Chapter 181 : Chinatown (Part 2)

「Cesario Viola’s hobby his disguise isn’t it?」

Kyouko-san speaks in English during breakfast.
She wants Maru-chan to join the talk.
Therefore…I answered in English too.

「Yes…there’s an exclusive stylist and make up artist that changes Viola’s image to what he imagines everyday」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「It’s said that his disguises can be seen as a completely different person? Is that true?」
「…It’s true」
「…But, then how do Viola’s subordinate tell that it’s him?」

Maru-chan asks me.
Sensei also looks at us in interest.
Kei-chan…just looks down and eats scrambled eggs.

「It’s easy. If there’s an unfamiliar face before when everyone gathers before they start their work, that’s Viola…!」

Kyouko-san said.

「That’s sloppy…」

Maru-chan said that but…

「Actually…Viola’s team is always the same. The teams will change on their targets but the members of each team are always the same」

I answered.
Anyway…I should tell Kyouko-san and others what I know…
…So Kei-chan and I can survive and go back to Japan together

「Before the work…They will gather at the place Viola has decided. Plaza, park…stadium, cinema, dining room. Viola likes crowded places. Then…the members who gathered for that day will look for him who disguised. Viola enjoys playing『Hide and seek』 He takes Kei-chan and I for camouflage…」

Kei-chan stops eating.

「Viola’s sister will be coming to that spot too. Rosalind has been watching Viola’s disguise process herself after all…」

Viola likes his sister’s blowjob while getting his make up.
Sometimes…Kei-chan does it too.

「Therefore…she know who’s Viola there. Then , she grins at her subordinates who’s wondering who’s viola」

Unpleasant woman… unpleasant siblings.
I want to escape…
I want to escape from their binds.

「Then…Lorenzaccio Bandini will appear in the designated location five minutes late. He will call out the person he thinks is Viola. Then Rosalind will approach him laughing…almost a hundred percent of the time Viola himself is pointed out by Lorenzaccio Bandinin」
「…How does Lorenzaccio Bandini know Viola’s disguise?」

Kyouko-san asks.

「That is…Viola will call Bandini every time his disguise is done. Then…He’ll give a hint. 『My disguise right now is a 1978 nominee for supporting actor award』or『The character in the fourth work of Director Sergio Leone』… Viola and Bandini are movie enthusiasts…so they can understand with just that hint」

They make such worthless plays.
Before they kill people…

「But…Viola’s subordinates are fine with that『meeting』but…we don’t know who Viola is you see」

Maru-chan said in worry.

「Because Lorenzaccio Bandini’s connected, I can accompany you to the site. We can only confirm Rosalind. We’ve confirmed her face at the hotel yesterday」
「You two…didn’t you live together with him for nearly a year? Won’t you know it when you see it?」

Kyouko-san looks at us.

「Sorry…we don’t know」

Viola who completed his disguise is a completely different person…
There’s no way we can distinguish it.

「…Are you the same?」



He looks down…and answered in a low voice.

「…There are times I do know」

Viola who has been stacking up his skin with Viola…
…I understand.
I felt jealousy against Viola.
Viola and Kei-chan are closer than me.

「…It’s just rarely」
「Is that so? Then, tell us at the moment you notice it…」

Kyouko-san stares at Kei-chan

「That might be the deciding factor for your life and death…」

Right now…we…
We’re on the line of life and death…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The blue sedan Ford departs from the villa.
Inside the car…Kyouko-san’s driving, Maru-chan is on the passenger seat.
On the back seat…Kei-chan and I
…Sensei’s not there.

「Mina will be going by another car to buy us some time… If we’re together, there’s a possibility of us being crushed in one swoop…」

Kyouko-san said.
We head to the counterfeit store for our passports.

「We’ll be arriving at Chinatown soon」


「…The counterfeit seller lives there」

…Before long
The car goes to a corner in Chinatown and in front of an old building.
Facing the main street…a place with a lot of people

「Let’s go. Hurry to the building so you won’t be seen by much people…!

