632 Why Didn’t You Go All Out?

This was…

At that moment, Elder Zuo Wu's expression changed dramatically; he couldn't believe what he was seeing at all.

A hand came out of the void, and while it wasn't as huge as he imagined, it bore the greatest sense of oppression! Elder Zuo Wu couldn't come back to his senses at all.

The next moment, he was seized by the collar!

He was utterly powerless to resist!

It was as if he was frozen in front of this hand, all the blood in his body turning to ice. The moment he was yanked out of the space, Elder Zuo Wu felt like a deep sea saltwater fish forcibly pulled up into the shallows, and blood instantly spurted out of his nose — it really was a violent spray of heavy bleeding, like a fountain.

Holy shit!

Little Silver was alarmed by this scene. This blood loss was excessive, like a hemorrhage which almost stained his own clothes! Moreover, he was actually secretly wearing the collar around his neck, which was what he had bought earlier for Master's sake! He didn't want it to be stained with blood, even if this was a clone!

In the Wang family's small villa, Wang Ling went to wash his hands after helping Little Silver pull Elder Zuo Wu out.

Because of the difference in spatial pressure, when Elder Zuo Wu had been pulled out, he had for a moment been unable to withstand the blood pressure in his body, and his nose had instantly sprayed blood, directly leading to some blood foam landing on Wang Ling's hands.

Emm… Mr Wang Ling felt that this was his blunder.

He had acted a little hurriedly, and forgot that his "Hand of Heaven" also had the additional effect of compressing space. When he pulled a person out of a space, the change in pressure would inevitably cause an ordinary person to bleed.

For Elder Zuo Wu to just get a nosebleed already wasn't bad; if his realm was a little lower, he would definitely be bleeding from the seven orifices of his head.

"Master really is awesome!" Taking in this scene at close range, Little Silver couldn't help feeling overwhelmed.

It really was a very rare opportunity to see Master cast spells at close range! That method just now of directly breaking open a space to pull a person out was too powerful!

Little Silver stared at Elder Zuo Wu whom Wang Ling had directly pulled out of the space. Folding his arms, Little Silver pursed his lips and smiled. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Little Silver wasn't actually planning to kill this Elder Zuo Wu because he had promised Wang Ling before that he wouldn't kill indiscriminately.

In contrast, Elder Zuo Wu was scared out of his wits. "You… What was that?" He wanted to know exactly what on earth that horrible hand was – it had been able to directly yank him out of the separate space set up by President Bai in such a humiliating way… It was really mortifying!

After this ambush by the "Hand of Heaven," Elder Zuo Wu had already sustained severe internal injuries, so even if Little Silver was just a clone, it was still very easy to deal with the other man.

"That's just a small skill of my Master's." Little Silver spread his hands.

Small… small skill…

Elder Zuo Wu almost spat blood.

Can your family's small skill directly pull a person out of a space?!

It was very obvious that this was an extremely powerful technique!

Elder Zuo Wu hence estimated that this master behind the silver-haired young man was definitely no less powerful than President Bai.

Thinking this, Elder Zuo Wu couldn't help frowning. He had already lost this fight and had to find a way to escape.

Little Silver had intended to leave Elder Zuo Wu alive; as one of the few top-level members of the Demon Hunters Association, he was an invaluable source of information. Given that President Bai's current whereabouts were unknown, this man could be the breakthrough for them to get hold of some intelligence!

Little Silver: "I don't want to kill you. If you're willing to come with me quietly, I'll consider going easy on you."

"Want to capture me? Dream on!"

Elder Zuo Wu grit his teeth and made a hand seal right away, going so far as to gather the blood he was losing as essence to cast a forbidden spell. Little Silver then saw this Elder Zuo Wu actually turn into a dry corpse right before him.

In the SUV, Little Silver's original body projected the image from his clone onto the small screen in the car. With one glance, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal saw through to the essence of this forbidden spell. "Mm? Is this a Western forbidden spell?"

"Western forbidden spell? What's that?" Little Silver cocked his head.

"It's a Western necromancy-type of forbidden magic. It consumes a certain amount of blood essence to transform the body into a zombie puppet. However, the spell consumes a portion of your lifespan," Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal explained.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal actually didn't find this strange, because based on what that mysterious informant had previously revealed on the forum, the power behind the Demon Hunters Association was a dark force called Night Chief that came from the West. It thus wasn't surprising that members of the Demon Hunters Association were able to use Western magic.

But for this type of top-level leader to suddenly show up when they weren't making any progress in determining President Bai's whereabouts, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal wondered if this might be a turning point.

"Brother Silver, do you have a way to track down this man?" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal asked seriously.

Little Silver's original body quickly nodded. "Of course!"

After that, he quickly manipulated his clone into chasing after Elder Zuo Wu.

This spell, which used a puppet in place of the body to escape, usually required a prop. It could be a puppet, a doll, a wax figurine or something similar.

Elder Zuo Wu must have already placed this prop in a safe location before casting this forbidden spell.

But unfortunately for him, this type of forbidden spell usually required blood as a medium, which was too easy for Little Silver to track.

In that moment when Elder Zuo Wu used blood essence to cast the spell and escape, Little Silver had almost subconsciously reacted in that instant by mixing a drop of his own blood into it.

Next, Little Silver would use the holy beast blood to do a reverse trace.

Thus, there was no way for Elder Zuo Wu to escape.

No matter how Elder Zuo Wu ran, Little Silver could smell that drop of his holy beast blood.


Elsewhere, Elder Zuo Wu narrowly escaped as he instantly used the "Puppet Substitution Spell" to flee a thousand kilometers away.

This was just a life-saving spell. As a top-level executive of the Demon Hunters Association, Elder Zuo Wu had thought of everything before going out to get his revenge, including a way to preserve his life.

For the sake of the "Puppet Substitution Spell," Elder Zuo Wu had prepared a wax figurine likeness in advance to act as a replacement.

He never expected that he would actually have to use it.

A huge advantage of this "Puppet Substitution Spell" was that it couldn't be cut off halfway, which guaranteed escape from the scene and being able to avoid all kinds of attacks. However, it also had a limitation, and that was that the prop used as a body substitute couldn't be too far away from the original body.

A thousand kilometers was already the limit for the prop.

Even if the other party sensed him and wanted to pursue him, it would still take time.

But just as Elder Zuo Wu was rejoicing in his escape –

A figure holding a black umbrella suddenly appeared in a corner. "I gave you six hundred invisible flying swords; why didn't you use them all at once?"

At this voice, Elder Zuo Wu's face changed dramatically. He turned and instantly half-dropped to his knees in terror. "Pre… President Bai…"

The young man with the umbrella looked at him coldly. "Tell me… Why didn't you go all out?"
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