762 Exploring Beast King’s Tomb

With Wang Ming's mecha armor repaired, the group was finally ready to set off for Beast King's tomb. Because the western region hadn't been fully explored, Beast King's tomb had yet to be discovered. Furthermore, according to Little Silver, even if the western region was completely explored, Beast King's tomb might not necessarily be found.

In order to prevent his tomb from being excavated after death, Devil King had taken great care when designing the tomb so that its entrance would be very difficult to find.

Little Silver sat cross-legged on the ground and absorbed the rare tranquility of this world in Devil Valley. His long, beautiful silver hair swayed gently in the wind, sparkling as if with starlight and cascading over his shoulders like a river of stars.

And when matched with his extremely fair face…

Little Silver was usually very lively, but in that moment he was in a rare state of peace. Odd Zhuo felt that Little Silver was like a quiet fairy.

Ahh!!! Wrong! Little Silver was a guy!

Odd Zhuo shook his head and struggled to dig himself out of his deep fantasy.

He felt that it was no surprise at all that Mother Wang thought that Little Silver was a girl!

The silver unicorn was originally a noble clan among holy beasts, and possessed a very unique temperament. They symbolized extreme Yin energy, so even the male silver unicorns had a feminine beauty in their human forms… Thus, this wasn't Little Silver's fault.

Instead, Odd Zhuo was suddenly curious as to how beautiful female silver unicorns could be…

Presumably, they wouldn't lose out to noble ladies of the capital in temperament.


After a few minutes or so, Little Silver opened his eyes and exhaled slightly. "I found it!"

"So quick – are you sure?" Wuji asked.

"His Majesty Beast King racked his brains over the design of his tomb, because there was a well-known gang of tomb robbers back then, led by two individuals with the surnames Zhang and Wu. As long as they had shovels, they could dig out eighteen generations of your ancestors. Thus, Beast King's tomb was specially concealed. It's very hard for human cultivators to find, but not for holy beasts!"

"Not for holy beasts? What do you mean?" Wang Ming said.

"Beast King's tomb is made from a blend of materials. After becoming weathered with time, these materials will give off a unique scent that only holy beasts can smell. Hs Majesty Beast King wanted to make it convenient for later generations of holy beasts to pay their respects to him after his burial. But even he probably would never have thought that except for me, all the other holy beasts would be turned into stew…" At this point, Little Silver instantly looked a little depressed.

Once again, he couldn't help recalling Dog Saint and the spicy hot pot…

After all, that had been a really shocking scene!

Moreover, Little Silver to this day still couldn't forget the smell of the spicy hot pot!


Based on the coordinates provided by Little Silver, Wuji teleported everyone to the entrance of Beast King's tomb in a flash.

This was a forest of Qin trees!

Qin wood, also known as Imperial wood or the Imperial tree, was the first spirit plant to modify its growth pattern after the world entered the Spirit Energy era. It could absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth, had a strong purifying ability, and possessed tenacious vitality. The more polluted the land was, the more the Qin wood's purifying power came into being, as all polluted things were turned into the spirit qi of heaven and earth before being spat back out.

But because of the ignorance of human cultivators a thousand years ago, there were currently less than ten Qin trees left in the world…

Scientists were now hard at work researching the reproduction and artificial cultivation of Qin trees, but until now, they had yet to understand how the Qin tree reproduced.

This was an important issue.

Because the outcome could be the solution to the depletion of the world's spirit qi several thousand years into the future.

Wang Ming was naturally also involved in this research, so he was very familiar with the Qin tree.

Thus, when he saw this forest of Qin trees, he was especially stunned.

There were less than ten left in the outside world, but there was actually a forest of Imperial trees inside Beast King's Remains!

As expected, Devil King had a mine at home!

"There were three godly trees in the past: the Imperial tree, the Amitayus tree, and the Holy Sky tree… now, only the Qin tree remains." Fatty Luo sighed with sorrow.

Wang Ming tsked. "This Imperial tree is now a specially protected spirit plant. It's illegal to even pick its leaves… but there are actually so many of them here."

He could now better understand the reason why nations fought for the right to manage Devil Valley, the secret land…

It was indeed a mine of treasures.

This forest of Qin trees alone was already worth no less than billions of immortal gold… Even Wang Ming felt that its value couldn't be measured with money.

Each of these specially protected spirit plants was priceless.

Following Little Silver, they came to a Qin tree with a base so wide that it would take more than twenty to thirty people to join hands around its trunk. This Qin tree was clearly very old and well-protected.

"This is the king of the trees in this forest." Little Silver explained, "When the Qin trees in an area reach a certain number, a tree king will appear. The tree king is supplied with nutrients from the other Qin trees in the forest, as they are all part of the same root system."

"How do you know so much about Qin trees?" Wang Ming was curious.

Little Silver cocked his head. "Because our Silver Unicorn clan grew up eating the leaves of the Qin tree."

Bloody hell…

Wang Ming was stupefied.

Everyone: "…"

Wang Ming carefully scanned the gigantic Qin tree with his mecha armor, but couldn't find an entrance.

Everyone followed Little Silver around the tree king until he finally stopped. He then dug out a piece of bark from the Qin tree and pointed to a minute crack. "This is the entrance to the tomb!"

He then directly cut himself and dropped a bead of holy beast blood into the crack.

Instantly, a ball of light sprung forth from the crack. As it gradually grew bigger, there was the whistling sound of wind and thunder.

A powerful force pulled everyone toward the crack.

Little Silver: "Guys, don't be nervous! This is normal. Even though it feels like being sucked into a spatial storm, it's completely different! The transmission array has been activated!"

This nimbus of light that had surged out of the crack lasted for several dozen seconds.

Wang Ming then saw everyone, including himself, broken down into particles of light by the nimbus as they were sucked into the crack…


Holy beast blood was the secret verification code required to enter the tomb, but just when the passage was about to close…

A figure appeared at the scene. It was an old man, who looked a little flustered.

He had been about to stop them, but it was already too late, and he could only look on helplessly as these people entered Beast King's tomb.

"Someone's gone in…" The old man sighed and used a message talisman to speak to a mystery person on the other end.

"Let it be, whatever should happen will happen. Just let them in. In any case, there's nothing of value inside this tomb…" A languid voice sounded from the other end of the message talisman.

From the extremely popular Chinese novel series Daomu Biji, or "Grave Robbers' Chronicles."
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