912 Kydeer

"Old Shen, you…"

Second Generation Demon Saint clutched his chest. His qi and blood were boiling because of those kicks from a friendly force; a little more and he would be dead. But at that moment, the explosive aura on the battlefield made his fishtail tremble lightly.

He blanked out for a long moment at what he was seeing.

It was Second Generation Demon Saint's first time seeing Shen Wuyue's beast form.

Apart from the word "beautiful," he didn't know what other words he could use to describe the scene in front of him.

Shen Wuyue had become taller, and even the wrinkles on his face had disappeared; his doddering appearance had transformed in one go.

He had become incomparably elegant, with long silver-white hair which fell down to his ankles. Dark green scales covered his shoulders to his collarbones, and there was a red mark set in his forehead like a gem which proclaimed Shen Wuyue's current identity.

Second Generation Demon Saint suddenly understood. No wonder Shen Wuyue had always refused to appear in his beast form in front of anyone!

Shen Wuyue was the descendant of the kydeer, which was a hybrid of the prehistoric divine deer and prehistoric kylin!

Since ancient times, prehistoric divine beast cross-breeds had never been treated kindly by either clans; the divine beast tribe regarded them as heresies and a species which should never have existed.

It was an indisputable fact, however, that divine beast cross-breeds often had very strong fighting capabilities.

But divine beasts had already been extinct for a very long time. Second Generation Demon Saint had thought that Shen Wuyue was just a rare deer divine beast, and never expected him to be a kydeer.

Naturally, as a kydeer, it wasn't just Shen Wuyue's character and fighting strength which transformed, but his gender as well.

This was a big reason why Shen Wuyue had refused to reveal his true form all this time.

His eyes were fixed on Second Generation Demon Saint. After his age was stripped away, Shen Wuyue's gaze in this form was actually rather tender and soft, and Second Generation Demon Saint's heart stirred like the ripples caused by a spring breeze.

Not good…

This was…

Second Generation Demon Saint turned red – he was actually blushing from his own Sage Master's gaze!

The important thing was that he was clearly aware that Shen Wuyue was a man!

"Not counting you, I've led two Demon Saints. From your aura, you seem to be the weakest." Shen Wuyue opened his mouth unhurriedly, and even his voice had become very pleasant-sounding.

Second Generation Demon Saint: "…"

Shen Wuyue: "A mere Three-Headed Phoenix actually injured you to this extent."

Demon Saint's lips twitched at these words.

Why was he hurt so badly?

Shen Wuyue, don't tell me that you don't know why in your heart!

After that, Shen Wuyue gazed into the distance. The Three-Headed Phoenix in the air had been observing him since the beginning. It had been so intimidated by Shen Wuyue's aura after the latter's kydeer transformation that it even dropped some of its feathers.

"The Three-Headed Phoenix clan has long since died out; I never expected it to reappear now." Shen Wuyue stared at the Three-Headed Phoenix, then stretched out a snow-white hand toward the sky. "Evil creature, hurry up and come down!"

With a wave of invisible spirit power, Shen Wuyue stretched forth to grab the Three-Headed Phoenix. It was so scared that with a trill, it spat out Rainbow Divine Fire, but Shen Wuyue wasn't the least bit afraid as he met the fire head-on.

The kydeer's protective skin was extremely tough, and there basically wasn't any fire in the world it was afraid of, including the Three-Headed Phoenix's Rainbow Divine Flame!

The Rainbow Divine Fire burned Shen Wuyue's hand front and back, but he didn't feel the slightest pain.

The palm which Shen Wuyue stretched forth had spirit power as tremendous as the sea, and the Three-Headed Phoenix was firmly imprisoned in his hand like a birdcage, similar to Buddha imprisoning the nine-headed golden for visiting.

Second Generation Demon Saint sighed in his heart and couldn't help the disappointed look on his face.

"My current form will last for a while until the antlers I ate grow back." Shen Wuyue pursed his lips. "It's because Shen Yiyue is too stubborn – actually, there's no harm in calling me out if he does run into an enemy he can't defeat. In any case, when the antlers grow again, our personalities will switch back."

"Shen Yiyue?"

"That's what I call the first personality. He calls me Eryue. You can call me that, too." Shen Eryue narrowed his eyes and his lips curved up in a splendid smile.

This was the first time Second Generation Demon Saint realized that a man could smile so beautifully!

When it came to his experience of becoming Second Generation Demon Saint, it was purely because he had been cheated by First Generation Demon Saint… If the latter hadn't deliberately frightened him into pissing at the bottom of the Holy Pillar, the Holy Pillar wouldn't have forced him to become Second Generation Demon Saint!

What was the most painful thing about being Demon Saint?

For Second Generation Demon Saint, it wasn't managing and maintaining order in all of the demon world — it was that he didn't have a sense of freedom!

The Holy Pillar restricted his range of movements. Before the next Demon Saint was found, he could only spend the rest of his life in Demon Saint's Palace on top of the Holy Pillar.

Thus, Second Generation Demon Saint had initially been extremely bitter about becoming Demon Saint.

Never mind the fact that he didn't have any freedom; even his only companion was Shen Wuyue, that boring and pedantic old man who always liked to undermine his authority in front of outsiders.

But now, Second Generation Demon Saint suddenly realized…

Even if he spent his entire life in Demon Saint's Palace, that didn't seem so bad!

At the very least, a transformed Shen Eryue was a boy who was very easy on the eyes.

Although, it was a bit of a pity that he wasn't a girl!

But at the very least, he was a lot better than that boring Shen Yiyue!

"Where did this Three-Headed Phoenix come from?" Second Generation Demon Saint asked.

Shen Wuyue turned his eyes to the Three-Headed Phoenix on his shoulder, who had already been thoroughly tamed.

The little guy chirped a few times. Although it didn't speak human language, Shen Eryue still understood it. "He said he's from beyond the Domain of the Gods."

"Beyond the Domain of the Gods?"

Second Generation Demon Saint turned pale with alarm.From "Journey to the West."
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