Spell wasn't complicated to learn, and many of the junior clan members would have already mastered it at a young age. But this very spell was a secret that was passed down in the clan and which seldom fell into the hands of outsiders.

So when Loopy Toad took out the Bone King, Elder Wen's mind almost went blank in an instant.

Earlier, he had already felt that there was something familiar about this green-furred dog…

Could it be…

Eyes fixed on Dog Two's back, he suddenly made a bold guess in that moment.


As a territory envoy, Daoist Witch Demon was Ghost Emperor of the South's capable subordinate, and was a little stronger than a regular demon king. When all was said and done, he was a demon clan envoy of one of the four inner territories, so his actual combat strength wouldn't be weak.

Also, as a member of the Ghost clan, he had a natural immunity to physical damage; normal physical attacks had no effect on him. This was even more true for Daoist Bronze Turtle — the innate Turtle Shield of the Turtle clan could massively reduce physical damage.

Loopy Toad was well aware of this, which was why it had taken out the Bone King at the start, in order to fuse the power of Sword Dao with the transformed Bone King boxing gloves. It used the power of Sword Dao to turn them into spiky boxing gloves in order to deal with the two territory envoys.

After breaking in the Bone King, Dog Two was now in fact increasingly proficient at using its boxing skills.

Seeing this green-furred dog unexpectedly launch such a fierce close-range attack from the start, both Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle were startled.

Daoist Witch Demon: "Fellow Bronze Turtle, help me block the attack! I'll summon the demon army!"

Summoning a demon army took time and Daoist Witch Demon couldn't be interrupted. But in order to destroy Loopy Toad's golden light shield, the only choice was to use a longe-range spell.

"No problem, Fellow Witch Demon, I'll hold it off!"

Daoist Bronze Turtle acquiesced as he stepped forward to ward off the attack. His entire body gave off a sinister black and blue demon light which transformed into chainmail that contained an unusually large amount of demon power.

Inside the peace consulate, Elder Wen's expression abruptly changed. This was the Turtle clan's secret art, the "Turtle Shield Spell," which was exceptionally physically resistant; a mere physical spirit technique likely wouldn't be of any use against it.

At that moment, Daoist Bronze Turtle alone stood at the very front as a block while behind him, Daoist Witch Demon summoned a ghost army with magic. Daoist Bronze Turtle completely didn't dare to launch an attack for fear of suffering the backlash from the golden light shield on Loopy Toad. However, this was exactly what Dog Two wanted; it was actually meaningless to do nothing more than guard against it when it was boosted by the power of Sword Dao.

"Demon dog, don't be too arrogant!" Daoist Bronze Turtle tsked. He was extremely confident in his Turtle Shield Spell. There was a time when the Turtle clan had won many battles with this impregnable defense.

In the four large territories, Turtle Devil of the North was renowned for this Turtle Shield Spell, which he had tempered into the Grand Turtle Shield Spell. It could withstand not just physical attacks but also magic attacks! While Turtle Devil wasn't strong in offense, his formidable defense had at one time caused his adversaries to sustain major losses.

He was now a demon god, and he had encountered many opponents who had eventually died under this powerful Grand Turtle Shield Magic.

Ever since Turtle Devil of the North succeeded the position of demon god of one of the four inner territories, all the different species in the Turtle clan had started to study how the Turtle Shield Spell worked, and this was already the first thing a Turtle clan demon beast learned after it was born. More and more of the younger demons of the Turtle clan now would have already mastered the essence of this spell at an early age.

Daoist Bronze Turtle admitted that his Turtle Shield Spell was nowhere as formidable as Turtle Devil's, but as a territory envoy, his Turtle Shield Spell was already second to none at his current realm; after another one hundred years of refinement, there would be absolutely no problem transforming it into the Grand Turtle Shield Spell.

Everything had happened in a few short seconds.

The moment Daoist Bronze Turtle roared and created the chainmail with the Turtle Shield Spell, over one hundred of Dog Two's shadow fists rained down on him like a hail of bullets.

He sneered at Dog Two's attack; regular punches would have no effect on his chainmail at all. But as the one hundred punches of these Basic Dog Skills continued to rain down on him, Daoist Bronze Turtle's expression changed.

"What's going on?!"

He was stunned when he noticed that some cracks had unexpectedly started to appear under the powerful bombardment of these punches!

That had never happened before!

Seeing that the power of Sword Dao was working, Loopy Toad completely stopped holding back. Now that it was combined with the Bone King's strength, Loopy Toad's power of Sword Dao was already starting to take on a fledgling shape. Daoist Bronze Turtle was already able to sense something when Loop Toad drew closer… it was as if the space around this strange green-furred dog had turned into a strange gravitational field that was pulling Daoist Bronze Turtle in. It felt like his body was being inexorably dragged forward.

At that very moment, he felt like he was a ten thousand-jin weight being moved by a very strong gravitational force which pulled at him incessantly, causing him to create deep furrows in the ground as he plowed forward.

A completely nude green-furred dog was crazily waving a pair of emerald green spiky boxing gloves around. Loopy Toad could clearly feel that it had grasped more of the power of Sword Dao compared with before; it had already mastered seventy percent of it! This meant that it had already mastered most of the ten-meter Sword Dao!

Under the bombardment of Loopy Toad's punches which had the power of Sword Dao mixed into it, the cracks in Daoist Bronze Turtle's chainmail were increasing…

"The last strike!"

Loopy Toad snarled.

It put all its strength into one last punch, and the power of Sword Dao directly penetrated the chainmail!

When the invisible Heavenly Dao power invaded Daoist Bronze Turtle's body, he couldn't hold on to his human form any longer and his face directly turned into ****…

Then, blood sprayed out of his nose!

He was directly sent flying by this punch!

Elder Wen was dumbstruck.

Loopy Toad's strength was beyond his imagination.

With a mere boxing technique, it had actually dealt the Turtle clan territory envoy, who had been fully confident in his defense, severe internal injury!

"Fellow Bronze Turtle!" Behind him, Daoist Witch Demon grit his teeth.

He hadn't expected this green-furred dog's attack to be so powerful either; he could clearly sense that Daoist Bronze Turtle's aura had weakened – he might not be able to take it if the other party used the same attack again.

Daoist Bronze Turtle struggled as he lifted himself up, and he spat out blood as he knelt on the ground. There was extreme terror on his face and even the way he looked at Dog Two had changed.

Although it was hard to believe…

Just now, in this unknown green-furred dog's punches, Daoist Bronze Turtle had indeed sensed… a Heavenly Dao aura.

How could that be?
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