Chapter 135

135. Classroom dynamics

After the X-ray, we all go together tot he vending machine corner.
Twelve people in all…two for each of them…

「Pick what you want…!」

I shove a thousand bill into the vending machine.
Then…each of them picked what they wanted.

「Yoshida, I’d like to get on this vending machine though…!」

…Okay, sure
I also shove a thousand bill in there.
Everyone’s buying without hesitation…
This is for them to accept my relationship with Megu, it can’t be helped.

「…Everyone, don’t open and drink it yet」

I stopped the classmates who were about to open it.

「Eh…Why, Yoshida?」

Tanaka who’s behind me, asked.

「How many more people not here that we should be giving juice too?」

…That’s right.
Those here right now are only the people who we met up in the hallway.
Since we’re lined up in syllabaric order…those who have entered the 『Body measurement』ahead didn’t talk to me.
I feel sorry for treating those who only are here while those guys don’t know.

「I don’t plan to treat all the boys in the class. I don’t intend to buy for Endou…his friends, and the delinquents…but, I want to keep it fair except for those guys」

I talked to Tanaka honestly.

「…Yeah, you’re right. Should we buy some for Aihara, Katou, Kikuchi, Goda?」

Tanaka tells me.
Those were the names who were in the front.

「What about Ota?」

The other boy asked.

「Ota is in Endou’s group, right?」
「No…He should be out of the group because of the trouble with Endou the other day」
「Then, let’s buy Ota’s share too」

I decided.
It’s a sorry for the future troubles.
If the two canned juice would be enough, I don’t want to cause further discord.

「Buy what you think they will like」

I throw coins into the vending machine.

「…Buy Aihara and Goda’s share on the vending machine I picked」

Saying that, I handed money to my classmate.

「If you mind that far…shouldn’t you just buy for all the men in the class?」

One of the men asked me…

「No…It’s just a loss when you buy for Endou’s group and the delinquents. Rather, they might underestimate Yoshida and extort him in the future」

Tanaka answered instead of me.
RIght…Those people are likely to grow arrogant when you deal with them badly.

「Yoshida shouldn’t give the canned juice to Aihara by himself. Let others casually pass it. Just say『This is from Yoshida』…!」

Tanaka tells me…
During the time with the female track and field team…Megu and I handed it to everyone by ourselves.
The people in the same class…
May feel unfavorable when dealt badly
『Women’s world』and 『Men’s world』are different…

「Got it…I’ll let everyone else do it」
「I will give the one’s for Kato and Kikuchi」

Tanaka takes over.

「When I hand it over, I’ll say 『This is from Yoshida』 Then, when Kato and Kikuchi looks at Yoshida, just say 『Drink』…Just lightly, and don’t make it look you’re pushing them…!」

He gave me an advice.

「You do Ota and Hirabayashi…」

Tanaka instruct another boy…

「You were in the same middle school as Ota, right?」
「…Right, but」
「Ota went out of Endou’s group and tries to get into a different group. Since it’s a good opportunity, let’s have him on us」

Tanaka…he’s quite the boss type

「Then, I’ll hand this to Aihara and Goda」

The buy who bought juice for the two a while ago has declared.

「…Thanks. I’ll leave it to you」

He smiled at me.

「I never knew that Yoshida’s an honest guy」
「Yeah…I thought that you’re just a strange guy who’s always absentminded」
「As expected… your head gets clearer when you throw away your virginity?」


「…What? Didn’t you do it with Yamamine-chan?…You’re already an 『Adult』right?」

I threw away my virginity to Yukino though…
Of course, I can’t say that here

「But…how does sex feel?」
「Yamamine-chan’s tits maybe small but her style is great…!」
「Is it true that girls who play athletics are tight?」


「Idiots, it’s Yoshida’s first time too…there’s no way he can compare it to others!」

Tanaka laughs.
Yup…Let’s just shut up for now.
About Misuzu, Nagisa, Katsuko-nee, or Mana…

「Well, in exchange of Yoshida popping Yamamine-chan’s cherry, he has to devote the rest of his life to Yamamine-chan…!」
「Really…He no longer has a free life anymore」
「Well, good luck!」

Tanaka and the others speaks out open-mindedly…

「But…Is it really okay that we don’t buy the share of those delinquents?」

One timid boy asked me.

「Those are the people who have a grudge」

I answered him.

