Chapter 170 : Shuraba and Daily life

When I go to the kitchen with Megu…
Mana’s staring at the cookbook…stiffened.
Mana’s on her same casual clothes from a while ago.

「…What’s wrong?」

When I asked her…

「I intend to make curry…or rather, I’ve only made curry」

Mana is an Ojou-sama…she had a maid in her house all this time.
She doesn’t cook normally.

「I can only make curry. Since we’ve made curry during the school camp before…」

Mana said that but…
…She’s not preparing any.

「…But, I haven’t cooked a large amount…」

…I see.
She doesn’t know the amount of ingredients.
When making it at school, the materials are prepared for each group…

「I’ll teach you」

Megu puts on an apron

「Do you know how to make it, Megu?」

Megu looks in the fridge.

「In Yamamine house, mother is working…since I was in elementary schools, I prepare meals several times in a week」

Megu takes out the necessities…

「Curry rice and salad will do?」

Mana smiles at the entrance of her skilled 『sister』

「Yoshi-kun, can you wash the rice?」
「Oh…how many counts?」

Megu points at the rice cooker.

「I think filling up that rice cooker will be enough. We just cook once more if it’s not enough…?」

The members of 『Kuromori』who were staying in this monitor room until a few days ago were only four people, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Margo-san and Nei-san.
Therefore, the rice cooker only has the size for a domestic rice cooker.
But, there’s five more people, me, Megu, Mana, Michi, and Yukino…there’s nine people in total.
Un…we have to cook twice.

「Either way, I don’t think everyone will eat together so isn’t that fine? We can eat in order so the one’s next can cook while the first one eats」

Margo-san and Katsuko-nee are centered on working on the internet.
This situation will continue until 11 o’clock news.
Certainly…there’s no problem if they take turns at eating.

「…Is it okay if the food disappears in one go?」

There’s also the case about Cesario Viola right now.
We’ll be hiding in this school for a while…
We should leave as much food in the refrigerator as possible…

「Katsuko-san has said that you don’t need to mind it!」

Mana said.

「The food will be replenished tomorrow…!」


「That’s what I’ve heard from Katsuko-neesan too. It seems that we have ordered from the supplier that delivers ingredients to the cafeteria. If it arrives tomorrow, Yoshi-kun and I will bring it to this room…!」

I see…tomorrow’s a weekday.
The food for the remaining consecutive holiday will be brought by the trader.
Well then, there’s no need to worry.

「…Okay, let’s make some」

We make curry while carrying out Megu’s instructions.

「Ah…you put that in later. It’ll just break if you put it ahead of time.」

The half-sisters cooking along well.
Somehow, it feels harmonious as if they were together since they were born.

「…What’s wrong, Yoshi-kun?」

Megu turned back to me with a smile.

「…No, nothing」

Then, Mana…

「Did we get Onii-chan’s heart throbbing with our cooking figures?」

She smiles like a small devil.

「It’s okay, you can touch Mana’s ass or even Megu-oneechan’s ass…!」

Mana flips her own miniskirt.
Mana’s not wearing any panty.
When she flipped it up, you can only see her round slippery ass shaped like a fresh egg.

「Mana…we’re cooking! Don’t take out your ass!」

Megu scolds her sister.


I embrace Megu from the back.

「Geez…even Yoshi-kun…」

Megu feels embarrassed.

「Megu’s very sexy when she’s cooking」

I caress Megu’s tight and firm ass…

「…Yup, it’s great」

Mana sticks out her ass to me…

「Onii-chan…what about Mana?」

I touch Mana’s ass…
The elasticity of this 14 year old naked butt is amazing.
The sensation is also different.

「…Let’s stop for now. We’re close to fire after all」

Megu said embarrassed.

「Then later」


「Is kissing no good too?」


「…it’s fine…do it」

I kissed Megu’s soft lips.


