738 Put On a Good Show

This was clearly an Almighty.

A sense of despair instantly washed over Ghost Head Blade, now a miniature being held inside the head of state's hand.

Was it all over?

Then she looked up and clearly saw this Almighty's face at long last.

In the end, she was directly scared out of her wits…

Why was it him?

That young man wasn't even a cultivator, but how important was he to Huaxiu that the head of state would personally make an appearance to protect him? This kind of treatment was simply unheard of!

Ghost Head Blade knelt in the head of state's palm and was unable to move an inch, completely suppressed by the remarkable ability the latter had just demonstrated.

"Who is this?" The head of state narrowed his eyes and asked the command center.

A reply soon came through his built-in headset: "Your Excellency Head of State, based on our investigation, this is a Dark Network SS-Class wanted criminal called Ghost Head Blade."

Ghost Head Blade?

The head of state rubbed his chin, feeling like he had heard this name before.

"Of all the Dark Network fugitives, this person is the most dangerous. Since the Old Devil's arrest, this person started to make a name for himself in the Dark Network. It's a little unexpected that Night Chief was able to hire him this time." President Qi sighed.

Now that Ghost Head Blade was under control, his tense heart instantly calmed down. The uncertainty he had been worried about earlier was precisely this Ghost Head Blade.

This was a Dark Network member whom they had overlooked.

Before entering the real remains, they had pinpointed all the members of the foreign force and the Dark Network except for this Ghost Head Blade. This was a mistake on the command center's part, and it had almost turned into a disaster.

"Your Excellency Head of State… This Ghost Head Blade is my fault." President Qi bowed his head in apology.

"It's fine. In any case, Little Ming is safe enough with me by his side. Everything is going according to plan." Gripping Ghost Head Blade in one hand, the head of state gave a thumbs-up with the other.

But President Qi wasn't relieved at these words. This was his fault, and a punishment was necessary, otherwise the masses wouldn't be convinced.

He decided to submit an application himself after the summer camp was over: a five hundred-year pay deduction.

President Qi: "Your Excellency Head of State, Ghost Head Blade is a major criminal on the wanted list. He has committed numerous unspeakable crimes and is in contact with many dark forces. He must be watched carefully. We also want to get some leads from Ghost Head Blade on these dark forces…"

The head of state nodded quickly. "Don't worry, I'll act accordingly in this regard – but you probably had no idea that the extremely crafty Ghost Head Blade of legend, is a girl."

"A girl?"

President Qi was blank.

The reason why it had been difficult to catch Ghost Head Blade all this time was partly because they had never been able to confirm what the other party looked like.

Many people had the impression of Ghost Head Blade as a tall, skinny and extremely gloomy man… This was the image that a lot of criminal profilers had come up with after analyzing Ghost Head Blade's crimes.

At the time, these criminal profilers were unusually consistent in their depiction of Ghost Head Blade.

But now that the actual person had been captured, this image of Ghost Head Blade had been thoroughly overturned.

President Qi had a hunch that if Ghost Head Blade's arrest was later exposed by the media, it would definitely become explosive, major news.

Frowning, he replied to the head of state from the command platform, "Your Excellency Head of State, you can't be soft on her just because this person is female. This person is vicious and cunning…"

"Don't worry, I know how to take care of women the most!" the head of state said.

Roughly a few minutes later, the head of state's cry suddenly rang out in the command center. "Ah!"

President Qi: "Your Excellency Head of State, what happened?"

The head of state: "When I was talking to you just now, I forgot that I was holding Ghost Head Blade… I used a bit of strength."

President Qi took a deep breath. "Is she… still alive…"

The head of state: "She's already become paste…"

President Qi: "…"


After that, the head of state pretending to be Head of State 001 returned to Wang Ming's side with the Ghost Head Blade paste.

This was clearly living human scum…

Wang Ming: "…"

This scene somehow Wang Ming gave déjà vu. Among the Shadow Stream assassins who had been the very first group to invade No. 60 High, it seemed that there was one person who had been turned into "human scum" by backlash from Wang Ling…

Sure enough, when Almightys made a move, did they all have a special obsession with "paste"?

Wang Ming stared at the paste on the ground and sighed deeply.


He suddenly thought of something.

When it came to Almightys taking action…

Wang Ming came up with a theory that sounded utterly ridiculous but in fact could actually be possible.

If it was the Head of State 001 which he had designed, something like too much strength shouldn't happen since its power system was controlled by the Alliance through the Heavenly E-Satellite!

He had given the order earlier for Ghost Head Blade to be captured alive, so Head of State 001's power output would definitely have been regulated accordingly by the system! Even if Ghost Head Blade was crippled, it wouldn't be to the point of being turned into paste!

So to sum up, there was only one truth Wang Ming could think of at that moment…

Recalling "Head of State 001's" strange behavior earlier, Wang Ming immediately started to drip cold sweat.

This Head of State 001…

Couldn't be the real head of state, right?

If this was the case, they would have secretly traded places before entering the remains!

When he came up with this conjecture, Wang Ming took a deep breath.

No way, even if this was the real head of state, he absolutely had to turn a blind eye… This was a top leader! If he publicly exposed the leader who could make things difficult for him later, could he still live peacefully?!

On the other side, the head of state was feeling a little uncomfortable under Wang Ming's gaze.

He did his best to preserve an unwavering expression and lock up every muscle on his face.

It was actually the head of state himself who had proposed this "prince and pauper" plan as he was very confident in his ability to pretend! At the moment, the real Head of State 001 should have already infiltrated Night Chief's inner ranks disguised as the fugitive from the vaccine company, President Han Di!

The head of state had thought that his disguise was flawless, but he now sensed that Wang Ming seemed to have noticed something.

His first reaction was naturally to feel gratified.

Standing before him now was the disciple of Wisdom Saint and the strongest brain in the nation! Moreover, he was the only living existence today who could possibly surpass President Qi intellectually… Wang Ming's intelligence continued to expand every year!

It was in fact reasonable for the strongest brain to notice some discrepancy about him!

This was how the head of state comforted himself in his heart.

Looking at Wang Ming's suspicious expression, the head of state tried hard to keep cool.

No way, even if he really had been found out, he still had to continue pretending… He was the head of state! How humiliating would it be if he was publicly exposed!


Outside the military tent, Wang Ling gazed at the two men who were in the middle of a psychological showdown, and fell into deep thought.

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