717 Protect Ling Zhenren!

President Qi watched the long-distance broadcast in the conference room on the top floor of the Huaxiu Alliance building. Because of the geological space fault, ordinary communication devices couldn't be used to contact those inside the secret land. Thus, President Qi had commanded that the Huaxiu Alliance conference room this time employ a magic treasure for space sound transmission which could catch signals in the form of space ripples from the secret land and relay an audiovisual broadcast through a playback device.

Watching Wang Ming in the video continually order around His Excellency the head of state, who was pretending to be Head of State 001, General Yi kept sweating non-stop. "Old Qi, isn't this a little bad…"

"Why? The head of state himself approved it." President Qi laughed.

Actually, the head of state had always been a very playful person…

"His Excellency has a command switch on him. Even if Wang Ming this kid sends a long-range command signal, the head of state will immediately know." Gazing at the screen, President Qi gave a profound smile. "Wang Ming this kid always thinks he's so smart. Who would have thought we would fool him this time? Actually, this is pretty interesting. Who knows what kind of face this kid will make when he finds out it's the real head of state in front of him?"

General Yi: "…"


Elsewhere, Wang Ling and Wang Ming were resting in their dorm.

Wang Ling lay on the bed with his head pillowed on one arm while Wang Ming fiddled continuously with his tools.

This was a person who couldn't remain idle at all.

"You're not tired?" Wang Ling gazed at Wang Ming's back and asked telepathically.

"What tired," Wang Ming replied as his hands never stopped moving. "I took a vitality pill supplement before we set off. When a regular person takes one of these things, they don't need to sleep or rest for a long period of time, like a cultivator. Given my physique, it can last for about seven days. It's now selling like hot cakes; those white-collar people really like it, and gave this pill a really nice-sounding name: Mom Sudden Pill."

Wang Ling: "???"

Wang Ming: "'Mom no longer needs to worry about me dying suddenly' pill."

Wang Ling: "…"


Half an hour later, Wang Ming finally clapped his hands and struck a pose of accomplishment.

He had laid out a huge array of tools as he fiddled around on the table earlier. In the end, Wang Ling realized that what Wang Ming had made was a very small chip. It was extremely transparent and only the size of half a fingernail.

Wang Ling didn't know what this chip was for, but then he saw Wang Ming take out the Heavenly Materials sword from his charged storage ring. He pressed lightly on the hilt, and a slot popped out.

Wang Ming picked up the chip with tweezers, placed it smoothly inside the slot, and pushed the slot back in.

"Done! An upgraded version of the black tech Heavenly Materials sword."

Wang Ming wielded the sword single-handedly without any effort at all.

After his modifications, the body of the sword had been replaced with a much lighter material, and it was light as a feather, even for an ordinary person. The crucial point, however, was that the sword's power hadn't decreased, but on the contrary, had been greatly enhanced.

"I've been working on this chip for a long time, and was just shy of finishing it. Now my Heavenly Materials sword can be considered completely done," Wang Ming said proudly.

"How do you use it?" Wang Ling asked curiously.

"This chip is a voice-controlled receiver and has a very wide reception range. Plus, only my voice works on it. Let me give you a preliminary demonstration."

At this point, Wang Ming directly placed the Heavenly Materials sword ten meters away from him, and then swung out one arm. "Sword, come!"

Then, Wang Ling saw the Heavenly Materials sword on the floor suddenly tremble lightly, and it actually turned into an aurora which swiftly and accurately returned to Wang Ming's palm.

Wang Ling: "…"

Holding the sword, Wang Ming's expression was relaxed. Logically speaking, when an ordinary scientist was inventing something, they would absolutely be nervous, since practically all inventions only took perfect shape bit by bit after numerous failures.

This was where Wang Ming was abnormal: whatever passed through his hands never needed to be remade; they were practically all successful on the first try.

Wang Ming took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped down the blade. "Uncle gave me a call previously and asked me to look after you during this activity."

Wang Ling: "…"

Wang Ming: "You drew too much attention in the incident with President Bai previously. And there are so many people in this activity this time. Didn't you feel that when you were lining up in the public square earlier, there were a lot of students and teachers staring at you?"

Wang Ling nodded his head.

Because it was true…

In the square earlier, he had vaguely heard a lot of voices, most of which belonged to students from other schools. Most people knew that a while ago, a Senior Grade One student from No. 60 High had almost fallen prey to the Demon Hunters Association's plot. Fortunately, Odd Zhuo had acted to suppress media and public opinion so that there were no pictures of Wang Ling in the news.

Hence, the students and teachers in the square who were curious about Wang Ling actually had no idea which student he was.

Otherwise, Wang Ling thought it would have been very lively around him in the square.

"So you have to listen to me in this activity this time, and try as much as possible not to make any sort of move. Got it?" Wang Ming stared at Wang Ling with a stern expression. "You know, there's a lot of hype out there about getting your photo autographed. It's a good thing that Odd Zhuo suppressed any photos earlier, otherwise there definitely would have been a huge bunch of people looking for you in the square for your autograph."

Wang Ling was alarmed. "…"

He had actually never thought that the impact of this event would have already reached this extent.

"This was mainly started by some superstitious parents. They think that you have immortal qi all over you given your narrow escape. Furthermore, the word has been spread online that you're No. 60 High's mascot. Adding the fact that the college entrance exam is just around the corner, a lot of people want your immortal qi to rub off on them."

Speaking up to this point, Wang Ming took out his cell phone to show Wang Ling a photo and sighed deeply. "Old Li at the school gate took this photo when No. 60 High's bus arrived in Peiyuan district this morning."

When Wang Ling looked at the photo, he realized that there was actually an incense burner at the school gate…

Wang Ming put his phone away. "This incense burner has already been removed, but you still need to be careful. Got it?"

Parents nowadays were getting crazier and crazier!

"But there are some people who just want an autograph, which can already be considered pretty civilized. I heard that there are some perverts out there who want to put your picture into a silk pouch and carry it around with them!"

Suddenly, Wang Ming gripped Wang Ling's shoulder. "Little brother! Don't worry, your older brother has the upgraded Heavenly Materials sword, and is in charge of Head of State 001. I will definitely protect you perfectly! Protect you from the harassment of perverts!"

Right after he said that, a silk pouch fell on the ground…

Wang Ling saw that it had fallen out of the white coat which Wang Ming was wearing…

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