656 Elder Ji Xing Is Moved

Just the first dish already was fried rice that was incomparably fresh and fragrant, which unexpectedly moved Elder Ji Xing, who hadn't felt this way for a long time.

Sure enough… was this the taste of a mother's cooking?

All of a sudden, he felt his nose sting. His mother had died and left him at a very early age. Elder Ji Xing, who had grown up without knowing a mother's love, unexpectedly felt tears well up in his eyes at that moment. For some reason, a voice rang out in his head: What is filial piety? What is love? What is.. a mother's love?

Most importantly, as Elder Ji Xing couldn't help looking up at the sky, this fried rice made him recall his mother from within the depths of his memory… He wondered if she was faring well in heaven.

Why had he subconsciously looked up at the sky?

It was to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

Thinking this, he felt a little ashamed.

After so many years of diligent cultivation and given his profound realm, Elder Ji Xing already felt like nothing he encountered could move him. But right now, he was almost about to cry over a plate of fried rice made by a Golden Core kitchen lady.

It would be so shameful if word of this got out, which was why he could only endure it.

After he calmed down, Elder Ji Xing looked at the remaining nine dishes he had yet to taste and was suddenly a little afraid… Getting the urge to cry after every dish… How could he let that happen?

He wanted to decline, but before he could say anything, Mother Juan's hand was already on the lid of the second dish and she directly opened it.

It was still followed with an intense glow like for the first dish, and might be even more stronger.

Mother Juan revealed her second dish — heavenly silkworm potato strips 2.0!

Because eating version 1.0 frequently caused insomnia and blocked the flow of spirit energy, Mother Juan had improved her cooking methods to redo the heavenly silkworm potato strips from scratch and released version 2.0!

As a matter of fact, all the dishes for the food tasting were versions 2.0, including the first fan bing bing dish. With the version 1.0 dishes which had been newly created back then, they caused a fair amount of different aftereffects, like the fan bing bing fried rice which caused diarrhea.

With these newly released versions 2.0, however, Mother Juan could actually confidently guarantee… that theoretically speaking, they wouldn't cause any side effects!

Mm, theoretically speaking…

And in fact, her conjecture had been verified.

After this pretty female parent had eaten the fan bing bing, not only didn't she feel the slightest bit of pain, let alone collapse, the most important thing was that this parent even had a touched expression on her face.

It could only be said that the improved fan bing bing version 2.0 was a tremendous success!

Mother Juan was very excited and she fervently hoped that this fated parent would taste all the new version 2.0 dishes which she had developed.

"To make this heavenly silkworm potato strips, I was very careful in choosing the potatoes at the very beginning of the process. The ones I chose weren't too big nor too small; they had to be just right! And did you notice? Each slice is the same in length and width. To ensure the freshest taste, I spent a lot of time on just slicing the potatoes."


"Hurry up and try my dish."

Elder Ji Xing realized that he already couldn't refuse.

The other party had painstakingly cut these heavenly silkworm potato strips. Even if Heavenly Silkworm Potato was slow with his updates, as a kitchen lady with such personal integrity, it wasn't Mother Juan's fault! Since the other party had gone to so much trouble to slice the potatoes, how could he not take even a bite?

As a result, a deeply emotional Elder Ji Xing picked up some with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth.

He sighed inwardly. Maybe it was because of the first fan bing bing dish, but he was missing his mother now, and his sympathetic heart instantly swelled to the point of bursting.

Not only did this Golden Core kitchen lady's food taste like a mother's cooking…

Unwittingly, Elder Ji Xing felt that Mother Juan's words had a motherly tone to them, which made him unable to refuse!

And sure enough, these heavenly silkworm potato strips caused tears to well up in his eyes again.

These potato slices had been so well cooked! It wasn't just in the prep details, they were also very crunchy and tasty, and felt like the home cooking of one's childhood! This time, not only did Elder Ji Xing recall his mom, he also recalled his grandmother! It was as if his grandmother had cooked these potato slices for him!

He remembered not long after his mother's death when he was very young, his grandmother had taken care of him for some time. But it wasn't for even a year before she also passed away.

At this thought, Elder Ji Xing suddenly felt even sadder.

When he was young, a fortune teller had once told him that he was born under a lonely star, and would bring death to the people around him. In the end, they had really left him one by one.

This was in fact one of the main reasons why Elder Ji Xing had chosen the evil path and joined the Demon Hunters Association.

When his family left him one by one, he had truly felt that the world had abandoned him.

As a result, he had started to cultivate assiduously and dove into studying the art of refining artifacts, until he met President Bai…

The past was still fresh in his mind.

Eating the fan bing bing and the potato slices bit by bit as his memories played like an old movie in his head, Elder Ji Xing polished off both dishes.

Mother Juan was ecstatic at this scene. This parent had actually finished the food!

And after finishing the two dishes one after another, she actually hadn't collapsed!

It looked like Mother Juan's food research was truly a success?

Actually, she hadn't thought to let the parent finish eating all of it.

Because while this parent had remained firmly upright after one mouthful without collapsing, Mother Juan couldn't guarantee that there wasn't any risk in finishing off the dish…

Theoretically speaking, she could guarantee that there weren't any aftereffects from one bite… but that was only limited to the one bite!

However, this female parent had polished it all off fervently, and furthermore, didn't look the least bit sick!

Had Mother Juan really succeeded in her food research?

At that moment, her heart couldn't help trembling.

She had spent so much time developing these dishes!

Could they now finally see the light of day?

But just as Mother Juan was feeling elated, Elder Ji Xing abruptly opened his eyes wide! He felt his vision suddenly turn blurry, and with a "pu" sound, he faceplanted into the plate in front of him.

Mother Juan: "…"A reminder that this is the pseudonym of another web novelist.
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