593 The Plan to Unite the Demon World

Daoist Bronze Turtle was still injured and this was the fastest he could flee in his state, but he felt that even if he was in excellent condition, he wouldn't necessarily be able to run any quicker than this… In the face of a real threat of death, the power one could use was completely different.

Immortal Zhenyuan wasn't worried, and instead watched the two people turn into streams of light that swiftly disappeared in the sky.

Dog Two maintained a very unperturbed appearance the entire time as it knew that there was no way Zhenyuan would let them escape.

Sure enough, the red-haired young man finally started to make a move after half an hour or so. When he stretched out his hand, it was like the Five-finger Mountain. The layers of nomological laws which twined around his fingers directly pierced the air, causing the space to vibrate nonstop until it actually cracked open.

Immortal Zhenyuan directly reached into this fractured space, and finally pulled two figures straight out of it; they were the very two, Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle, who had already been on the run for half an hour…

Using their magic treasures, they had already traveled tens of thousands of li in the last half an hour, but they still couldn't escape this punishment. Halfway through their escape, they had felt the space in their wake shake, and the collars of their Daoist robes had been suddenly jerked back by a mighty force.

When they came back to their senses, they were being firmly squeezed by a gigantic hand that looked like it had come out of some picture scroll of the wild. Under this huge pressure, the two territory envoys couldn't even breathe.

Loopy Toad was doing its best to appear unperturbed; the truth was, this scene was a huge shock to it!

It wasn't just Loopy Toad; Elder Wen was also indescribably shaken by this scene.

What kind of formidable strength was this…

It practically looked like a miracle, a hand reaching out in the air across space to seize the two envoys who had already been running for a while and not giving the other party any chance to escape.

Dog Two knew that the red-haired young man was deliberately flexing his muscles in front of it to show how strong he was, but this scene was really too scary, as if it was watching a huge blockbuster movie! Usually, when Little Master Ling cast spells, he would be especially mindful to try and avoid these sorts of grand "special effects" spells; the fact of the matter was that this had something to do with a person's personality.

Little Master Ling was used to being low-key, so he would pay special attention to this point, but Immortal Zhenyuan's personality could be said to move from one extreme to another. Since he had decided to make a move, he would use the most gorgeous-looking spell to capture the other party.

He had done the same thing on Drought Star before. Come to think of it, Loopy Toad suddenly felt that Zhenyuan had already become synonymous with the word "gorgeous"…

When Immortal Zhenyuan released the two envoys, Daoist Witch Demon's and Daoist Bronze Turtle's faces had already turned black and blue from that huge pressure, and the two people were dizzy as they spun around on the ground as if they were drunk.

"What… what happened?"

"Who… who's practicing taichi…"

"Still want to run?" Immortal Zhenyuan stared at the two of them and smiled slightly. This smile made Dog Two think of Fang Xing, since it was his signature sly smile.

Immortal Zhenyuan raised his hand and drew a few golden threads in the air with his finger. Then he flicked the tip of his finger. Like a fairy weaving cloth, the golden threads started to intertwine over the ground and in the end actually became a golden cage.

The moment they were trapped inside the golden cage, Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle felt a sense of powerlessness. This golden cage blocked off the source of their powers and they couldn't use demon energy at all. Moreover, the golden cage had a weakening effect which made them unable to gather their strength.

After showing off his skills, the red-haired young man turned to bow to Loopy Toad again. "Senior Dog, please excuse my poor performance; of all my imprisonment spells, this grade nine 'Boundary Marker' is the only one which I'm most proficient in."

Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle almost spat out blood. A grade seven spell would have already been more than enough to trap them, let alone a grade nine spell!

— Wait a minute!

At that moment, Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle both caught the key point which they had overlooked in those words just now.

This person had just said… this was a grade nine spell?

Both their facial expressions were already as blue-black as seaweed sauce.

… A grade nine spell?

Then this man was most likely at peak True Immortal level, or… he was a Venerated Immortal?

Their worldviews had already collapsed. Sure enough, human cultivators were all very cunning! Wasn't it said that there weren't any Venerated Immortal big shots in the human world?! Why was an underling casually summoned by a green-furred dog a Venerated Immortal?! Were even Venerated Immortal bigwigs these days starting to call themselves juniors?


Loopy Toad nodded and pretended very hard that it was calm. The truth was that it had already been completely blown away by the red-haired young man's maneuver.

Gosh… this series of high-level spells with their ample special effects were really too gorgeous!

"The hand you used to catch them just now was pretty good," Loopy Toad couldn't help praising.

Immortal Zhenyuan bowed respectfully. "Senior, my performance was laughable. That was just a grade ten spell, 'Palm of Heaven.'"

… Grade ten?

Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle turned pale.

"Mm, not bad, a little more and you'll surpass me," Loopy Toad said.

Immortal Zhenyuan was very deferential to Dog Two. "Of course, until now, I'm still unable to grasp Senior Dog's spell. When senior performed it back then, from beginning to end, you didn't make any hand seals or even any movements, and instead directly used your majesty to let loose a grade twelve spell; until now, this junior is unable to forget that sight!"

Grade twelve…

Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle already didn't know what to say.

At that moment, Dog Two glanced at the expressions of these two territory envoys; both of them looked deathly white, as if they had been washed out by a mix of Tide and OMO detergent.

"Senior Dog, what do you want to do with them?" Immortal Zhenyuan asked Loopy Toad.

Dog Two looked at Daoist Witch Demon and Daoist Bronze Turtle. In fact, it had never planned to kill these two people since the beginning. Although they were heartless, Loopy Toad felt that it couldn't be unrighteous. If it wanted to kill these two envoys now, it only needed to say the word and Zhenyuan would crush them as easily as if they were ants.

But the deaths of these two envoys wouldn't solve anything. Daoist Horse Face's death earlier had been due to the punishment from Demon Saint's restriction, so Loopy Toad couldn't be blamed for that.

After learning the ins and outs of the entire situation from Wen Yu, Elder Wen's grandson, Loopy Toad had been wondering whether there was an appropriate way of resolving the conflict between the four territories so that they could all thrive peacefully in the future.

There were one hundred and eight territories in the demon world, and the four inner territories were their core. As long as conflict in the core could be resolved, all the demons in the demon world could come together as one family.

Thus, after careful consideration, Loopy Toad made the following decision: "Let them go."

"Yes, Senior Dog."

The red-haired young man didn't know what Senior Dog wanted to do, but he complied obediently. He waved his hand and directly got rid of the golden prison.

When Loopy Toad now approached the two territory envoys after this show of strength, it could clearly see that they were trembling.

"I'm sparing your lives for now, so go and send a message."

Loopy Toad stared at the two men and said slowly, "In half an hour, we will descend on the western, northern and southern territories, and destroy them all."

Then Loopy Toad thought for a moment, and felt that it sounded a little deliberately biased, so it hurried to correct its words. "Not just the western, northern and southern territories, but the eastern territory will also be eliminated in passing…"

The complexions of the two envoys and Elder Wen changed drastically at these words.

Only Immortal Zhenyuan next to Loopy Toad understood a little what Senior Dog wanted to do.

This would be a very lively lesson… and would greatly test Loopy Toad's acting!From "Journey to the West."
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