As told by Kyouko-san…we jumped out of the car and towards the building…
Kei-chan and I was wearing a matching black jersey.
It’s a bit larger than our size.
These were the clothes Maru-chan bought last night.
On our head is a white baseball cap that has a mark of earth sporting equipment.
Our hair is all inside the hat…
At a distance…Kei-chan and I look like twin boys.

「…I’ve been waiting, it’s ready」

Opening up the door on the third floor office…it was a short thin gray haired old man.
A thick lense reading glasses…the old man’s eyes were big.
Grinning…there’s a gold tooth in between his yellow teeth…
He doesn’t look like a person we can trust

「First would be the deposit」

Kyouko-san hands a bundle of bills to the old man.

「…The rest are here」

Kyouko-san shows a bundle on her breast pocket

「True…no, isn’t that a bit too much?」
「It’s fine. I’m in debt with you so I’d like to get along in the future as well」

The old man looked at the bundle then said:

「…Don’t think badly of me. In this place, if Cesario Viola glared at you, you won’t live…!」

…As expected.

「I know…is Viola himselg doing business you?」

Kyouko-san asks the old man.

「I don’t know it well but her sister told me that he came back to Los Angeles from Tijuana last night」
「Then that means…he’s going to come with his『enemy attack team』from Tijuana?」
「I don’t know that far…!」

The old man shook his head.

「As expected…what kind of program’s there?」

Kyouko-san cross examines the old man…

「If possible, I’d like to stay away from trouble. Therefore…」
「Are they going to come attack us at the moment we get out of this building…?」
「Perhaps that’s the case…when you leave this room, I’m supposed to signal from the window over there」
「…What’s the signal?」
「Open the window…that’s all」

Kyouko-san summarizes for a moment.

「Did you tell Viola how long we’re going to be in this office?」
「It’s not Viola…it’s Lorenzaccio Bandini」
「I don’t care who…」
「…I said that it’ll take an hour and a half to make passports」
「Then…do it in one hour」

Kyouko-san said.

「Hey hey…don’t say the impossible…it’s for two people」
「Do you think that Viola will keep his promise with you?」


「The moment we’re on our least guard will be at the moment the fake passport is done and available. I’ll enter that office in that timing.」

Kyouko-san said then approached the window.
She looked out from the gap of the curtain…

「Then…they’ll deal with us including you. It would be far smarter to deal with us inside this room than outside isn’t it?」
「Are they going to kill me as well?」
「Isn’t it Cesario Viola’s way of dealing with『witnesses』, right?」
「But…Lorenzaccio Bandini guaranteed my safety!」
「…Lorenzaccio Bandini isn’t Cesario Viola. Do you think you can trust that promise?」

Kyouko-san smiles

「Either way…I think you should let us go as soon as possible」
「…You’re right」
「Then…Hurry up and go to work. These are the data for the two. Name and address…Canadian passport number…」

Kyouko-san handed out the paper print.

「…Got it」

Then…he begins creating the counterfeit passport.
Kei-chan and I were photographed at the back of the office…
The photographs were developed soon then pasted on the passport paper.
Then…Kyouko-san’s data brought from the Canadian official is brought in.

I’m a Hong Kong Canadian 『Mei Lin』
Kei-chan is…『Fan Lin』

「How do you write this in Kanji?」

I asked Kyouko-san.

「I wonder…I think you should just write it as you want」

Kyouko-san sent a mail to someone while saying that.
It seems she’s planning something

「Here…it’s done!」

The sweaty old man…
Handed the passport to Kei-chan and I
…When I try to take it

「…Let me see」

Kyouko-san took it and checked the result.
Kei-chan’s passport too.

「Un…you did well at such an express speed」
「That’s obvious…it’s my job!」

The old man said angrily.