「It’s fine…I don’t want to get along with them anyway」

I don’t need to waste time to be concerned with them.

「But…they have contact with delinquents outside the school too…」

Timid-kun said in fright.

「That doesn’t matter…Even Yoshida knows the『blonde senpai』」

『Blonde senpai』…It’s Nei-san.

「That 『Blonde senpai』and the foreigner woman who graduated last year seems to have been the worst combination in this school…!」


「…Didn’t they burn down the Kendo grounds?」
「It seems that they have beaten up a teacher and left him paralyzed」
「Eh…I heard that it was three people?」
「Wasn’t the Karate-club abolished?」
「…I heard that boxing club was annihlated?」

A month since the entrance ceremony…
Nei-san and Margo-san’s infamy has already spread to the first years…

「I was seriously surprised when the 『Blonde Senpai』came to our classroom the other day…!」
「Yeah…She was such a beauty…」
「Her tits were huge」
「Also, her waist is so tight…!」
「Even though she’s such a beauty…」
「…This world is unfair!」
「She even threatened Endou…!」

…That happened too, right.

「Yoshida…where did you come to know that 『blonde senpai』?」

Tanaka asks me.
The gaze of the men gathered at me.

「On the rooftop, the other day」
「I was hit by Endou…my face was swollen and I skipped classes」
「That happened too」
「…I met her that time」

That was my encounter with Nei-san.
I fainted after I was beaten up so Nei-san let me rest on her lap.

「I see. There’s the talk that the 『Blonde Senpai』is always on the rooftop skipping classes. Then, she found Yoshida who was beaten down…!」
「Did she come knowing that Yoshida was hit by Endou?」
「I see…so that’s how it is」

No…It’s not that easy.
…Well fine.

「But…is the 『Blonde Senpai』that caring?」

Tanaka asked me.

「She’s kind. A very gentle one」

I want everyone to know the real Nei-san too…

「Is her character unforgiving or illogical?」
「…It’s tough」
「No, she maybe thinking of Yoshida as her 『new plaything』?」
「That’s possible…!」
「You’re right…She was having fun when she broke to our class」
「Yeah…She even bullied Endou happily」
「Insanity is contained in her eyes…!」
「She sure is a dangerous one」

Everyone thinks that way.

「Well fine, it’s 『blonde senpai』after all Rather than that, Yoshida, if the delinquents say something about the canned juice, just hit them…!」

Tanaka said.

「…Hit them?」
「Yeah…Even if they’re delinquents, they’re still students of this school in the end. They’re not a big of a threat. They’re just first years like us…!」

…That’s certainly true.

「When your opponent shows a chance…just hit them with a 『Stranglehold』」

A glasses boy said.

「That’s right. Hold down your opponent’s throat with your hand. This seems very effective during fights…-is what’s written on a famous book written by a karate teacher」

So you read that thing?

「『Competition one-on-one fights are far from real fights. A man’s battle is normally 1v3 or even 4』is what the teacher said」

Isn’t that just fighting whoever in the town/

「He said that you should aim at your opponent’s inhaling breath」

…Inhaling breath?

「Look, you breath out when you’re going to take some powerful action right? That’s when you hit them. On the contrary, don’t you have to hold your breath when defending? Their muscle turn tense…that’s why the opponent breathes out everything, then they’ll make the attack once they breath in. That’s the moment when the opponent has no power to attack or defend」

…I see
Margo-san catches the opponent off guard when she attacks…
She might be looking at her opponent’s breathing pattern.
I’ll ask her about it later.

「It’s Hamamoto’s martial arts talk again?」

The glasses boy seems to be called Hamamoto

「Hamamoto is a martial arts otaku after all…」

Tanaka described Hamamoto.

「To be accurate 『Martial arts book』otaku」
「Yeah…he’s only good at reading and talking about it…」
「It’s not that he’s doing martial arts though」
「Hamamoto, what club are you in?」
「Shogi club」
「…You must love fighting?」
「…He doesn’t like practices that make you sweat」
「I’m a theorist!」

Oh…So he’s that kind of guy.

「Well fine…let’s go back to the classroom for now」

The boss Tanaka told everyone.

「If the delinquents complained about it…just don’t mind them.」

I thanked Tanaka

「If they only complain…I don’t know what will really happen」
「Got it…I’ll do something about it myself」

I answered.

