774 Dao Master Wang

Before he arrived, the voice came first…

President Bai was all too familiar with this Great Dao telepathy.

Standing up, President Bai bowed slightly in one direction to the air, not daring to show the slightest bit of disrespect.

The next moment, a man dressed in black ancient clothes stepped out of the sky. His black outfit was a full-length robe which also completely concealed his face. The surrounding Night Chief technicians were so scared that they all stood up and bowed. Some of them peeped at this senior, but unfortunately, it felt like their line of sight was obscured by a thin layer of mist so that everything was unusually hazy.

The man stepped out of the sky. He did nothing more, and only stood there with an air of the greatest regality. The air… no, all of heaven seemed to focus on him, and every move he made was full of heavenly majesty.

President Bai inexplicably shuddered. "Your Excellency Dao Master… Why are you here?"

"To err is human… It was an unintentional mistake, you should be more lenient…" the man said lightly. He strolled unhurriedly to President Bai's side; the latter didn't even dare raise his head.

President Bai: "What Your Excellency Dao Master says makes sense…"

Then, the man directly sat down on the throne in President Bai's place and let out a soft breath.

This breath was like a spring breeze. and everyone, including President Bai, suddenly felt the pressure on their bodies lifted as the atmosphere turned less tense.

Insect Envoy Long Ming, Third President of Night Chief, was secretly shocked.

What a tremendous breath…

This was a true expert. He could actually control pressure like this so freely, which felt a lot like being granted the mighty favor of the power of Heavenly Dao.

When President Bai had revived in Night Ghost Spirit Emperor's body and taken the top position, Long Ming, Fourth President and Fifth President had wondered who the patron behind President Bai was.

Now, seeing this person with his own eyes, Long Ming's cheeks couldn't help sweating. It was a good thing he hadn't conspired with Fourth President and Fifth President to rebel against President Bai's tyranny, otherwise there might not even be anything left of them now.

As Insect Envoy, Long Ming had a very strong perception ability. He cultivated the "Insect Jade Technique," which gave him the abilities of various types of insects.

And when it came to sensing danger, many insects were innately superior in this regard.

Comparing his own strength with this man in front of him, Long Ming could clearly sense that the other party could squash him dead like an ant with one finger.

This man looked gentle and easygoing, but he was a genuinely dangerous person.

And he had just heard President Bai call the man…

Dao… Master?

Above True Immortal level nine was the Venerated Immortal level.

What was this Dao Master realm?

Long Ming had to admit that he had never heard of it before.

Was there actually such a person in this world?

It wasn't just Long Ming, but everyone else present were also completely shaken.

"A thousand years ago, I foresaw that you would battle that thief, which was why I put all I had in you and pulled you up. However, I never taught you to wilfully slaughter the innocent… I hope that from now on, you'll exercise caution in your conduct. You only have one Outer Dao – if Heavenly Dao intends to destroy you, it'll just be a matter of minutes," the man said telepathically as he gazed at President Bai from where he was sitting on the throne.

President Bai trembled all over at those bitingly cold dead fish eyes.

"I understand, Your Excellency Dao Master." President Bai didn't dare retort at all.

The gap in their strengths was too large… this power wasn't even in the same universe at all, let alone the same dimension.

"I came this time because I already foresaw your movements. I also want to ask you: what did it feel like when you fought that thief?" the man asked telepathically.

"Your Excellency Dao Master, his strength is just as you said. He's a very difficult opponent… Also, during our fight, he revealed no less than a thousand Heavenly Dao…"

One thousand Heavenly Dao…

The man grit his teeth and instantly clenched his fist before slamming it down on the arm of the throne. "As I thought, it's him…

"Then, what do you plan to do next?"

"This junior… wants to amass the power of Outer Dao before seeking revenge on him," President Bai said truthfully.

"Unless you can gather six Great Outer Dao, you are no match for him. That wasn't all of his strength…" The man trailed off after saying this.

"This junior has a question, if I may ask…" President Bai looked up at that moment.

"I know what you want to ask."

The man waved his hand. "What you want to ask is, what did this person steal from me? Is that right?"

President Bai nodded. "Your Excellency Dao Master, you have incredible foresight, as expected…"

"Since it's come to this point, there's no harm in telling you some of it."

The man narrowed his eyes. "There is a godly domain called Ninefold Star outside the Milky Way, right in the center of the universe. It is a place where the people of Heavenly Dao gather, and was founded by the first Dao Master to comprehend five hundred Heavenly Dao. On Ninefold Star, children are now born with at least five Heavenly Dao."

President Bai was amazed. "There is actually such a place…"

"At your current realm, you are a very lofty level nine True Immortal in your world. But on Ninefold Star, you are nothing more than a regular person in comparison." The man waved his hand and smiled slightly. "In your world, apart from this thief whom I've been tracking, the person closest to Ninefold Star is Immortal Zhenyuan… I foresee that it is likely that this person will surpass his own limits in this lifetime, and ascend to Ninefold Star."

Immortal Zhenyuan…

President Bai heard yet another familiar name.

"Then based on what senior is saying, the realm above Venerated Immortal is…"

"The levels above Venerated Immortal are based on the number of Heavenly Dao one has. A Dao Immortal has between one hundred and five hundred Heavenly Dao. A Dao Master has between five hundred and a thousand Heavenly Dao… and if you can cultivate three thousand Heavenly Dao, you become a Dao Ancestor…"

Hearing this, President Bai already had some idea. "Then this thief whom senior speaks of… could it be that he stole your Heavenly Dao?"

"That's right."

The man sighed. "If I can seize the Heavenly Dao back from him… I have a good chance of becoming a Dao Ancestor. But unfortunately, it isn't enough to rely on just Heavenly Dao to deal with him at present. Heavenly Dao and Outer Dao aren't compatible with each other, which is the reason why I had you master Outer Dao when I picked you."

Although he didn't quite understand the connection between Heavenly Dao and Outer Dao, President Bai was still astounded.

"Is there anyone who can merge the two?"

"There is no such person… unless it's the founder of our Ninefold Star, Dao Ancestor Wang, who is known as the Immortal King… This man once merged Heavenly Dao and Outer Dao together, but unfortunately, he was unable to achieve a balance between the two, and ultimately died from the conflict between them."

The man shook his head, then fixed his eyes on President Bai. "Also, stop calling me senior; it sounds strange and I'm not used to it… you can call me: Dao Master Wang…"
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