Just that much makes Megu’s face entranced…

「Onii-chan, Mana too…!」

Mana’s plump an cute lips…

「…Ehehe! Onii-chan, I love you!」

Looking at their smiles…
I suddenly got worried.

「…Earlier, Michi’s father has said this」

I remembered.


Mana asks.

「Yeah…we’re already allies so she wants to be called Michi, she said」
「I see…Michi-san or Michi-oneechan…how should I call her?」

Mana muhtters.

「Then you see…in the car on our way back, Michi’s father told me. 『Love will end someday. But family won’t end』…!」

If『love』will end…
Then these two will part from me someday?

「My, that father is someone that’s different from what he looks…!」

Megu’s surprised.

「But, that’s t rue…『Love』will end but 『family』will always be 『family』…!」

Megu smiles.

「Onii-chan, it’s great that we’re 『family』isn’t it…?」


「You see…Mana feels very strange right now. During Maika-san’s time…she definitely should be Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s daughter and Yukino-san’s sister but…that kind of memory is like a movie where it’s not yourself. Surely that’s because Onii-chan made Mana his 『family』」


「My 『family』is Onii-chan, Megu-oneechan, and Misuzu-oneechan…that’s for now. I’d like for the people in『Kuromori』to accept me sooner Then…Mana will become『family』with everyone」

Mana smiles innocently.

「It’s okay…Mana has become Yoshi-kun’s『sex slave』properly Didn’t Yoshi-kun say『She’s family even if a slave』」
「Un…you’re right, Megu-oneechan」
「But, don’t let your guard down. Do your best as a『slave』 Then, surely, Minaho-san and others will be accepting Mana「」
「…I know」

Mana’s already my『family』…
…from the bottom of her heart

「I’m also Yoshi-kun’s wife!『family』!」


「Ah…But, I try not to have strange monopolizing tendencies. I know well that Yoshi-kun has other girls. Everyone needs Yoshi-kun. That’s why you don’t need to mind me strangely. I won’t think that Yoshi-kun’s having sex with other girls as cheating」
「…But, are you sure about that?」

I’m uneasy.

「What’s wrong? What are you worried about?」

Megu embraces me.

「I feel like Megu will abandon me if I do something selfish. No, of course…if Megu doesn’t need me anymore, you can always go with someone else…!」

Megu closed my mouth with her lips.

「…Forever, we’ll be together forever. Megu is Yoshi-kun’s wife…we’re already『family』…」
「That’s right…you worry too much, Onii-chan」

Mana embraces me from behind.

「We’ll always be 『family』forever…!」

…『Family』doesn’t end
…『Family』will continue.
『Family’s』the only one that’ll stay as 『family』even if you die…

◇ ◇ ◇

「Curry and rice is done!」

Coming back to the monitor room…
The war in the monitor screen continues.

「Maru-chan and others, go ahead…Mii-chan and I are in the middle of a great campaign!」

Nei-san shouts.
Looking at the clock…it’s past 7o’clock.
Even the national broadcast news are taking up Shirasaka’s arrest in Australia.
Though it’s completely forgotten…the bribery scandal of Endou’s uncle who’s a councilor.
Their treatment is small but…that’s national news, Endou! You did it!

「…Then, I’ll take your offer. We’ve got it easier now」

Margo-san stands up.

「We’ve uploaded all of Shirasaka Sousuke’s videos with the celebrities…even if we don’t upload on the video sites, other people will be just spreading it more」

Taking a dish from Megu…she begins to eat curry.

「Nei-san and Michi, what are you doing?」

I asked Margo-san.

「Those two are disturbing the information in reddit and twitter. Kudou-san’s amazing, speaking in a mysterious warrior style, posting information from the underground…leading Shirasaka’s new image gradually, the people in the board are calling her 『Warrior God』

Michi…she had such talents.

「I’ve been taught by my father how to construct information on the internet. In the past, I also had aliases like 『Red tempest Queen』and 『The light in the tempest』…!」

Michi…that’s just 『tempest』…
Suddenly…Katsuko-nee’s phone rings.