◇ ◇ ◇

Everyone goes back to the classroom…
Almost all of the men came back but there’s not even a third of the women in here.
The girls seems to be taking time.
Well…the gym is far away.
The girls also have trouble changing their clothes.

「…You guys are late. What were you doing?」

The boys who returned to the classroom ahead…if I recall, he’s 『Kato』…asked us who came back together.

「…Kato, this is from Yoshida」

Tanaka gave two canned juice to Kato.

「…Kikuchi too. This is from Yoshida」

Kikuchi who’s on his desk was given a canned juice too.

「…Eh, Yoshida?」

The two looked at me in surprise.
I did as Tanaka told me…


…I-I bit myself.

「O-Ota…This is from Yoshida」

Ota was also given a juice.

「Eh, are you sure…Yoshida?」
「Yeah…drink it」

I said it properly this time…
The juice reached Aihara and Goda too.

「This is Yoshida’s treat. Let’s all drink」

Tanaka took the lead.
Everyone opened their juice, and…
…drink it…1
Hmm…for the time being, it『proceeds in a logical manner』…?2
…Endou is glaring at us with a astonished face.
Endou’s followers gather together and ignored me.
…Well, it can’t be helped.
I think it’s great that they don’t pick a quarrel…

「Hey, where’s my share?!」
「That’s right, where’s our juice?」

…As expected.
The delinquent Kobayashi and Omiya3

「Sorry but no juice for you」

I answered clearly.


Omiya stands up from his seat.

「I don’t intend to get along with you guys…!」
「What the hell did you say you piece of shit!!」

Omiya comes closer to me.

「…Don’t fuck with me! Are you underestimating me you fucker?!」

Omiya shouts to my ears.
He seems to think that this will work…
Yakuza who’s three times scarier than Omiya had done this to me…
It’s too late for me to be scared of this.
Rather…I’m aiming at the time she’s out of his breath.
Following Hamamoto’s advice earlier…
No…I intend to be Margo-san this time…


At the moment Omiya tries to breath in…!
I chase that gap and thrust my hand on Omiya’s throat!
If it was Margo-san…She’d accelerate here!!


While I was holding down Omiya’s throat…I hit his body on the classroom’s wall at the same time!
Omiya’s back hit the wall strongly!
Omiya’s face has turned red as I hold his throat.

「…Sorry, but there’s no share for you…!」

…I’ll never let out a loud voice.
A small and low voice…but sharp, I throw my will to my opponent!
I must not entrust it to emotions…
Hold down your emotions and talk only using repulsive power.
That is deeper and sharper…those words pierces the opponent’s heart.
That’s what I learned from Minaho-neesan.

「…That’s how it is」

I pushed Omiya’s throat once again then released my hand.
Omiya sinks down the wall and coughs out.
He has completely lost his fighting spirit…

「…Hamamoto…that was really effective」

I speak to Hamamoto who taught me about 『Stranglehold』

「Y-Yeah…o-of course」

The『martial arts otaku』, Hamamoto has a slightly surprised expression.

「Was that Karate?」
「Y-Yeah…you’re right, it’s e-empty handed karate…!」

Huh…that’s strange?
I did as Hamamoto told me but…
The boys and girls in the class are looking at me with a surprised face.

「Yoshida…you’re surprisingly a fighter…」

The one who said that is…Oh, it was Kato

「Is Yoshida the type that’s dangerous when he lose his temper…?」
「Nothing less from the 『blonde senpai’s』pupil」
「Yeah…that was a dreadful charging power」

When did I become Nei-san’s pupil?

「But you see…that was Omiya’s fault just now」
「Yeah…It’s Yoshida’s freedom who to treat」
「It’s wrong to force him」
「…Anyway, drink the juice you were given」

…Tanaka said.

「Everything’s fine…Anyway, we know that Yoshida proceeds in a logical manner」

Having someone who says that really helps me.

「T-That’s right.」
「Thanks for the drink」
「Thanks for the feast!」
「Thanks, Yoshida!」

Hey…Who’s the one who just said 「Yoshida-san」?
Oh…the timid-kun earlier

「Stop the -san even as a joke…you can just call me 『Yoshida』」

「Yes」is also strange…well fine.

「Shirasaka-san…what are you doing there?」

Hearing that voice…I turned behind.
…Yukino is
…in the classroom’s doorway

「You don’t need to stand over there, you can just come in you know?」

The girl standing behind Yukino complains to her as she stands at the entrance.

