674 Crushing Allies

"What's going on?"

Everyone in the military tent was horrified.

This definitely wasn't a problem with the soul crystal ball since it was a new one which President Bai had given them a few days ago, and there hadn't been any problems when it was activated; there was no reason for it to malfunction.

What was with this twinkle, twinkle, little star?!

Now wasn't the time to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"! Elder Yaren wasn't Lu Shu!

"Elder Yaren? Yaren?? If you can hear me, please reply…" Elder Ji Xing was suddenly nervous as he spoke over and over again.

Two of theirs elders were already dead! Elder Yaren was an important fighting force! If something happened to him, their combat strength would drop drastically!

Considering that there were a number of experts in No. 60 High, their original plan was for Elder Yaren to lead a portion of their elites to deal with that epic-level killer Gorgeous Itinerant, while Elder Ji Xing himself would lead people to go and capture No. 60 High's Headmaster Chen.

But now…

Something had actually happened to Elder Yaren, who had always handled things cautiously, and this was something no one in the tent had expected.

"What the hell happened?" Elder Ji Xing braced himself on the long table, an incredulous look on his face.


Elsewhere, Elder Yaren, who had forgotten to put his glove back on and had directly touched Elder Yin's body, fell to the ground in the anti-chemical protection suit in front of Odd Zhuo and Zhong Lang.

Unprepared and unsuspecting, he fell to the ground with a plop.

Odd Zhuo: "…"

Zhong Lang: "…"

"Brother Zhuo, what should we do now…" Zhong Lang panicked a little.

After all, the man was dead…

What was more, the poisonous gas inside the sword qi barrier screen was becoming thicker… Without any protective gear, they couldn't get close at all.

"No, the situation may not be that bad…" Subconsciously, Odd Zhuo wanted to run in and save the man.

Lord Jingke… Please!

Odd Zhuo said in his heart.

The next moment, the peach wood sword in his hand turned into a brown stream of light again, and like a god, it melded with Odd Zhuo's body.

This was Zhong Lang's second time witnessing this scene, and he was now completely used to it.

He knew that Lord Jingke was taking action once again!

After man and sword became one, the aura of the possessed person would be dramatically boosted no matter what his realm was.

By this point, the black poisonous gas emitted by Elder Yin's corpse was so thick inside the sword qi barrier screen that nothing could be seen.

Elder Yin and Elder Yaren weren't weak, but without protective measures, they had fallen as soon as they were infected by this extreme poison. No cultivator would charge into this misma without the least bit protection.

But when man and sword were one, Odd Zhuo had barely stepped inside when the brown protective sword qi actually split the poison gas apart, like a god parting the sea, to create a passageway.

Odd Zhuo, possessed by Jingke, then raised his hand and used sword qi to lift the fallen little brother and drag him out of the sword qi screen full of poisonous gas.

Zhong Lang: "You did it!"

But things weren't over yet.

After dragging the little brother out, Jingke broke away from Odd Zhuo, and Zhong Lang saw his true appearance again: a cute little shota with short white hair and a poker face!

"There's, something wrong, with this man."

Jingke muttered as he stared at the little brother he had rescued.

Although Elder Yaren had already concealed his aura, it couldn't escape Jingke's perception. For a member of an anti-chemical protection team, this person's realm was abnormally high, which was what had attracted Jingke's attention.

He lifted his hand, and with a light flick of his fingertip, the anti-chemical protection suit was cut in half.

Elder Yaren's face was exposed at last.

Zhong Lang: "Brother Zhuo, who is this man???"

Odd Zhuo shook his head. "I don't know…"

Zhong Lang: "…"

Only then did Odd Zhuo realize that the anti-chemical protection team had very likely been intercepted and replaced!

They had checked the profiles of the members of the anti-chemical protection team previously, and had also seen photos of the team members sent by the police station. This time, the closest cultivation police station had sent a total of six anti-chemical protection team personnel to retrieve Elder Yin's body, but when the anti-chemical protection vehicle arrived just now, only the driver got out of the car.

Odd Zhuo patted his head as realization dawned on him… He should have noticed it earlier!

Zhong Lang: "Then what should we do now?"

Odd Zhuo sighed. "Tell the police station to send another team, and to quickly find out what happened to the members of this anti-chemical protection team… This man has the mark of the Demon Hunters Association on him; he must have been sent here to retrieve the body."

Odd Zhuo stared at Elder Yaren on the ground, speechless… this was really bad luck!

At that moment, the deadly poison from Elder Yin's body had already permeated Elder Yaren's body and was wantonly destroying his body cells. At the same time, new cells continued to form inside Elder Yaren's body.

This directly led to Elder Yaren's current state as he twitched continuously on the ground like a floppy mudfish.

Odd Zhuo never expected that Elder Yin, who was sent by the Demon Hunters Association, would actually crush himself as well as his ally like this, smoothly accomplishing a Double Kill…


Meanwhile, in the headmaster's office at No. 60 High, Headmaster Chen hadn't taken the day off and had just arrived at school.

This was because he had received news earlier from Odd Zhuo.

The Demon Hunters Association was going to launch a revenge attack against No. 60 High, and had mobilized many elite cultivators who had learned ninjutsu on Sun Island overseas.

The gravity of the situation had drastically increased all of a sudden. The invasion of Shadow Stream assassins back then was nothing compared with the planned attack this time.

Director Shi, the director of education at No. 60 High School, had also been notified.

"Lord Headmaster, how should we deal with this?" Director Shi asked on the side.

For the last two days, she had been watching a live stream singer named Dean who had been lip-syncing his performances get smacked down by an online writer to die a social death. In the end, while she had been playing the happy onlooker, she had received the news from Odd Zhuo and had made a beeline for the school straightaway.

"With our current faculty strength, we might not be able to protect all the students, and it will still take time for the higher-ups to send forces over…"

"Lord Headmaster's meaning is…"

"The main reason I called you here is to coordinate the teachers and parents. Some of the parents have formidable means and may have already caught wind of it. You need to find a way to calm them down."

Headmaster Chen's words were deep, but his face was still as unperturbed as ever. He couldn't help smiling. "Perhaps we don't need to be too worried over this matter. Whether or not these killers can make it here alive tomorrow might be up in the air."

Director Shi scratched her head, not understanding his meaning.

"You know Mother Juan's food tasting event the day before yesterday?" Headmaster Chen laughed. "That event… wasn't for the parents…"In the web novel "Spare Me, Great Lord," the protagonist Lu Shu can only activate a spell by singing this lullaby.Taken from the song "You Exist in My World" by Qu Wanting.
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