640 Young Kun!

It was a kun, and a giant one at that!

Furthermore, it was different from the one Immortal Zhenyuan had seen up at Demon Saint's Holy Palace. This was a scavenger kun which gave off the foulest of stenches, as if it had soaked in mud with rotting corpses; it was an extremely pungent smell.

It could already be considered a biochemical weapon!

Immortal Zhenyuan furrowed his brow and sealed his nasal acupuncture points with spirit energy to temporarily numb his sense of smell. Otherwise, he felt that the smell really would make him pass out; even a grand Venerated Immortal was reduced to this, not to mention other people.

The current situation practically matched Second Generation Demon Saint's scenario back then!

A mysterious space fissure, out of which appeared a mysterious prehistoric vicious beast which used "primordial qi" as its main source of energy… Then the question now was, where had this vicious beast come from?

"How troublesome… I already patched up the land, it looks like I'll have to do it again." Immortal Zhenyuan sighed inwardly. He clenched his fists and made his aura vanish completely, concealing himself with an undercover trick.

This scavenger kun might not be considered large, but it was a little bigger than the carcass Immortal Zhenyuan had seen in Demon Saint's Holy Palace back then. It wasn't a baby kun, but a young one which had yet to develop spiritual intelligence. Although the other party had already sensed his aura, it shouldn't become agitated as long as Immortal Zhenyuan didn't provoke it.

Despite that, however, this scavenger kun's reflexes were beyond what Immortal Zhenyuan imagined. Even though his aura was already concealed, this scavenger kun unexpectedly seemed to unerringly know where he was.

Immortal Zhenyuan shifted locations several times in a row, and the kun also changed its attack trajectory accordingly, its head pointed in his direction the entire time. Was the kun's head its sensor?

Or… was someone controlling this scavenger kun's movements behind the scenes?

Immortal Zhenyuan remembered that the baby multi-fanged kun in Demon Saint's Holy Palace had had a broken fishing line attached to its belly. If this fishing line could be used to direct and control the kun like a puppet string… then the current situation was much more complex than Immortal Zhenyuan had thought.

"Immortal Eye, open!" Thinking this, he didn't hesitate to open his Immortal Eye. Light gathered in his orange-colored pupils before finally blossoming open. In that instant, time seemed to slow down, and the whole world with it.

The faint qi of an immortal spread out with Immortal Zhenyuan at the center, causing his beautiful red hair to flutter.

With the power of the Immortal Eye, he searched the kun's body from tip to end, and his gaze very quickly caught on something!

"Blade, come!" He raised his hands and streams of red light flew swiftly out of his sleeves. He had never taken his life bonded magic weapon out before this, since he had never needed to. But now, against such a tough prehistoric vicious beast, he wouldn't hold anything back; if he was just a little careless, his life would truly be in danger.

In front of Immortal Zhenyuan, these streams of red light formed a disk which finally extended out to become an eight-point blade disk.

Once a cultivator reached a certain realm, they would have their own life bonded magic weapon, which was usually a first class holy weapon or world-defying magic weapon.

This red blade disk which Immortal Zhenyuan had now summoned was a world-defying magic weapon that had been created after being fed with his own blood for hundreds of years — Red Moon Blade Disk.

The disk had two forms; broken down, it could be used as eight separate curved blades in various kinds of extraordinary attacks, which allowed for more flexibility.

The second form was its current combined disk attack mode, which was even more destructive! While Immortal Zhenyuan still didn't know at present what the fishing line attached to the scavenger kun's body was made of, the one thing he could be sure of was that this "fishing line" could penetrate space without being corroded by the primal chaos of space. It was without doubt impossible for the disk to cut the fishing line in its first form.

Red Moon Blade Disk had incredible destructive power. As a world-defying magic weapon, its sharp points could forcefully cut the air apart and distort space just by flying through the air.

Under the massive pressure of Red Moon Blade Disk, the earth started to crack…

Zhenyuan's heart bled; he had only just restored the earth!

But given the current situation, it was a small price to pay – if he didn't stop this scavenger kun, Drought Star would definitely become even more wrecked.


Red Moon Blade Disk struck the "fishing line" with a muffled metallic clang… Immortal Zhenyuan could see faint sparks where they clashed.

"Needs to be harder…" His fiery Daoist robe fluttering in the air, Immortal Zhenyuan manipulated Red Moon Blade Disk into spinning much faster, and increased the friction between the blade points of the disk and this "fishing line" made from an unknown material with an ear-splitting sound.

Immortal Zhenyuan hadn't used this much power since Wind Spirit's disappearance. He went all out as he made Red Moon Blade Disk turn at the fastest speed possible!

That should do it…

Immortal Zhenyuan frowned deeply. At the same time, this scavenger kun on the ground screamed under the spinning disk. It was as if this fishing line was connected to its nerves. When the disk struck the fishing line, the kun had descended into madness, and looked like it was in agony.

Soon, the crisp sound of the fishing line snapping rang out.


Immortal Zhenyuan was elated.

But the instant the fishing line snapped, the scavenger kun started to uncontrollably spew purplish black rotting liquid on the ground. Fortunately, it was just a young kun and could be considered to be of moderate size at just over ten meters in length. If it was a fully grown giant kun, with a wingspan of fully a thousand zhang, Immortal Zhenyuan felt that even he himself would find it difficult to ward it off.

He didn't rush to make a move, but observed carefully from the air. He finally concluded that the scavenger kun spewing this rotting fluid was a stress response to the fishing line snapping, like when people puked after getting carsick.

After that "string" attached to its back was cut off, this young kun looked much less vicious, and also didn't feel as powerful as when it had first appeared.

When Immortal Zhenyuan hid himself slightly now, the other party was already unable to detect him.

It looked like baby kuns and young kuns indeed weren't able to attack on their own initiative.

This was something Immortal Zhenyuan had wondered about when he had seen that baby multi-fanged kun at Demon Saint's Holy Palace previously. Now, however, it seemed he had an explanation for it.

While both baby kuns and young kuns had attack potential, prehistoric vicious beasts at this stage usually wouldn't launch an attack of their own accord. As they matured, they would learn how to attack from their parents. At this stage, they still needed enough nutrition in order to grow, and carrying out an attack would usually hinder their growth.

Thus, whether it was that baby multi-fanged kun from before or this young scavenger kun, both had been manipulated by some other party.
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