「Now…pay up the money already and get out!」

Kyouko-san takes out the money

「I know…Margo」

Margo-san has been looking outside from the curtain gap

「…Do you know how many are there?」
「There’s four room taking a look in this room」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「You still have a long way to go…As far as I can see here, there’s seven people」
「There’s no need to apologize…these kind of things are learned by experiencing it」

Kyouko-san looks at the old man.

「Could you wait three minutes after we get out of this room before you signal those guys?」
「…Three minutes?」
「Isn’t that fine? Just a freebee…!」

Kyouko-san smiled on the old man.

「Very well…I’ll wait that long」
「Please…then, thank you for your help. I’ll go come to you if I need something again…!」
「Don’t involve me with Cesario Viola again!
「Even I feel sorry!…Let’s go everyone!

Kyouko-san calls us out

「You don’t need to see us off…!
「Yeah…then, stay healthy」
「…You too」

Coming out of the old man’s office.
Kyouko-san mutters at the moment the door closed.

「Everyone…run down to the second floor!」

Kyouko-san’s holding my hand…
Margo-san’s holding Kei-chan’s hand and we run!
As if jumping down…we run down the stairs to the second floor.

「…Stop now! Lower your heads and grasp the handrails!!」

At the moment Kyouko-san said that…


A sound of explosion comes from the third floor!!
The building shakes…
Then…outside the window…
I saw the blood-stained body of the old man falling down…!


Kei-chan screams!
I can’t even speak out!

「Tsk!…Even though I told you not to get close to the window right away!!!」

Kyouko-san…did you plant a bomb?!

「W-What happened?!」

A man wearing a suit comes from the office of the second floor, surprised from the explosion.

「…Let me through!」

Kyouko-san enters the office.

「Hey…W-What are you doing?!」

Maru-chan mades the man in suit faint with an attack.

「Now…hurry up…!

We go to the office in the second floor…
It looks like a small travel agency.
The woman in front of the computer looked at us with a surprised face.

「…Let us through!」

Kyouko-san breaks open the window on the back!
Then…the other side of the office on the third floor exploded.

「I’ve grasped the structure of this building for a long time ago!」

Kyouko-san looks outside the window…!

「…Un, Mina’s here!」

Outside the window…a pick up truck comes running!
Sensei was on the driver seat.
The truck stops under the window

「Now, jump on the truck!」

First…Maru-chan jumps to the roof of the truck.
Then…Kei-chan who’s supported by Maru-chan.
Next…was me.

「Hurry up and hold on!」

Sensei shouts from the driver seat!
Kei-chan and I jumped to the backseat of the four door truck while holding down our beating hearts.
Maru-chan goes to the passenger seat
Kyouko-san grabbed on the pick up truck tray…!

「They’re here!」

Two guys who look like hoodlums run towards us!
They have pistols on their hand!

「…Stop or I’ll shoot!」

As soon as the two held up their pistols…!
Kyouko-san threw out something!


The two men dropped their pistols.


When I mutter it…


Maru-chan answered.

「It’s a metal pellet thrown」

Kyouko-san throws more Kabutowari to the men

「Mina…start the car!」

The car starts of hard!!!


The pick up truck went around the buildings and tried to get out of the main street


A shout was heard from a loud speaker

「…What’s that?」

Kyouko-san’s voice comes from the tray.

『…Should we stop the action movie here?!』

There’s a hundred men holding up their guns on the main street.
Our car is surrounded in around twenty meters.
Their clothes are all loose.
The people who we thought coming around the town a while ago…
Everyone’s Viola’s followers…!
Not just ordinary pistols…there are those who have rifles and machine guns too.
All of their muzzles…
Are all facing us…!

「…We’ve charged thoroughly this far」

Sensei speaks in frustration
The seven watchdogs from outside the window were decoys…
There are more than a hundred people placed in places we can’t see…

「…Los Angeles is Cesario Viola’s domain…Kyouko-san and I seems to have underestimated it」

In front of the hundred armed men…
A man wearing a white suit appears.
He holds a loudspeaker in his hand.
…This man
For some reason, he has a large bandage on his nose.

