765 If You Gaze into the Abyss

In Devil King's tomb, Little Silver and Qin Lang exchanged looks

When their gazes met, all kinds of emotions swirled in their hearts.

"The rumor is that His Majesty Beast King was eaten in his sleep. Is that true?" Little Silver asked as his gaze on Qin Lang suddenly sharpened.

"Who is His Majesty Beast King? How can he die in such a clumsy way…" Qin Lang shook his head as he refuted the extremely savage story that was circulating in the outside world.


"I know what you want to say," Qin Lang said. "Is it still a rumor in the outside world that His Majesty Beast King's flesh is very unpalatable? Like it's too salty?"

Hearing this, Little Silver and everyone else froze.

This was because when it came to the question of what Beast King meat tasted like, the outside world was pretty consistent in saying that it was like thousand-year-old jerky that had been steeped in salt water, and was hard and salty – the number of likes which this reply had gotten on the cultivation forum was testament to this unanimous view. This was because it was said that someone back then had once brought back a chunk of Beast King meat, which was then processed into dried meat and then given to many cultivators to taste. In the end, all these cultivators threw up after eating the meat.

Some people even felt that the smell of Beast King meat was several thousand times worse than canned herring…

While it might not make the greedy, carnivorous kid next door cry, it could definitely drive him crazy.

Qin Lang smiled slightly. He had naturally searched for rumors in the outside world, and thought them especially amusing. "His Majesty Beast King's flesh is a holy tonic. Even a piece of skin scraped from his foot has the miraculous effect of disinfecting a wound and promoting healing when stuck on a human cultivator, and no scars will be left behind at all… If you eat genuine Beast King meat, even if it's only the size of one slice of braised pork, you can save on at least a decade's worth of hard cultivation."

Wang Ming's eyes lit up at this point. "So you're saying that the rumors of eating Beast King meat in the outside world are fake? Beast King isn't dead?"

"Of course they're fake."

Qin Lang sighed. "That stupid bunch of people thought that they were eating Beast King meat; the truth is that that was merely His Majesty Beast King's clone technique."

"Clone technique… shouldn't someone have been able to see through it?" Little Silver was blank.

"There are two types of clone techniques. One is a virtual clone and the other is a physical clone. The virtual clone is constructed with spirit energy and a person's own qi, and this is naturally very easy to see through. But the physical clone is different; as long as you can find a material object similar in density to your own body, when the spell is cast, it's very difficult to see through," Qin Lang said. "So His Majesty Beast King who was eaten back then was just a clone."

"What did His Majesty Beast King replace his body with?" Little Silver was very curious.

Qin Lang: "You're standing on it…"

Everyone: "…"

Wang Ming stamped the ground. "No way, this ground is very solid!"

"It is indeed solid." Qin Lang nodded. "But you should know, the earth that you're standing on and the mountains and the abyss that you see in front of you were all made from His Majesty Beast King's feces."

"…" Little Silver was stupefied.

Everyone: "…"

In that moment, the only thing Little Silver felt was extreme regret. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's house was too clean, and Little Silver usually preferred to be cooler, so he was always barefooted. In order not to step on the ground in the forest earlier, Little Silver had been high up in the air all this time. It wasn't until he entered the tomb that he relaxed… Yet in the end, his fair feet still stepped on Devil King's shit!

Sure enough, wearing shoes was a good habit!

He planned to change!

He had to!

Qin Lang: "Do you still have any other questions?"

Little Silver: "Is there a place where I can wash my feet…"

"… Then please come with me to the inner hall of the tomb. When we arrive, any questions you have will be automatically explained," Qin Lang said.

The words were heavy with implication. Qin Lang didn't give a direct reply as to whether Devil King was still alive or not, but the truth was now in front of them.

Everything would inevitably be revealed once they entered the inner hall of the tomb…


Then, they saw Qin Lang take out a jade scroll from the front of his robe.

It was a map of the array, just like the one Wuji had come up with after scanning the entire abyss.

"What is the source of this array map?" Odd Zhuo asked.

"This was set up by His Majesty Beast King, and was specially designed to open the door of the inner hall. He put everything he had into setting up this abyss array as he looked forward to the day that a holy beast would find this place and discover the truth of his survival. But after a thousand years, His Majesty Beast King already lost hope…" At this point, Qin Lang abruptly stopped speaking. He looked like he still had more words, but wasn't able to say them.

Then, he tossed the jade scroll into the sky.

The array map on the jade scroll instantly turned into streams of light that flew straight up into the sky.

It was only then that everyone realized that the radiant thing in the expanse above their heads in this great world wasn't the moon…

"Enter," Qin Lang said as he looked up at the shining object in the sky.

Little Silver paused and looked at Qin Lang. "Erm… I have one last question. What is this glowing thing? Why does it look familiar to me? But it doesn't seem to be the moon…"

"This is the inner hall of the tomb, which you can also view as His Majesty Beast King's coffin."

"So that's it…"

A few seconds later, the "coffin" in the sky that Qin Lang had mentioned started to glow, and it released a beam of light that landed directly next to the abyss, like a spotlight.

After that, everyone felt their bodies grow lighter.

The light beam automatically produced a gravitational pull that slowly drew them upward.

As they ascended, Fatty Luo sighed feelingly.

This was a spell for altering gravity; it was at the very least a level seven spell, making it a fairly advanced one, and which would be very hard for an ordinary person to cast.

But a holy beast's battle strength couldn't be measured against a regular cultivator's realm to begin with. Fatty Luo remembered that when Little Silver had been rescued from Immortal Mansion, he had been a sixth-class holy beast, and his battle strength had been on par with that of an Itinerant Immortal.

But Little Silver was now a fifth-class holy beast…

On the way here, Fatty Luo had specifically asked Little Silver about this situation, and the latter attributed everything to Ling Zhenren, Senior Ling.

A fifth-class holy beast could already contend against a True Immortal.

As for the king of holy beasts, Fatty Luo reckoned he could even be a first-class holy beast…

That was to say, analyzing the strength of the king of holy beasts on paper, he would be far more powerful in terms of battle strength than a regular level nine True Immortal.

As Fatty Luo reflected on this, they drew closer and closer to the glowing object in the sky.

Finally, Little Silver clearly saw what this thing was.

It was a gigantic LCD screen that was currently shining brightly…

If you gazed into the abyss…

The abyss gazed into an LCD TV…

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