603 The Secret of the Holy Pillar

Loopy Toad's heart was in turmoil, but it restrained its desire with supreme effort. The main thing was that Immortal Zhenyuan and Elder Wen were both here. How could it do such a thing?!

Loopy Toad felt that there definitely was something wrong with its body.

Otherwise this would never happen!

While this was a typical characteristic of a dog…

Loopy Toad had never been in the habit of pissing on a lamp post whenever it saw one.

For one thing, it felt that this action wasn't very tasteful.

For another, it felt that lifting its hind leg was a shameful pose.

So in its daily life, Dog Two would basically squat on the toilet bowl.

Was it because it had been a dog for too long, so it was starting to assimilate?

– No way! How could it be this type of dog without any integrity?!

Something was definitely wrong, it just hadn't noticed yet. On the way to the Holy Pillar, Loopy Toad was distracted by its thoughts as it pondered the reason why it couldn't control its urge.

In the end, it couldn't think of a reason for it; instead, it realized a secret, and that was if it didn't look at the Holy Pillar, this urge actually disappeared.

Very good, Loopy Toad was now one hundred percent certain that there was something wrong with its body!

If it wasn't its body, then it was its brain…

"We're about to arrive soon," Elder Wen announced within the three moving lights.

They were almost at the foot of the Holy Pillar, and they could sense the boundless demon energy which the pillar emitted. The towering ancient bronze pillar felt awash in mystery.

After drawing near, Zhenyuan could see fine and complex patterns on the ancient pillar.

At that moment, he had the faint sense that these patterns weren't simple, and seemed to be hiding some sort of energy source that was less like demon energy and more like the primordial qi that was generated only at the Venerated Immortal level, yet it was still different.

"Where did these patterns come from?" asked Zhenyuan.

Elder Wen answered deferentially, "Replying to Senior Immortal Zhenyuan, even the Lord Demon Gods have limited information on the Holy Pillar; what this humble one knows is only based on information I've heard and gathered, and it might not be accurate."

Zhenyuan waved his hand. "It's fine, it's fine, I'm just asking in passing, let's hear it."

Elder Wen nodded his head and they slowed down in tacit agreement so that Elder Wen could tell them everything he knew.

"As everyone knows, the Holy Pillar is the backbone of the demon world. The reason it's addressed as such is because all the one hundred and eight demon territories in the demon world today were created through the power of the Holy Pillar – it was the Holy Pillar that made it all happen and which nurtures the demon world."

"Then does it have something to do with the way Demon Saint is selected?"

"I'm not certain on this point…" Elder Wen wiped his sweat; this was in fact a taboo question. Even if he really did know, he wouldn't speak of it. Besides, only Demon Saint himself knew what the selection process was like.

Seeing Elder Wen's twisted expression, Zhenyuan immediately understood and didn't ask any more questions. Although Elder Wen was already an exception in the way he had been promoted as the joint Secretary-General of peace of the four territories, this was indeed a more confidential question which even the demon gods might not necessarily know the answer to. What was more, it wasn't a simple question since it involved secrets of the demon world.

It was like asking for the password to a person's safe – who would tell you something like that?

Seeing that Zhenyuan had abandoned this line of questioning, Elder Wen breathed a deep sigh of relief. When he was about to praise this senior human cultivator in his heart for his benevolent understanding of demon affairs… in the end, he almost vomited blood at the next question.

Zhenyuan had a harmless expression on his face as he smiled. "The Holy Pillar… does it have its own consciousness?"

Elder Wen: "…"

Zhenyuan: "It's fine, I was just asking casually, you can answer casually too, the Holy Pillar won't mind. If it really becomes a problem, Senior Dog can tear the Holy Pillar down in a matter of minutes with its strength."

Elder Wen: "…"

Loopy Toad: "…" With its strength, it could only piss on the Holy Pillar in a matter of minutes…

"It's fine if you don't want to say, I understand, since we're outsiders after all…" When Zhenyuan said this, there were already faint tears in his eyes. "It turns out that the demon world rejects outsiders, I'm truly hurt…"

Elder Wen: "Senior, don't be like this. I'll tell you everything I know."

Zhenyuan swiftly switched to a grin, revealing his canines. "Thanks!"

Elder Wen: "…"

Loopy Toad: "…" This guy was already addicted to acting…

Elder Wen heaved a sigh, then said, "The Holy Pillar probably has its own consciousness. Although I didn't see it for myself, I'm sure that the last time its consciousness was awakened was when Second Generation Demon Saint had been about to succeed the position."

"What was it like?"

"Actually, this is something we inferred after it was over, because when the will of the Holy Pillar was revived, all the demon beasts in the demon world heard a very faint voice…"

"A faint voice?"

"Mm, when this humble one heard it, it sounded exceptionally unreal, and we assumed that only Demon Saint could hear it. Later, not long after the voice disappeared, Sage Master directly proclaimed that a new Demon Saint had succeeded the position, and that is the current Lord Second Generation Demon Saint."

"So it's like that…"

Immortal Zhenyuan's interest was instantly aroused.

Not only did this Holy Pillar have its own consciousness, it actually had a voice as well. Furthermore, it could extend its power throughout the entire demon world and become the core which nurtured it.

It was obvious that this Holy Pillar wasn't an ordinary object. Previously, Immortal Zhenyuan had speculated whether it was a world-defying magic weapon, but combined now with what Elder Wen had said, he thought he could come up with an even grander conjecture.

Perhaps it was a divine weapon which surpassed a world-defying magic weapon.

In terms of power, world-defying magic weapons and divine weapons were on the same level, but there was an essential difference between them! World-defying magic weapons could be created while divine weapons could not.

Therein lay the difference.

While something that was man-made might theoretically have the same level of power, the fact of the matter was that it was nowhere near as flexible as a divine weapon. In addition, a world-defying magic weapon didn't have its own will and relied purely on being controlled by its owner – if it did have its own will, then it would be no different to a divine weapon.

Also, if the Gate Between Worlds had had its own will to begin with, then Zhenyuan's inner demon Wind Spirit wouldn't have been able to recklessly operate it.

Thus, Zhenyuan was highly interested in the Holy Pillar.

"Senior Dog, do you have any ideas?"

He was about to ask Dog Two for its opinion, but in the end, when he turned his head, he saw Loopy Toad actually facing backward as it flew.

Zhenyuan: "Senior Dog, this is…???"

Loopy Toad: "Flying backward is good for your lower back…"
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