937 Prison Lady Trio

What awaited Huang Youliang next wasn't a three-party joint hearing in the prison, but the Old Devil's domestic discipline.

Now that the Mahjong Squad were part of the atonement group, their final sentencings were also postponed.

The Old Devil, the Master of Immortal Mansion Cheng Yu, and Evil Sword God had now all been in prison for some time, and it felt like home.

The people there were all talented and interesting when they spoke…

Their daily tasks comprised of looking after the prison crops and helping General Bai secretly deal with some wanted criminals. All these could gain them merit points, and at their final trials, their sentences could be commuted based on how many merit points they had.

There was a saying that getting a job or working for others was for visiting.

"Oh, it's another newbie!" The Old Devil was overjoyed, but when he saw the man's face, his own instantly darkened.

When Huang Youliang saw the Old Devil and the others at that moment, he was so frightened that his legs buckled and he could barely stand, and he shrank back. "You… Stay away from me!"

The Old Devil…

The Master of Immortal Mansion… and Evil Sword God!

Huang Youliang was sure he was right!

What frightened him even more was that these three people were actually in one cell…

Huang Youliang's heart raced and he was so nervous he almost choked.

He was now bitterly regretting the reckless comments he had posted online.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world…

"It's you, isn't it… You called my venerable self a toy poodle in heat?"

The Old Devil's light voice carried in the air. It wasn't loud, but it carried the greatest sense of terror.

However, before the interrogation was over, Huang Youliang had already fainted, foaming at the mouth.

Cheng Yu: "Do we need to wake him up?"

Old Devil waved his hand. "It's fine. They are quite a few people who've been sent over for us to play with today: They all made inappropriate online comments, and can be called keyboard warriors or a water army."

As soon as he said the words, it seemed more people had been sent over outside the door…

These were all the keyboard warriors Jingke had caught after following the online trails; they were now all lined up outside the special cell in handcuffs.

Cheng Yu was shocked at this momentum. "So many people?"

These people were all crying noisily and shaking with fear.

There were already twenty-six of them, and the number was still increasing.

This was the first time the prison was so lively.

It was just that the number was a little too large… In less than fifteen minutes, there was already a long line outside the door of the special cell as the number of people soared to more than a hundred…

Cheng Yu was deeply shocked. "So this is an Internet water army…"

With a snort, the Old Devil opened the cell door and stepped outside. All the keyboard warriors knelt one after another and begged for mercy. "We have reflected deeply, and we will all listen to the Governor!"A meme based on the words of an arrested thief who refused to get a job."Games Lady Trio" is the Chinese title for the Japanese manga "Asobi Asobase," which is about three girls who make up the members of an unofficial school Pastimers Club.A "Human Shape" Pokemon.
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