770 Cooking Wind Battle Grass

Wang Ling had already received Odd Zhuo's message.

As he had expected, Wang Ming had successfully and safely escaped the Dead Sea of Space.

Not only that, Wang Ming hadn't even used the life talisman that Wang Ling had made.

In other words, Wang Ming's survival this time was purely due to his own ability.

In some sense, Wang Ming was indeed a remarkable man.

No wonder Zhai Yin liked him.

It was said that Zhai Yin had yet to recover as she was still very grieved and blamed herself.

After the observation and learning class on spirit plants ended that morning, Wang Ling happened to pass by Zhai Yin's room, and saw her reporting to President Qi. There were visible tears on her face, and her voice was slightly choked when she spoke. "Old Qi, if something has really happened to Wang Ming…"

When President Qi heard this, he was hugely alarmed. "Yinzi, let's not jump to conclusions. Right now we don't have any direct proof that Wang Ling is dead. The official conclusion at the moment is that he's just missing… Nothing's set in stone yet, you mustn't take it too hard!"

Old Qi had always known that Zhai Yin had special feelings for Wang Ming. When he had applied to Magnificent Immortal for a bodyguard for Wang Ming back then, Zhai Yin was the first to raise her hand. Furthermore, Zhai Yin had been the guardian of Magnificent Immortal's Depository of Buddhist Texts at the time. This was the best paying job in Magnificent Immortal, and was the place that all the soldiers of the special forces dreamed of ending up in… But back then, Zhai Yin had resolutely given up that chance and had chosen to become Wang Ming's guard.

It was only later when Old Qi went through Zhai Yin's profile that he learned that Wang Ming and Zhai Yin had met before at a very young age. Most unfortunately, however, Wang Ming didn't recognize Zhai Yin.

She had really changed too much after all these years.

Zhai Yin sighed. "Old Qi, don't worry, I won't do anything stupid."

After hearing this, President Qi breathed a sigh of relief. "Then that's good… I'm just afraid that you'll take it too hard. There are so many good men in this world. Well, speaking of which… doesn't Little Mingzi have a younger brother? You can go hit on him!"

Wang Ling: "???"

Zhai Yin sucked in a breath. "I'm not that kind of person…"

President Qi: "Ha ha ha! I know you're not, I was just kidding. Actually, Little Ming is younger than you to begin with. An older woman falling in love with a younger man actually isn't a big deal."

Zhai Yin knew that President Qi was now deliberately changing the subject.

Zhai Yin: "Old Qi, I've thought it over. If Wang Ming doesn't come back, I'll resign and go to Mount Jiulong to become Abbess Miejue."

President Qi coughed. "So that was all…"

Zhai Yin: "You sound… disappointed?"

"No, no, no, I was just worried that you would do something foolish."

President Qi comforted her. "I heard you haven't eaten all this time. You should at least replenish your energy. You can't carry on like this."

Zhai Yin nodded. "I understand, Old Qi, I'll look after myself. I'll cook something for myself later."

"You cook for yourself?"

President Qi was shocked.

How was this any different from poisoning herself…


Today's lunch was a little special. The canteen wasn't cooking, but the entire venue had been given over to the students of the various schools.

After the students were separated into zones, they gathered in the same groups as for the military tents, and started to cook the spirit plants they had, using the knowledge they had learned that morning.

Not only did this test how much the students understood about "drug mutation," which they had just learned, it also fostered practical skills.

The current era was no longer like the past, where danger lurked around every corner every day. In comparison, it was more harmonious and peaceful now. As a result, instead of specially refining pill supplements for themselves, more and more modern cultivators preferred to use food nutrition to regulate their own physical conditions and cultivation progress.

One reason for this was that alchemy was a complicated science, and not all cultivators could master it.

Apart from high schools where alchemy was their strong point, most students would only be exposed to alchemy courses in university.

But most children at this stage of cultivation growth now inevitably needed medical supplements, if their families could afford it. But the costs to manufacture pills were too high for an average family to afford. Even relatively well-off families couldn't afford to take pill supplements every day, unless it was the daughter of a wealthy pill manufacturing family corporation, like Lotus Sun… Naturally, this was another matter.

Because of these high costs and how difficult refining pills was, this had led to a very odd phenomenon: while most cultivators who went into the wild for special cultivation would carry pills on them, if they were cultivating in seclusion at home, more than seventy percent would choose to cook high-grade spirit plants as nutrition.

Besides, ingesting food was far more palatable than ingesting medicine.

A few years ago, there was a popular saying: Learn to cook with me!

That was when nutritious food had been trending at its peak.

Wang Ling was still in the same group with Little Peanut and the others, but when it came to cooking, they were basically all muggles…

They gathered around the cooking bench and Super Chen stared at the ingredients in front of him, lost in deep thought. "So, does anyone know what to do…" The best thing he could cook, was instant noodles… and he could do fancy instant noodles, using braised beef seasoning to create a hundred different flavors.

This was the highest level of cooking instant noodles!

But it was useless here…

"I've only helped my mother make soup before at home… cooking's a little hard." Little Peanut also frowned and then looked at Hero Guo next to him. "You should know how to cook, shouldn't you?'

Dopey Guo was also helpless. "What I cook is for spirit beasts. As for humans… they probably can't eat it."

"What about Wang Ling?"

"Wang Ling? Forget it, he doesn't look like he can cook. Look at his hands! They're soft and white like a girl's!"

Wang Ling: "…"

"Alright, then we'll leave Wang Ling alone."

Wang Ling: "?"

"Then let's analyze this ingredient first," Little Peanut said. "Well… The spirit plant we're dealing with right now is called Wind Battle Grass. The teacher said before that this grass can grow up to three hundred times faster during a storm. It's poisonous at room temperature, so we have to cook it at a high temperature."

"Right." They nodded their heads. This Wind Battle Grass was the only spirit plant that was able to capture trace amounts of battle qi after the end of the Great Battle Qi era. It had to be boiled at a high temperature.

In those days, Wind Battle Grass was an important ingredient for making the Battle Strength Pill, which was specially used to restore battle qi.

"I heard that if you had enough battle qi back then and reached a certain realm, you could turn your battle qi into wings?"

"Yep." Dopey Guo nodded. "Not only could it turn into wings, it could also turn into a horse!"

"Then let's call the dish: What About Your ♞? How's that?"


A character from the novel "The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber." Her name means "to destroy and eliminate."The title of a cartoon."你说你马呢?" is a meme which literally translates to "what about your horse?" and is used as a way to praise someone.
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