747 The Life Of Ming

It was August 1st on Tuesday in the fifteenth week of the semester.

Wang Ming disappeared on his birthday; to be exact, the specific time of his disappearance was probably a little earlier…

The summer camp had to be suspended.

For now, the most important task was to send people to search for Wang Ming.

Of course, the students were unaware of Wang Ming's disappearance. Most of them had been inside the glass box when it happened, and they had no idea of the situation outside. As for the news that the summer camp had been temporarily suspended, Wu Zhenjun as the general commander of the lead teachers explained to the students that, because a group of foreign rebels had been captured yesterday, they had to assign manpower to conduct a preliminary interrogation first, and the summer camp would resume after the interrogation was over.

Among the students, except for Wang Ling and Fang Xing, no one else knew the truth.

The only good news was that the Sea And Sky Array had been neutralized, and Lord Dark Fragrance, who had been responsible for summoning the cells, had also been taken down by the head of state after the magical effects of the Cell Assimilation Spell wore off

After that, Odd Zhuo's special ops team arrived and entered the Rainbow Glass Box to meet with Wu Zhenjun.

Zhai Yin was supposed to be at this meeting, but she had broken down the moment Wang Ming had been sucked into the black hole, as a result of the fight and her deep self-flagellation, and the medical team had been forced to give her a powerful sedative to get her to rest.

Odd Zhuo took Little Silver and Fatty Luo with him to the meeting in the conference room inside the Rainbow Glass Box, while Wuji turned back into her original shape and was stowed away inside Odd Zhuo's storage space.

Wuji's identity couldn't be revealed for now, otherwise it would cause unnecessary trouble.

"Wu Zhenjun, let me introduce you. These two are my right-hand men in this special ops team, Mr Luo Chuang and Mr Silver. I got to know them in the cultivation forum, and along with Great Death-Courting Senior, we're all good friends." Odd Zhuo introduced Fatty Luo and Little Silver.

"Mm." Wu Zhenjun nodded.

For Fatty Luo and Little Silver to be able to join this special ops team to enter the remains, they would certainly have been specially checked out by the authorities first, so Wu Zhenjun didn't ask too much about their identities.

In fact, as soon as he heard that they were friends with Great Death-Courting Senior, Wu Zhenjun knew that there basically weren't any problems with these two.

Great Death-Courting Senior was a celebrity in the circle, after all.

He didn't have a high realm, but he had a strong ability to court death…

Not only had he been going around all these years cracking down on criminal elements, he was also occupied with philanthropy.

Although Wu Zhenjun had never specially encountered Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal, he had heard about Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal from various sources. All of it could be summarized in one sentence: Not only did this man like to court death, he also had a mine at home…


Clearing his throat, Wu Zhenjun said, "Then let me explain the current situation to Director Zhuo."

This was a secret meeting specially arranged for Odd Zhuo's special ops team. Only Wu Zhenjun and Odd Zhuo's group were present in the massive conference room.

Wu Zhenjun: "Thanks to Teacher Wang, the Sea And Sky Array currently has already been unraveled. However, a small proportion of the activated white blood cells, red blood cells and macrophages that came out earlier are still fleeing through the remains. We've already dispatched some teachers to track them down. Before he was caught, that Dark Network wanted criminal codenamed Dark Fragrance issued new orders to these cells to destroy the spirit plants."

This was smashing an already cracked pot…

"Can't we destroy the summoning array?" Odd Zhuo sighed.

Wu Zhenjun shook his head. "While the summoning array in the fake remains has been destroyed through the Sea And Sky Array, the problem is the range of the Sea And Sky Array, as the activated cells which were already transferred to the real remains weren't affected by the array."

"I see…" Odd Zhuo nodded.

Wu Zhenjun: "The second thing I'm going to talk about has to do with Teacher Wang and Ghost Head Blade being sucked into a black hole during this operation. According to Huaxiu Alliance's President Qi, the black hole isn't a crack in space created by the Space Slash, but is an unusual side effect of Teacher Wang overusing the Brain Deduction Technique."

Odd Zhuo, Little Silver and Fatty Luo were blank as they listened, and didn't quite understand his meaning.

Wu Zhenjun thought for a while and then gave a simpler explanation. "To put it simply, Director Zhuo can think of it this way: as a result of Teacher Wang overworking his brain, his mental fluctuations affected real space, thus creating the legendary brain pit… That black hole is in fact a pit in the brain."


Odd Zhuo was silent for a long moment.

After a moment, he looked up at Wu Zhenjun. "What are the chances that Teacher Wang is still alive…" He wanted to hear what the Huaxiu government thought about Wang Ming's chances of survival.

Actually, Odd Zhuo knew that there was no chance of Wang Ming dying at all. After all, he was the man who had shifu behind him!

Also, Odd Zhuo had seen shifu's relaxed face on the way to the meeting, and instantly his heart was as clear as a mirror; he was guessing that his shifu had probably given Wang Ming a revival token!

Wu Zhenjun's face darkened at Odd Zhuo's words. A moment later, he looked up at Odd Zhuo. "The brain pit is also an unusual type of spatial storm… If a cultivator falls into it without any sort of defense, his chances of survival are less than thirty percent, unless he is an Almighty at the Itinerant Immortal level and above – the inner quality of their bodies allows them to travel back and forth through the spatial storm. Given Teacher Wang's normal body, the chances of him surviving are very low."

After saying that, Wu Zhenjun raised his little finger. "This is Teacher Wang's current odds of survival…"

Odd Zhuo: "One in a hundred?"

Wu Zhenjun: "One in ten thousand…"

Odd Zhuo: "…"


The meeting ended in the early hours of August 1st.

From the Rainbow Glass Box, two-thirds of the teachers had been sent to look for Wang Ming, even though most of them knew that his chances of survival were already very slim…

When it came to the subject of space, there was probably no one here more familiar with it than Wuji.

It was true that the spatial storm was indeed very terrible, and once drawn into it, you would be instantly torn to shreds if you had a normal body. Wuji, however, had another opinion.

"A spatial storm isn't the only thing that a brain pit generates, it's just that the probability that it takes the form of a spatial storm is higher." Wuji said, "There is another situation, which is spatial turbulence. If it's spatial turbulence, the odds that Mr Wang is still alive are much higher…"

Spatial turbulence was an unusual spatial phenomenon which happened very rarely. A person swallowed by the turbulence would drift in space for a very long time before the space finally spat them back out into the original world.

Of course, they would always be spat out in a different and random location.

Wuji had a very strong hunch that Wang Ming wasn't dead yet, and was now probably floating somewhere in space…

I.e. he's very rich.脑洞, similar to when we say someone has "a pit in the brain" or a "hole in the head."
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