796 Heavenly Dao Governing Committee

When Wang Zhen appeared in the front of Midnight Dining Hall, he couldn't help breaking into a sly smile. He was certain that the thief he had been painstakingly searching for all these years was at this moment in this small restaurant called "Midnight Dining Hall."

Finally, this salted fish had taken his bait…

Although he had to pay a small price before that.

But it was just a small enterprise in the world below; buying shares in secret was a piece of cake for Wang Zhen.

His ostensible investment in the new sect which Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was planning to set up had all been for the sake of drawing Wang Ling out.

Fortunately, everything was going according to plan.


Wang Ling's gaze was fixed on the figure in front of the shop. Separated by a pane of frosted glass, two people with similar auras probed each other.

The reason why Wang Ling had responded to the invitation this time had a lot to do with the person outside the door.

Not long ago, Wang Ling had yet another prophetic dream, in which he was fighting someone whose aura resembled his, and this person was that very "angler" whom he had been investigating for a long time.

Finally, was it time for the truth to be revealed?

Gazing at the frosted glass of the shop's door, Wang Ling silently activated his King's Eye so that it directly penetrated the glass screen and rested upon Wang Zhen's face outside the shop.

Wang Zhen's face instantly froze before his expression turned frightened.

He couldn't believe that a thief could actually be so powerful. He had originally estimated that this thief had stolen at least fifteen hundred Heavenly Dao from him. Furthermore, it wasn't easy to digest these Heavenly Dao, but this thief had already digested seventy or eighty percent of them at least, and was practically on the same level as Wang Zhen!

Damn it…

A little thief could actually digest the Heavenly Dao that was originally his to this extent.

Wang Zhen had already been holding in his grievances for many years.

Because of the difference in the number of Heavenly Dao, he had always been bullied by the eldest young master of the Gu family on Ninefold Star, and he had been suppressing his resentment for far too long. Now that he had finally found an outlet for venting, he naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity easily.

"Heavenly Dao field!"

The next moment, Wang Zhen opened his eyes. Countless nomological laws in his eyes actually created a spirit landscape which pulled Wang Ling in.

Instead of a direct fight, the two of them chose to cross swords inside a spirit world.

Thus, while Wang Ling didn't appear to have moved, Wang Zhen had already dragged his soul into the spirit field.

But Wang Zhen was nothing, and ordinarily, Wang Ling wouldn't have let him succeed so easily. However, Tan Qian and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal were still here, and if Wang Ling made a direct move, the two of them would become cannon fodder.

So a spirit showdown was a great method: it was both civilized and harmonious.

Inside this perfect, pure white spirit field, Wang Ling finally stood face to face with the angler in the same world.

Although this was their first meeting, Wang Ling was already certain that he and this man were inextricably connected.

Because this man also had the same characteristic and no less remarkable dead fish eyes.

"Who are you?"

Wang Ling stared at Wang Zhen and spoke lightly.

Unfortunately, there was no way Wang Zhen was willing to give Wang Ling a chance to ask questions.

After stewing in his resentment for so many years, he was already utterly enraged.

"Give me back what you stole from me!" Wang Zhen bellowed. He charged forward as he madly swung his fists at Wang Ling.

With a straight face, Wang Ling flickered around continuously to evade Wang Zhen.

Since he had already asked the Heavenly Dao before, and confirmed that the angler was from the Domain of the Gods, this string of evasive maneuvers were the most serious ones he had ever used.

When all was said and done, this person was from the Domain of the Gods, and the number of Heavenly Dao he had on him was terrifying.

There were at least fifteen hundred Heavenly Dao on this man…

Just by dodging him, Wang Ling had already perceived Wang Zhen's real strength, and it had to be said that this person was by far the trickiest opponent he had ever encountered — a slap in the face might not be enough to completely sap the other man of his battle strength.

But unlike how he had handled President Bai back then, Wang Ling wasn't going to settle this fight as quickly by taking off half of the talisman seal — he still had too many questions to ask the "angler" in front of him.

If he accidentally killed him, everything would have been in vain…

For now, the first question Wang Ling wanted to ask was —

They had only just met, but why was this person coming at him directly with his fists…

Had they met before?

And he even claimed that Wang Ling had stolen something from him…

Thus, Wang Ling's verdict was: the inhabitants of the Domain of the Gods might not be very smart!

Wang Zhen, on the other hand, still hadn't given up punching, and while he launched a bunch of fierce Ora Ora punches at Wang Ling, he didn't land a single one…

But Wang Zhen had never been a man who would give up easily!

He had waited too long for this day!

"Great Separation Spell!"

Without holding anything back, Wang Zhen directly cast his Heavenly Dao spell. Heavenly Dao spells didn't require hand seals, and were nomological laws that could be employed immediately.

After the Great Separation Spell was cast, Wang Ling saw countless Wang Zhens suddenly appear in this spirit space; these weren't illusions, but real clones.

Of course, Wang Ling himself was very familiar with this technique.

But who could have imagined that just as Wang Zhen was about to launch his next round of attacks…

At that very moment, the Heavenly Dao were holding a trial…


In an alternate dimension, where the little golden people of the Heavenly Dao lived.

The moment Wang Zhen cast the "Great Separation Spell," the Heavenly Dao Committee had convened for an emergency meeting.

Around the circular governing table sat six golden men who were dozens of zhang tall.

They were the main members of the Heavenly Dao Governing Committee: Strength Heavenly Dao, Time Heavenly Dao, Space Heavenly Dao, Soul Heavenly Dao, Life And Death Heavenly Dao, and Spirit Heavenly Dao…

Strength Heavenly Dao: "We've just received news that someone has attacked the VIP client on the white list."

The other Heavenly Dao were petrified. "There's someone who actually dares attack a white list client? Does this person want to die?"

Strength Heavenly Dao: "But based on the report from the little golden man intelligence officer, the situation is a little more complicated this time. According to the rules of Dao Founder, those who possess Heavenly Dao are not allowed to use them against those on the white list. Of course, this doesn't include comparing notes in a regular fight. We make judgments based on the relationship between the two parties as well as the killing intent behind the use of the Heavenly Dao… However, the man who attacked the white list client has very strong killing intent."

Time Heavenly Dao: "Who is this man?"

Strength Heavenly Dao: "A descendant of Dao Ancestor Wang…"

Hearing this, the six Heavenly Dao fell silent.

A while later, the golden man who represented Life And Death Heavenly Dao said, "Since it was Dao Founder who set the rules, even Dao Ancestor Wang's descendant can't break them. I propose that he be exempted from death, but his Heavenly Dao be confiscated for a period of time as a form of disciplinary action so that he can't use them as per usual."

After he spoke, the other Heavenly Dao looked at one another.

Finally, Strength Heavenly Dao sighed. "That's the only thing we can do…"A battle cry or taunt in Japanese.
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