741 Wang Ling’s Paper Crane

When Wang Ling opened his eyes again, he was still in the tent, but in the eyes of the others, he had simply spaced out for a bit.

The Heavenly Dao space was a divine sphere which ordinary people had no hope of touching at all.

Wang Ling had never expected that the Heavenly Dao would actually personally show up this time to tell him not to intervene.

At that moment, Wang Ling's gaze shifted in Wang Ming's direction; the military tent Wang Ming was in was already suffused with killing intent. Because of the Heavenly Dao's warning, Wang Ling abandoned his initial plan to take action. He tore a page out of his diary and folded it into a paper crane. The truth was that this was a kind of "life talisman" which would act as life support when Wang Ming's life was in danger.

But there was a limit to how many times it could be used, which was once every forty-nine days on the same person.

He wouldn't make a move since the Heavenly Dao had told him not to, but some help on the sly shouldn't be a problem, right?

This was what Wang Ling thought.

While he was pondering this, Super Chen's head suddenly popped up next to him. Super Chen wanted to see what theme Wang Ling had chosen for his summer camp diary, only to unexpectedly find Wang Ling folding a paper crane, and he instantly felt despair. "It's over, over… all our essays might not pass!"

Dopey Guo: "Why are you being such a downer?"

Super Chen: "Wang Ling has always been the king of average in our class; if this king is now at his wits' end over this essay, then we're definitely done for! Look, he's just leisurely folding a paper crane!"

Wang Ling: "…"

Dopey Guo threw Wang Ling a glance and commented, "Actually, Wang Ling's paper crane looks pretty good. He's meticulous and good with his hands!"

Wang Ling: "…"


Inside the military tent, Ghost Head Blade had already moved in for the kill.

This wasn't just for revenge.

This was because his previous female lolita body had already been smashed to paste – if he couldn't find a new host within the next three days, he would be directly exterminated by a thunder calamity.

Hence, Ghost Head Blade was hell-bent on this "Teacher Wang."

Given that the body of his former host body had been smashed to paste, his battle strength was greatly reduced. Although there were a lot of Foundation Establishment students here, it was obvious that they were far less important than this "Teacher Wang."

This person in front of him was an existence that was personally protected by that Excellency.

Although Ghost Head Blade was still a little in disbelief over this, the head of state taking action was enough to prove Wang Ming's importance and value.

In addition, Ghost Head Blade had already set up a barrier which thoroughly blocked any sounds as well as the killing intent inside the tent from getting out.

As an ordinary person, there was no way for Wang Ming to leave!

Determined, Ghost Head Blade immediately took action!

The blade flashed forward at almost maximum speed.

Looking at the situation, it was clear that the other party was unwilling to be his host, so there was only one way: forced possession!

This method required that the person whose body he wanted to occupy be killed first.

The blade aimed directly for Wang Ming's heart!

There was never any need for flashy techniques when dealing with an ordinary person; the best way was to aim for a weak point and use a simple, lethal strike.

Wang Ming gazed at Ghost Head Blade and smiled. "It's not that easy to kill me."

"Go to hell…"

When the blade pierced Wang Ming's chest, Ghost Head Blade felt a surge of excitement.

His original form was a pitch-black dagger; when he was stained with fresh blood, it abruptly felt as cozy as soaking in a hot spring!

But in the next moment, something unexpected happened.

Wang Ming, whose weak point should have already been struck, didn't collapse, but actually disappeared in the air like sand blown up by the wind in front of Ghost Head Blade.

In the next instant, Wang Ming's figure reformed in another location inside the tent.

This was Wang Ming's Brain Deduction Technique!

Wang Ming: "It's not that easy to kill me."

This was Ghost Head Blade's first time seeing such a technique, and he was utterly stunned.

It didn't look like an illusion spell, and there was no way it could be one – the young man in front of him didn't have the slightest bit of spirit energy in his body, so how could he possibly use an illusion spell?

The only reasonable explanation was that Ghost Head Blade was under mind control.

"Looks like you're pretty smart." Ghost Head Blade gazed at Wang Ming with some realization.

Given his wide knowledge and experience, he thought of a single possibility that could happen with ordinary people.

As long as an ordinary person was intelligent enough, they could use a technique to control the minds of other people and create illusions. The first time Ghost Head Blade had heard of this technique was when Wisdom Saint President Qi had used it in the great war with the demon gods back then. It was just that Ghost Head Blade never thought that Wang Ming would actually be capable of using it.

To be precise, this could be considered a spell, but one which didn't consume spirit energy and instead was controlled purely with mental energy.

Ghost Head Blade now suddenly understood why Wang Ming was so highly valued.

The man's entire brain was a treasure!

"I was careless. But this trick consumes a huge amount of mental energy. How long do you think you can keep going?" Floating inside the pitch-black dagger, Ghost Head Blade sneered.

Ghost Head Blade had hit the nail on the head.

This was Wang Ming's second time performing the Brain Deduction Technique in recent times (The last time was in chapter 384).

But unlike this fight, he had gone in prepared in the last battle.

At that time, he had specially used it beforehand to cover half of the established range.

But he was now using the Brain Deduction Technique in a critical situation. That was to say, no matter how Wang Ming used the technique to dodge Ghost Head Blade's attack, he couldn't leave the military tent.

It was also unfortunate that Ghost Head Blade had some understanding of this technique.

When President Qi had used the Brain Deduction Technique back then, he had used both spirit energy and mental energy, which eased the burden on the latter.

But Wang Ming was unable to do the same.

He remembered that when he had used this technique the last time, he had instantly passed out because he had worked his brain too hard.

Thus, this wasn't a long-term solution.

Wang Ming's eyes were highly alert as he gazed at Ghost Head Blade.

Given the current situation, he could only take a gamble.

He yelled, "Someone! Help me!"

Ghost Head Blade smirked. "I've already set up a barrier around this military tent. No one is going to come save you."

But before he was done laughing, bright light suddenly burst forth from the ground inside the tent.

Ghost Head Blade was alarmed. "This is…"

An invisible transmission array?!

In the next moment, a pretty figure directly broke through the ground!

It was Zhai Yin, who had buried this transmission array underground!

As a competent bodyguard, Zhai Yin demonstrated her ability to be everywhere to the fullest of her abilities.

When he saw Zhai Yin appear, Wang Ming was pleased but at the same time couldn't help being startled. "What the hell… you were actually there!"

Zhai Yin ground her teeth. "I was waiting for you underground for so long! Why didn't you yell for me sooner?!"

Wang Ming: "…"

This peeping devil…

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