677 Super Chen’s Blessed Mouth

After taking his leave of Warden Liang, the next thing Odd Zhuo had to do was to work with Zhong Lang to appease the parents. In the end, he had to make a direct appearance himself, otherwise his colleagues on the outside who were deliberately trying to create trouble for him would accuse him of shirking his responsibilities. Most of the time, online users were like this: they liked to join in and make trouble, completely regardless of logic or the consequences of the incident itself.

Because he hadn't caught President Bai, they blamed him completely for the Demon Hunters Association's revenge plan on No. 60 High, which left Odd Zhuo utterly speechless.

In fact, this was similar to something that had happened online not so long ago. A little girl wanted to jump off a building, and there were over a hundred people below her. Not only didn't they dissuade her, they started taunting her as a group, asking her when was she going to jump and saying that if she wasn't going to jump, she shouldn't bother the police or the firemen… Finally, the girl who couldn't feel a last bit of warmth from the world chose to directly commit suicide.

That was a very tragic incident.

And it made people feel bitterly disappointed. It reminded Odd Zhuo of something he had read online: I have never scrupled to think the worst when it comes to some onlookers in Huaxiu, and yet I still never expected or believed they could be that cruel.

Of course, Odd Zhuo often preferred to look on the bright side.

Sometimes, it wasn't good people turning bad, but that the bad got older. That dark generation who lived like cowards holed up in some crevice often armed themselves with a different attitude online to become strong. This bunch was thus the same as an "online mob."

This time, it was Odd Zhuo's exclusive master driver who picked him up, in the car which Zhong Lang had driven back to the General Administration of 100 Schools earlier.

On the way, Odd Zhuo sent a message to Director Shi, saying that he would personally make a "home visit" to the Wang family's little villa.

He knew that his shifu didn't like trouble, so he simply took this task upon himself first; he would decide later whether to actually go or not.

Elsewhere, at the end of the day for No. 60 High, Wang Ling and the other students in class received the news about the home visits.

It seemed that this was a very serious issue, because Wang Ling had originally heard that Headmaster Chen would be attending meetings in other parts of the country today, yet he had returned halfway to oversee the work in school.

His ultimate purpose had to do with the "Demon Hunters Association's revenge plan."

Dopey Guo was leading the class in a lively discussion.

Although Wang Ling didn't know what the exact plan was, this was finally a clear explanation for his eyelid warning. In fact, it was more or less in line with his conjecture. The only difference was that he never expected the Demon Hunters Association to actually be so ruthless this time. Not only did they target Odd Zhuo, they also wanted to directly hit back fully against No. 60 High.

"I have an uncle in the police department who told me that the Demon Hunters Association seems to be organizing to take revenge on our school, and supposedly not a single teacher or student will be spared," Dopey Guo said.

At this, people couldn't help recalling a classic line by a certain famous Huaxiu jungler: I want them all!

"They came prepared this time…"

"But it looks like their plan isn't going well. It seems that three of their main forces have already been caught even before the attack on our school. I heard they were all caught when they were on their way to deal with Senior Odd Zhuo."

"So, more tragic than Shadow Stream!"

Super Chen was alarmed. "Do you think this group of people will all die before they even step through No. 60 High's main gate?"


Wang Ling thought it really could happen!

Super Chen's mouth, was blessed!

"Probably not…" Dopey Guo sweated. "No matter how you look at it, these people organized by the Demon Hunters Association are elites. Furthermore, their overall strength is on a level that is who knows how much higher than that of Shadow Stream. They can't be that unlucky. Also, there's not much time left before tomorrow."

"Since the school knows about the plan, why don't they suspend classes?"

"You know our headmaster… If he knows that the other party isn't any threat to our school, he won't apply to stop classes. Didn't lessons still continue when Shadow Stream came before?"

Dopey Guo spread his hands. "But I heard it's a particular headache for the headmaster now."

"Why do you say that?" asked Little Peanut.

"Because bad things haven't stopped happening since school started, and a lot of parents for the other classes are starting to apply one after another for their children to withdraw and transfer to another school," Dopey Guo said. "You'll know when you look at No. 59 High's forum, they're all happy and laughing about it… the direction of education directly sent out the procedure for mid-term enrollment transfers."

Everyone: "…" Was that true?!

"So didn't our headmaster send out a notice requesting that teachers-in-charge coordinate with the others teachers to make home visits through the night?" Dopey Guo replied.

Hearing this, realization dawned on everyone. If it wasn't for Dopey Guo's gossip, they wouldn't have been able to put two and two together.

So this was the truth of the situation…

Everyone immediately felt relieved, because the home visits this time weren't about exam results or the like, but had to do with the school's security issue. In some sense, the reason why No. 60 High was paying so much attention to the matter with the Demon Hunters Association this time was because they didn't want parents to start a wave of school withdrawals and transfers at this critical juncture.

No. 60 High was now on the verge of becoming a key high school; if they got worked over at this time, their reputation would definitely suffer a major blow.

But currently in terms of how lively the schools in the whole of Peiyuan district were… in the last few months, no school had been more lively than No. 60 High.

At everyone else's schools, they had exams practically every day…

As for No. 60 High… In addition to exams, they also had something happening practically every day!

"Hey, do you think Senior Odd Zhuo is hiding his true strength?"

Dopey Guo asked suddenly just as everyone was about to leave the classroom.

"Why do you say that?"

"Think about it, everyone's always saying that he's a Golden Core cultivator, but the enemy he's dealing with now obviously can't be defeated by a Golden Core cultivator," Dopey Guo said. "So I'm guessing that Senior Odd Zhuo has been hiding his strength! Mm! That must be it!"

"That might not be the case… What if it's the shifu behind Senior Odd Zhuo who acted? Hasn't it always be said online that Senior Odd Zhuo has a shifu?" Super Chen said.

Wang Ling: "…"

Super Chen: "There are so many experts in this world, there has to be some in our No. 60 High! Don't look down on our teachers – who knows, some of them might be bigwigs!"

Wang Ling: "…"

Super Chen: "Also, I've always strongly felt that we have a bigwig in our class!"

Wang Ling: "…"Refers to pro League of Legends player Mlxg when talking about winning various championships.
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