100 Father Wang’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

Chapter 100: Father Wang’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
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Wang Ling seldom made friends of his own accord. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal could be considered one of the few friends that he had made in his sixteen years of life.

This had to do with the biased, good impression which he had of Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal; for example, this Senior Immortal overflowed with a sense of righteousness all year round and would cause a ruckus with hesitation, roaring for evil to be vanquished as he showed up on someone's doorstep with a knife. Second, Wang Ling felt that there was something a little mystical about their friendship... like the immortal fate which cultivators often spoke of.

He had once calculated that the alignment of his immortal fate with that of Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was unexpectedly as high as seventy percent! This was also one of the main reasons why Wang Ling had acknowledged this man.

But given that the alignment of their immortal fates was as high as seventy percent, he had been unable to escape being cheated by Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

It was said that good friends were for cheating and good brothers were for betraying... Wang Ling felt that this remark was one hundred percent true.

He had had less contact with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal after the latter had duped him into working as a spells consultant for Old Li and that bunch of people three years ago. Unexpectedly, Wang Ling was mysteriously and inexorably connected to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal once again, this time because of the stone ghost mask.

He felt that this was the legendary immortal fate at work.

Or, it could be said that it was evil fate causing mischief...


After agreeing with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal on the time, the doorbell of the Wang family's villa rang at this somewhat inconvenient moment.

Using his spiritual senses, Wang Ling immediately saw that the two men in suits and sunglasses from Landscape Manor had come again...

Furthermore, the "sincerity" which the men in suits had brought with them this time wasn't that small leather suitcase any longer, but a massive wheeled luggage case, big enough for an adult to fit in...

After Father Wang opened the door, the two men in suits very consciously changed out of their shoes, then bowed deeply to him. "Hello, Mr Wang!"

Father Wang, however, was utterly dumbstruck by the luggage case in front of him. "..."

According to his initial visual estimates, if this luggage was full of cash, there had to be at least thirty million yuan in there!

"After our last friendly negotiation with Mr Wang, the Lord of the Castle lectured us severely upon our return. So this time, we've come with even more sincerity than before and would like to renegotiate with Mr Wang." The two men in suits gave professional and largely insincere smiles which made Father Wang shudder.

At the same time, he had also noticed a problem; this time, these two men were wearing swords at their waists which flashed now and then, making Father Wang a little cautious.

He looked in the direction of Wang Ling's bedroom, and father and son came to a tacit understanding through their thoughts; he was well aware that Wang Ling must have noticed what was happening, and he wasn't worried at all about what these two sword-bearing men in suits could do to him.

"Mr Wang, can we go in and talk?"

"Mm... come in." Father Wang made a gesture of invitation.

After the last visit, the two men were already familiar with the layout of the Wang family's small villa; this time, they pulled the luggage up next to the sofa in the sitting room. After pushing the luggage handle down, they lay the luggage case flat on the floor.

Seeing that they were about to open it, Father Wang looked meaningfully at Mother Wang so that she pulled the old man away from watching TV and up the stairs. The old man was prone to letting his imagination run wild — if even Father Wang himself couldn't help but be agitated at seeing so much money, for the old man whose dementia had yet to be cured, Father Wang was very worried that it might give him a heart attack.

The two men in suits were also very sensible and didn't open the luggage case until Mother Wang had helped the old man up the stairs.

When they opened it, bundles of ten thousand yuan spilled out with crackling sounds.

When Father Wang saw the rolls of bright red cash, his eyes couldn't help but flash. To be honest, apart from the inside of Zhao Dehan's private villa in the TV series 1 , this was the first time that Father Wang had ever seen so much money, and it was a critical blow to his worldview.

"Here, forty million." One of the men looked at Father Wang. "What do you think of our sincerity this time, Mr Wang?"

Father Wang pursed his lips; actually, in his heart, he was a little tempted. To him, it was just a beat-up mask after all; if he could sell it, he would. But he was also well aware that Wang Ling had to have his own concerns if he was keeping the mask and didn't want to sell it.

That was an object that even his son was worried about...

Father Wang leaned back against the sofa and crossed his legs. He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply, then exhaled smoke like a dragon directly onto the pile of money. "This is my son's mask, and he's resting now. I can't make the decision."

The two men in suits understood.

Father Wang's meaning was already very clear despite the fact that he was using Wang Ling as an excuse to tactfully refuse them. Between the lines, his meaning was: not selling!

The two men clenched their fists, then the tall one suddenly placed both his hands on the coffee table as he looked straight at Father Wang. "Mr Wang, I hope you will carefully reconsider. After all, you are just an ordinary family. Your wife is just a housewife and has no income. Your father has dementia, and it's difficult to guarantee what the rest of his life will be like. Plus, your only son is only at the Foundation Establishment stage... and you, even if you are a popular web novelist, surely you can't earn this much money even if you work for the rest of your life?"

What the man said was packed with threats between the lines.

Standing in his bedroom, Wang Ling heard every word very clearly.

For a magnate corporation like Landscape Manor, which was on par with Huaguo Water Curtain Group, it wasn't difficult at all for them to investigate the Wang family's background. But both Wang father and son had already been mentally prepared for this.

Father Wang pushed up his black-rimmed glasses. "Can I take this as coercion?"

"This stone ghost mask is something that our Lord must have, so I hope Mr Wang can be mature about this. I believe that apart from our Landscape Manor, no one else will be able to offer you such a high price," the tall man replied.

Then the man smiled and grasped the sword hilt at his waist. "Of course, if Mr Wang persists in being stubborn, we don't mind employing other methods..."

The moment the man had grasped his sword hilt, Father Wang had already felt a spiritual pressure pushing down on his shoulder. It disappeared quickly, however, because the moment the man had released his spiritual pressure, in his bedroom, Wang Ling had also sent out his aura to settle on Father Wang...

Then, this became a scene which made the two men in suits sweat buckets!

It was clear that this was only a very ordinary middle-aged man at the Qi Condensation stage, so the two men in suits hadn't anticipated how his aura unexpectedly started to increase steadily, an overwhelming spiritual pressure that suddenly fell back like a huge building to collapse onto them.

What the bloody f**k?!

Then, the two men felt their knees bend of their own accord, and they couldn't stand upright.

...This! How was this possible?!

According to the data obtained from the group's investigation, this Wang Jiao was only at the Qi Condensation stage! How could he instantly suppress the both of them, who were at the late Golden Core stage? F**k! Con man! ...This fellow was definitely a Nascent Soul grandmaster!

The two men in suits felt a pressure from Father Wang which they had never felt before!

From behind his black-rimmed glasses, Father Wang's gaze shot straight out like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception 2 , his eyes glowing so brightly that the two men's legs grew weak, and inch by inch, they were forced to lay prone on the floor — even their sunglasses were directly crushed.

Ten seconds later, the tall man spoke with difficulty. "...Elder brother, I was wrong! If you continue staring at me, I'll piss my pants!"

Next to him, the shorter man felt like crying but had no tears to shed. "F**k! I've already pissed my pants, what do I do?!"

Father Wang: "..."

Wang Ling: "..."
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