「…Ah, yeah」

Yukino let the complaining girl pass through.
Yukino seems to have seen my 『stranglehold』just in time when she was about to return to the classroom.
Her face looks surprised after all.

「You’re in the way…Shirasaka-san」

Another girl behind Yukino complains again.

「Shirasaka-san’s fundamental attitude is quite big」

The girl sitting in the chair told Yukino.

「She only wants big panties right」

The girl who came inside the classroom after Yukino has said.

「…Big panties?」

One of the delinquent…Kobayashi has asked that girl.
Oh, this girl is from the delinquents too.

「Well you see…Shirasaka-san is wearing a very huge panty! It’s even hiding her navel!」

The delinquent girl said in a loud voice.

「…That’s so bad!」
「To be honest, it stinks like an old lady!」

The girls laugh at Yukino.

「Eh…Shirasaka-san, you have a bad stomach?」

A girl from the serious group asks Yukino.

「…Y-Yeah…A bit」

Yukino answered.

「That’s wrong…Shirasaka-san’s house is rich so her panties are big too!」
「That’s right…the cloth is surely different!」
「Is the brand dekapan?」
「There’s no way that’s true. It’s something like a very thick fabric!」
「Wool panty?」
「…Shirasaka-san’s panty is a nice panty, it’s big, Biig!」
「Let’s call Shirasaka-san 『Dekapan-chan』from now on!」
「Ah…That’s good!」

Minaho-neesan’s plan has won perfectly.
Yukino’s house…by announcing the Shirasaka family…Yukino will be incurring antipathy from the delinquent girls.
Noble, rich…a family on the top of mass media.
The girls who were told that Yukino is in such an environment will feel jealousy, hatred.
This flow will spread throughout the whole class.
Yukino will be isolated.

「…Hey, Yukino」

Endou called out Yukino.

「…Leave me alone…don’t talk to me right now!」

Yukino answered Endou coldly.

「Aaah…Poor Endou-kun.」
「It can’t be helped. Endou-kun’s house won’t be a match for Shirasaka-san’s house after all…!」
「『My father’s a president and my uncle’s a councilor』won’t be reaching her anymore?」
「It’s impossible you know…Dekapan-chan’s relative own a baseball team, and his father is a Gyokaijin!」
「Ahaha…that’s completely impossible!」

The delinquent girl group who should’ve been close to Endou is now targetting Endou and Yukino with their attacks.
The state of the class has changed completely.

「If you wear a big panty too…you might become an 『Ojou-sama』like Shirasaka-san you know?!」
「No way, impossible…I don’t want to wear such big panties so I don’t want to be an 『Ojou-sama』or something!」

Yukino was wearing a big panty during the 『body measurement』…
She stick it to her abdomen to hide the tattoo.
The shining green 『吉田』tattoo
So that no one will see that tattoo…

「If he sees those panties, Endou-kun will cool down too right?」
「Yeah…a love of a hundred years will cool down too」
「There’s no fragment of sexiness there」

…That’s when another girl jumps in.

「Hey hey hey hey…Yamamine-chan’s wearing an amazing underwear you know!」

She’s a 『Yamamine』so she’s the last person by name order
She’s not back in the classroom yet.
This girl who have seen Megu’s underwear must’ve been with her in the measurement room.

「Amazing…what is?」
「No, it’s Yamamine-chan so it’s a plain white bra and panty that follows the school regulations…but, it looks expensive. I think it’s a top down set. I think that costs more than 10k yen」
「Well look…it looks completely different judging from the appearance. It’s a very adult-like design. Furthermore, Yamamine-chan’s style is good, right?…It looks like a model is wearing it!

…I’m glad that we took the 12k yen one.
I’m very happy that Megu’s being praised.

「Hey hey…Yamamine-chan’s underwear!」

Another girl jumps to the classroom.

「…We’re just talking about it now!」

Why are the delinquent girls are so loud?

「You see…I heard this when Yamamine-chan was talking to another girl」

The girl who jumped in said.

「That underwear was bought by Yoshida-kun…!」

The classroom’s eyes turned to me.

「Eh!…Is that true, Yoshida-kun?」

I’ll just break through saying the truth!