Katsuko-nee speaks to Minaho-neesan…!

「Ojou-sama! Kyouko-sama said 『Count Zero』!」

Margo-san’s master and the first generation guard of『Kuromori』, she’s in Australia.
There was a contact from Kyouko・Dothnomechey-san?!

「…We only have now as the timing. 『Plan is go』」

Minaho-neesan tells Katsuko-nee.

「…Kyouko-sama, 『Whisky GO GO!』desu!」

What’s going on in Australia?

「…Margo, check the movement of Shiraska house’s newspaper!」

Margo-san puts the curry rice dish on the side then goes back to the computer.

「…Leave that there, we’ll just eat it later again!」

Margo-san’s face goes back to her battle mode.

「Ojou-sama! Shirasaka house seems to have made contact with the City Hotel!」

Katsuko-nee shouts.
Minaho-neesan smiles.

「…They intend to hold a press conference!」

Press conference…?!

「…I’ve confirmed here too. Shirasaka house’s television station’s 10 o’clock news show is broadcasting 『Emergency and special interview』it seems…!」

It’s 7:30 right now.
There’s still two and a half hours.

「Katsuko…keep in contact with Kyouko-san in Australia. If the other side sends an image, tell me immediately!」
「Margo, grab as much information about the press conference as possible…!」
「…Got it」
「Nei and Michi-san, instigate the people in the internet and say 『There’s an outrageous confirmation at the press conference this 10 o’clock』and get them interested!」
「Got it!」
「Certainly, nari!」

Everyone’s facing their own computer.
Minaho-neesan is sticking to the monitor while directing orders to the others.

「Yoshi-kun, let’s go and eat ahead of them」

Megu said.

「But…I have to do something.」

Everyone’s fighting, and yet…

「But…Yoshi-kun has that kind of forte, doesn’t he?」

Megu smiles gently.

「I think so…I tried helping out Nei-san a while ago but I have never done posting on reddit… I wasn’t able to do it well」


「Rather than that … let’s eat by the three of us. We need to cook the second batch of rice too…surely, Minaho-san and others can’t eat until ten o’clock」

…Perhaps that’s the case.

「We just have to do what we can right now…」
「Yeah…got it」

Mana turns to me.

「Mana…let’s eat」

The three of us are eating…
Oh, I forgot about Yukino.

「Hey, Yukino…eat」

Yukino’s just lying down on the floor limply.
I put a plate of curry in her side.

「…I don’t need it」

She answers without power.

「Don’t say that. Megu, Mana and I made it…!」

Yukino’s glaring at me.

「What do you intend on doing after capturing Papa!」

For some reason, I remembered what Kudou papa said.
Kudou papa said…「It can’t be helped」in rapid succession.

「…It can’t be helped. Everyone has a grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke…!」

Yukino fell silent.
The television and internet.
The people of Japan are attacking Shirasaka Sousuke.
Shirasaka Sousuke…is being the object of hatred now.
…Minaho-neesan’s plan is frightening.
If ever Shirasaka Sousuke is in Japan.
Shirasaka might defend himself.
Shirasaka comes from the distinguished family, his appearance is good…since he’s from the advertising agency, it seems that he’s good at talking.
Even in press interview, internet…it was possible to talk about Shirasaka freely…
Good at fooling people…among the general public, it’s possible that there are people that will protect Shirasaka.
But…Shirasaka right now is in Australia.
In Japan, Shirasaka’s crimes are all being talked as『fact』…
The person himself can’t refute.
Rather…the bad coping if the Shirasaka house and their news organization…they’re dropping Shirasaka Sousuke’s reputation even further.
Right now, there’s no one who will ally with him.

「Anyway…eat. I’ll leave it here」

I tell Yukino who’s lying down.
I can see Yukino’s naked ass from the torn skirt of hers.

「…Let’s prepare for tomorrow’s lessons!」

Megu said after she finished eating.

