644 A Pleasant Surprise After Disembowelmen

There were three baby kuns inside this young kun, each one smaller than the one before. Looking at this scene, Little Silver couldn't help thinking about an online game he had played before called "Big Fish Eats Little Fish."

"Tempering the smaller kun to act like a 'Gu bug,' and then using the 'Puppet Gu Spell' to plant it inside a larger kun as a parasite?" Immortal Zhenyuan speculated.

Little Silver thought for a moment, then narrowed his eyes with his chin in his hands as he said softly, "That's probably the case, but this angler also took advantage of a trait which the kun, as a vicious beast, has."

"What trait?" Immortal Zhenyuan asked in a low voice.

"Have you ever played the game 'Big Fish Eats Little Fish'?" Little Silver explained, "A vicious beast like the kun has a unique way of boosting its strength in times of danger, and that is to swallow a smaller kun to increase its strength. This is my first time seeing it, but my grandfather had spoken of it before in my tribe back then, so it definitely isn't a lie."

Hearing this, Immortal Zhenyuan and Loopy Toad were enlightened.

Planting something like a Gu bug inside an adult kun's body was obviously supremely difficult, but it would be very easy to plant the insect in a relatively smaller body of a newborn kun! Coupled with the kun's trait of the large swallowing the small to boost strength, controlling the "parasitic" baby kun amounted to controlling the more powerful adult kun!

Immortal Zhenyuan couldn't help recalling when he had used Red Moon Blade Disk to cut that adult kun in half earlier. It had looked like a bloody mess, but thinking about it now, the cross section of the cut kun had looked like a thousand-layered cake… Immortal Zhenyuan had never dealt with a vicious beast before, and had thought this was the internal structure of a kun's body.

Thinking about it now, the adult kun that had survived Immortal Zhenyuan chopping it in half had probably swallowed several smaller kuns.

But this wasn't the most frightening thing.

The scariest was actually still that angler!

To be able to make a prehistoric vicious beast like the kun feel that it was in danger and use its "the large swallow the small" fight response to force itself to become stronger…

How powerful was this angler's realm?

Immortal Zhenyuan shivered. He was very glad he knew "Senior Dog," otherwise he might have ultimately met a tragic end on Drought Star in this encounter with a vicious beast this time.

This small hammer which Senior Dog had given him… he had to use it carefully!

Immortal Zhenyuan sighed in his heart. This magical little hammer was a genuine life-saving magic treasure! Fortunately, Senior Dog had guessed that Immortal Zhenyuan would run into some difficulty this time, and had specially brought this hammer over for him. Otherwise, who knew what the outcome could have been.

Thus, while Immortal Zhenyuan, in the depths of his heart, was now just a little afraid of this mysterious person, when he thought about how he still had "Senior Dog" behind him, he somehow felt reassured.

Since Senior Dog was able to create this magical hammer as a counter-offense, this showed that Senior Dog was perhaps just as strong as that mysterious angler.

The most troublesome thing right now was that they actually still didn't know what on earth this "mysterious angler's" intentions were, and even less the whereabouts of the other party… The only thing they knew was that it wasn't easy even for this mysterious angler to tear open the space wall to allow the kun to fly through the rift.

That was because each unique space rift that formed was singular in their creation; if rifts could be created on a large scale, that would be a real catastrophe.

In short, Immortal Zhenyuan felt that this "I'm in the open, the enemy is in the dark" position was in fact very disadvantageous for them.

The situation could be described as very muddled, and they had next to no information on the angler.

But now, it wasn't like they didn't have a lead…

Staring at this baby kun which was already restrained, a thought stirred inside Immortal Zhenyuan's mind.


"Senior Dog, should we cut it open further for a look?" asked Immortal Zhenyuan.

What was in front of them now was the second baby kun inside the young kun.

"Keep cutting," Dog Two said in a deep voice.

Actually, it was also very curious to see how many more layers there were inside…

"Alright, senior," Immortal Zhenyuan replied very politely. He concentrated his energy on operating Red Moon Blade Disk and adjusted its size. The baby kuns inside were now getting smaller and smaller, which required even more particular care when cutting. If the innermost baby kun truly had a Gu bug inside it, then they had to be even more cautious.

The origin of the Gu bug could be an important clue at present for getting the upper hand over the mysterious angler. This was because there weren't many cultivators to begin with who knew how to use the venom technique, and there were even fewer individuals among them who knew powerful venom arts to bring prehistoric vicious beasts under their control… The names of these people throughout history could be counted on one or two hands.

Furthermore, there was in fact another lead.

That was Little Silver's tracking method which used holy beast blood. When the mysterious angler had recalled the adult kun earlier, Little Silver had already left a few drops of his own blood on it.

If this adult kun ultimately returned to the angler's side without any problems, Little Silver could use his tracking technique to determine the angler's approximate location.

But this was a secret mission which Little Master Ling had given them, so Dog Two and Little Silver buried it in their hearts and didn't directly speak about it.

"I'm going to cut it…"

At that moment, Immortal Zhenyuan felt like a surgeon about to perform surgery in the operating room, and was especially nervous.

Tangled up with his nervousness, however, was the faint excitement of "tearing open a delivery package."

Suspended in the air, Red Moon Blade Disk then slowly descended under Immortal Zhenyuan's control, and started to cut open the skin of the second baby kun inside… This scene was very reminiscent of "Saw"!

Little Silver had just watched this movie not long ago. For some reason, it especially made him want rice!

Seeing this, Little Silver rubbed his stomach. Unfortunately, he had been on a diet lately; he was already ordering less takeout, and planned to eat broccoli with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal for a while yet.

But when he saw this scene, he suddenly wanted to have "Midnight Dining Hall's""stewed chitterling noodles." Dining Hall's Boss Tan Siming was friends with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal. Every time the latter ordered food from him, Boss Tan would give him a discount and a red packet – he was a very zealous boss!

Red Moon Blade Disk spun, perfectly cutting the skin open as blood gushed out of the second baby kun's body.

This was a perfect cut which didn't touch the insides of the baby kun.

Dog Two and Little Silver stepped forward to take a look, and what they saw was completely beyond their expectations.

Because it wasn't a kun inside the body of the baby kun!

But a living person!

A girl lay inside, and appeared to be completely fast asleep…
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