「Yeah…we went shopping yesterday…」
「Uwa, you two bought underwear!」
「…I chose Megu’s underwear…and Megu decides my underwear」

…It’s very embarrassing.

「How much did that set of underwear cost?」
「…12k yen」
「Did Yoshida-kun really buy it with his money?」


「Isn’t that obvious?…I plan to pay for Megu’s needs from now on」

Megu is my 『woman』after all.

「Yamamine-chan’s engagement ring was also bought by Yoshida-kun then, of course?」
「…Yeah. Uhm…I had some revenue after all」

Minaho-neesan paid me with money for doing work for 『Kuromori』

「Eh…Yoshida-kun’s money? Weren’t you abandoned by your parents?」
「Uhm…my parent’s divorced so I don’t see them that much」

Rather than ‘that much’…I’ve never seen them for a while.
My mother has abandoned me and went back to her parent’s house…
My father disappeared…

「Yoshida’s working part time」

Tanaka told the girls.

「I came across him the other day on the train. I saw Yoshida wearing a patch while he’s on work. If I recall…it was a flower shop, right?

Oh…that happened, didn’t it?

「Yeah…That’s right. The flower shop in front of the station. It’s named 『Schwarz_Wald』」

Well, I helped loading the car at the floral market so I’m not lying.
I also promised to help them out too…
Since I’ve made an appointment to go to Nagisa’s house once a week…I will have to help in the shop a lot.

「Eh, the cute and famous shop?」
「Yoshida-kun, you’re working part-time on 『Schwarz』?」

Not just the delinquent girls but the normal girls joined our talk.
Nagisa’s shop is that popular?

「Yeah…I’m acquainted the owner-manager of the shop」

Should I say she’s one of my『women』instead of acquaintance.

「That manager is so beautiful…!」
「Or rather…I heard that shop is famous for their cute girls, isn’t it?」
「That’s right…I heard that even if a normal girl asks 『please let me work here』they won’t be employed…!」
「Rather than that…I heard that the manager of the shop scouts beauties」
「Then…why was Yoshida-kun employed?」
「A shop with only cute girls…so why only Yoshida-kun?」


「No…I don’t come out of the store. I just work in the background, like purchasing in the flower market, that’s when they need men’s hand the most」
「Oh, I see…because the clerks are all girls, they need men for heavy work」
「If you’re working there…introduce us too!」

Tanaka said such a thing…

「No, they don’t need that many people. It’s the kind of work just one man would do」
「Then, it can’t be helped…but, if ever they need other hands, just call us!」
「I want to do it too!」
「I want to be friends with the girls there too so I want to do it too!」
「…If you were recommended, Yoshida will be fired!」

They laughed.
Yeah…I was somehow able to fool them.

「Then, you bought Megumi’s present with the money you earned from part time?」
「Yoshida-kun’s very manly…!」
「Well…they’re 『engaged』so he has to do that much at least」
「But you see…That’s amazing. Yeah」

It’s not that amazing…
I have to support Megu and Mana’s life from now on…
I have prepared myself already.

「But you see…if he works on a shop with only cute clerks, won’t Yamamine-san worry about him?」
「Eh, Megumi?」
「Yoshida-kun might be NTR’d or something?」
「No way…That’s impossible you know?」
「Rather than that…Yoshida-kun might be distracted by the beautiful clerks…!」
「Ah…That’s possible…!」

…Hey hey.
The girls are saying what they want.

「…That’s no problem!」

When I turned around.
Megu uis standing at the entrance.
Megu seems to have finished the 『body measurement』and 『X-ray』…

「You see…I will work on that shop too…!」

…That’s right.
Megu has to work on Nagisa’s shop in exchange of Misuzu…

「That’s why there’s no need to worry!」

Megu smiles.

「You’re right, if it’s the current Yamamine-chan…it’s not strange for her to work on that shop…!」
「Really…She’s gotten cuter right」
「Yeah…women in love are different」
「No no no…it’s an 『engaged』woman, right?」

The girls laugh at each other.
The delinquent girls, the normal girls…everyone, together.
There’s no girl who has hateful emotions towards Megu.
I feel relieved.
Yukino’s here.
Yukino is looking at us with gloomy eyes…

1. I grab a potato chip…. ↩
2. 筋は通した If anyone know what this means, please tell me ↩
3. Oh, it’s these guys that I thought I forgot the names, I actually saved their names ↩
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