「…That’s Cesario Viola isn’t he?」

Kyouko-san asked us from the tray.

「…I think so」

Kei-chan answers.

「You think…?」

Kyouko-san stands up on the tray looking defiant…

「Hey! You’re Cesario Viola?!」

Cesario laughs.

『That’s right, you’re Kyouko・Dothnomechey-san, aren’t you?』

Viola speaks on the loudspeaker

『I think my relationship with the Brazilian people wasn’t that bad…!』

Viola…as expected, he thinks that Kyouko-san is from the underground organization in Brazil.

「You’re not so famous in Brazil after all!」

Kyouko-san provokes Viola.

「But, from what I was told…Cesario Viola is a small villain in Los Angeles who has a hobby of fucking little boys」

Viola wipes the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief.

『I recognize your courage to speak in this situation…you should be careful. You’re talking to the king of Los Angeles underground society…!』

Kyouko-san snorted.

「What king? Oh…a perverted pimp king!」

While Kyouko-san is trying to provoke Viola…
Sensei and Maru-chan inside the car…

「Viola’s aim are these children…he won’t order to shoot」
「Right…if they’re killed, then he can’t get them back…」

It’s not『these children』
Viola’s aim is Kei-chan only.
He thinks that it’s fine to kill me.

「Anyway…whatever Viola says, he won’t leave us」

Sensei looks at us.

「…I know」

Kei-chan answered.
That’s right…Kei-chan knows.
At the day when our parents were killed by Viola…
Kei-chan and I obediently listened to Viola’s command to『Get the children off the car』…
Therefore…father and mother were killed.
We can’t repeat the same thing.

『Heey, Kei! If you’re in that truck then get off! If you come down there, I’ll spare those guys…I promise it, Kei!』

The voice in the loud speaker calls out Kei.
Kei-chan looks down.

「Kei-chan…don’t do it. You can never trust his promise you know…!」

I hold Kei-chan’s hand tightly.

「I know…I know…Onee-chan!!!」

Meanwhile…Sensei and Maru-chan…

「Margo…how many tear gas do you have?」
「We should’ve prepared more」

Maru-chan finds sparking lights from the nearby buildings.

「…Made it in time」

I look up to the direction Maru-chan was looking at.
There’s someone signaling a floodlight from a window

「By the way…Mr. Viola!」

Kyouko-san calls out Viola.

「I heard that you’re a film freak but…that’s a lie isn’t it?!」

Viola looks at Kyouko-san with a suspicious face.

『…Why do you think that’s a lie?』

Kyouko-san grins.

「That dress…isn’t that Jack Nicholson’s clothes in the movie『Chinatown』?!」

Viola smiles.

『You know it…!』
「You’re the one who doesn’t know…! Nicholson dressed in that will fail at everything at the end of the movie, didn’t he? He was unable to protect his treasured daughter and she was kidnapped…!」
『Just because I’m dressed as Nicholson…I don’t plan to do it as the movie says…!』

Viola peels off the nose bandage…

『I’ll take Kei and kill you…the story is planned to continue like that…』

Kyouko-san laughs.

「My, by the way…Mrー What were closing curtains『Chinatown』?」

…Closing curtains?

『…What is that?!』
「Have you failed to remember?…Mr. Who’s a movie maniac knows it doesn’t he?…Eh, no way, you don’t know?」
『…I know!』
「Then, say it…Go!」

Then…the situation filled with tension comes to an end.

『The last words were…!』

Viola answered.

『I forgot…What happened to Chinatown…!』
「Oh, that’s right…That’s right!!!」

At that moment…!
Kyouko-san raised her hands…!

The building next to us shoots towards Viola and others!!


Viola were assaulted from the side…!!
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