「Yoshi-kun…Have you prepared for English?」

…At this time?

「It is at this time that’s why we have to do it. Tomorrow’s a weekday」

megu takes out textbooks and dictionary from her bag.
My textbook is in the locker in the classroom.

「But…study is. I won’t be going to university anyway」

I’m going to help out Katsuko-nee and Nagisa on their shop…

「Even if you don’t need to go to university, you need to study! If you’re going to do business then you need to be able to calculate…you need chemistry on bakery, and if you want to work on flower shop it’s better if you know about biology?」

Megu strongly insists.,

「But…English is…」

It’s not that I’m going abroad.

「Yoshi-kun!…you’re my husband but also Misuzu-san’s husband!」

Megu’s angry.

「It’s a problem if Misuzu-san’s husband can’t speak even English, right? I’m sure that Misuzu-san has a lot of foreign friends!」

True…I feel it’s like that.

「I’ll do my best together with you」


「Even I am Misuzu-san’s『sister』. I can’t afford to shame my『sister』…!」


「English…then social studies afterwards. History, politics, economy…if we don’t have basic knowledge about that, we can’t talk to Misuzu-san’s friends!1」


「Also, national language too…we have to learn at least the history of literature」
「Isn’t that all of it?」

I’m not even studying at all.
I haven’t done it since the entrance exam.
My father disappeared after April…

「We’ll do all of it…Yoshi-kun, you said that you’ll make an effort so Mana can be a 『Super Model』right?! Then you also have to make efforts for Misuzu-san’s sake…!」

…For Misuzu?

「Got it…let’s try it」
「…It’s okay. I will be studying together with Yoshi-kun…okay?!」

Megu smiles.

「Then…Yoshi-kun. I’ll lend you my textbook so take notes of all the English words you don’t know on this page. Then, I’ll look for the definition in English…okay?」

I begin my study in English.

「Yoshi-kun, your posture is bad!」

Megu warned me about my back rounding up.

「Onii-chan…I’ll study too!」

Mana takes out her textbook and notes.

「I also have some homework for the consecutive holidays…!」

Mana said that, but.

「…I know. I can’t go back to school anymore. Shirasaka Sousuke-san is in this news a lot already… But, I have to study. I’ll become a 『Super Model』for Onii-chan’s sake. At least, I need to be able to speak English…!」

I pat Mana’s head…

「When the current uproar ends…I’ll ask Minaho-neesan to look for a new school for Mana…!」
「Un…then I’ll enroll as 『Yoshida Mana』…Onii-chan’s sister!」

Mana smiles…!
…AT that time.
The people in the carnage…

「Minaho, the contents of the press conference is assumed to be like this!」

Margo-san shouts!

「…Can we send someone to the press conference?」
「It’s hard…Shirasaka house won’t let any but reporters from major media groups enter the hall. They’ll lock out freelance reporters」

Katsuko-nee interrupts Minaho-neesan and Margo-san’s conversation!

「I’ve been asked by a major newspaper publisher…a named journalist can participate, can’t they?」

…Katsuko-nee seems to have a secret plan.

「Journalist and critic Kaionji-sensei was my guest! That man should have a connection to the newspaper he came from!」
「…He does know the other face of Shirasaka Sousuke, right?」
「Yes…he was a regular customer of the old 『Kuromori』」
「…Katsuko, call him right now! I’ll pay Kaionji-sensei as much as he wants!」

Katsuko-nee jumps to her phone.

「…Hello, Kaionji-sensei? It’s me, Katsuko. It has been a while. Yes…is Sensei watching over too?…That’s right, it’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s case. No…we don’t intend to save Shirasaka. It’s the opposite. We’ll be informing only sensei…the current news on Shirasaka is all leaked by us. That’s right…we have started this to abandon Shirasaka completely. Then, let me get straight to the topic… Actually, we have something we would like to discuss with Sensei…!!!」

The hot night continues!

1. They did ↩
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