638 Spirit Energy Inhibitor

Elder Zuo Wu was more sincere than Little Silver had expected; he just sat cross-legged and motionless in one spot before Odd Zhuo's arrival, and didn't make any strange moves. Little Silver had worried that Elder Zuo Wu was just feigning surrender; he had been using his power of perception to monitor for any fluctuations of spirit energy from the other party.

He was worried that Elder Zuo Wu might tip President Bai off, and so had been on alert the whole time.

No matter what magic was used, even the smallest communication spell would cause a fluctuation in spirit energy.

But Elder Zuo Wu looked like he had completely given up and didn't put up any resistance at all.

"Thank you for your hard work, Brother Little Silver, leave the rest to me." Odd Zhuo took over from Little Silver.

It wasn't until Little Silver saw Odd Zhou put the "Spirit Shackles" on Elder Zuo Wu that he breathed a sigh of relief.

These Spirit Shackles were the treasure that had also been used to arrest the Old Devil before. Once they were on, even a True Immortal's strength would be completely suppressed. Or rather than saying that their strength was suppressed, the shackles prevented spirit energy from working, and guarded against the use of hand seals. It functioned a little like a "Spirit Energy Inhibitor," a type of magic artifact which forcefully suppressed spirit energy output.

In comparison, the Spirit Shackles had a more complex structure. Apart from the other components inside the shackles, they also contained six "Spirit Energy Inhibitors."

Developing these Spirit Shackles thus had always been very tricky. After the capture of the Old Devil, Huaxiu's Cultivation Academy of Science had only had one pair left. The Master of Immortal Mansion had then been arrested, and all the Spirit Shackles were then officially in use.

The shackles that Elder Zuo Wu was now cuffed in were a pair that had just been produced through overtime work at the Academy. As far as Odd Zhuo knew, there actually weren't many in reserve… Besides the one on Elder Zuo Wu, the research institute had only produced one other pair.

If it wasn't because they had taken into consideration Elder Zuo Wu's suicidal tendencies, Odd Zhuo wouldn't have brought these Spirit Shackles with him.

But given the current situation, it was still better to act with caution before Elder Zuo Wu was officially in custody.

As Odd Zhuo thought this, he directed someone to take Elder Zuo Wu to the prisoner transport car.

Songhai First Prison had its own powerful barrier for suppressing prisoners, so there actually would be no need for Elder Zuo Wu to wear the Spirit Shackles any longer after he was sent there.

A magic artifact like the Spirit Shackles was better used on major criminals at the "mahjong-playing" level.

This sudden incident instigated by Elder Zuo Wu had ultimately resulted in his arrest.

News of it hadn't leaked to the media; rather, Odd Zhuo was doing all that he could to suppress it. Right now, President Bai was under the mistaken assumption that Elder Zuo Wu was already dead, which was the perfect cover-up. Perhaps this could be turned into a strategic plan for trapping President Bai.


Inside the prisoner transport car, Odd Zhou sat next to Elder Zuo Wu with unperturbed calm. Seeing this, Elder Zuo Wu felt a little embarrassed. Even with the Spirit Shackles on, he was still a formidable individual with particular martial skills. Unexpectedly, this person wasn't afraid of him at all, he who was a veteran that had weathered great storms in life.

Odd Zhuo felt a little uncomfortable under Elder Zuo Wu's gaze, and he furrowed his brow as he returned it. "You have the right to remain silent."


After some silence, Elder Zuo Wu couldn't help asking, "Are you really… only at the Golden Core stage?"

He was very curious about this. Usually, there wouldn't be anyone among Huaxiu's upper ranks of officials with realms below the Nascent Soul stage; those at the Golden Core stage at the very most were police captains. If a Golden Core cultivator became a high-ranking official without making any contributions, it was easy to think that some strings had been pulled behind the scenes.

The problem was that for Golden Core cultivators in general, accomplishing great deeds was harder than reaching for the sky.

So it was very mystical how this Director Zhuo had been able to help capture the Master of Shadow Stream, the Old Devil, the Master of Immortal Mansion as well as Evil Sword God.

Odd Zhuo smiled. "Why? Looking down on the Golden Core stage?"

The truth was that Elder Zuo Wu wasn't the only person to raise this question, so Odd Zhuo was already no longer surprised by it. From the moment he had taken office, there had been all kinds of non-stop talk about him, but he wasn't worked up about it at all.

Odd Zhuo still remembered back when he had become deputy director after ineffably killing a demon king in a single strike. He had indeed felt panic-stricken then, but now, that feeling had already disappeared.

Because he knew very well that he had an all mighty shifu.

When the prisoner transport car arrived at Songhai First Prison, Elder Zuo Wu asked with great curiosity, "Are Devil Emperor Gua Pi, the Master of Immortal Mansion, and Evil Sword God… truly all inside?"

"That's right. Furthermore, they're all in the same special prison cell." Odd Zhuo nodded. "What, do you want their autographs?"

It looked like Odd Zhou had hit the nail on the head as Elder Zuo Wu stared at him with an eager expression. "Can… can I?"

Odd Zhuo gave a faint smile. "… Forget it, you're too weak to be put in the same cell."

Elder Zuo Wu: "…"

Odd Zhuo: "But if you're willing to give a confession, I can help you get their autographs."

Elder Zuo Wu: "…"

Odd Zhuo had just come up with this idea, inspired by his shifu Wang Ling.

Why was Loopy Toad so rich?

A good portion of it was in fact from Odd Zhuo, who had asked Loopy Toad to record down what Wang Ling normally did at home in his daily life, in order to help Odd Zhuo gain enlightenment. Given his shifu's unsurpassed realm, every word and every action of his was worth pondering.

When Wang Ling had had the second mock exams the other day, Odd Zhuo had asked Loopy Toad to note down the work exercises that Wang Ling had bought. He had then run off to the bookshop to buy the same ones and started doing them. Although it had been years since he graduated, he firmly believed that there had to be a reason that his shifu was doing these exercises. A master could open the door, but a student had to enter it himself – he needed to work harder!

Like now, using autographs to lure Elder Zuo Wu into confessing… this was something that had struck Odd Zhuo from when Wang Ling had made the trade with Heavenly Dao.

The law of equivalent exchange!

Not only did it apply in a transaction with Heavenly Dao, it also functioned as bait!


Little Silver and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal made it to the Wang family's small villa at around eight in the evening.

When Little Silver entered, Mother Wang was delighted. "Oh, Miss Silver, you've come!"

Mother Wang had always unwaveringly believed that this fair-faced lady was a girl…

"Mm, Grenade-Throwing drove me here." Little Silver nodded his head. He didn't mind Mother Wang's misunderstanding about his gender. This was Master's esteemed mother; if he could make her happy, he didn't care about his mistaken gender at all.

"Where's Grenade-Throwing? He didn't stay to chat?"

"He has something else to do, so he left first." Little Silver waved his hand and then took out two full sacks of broccoli from his storage pouch. "Grenade-Throwing just harvested these; they're all for senior!"

Mother Wang dropped her forehead in her hand. "This is too much…" Actually, they already couldn't finish eating what they had.

Little Silver: "In the last two days, the father of magic rice, Great Lord Yuan Longping, successfully planted immortal rice in the great desert, which had a huge impact on Grenade-Throwing. He's determined to become the father of magic broccoli!"Yuan Longping developed the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s, and is dubbed China's "father of hybrid rice."
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