688 Something’s Happened to Wang Ling!

President Bai was inordinately depressed by the colossal failure of the revenge plan.

That was fifteen overseas returnee elites from the Demon Hunters Association! Now there wasn't even one left!

President Bai frowned. He knew full well that he could no longer act on his own initiative in this matter because he was afraid of taking risks. The main reason their Demon Hunters Association had put down roots in Huaxiu nation was actually for the sake of seizing the level thirteen spell in Beast King's Remains.

This wouldn't be easy to do because President Bai was well aware that Huaxiu had already noticed their movements and was bound to set up tight defenses in Beast King's Remains this time.

Now that the Demon Hunters Association's battle strength was greatly depleted, everything had become very hard to predict.

President Bai sighed. He had no choice but to send a message to Night Chief's top leader, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor: Lord Night Ghost Spirit Emperor, this is Bai Zhe. I'm at a loss right now…


Abroad, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor received President Bai's message requesting aid.

Night Ghost Spirit Emperor: "What useless trash… In the end, he still gave himself away."

"Do you have any solutions, Lord Night Ghost Spirit Emperor?" asked a handsome and elegant young man. He held a folding fan in his hand and was dressed in a traditional style of clothing.

This man was called Dylan. After President Edmark, the head of Night Chief's six generals, was killed by that medicine ball, Dylan as deputy head had taken over all of the president's power networks.

"What do you think?" Night Ghost Spirit Emperor looked at the young man and asked for his opinion.

Compared with President Edmark who did things recklessly, Second President Dylan was a genuinely intelligent commander.

"I suggest that Bai Zhe should withdraw and our people take over before the plan is carried out, which will be the best way to minimize our losses," said Second President Dylan. "Of course, even if President Bai returns, he still has to face Your Majesty's punishment. If Your Majesty allows it, you can order him to make reparations over there first before coming back."


Night Ghost Spirit Emperor nodded.

The punishment was necessary; before the start of the master plan, President Bai had mobilized the overseas returnee elites without permission over a small personal grievance and without fully understanding the enemy. In the end, they had walked into a trap and were wiped out. If President Bai wasn't punished for this, it would be a very bad influence on the rest of Night Chief.

Thus, he had to be punished as a lesson to others.

"Given the severity of this incident, it wouldn't be considered excessive to remove President Bai from office completely and have him die to make amends."

Second President Dylan said, "President Bai thought he already had enough information on that No. 60 High School, but it now seems that what he learned was useless. Otherwise, the Demon Hunters Association's entire elite team wouldn't have been destroyed…"

"It's just a small Foundation Establishment high school, but swarming with so many experts… I have a feeling that this No. 60 High won't be easy to deal with." Night Ghost Spirit Emperor stood up from his throne with a resolute expression.

In addition to sending someone to take over the rest of the master plan, he decided to have President Bai thoroughly investigate No. 60 High.

At the very least, they had to find out who on earth that great senior hiding behind No. 60 High was…

"President Bai has a very strong recovery ability, but since he has sent a message requesting aid this time, it would only be appropriate for Night Ghost Spirit Emperor to help him out a little. As long as we exert strong enough pressure, we should be able to force that senior behind the scenes to come out," President Dylan said.

"Mm, I've already transferred a technique over to him, it's the 'Spirit Power Loan Spell' I developed myself."

"Spirit Power Loan Spell?"

"Yes, it's a kind of spell that allows me to take control through a person's soul mark. For a short time, a borrower's strength will be greatly boosted through this loan method…

"It just so happens that this technique is still in the trial stage. Since Bai Zhe is willing to be the lab rat, there's no harm in letting him try it out." Night Ghost Spirit Emperor laughed. "It's more cost-effective than student loans, and there's no interest on it; you just need to repay it with your life, and you can do it in installments."

President Dylan: "…"


That day after school, Wang Ling had the vague feeling that something wasn't right. It was still calm on campus, but somehow he sensed some hidden killing intent.

His intuition was always on point and had never been wrong.

Judging from the aura, this overwhelming air of hostility was coming from that very President Bai whom Wang Ling had warned before.

Sure enough, this person in the end couldn't leave well alone.

Sighing in his heart, Wang Ling feigned ignorance as he stuck his hands in his pockets and left.

At that moment, everyone in class was having a lively discussion about the summer camp. Because they were going to be camping overnight in Beast King's Remains, a lot of people were discussing what they should bring with them.

Once again, Wang Ling didn't participate in the discussion…

"Wang Ling, what do you think we should bring?" Super Chen turned his head to ask Wang Ling for his opinion, but discovered that Wang Ling had already disappeared.

Where was he?

Super Chen scratched his head.

"Wang Ling's already left."

Dopey Guo pointed to the window. "This guy leaves school with us every day, why did he leave so early today?"

While he was speaking as he looked out the window, his expression swiftly changed. "Holy crap! Everyone, look!"

Startled by his cry of alarm, everyone crowded around the window, and then saw the air distort as a black crack suddenly appeared at the school gate!

A dozen or so tentacle-like things extended out from the crack right away and directly dragged Wang Ling inside!

This scene happened so suddenly, and several students behind Wang Ling screamed and ran back to the school.

Almost everyone in Grade One, Class Three looked on helplessly as Wang Ling was swallowed up by this black rift in the air!

A lot of people were so scared that they got goosebumps and some of the girls in class promptly screamed.

"Go and tell the teacher, quickly!" Little Peanut's face was deathly pale.

Super Chen and Dopey Guo had already rushed out.


Roughly five minutes later, the phone rang at Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's small villa.

The person who picked up was Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal himself. Because he had attended the parent-teacher conference for Wang Ling, the contact details he had left behind were his landline and cell phone number. Back then, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had attended the parent-teacher conference in Father Wang and Mother Wang's place, and had given himself the alias Wang Lei.

"Hello, is this Wang Ling's father, Mr Wang Lei…" From the other end of the line came the voice of Director Shi, the director of education.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was dazed before he replied, "Yes… speaking…"

"It's like this… Mr Wang Lei, we're now urgently following up on this incident, so please remain calm at what I'm about to say, alright?" Director Shi said.

"Alright, I'll stay calm, please go ahead…" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was confused.

"Mr Wang Lei, Student Wang Ling was swallowed up by a black rift after school today. For now, we suspect that the Demon Hunters Association's President Bai is taking personal revenge, and that he was the one who grabbed Wang Ling just now…" Director Shi's tone was very gloomy. "As teachers, we understand that there are responsibilities which we must be held accountable for, but we still wanted to let Mr Wang Lei know to please be prepared for the worst…"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal nodded seriously. "Is that all?"

Director Shi: "Yes…"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's face was unperturbed. "Alright, got it. If there's nothing else, I'm hanging up! Let me know when you find my son's body."

Director Shi: "???"
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