841 Ball Gag Strategy and Electric Massage!

After online protest, the notorious Net rehab center back then shut down, but it had now become a mobile behavior correction facility, and so far had over a hundred "patients."

Their ages varied, young and old all included.

Some were sent here by their families because of an obsession with mahjong, some because of puppy love, and some because they preferred Cola over Pepsi… Some were like Dopey Guo's uncle, Guo Feng, who didn't want to find a girlfriend and get married.

"Patients" were sent here for all kinds of unusual reasons, and which were in keeping with Dr Yang's treatment style.

While waiting in the hall earlier, which was also when Long Ming had recognized Wang Ling and fled, Wang Ling had used the Great Blood Origin Spell to trace back Dr Yang's ancestry. In the end, he discovered that this Dr Yang's ancestor had actually been beaten up before – it was Wang Zhen who had given Dr Yang's thirty-sixth generation ancestor a thrashing back then and left behind a disfigurement curse which had been passed down ever since.

But unfortunately…

This curse was probably going to end with this generation.

Because in just a while, this place would disappear forever.

At that very moment, Wang Ling was already cuffed to a table. Being cuffed for the first time was actually a novel experience, but it was best not to try this sort of thing – Wang Ling didn't want to be like that "Miss Try" who refused to listen to warnings and attacked police in the subway with a for visiting.

At the moment, Wang Ling was lying on a treatment table, his four limbs held down by several big men. One of them even put a ball gag in his mouth.


Wang Ling very calmly crushed it with his teeth.

Yang Huai was blank. "What a surprise… you actually learn martial arts?"

The big man who had put the ball gag in was also a little stupefied. "Dr Yang, what now?"

"Get me the black iron ball gag," said Yang Huai.

The big man nodded. Spirit light flashed in his hand, and an 80x40 iron box appeared. It opened, and inside it were various kinds of ball gags made from different materials.

When the big man put the black iron ball gag in Wang Ling's mouth, everyone heard another crisp "crack."

Yang Huai frowned, a little angry now. "Get me the black godly jade ball gag."


Yang Huai: "Get me the top-grade diamond one!"


Yang Huai: "Premium black crystal! Get me the premium black crystal ball gag! I don't believe that won't work!"



The big man: "Dr Yang… need to get another one?"

Yang Huai was already sweating. "Get… get…"

Get… what the hell else was there to get?!

"Forget it, just leave it… If he bites his tongue, that's his own problem." Yang Huai was usually excited when he administered treatment, especially when he saw a ball gag in the patient's mouth. It was like an adrenaline rush, and the more electric shocks he gave, the more excited he became.

But since Wang Ling didn't have a ball gag in his mouth, Doctor Yang instantly lost half his enthusiasm.

At that moment, Yang Huai was weary and aggravated. He had operated this treatment center for so many years and had seen all kinds of bizarre patients. Even Soul Formation cultivators finally gave in with just a few electric shocks – when had he ever suffered this kind of setback?

In a fit of obscure anger, Yang Huai unconsciously turned the dial on the medical device right up to 10, alarming the big men next to him.

According to the family information on the patient they had kidnapped this time, he was just at the Qi Condensation stage, and wasn't especially strong – in treating patients at this level, a 2 or 3 on the device was enough to make them feel pain.

But the treatment now was actually five times stronger.

Treatment Room No. 13's ultimate medical device had a total of one hundred levels of intensity, which would make even gods and devils kneel!

"To be able to crush my ball gags with his teeth, this guy's strength definitely isn't anything like his family reported; he was definitely hiding it." Yang Huai sneered.

Since this person dared resist, then he should be ready to take the humiliation… oh, no, the treatment!

Thus, while Wang Ling was looking forward to the treatment, Yang Huai finally put the tip of the stun gun to his temple — this was a necessary step for any patient receiving the treatment.

The stun gun would shock the temples on both sides before the electric currents swiftly moved to converge in between the eyebrows. Depending on the patient's condition, this could last ten to thirty seconds.

But in his fit of anger, Yang Huai deliberately took his time so that the treatment took the maximum thirty seconds.

Wang Ling could feel the electric current passing through his pores.

But he didn't put up a struggle.

Because it actually felt very comfortable.

The electric currents passing through his temples and then slowly moving to the space between his eyebrows somehow was a familiar motion to Wang Ling.

When the electric currents from both sides came together in the middle of his eyebrows, Wang Ling finally remembered —

This was clearly "massaging the temples and around the eye sockets" in an eye health exercise!

But this electric stimulation was obviously a lot more comfortable than the eye exercise — after a whole morning of taking exams, this electrotherapy massage was pretty good…

On the side, Yang Huai and the big men holding Wang Ling down were stupefied.

Honestly speaking, it was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

This patient unexpectedly had no reaction to the electric current at all.

"I'm going to kill you!" Emboldened by his fury, Yang Huai grit his teeth angrily and turned the setting on the medical apparatus up to 50!

It wasn't the highest level, but even a Soul Formation cultivator couldn't endure level 50.

Even if this person could crush Yang Huai's ball gags with his teeth, Yang Huai believed that the intensity at level 50 could kill this person eighty times over!

"Go to hell…"

After saying it, Yang Huai put the tip of the stun gun to Wang Ling's temple once more.In 2018, a young lady who was nicknamed Miss Try was detained for attacking a police officer in the subway with a knife. In a later interview, she said that people should experience various things, whether good or bad.
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