Chapter 193 : The two sides of Heart

「Anyway…send her to the track and field clubrom. I don’t think you can keep company during the practice but…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…Got it. I’ll protect Megu.」

I swore, to my own heart.

「Megumi’s heart is conflicted right now I think…」
「Shirasaka Sousuke is Megumi’s father. That girl is trying to kill her father together with us. Of course…Megumi feels hatred towards Shirasaka…that’s why she loses control of her emotions」

…Does that mean?

「He has been the existence that made her suffer since childhood…the dark emotions accumulated inside are bursting out in a dash…that’s why she’s strangely emotional…there’s no way she’ll be able to hold that back you know?」

Megu who should be patient and quiet…feels strange.

「Then…Yukino’s existence is accelerating the conflict in Megumi’s heart further…」

…Yukino’s existence?

「Yukino-san is the symbol of hatred for Megumi…」

…Symbol of hatred?

「Shirasaka Sousuke and Shirasaka house now. Over the years, the existence that made Megumi suffer all this time is now collapsing. The father who killed her mother…through Yamamine house, Megumi has always been oppressed by Shirasaka family. And…Yukino is the symbol of both」

…For Megu…Yukino is.

「The daughter loved by Shirasaka Sousuke…Yamamine house’s unable to go up against Shirasaka family, and the one who has been bullying Megumi has always been Yukino-san, isn’t it…?」

Favored by the head of Shirasaka…Yukino reigned like a princess.
Forbidding Megu to wear fine clothes…made her quit club…didn’t allow to let her go to the first high school she aspired to…was Yukino.
Yamamine house has always been submissive to Shirasaka house all this time but…
For Megu…Yukino is the symbol of Shirasaka house’s tyranny…

「That’s why, inside Megumi’s heart… she wishes for Yukino to disappear along with Shirasaka Sousuke and the Shirasaka family」
「Could it be…no way, she’s going to kill Yukino?」
「…She shouldn’t have thought that far. Megumi’s a normal girl. She just want Yukino-san to receive a penalty and have her go somewhere far away. On a very far place where they will never meet again」

…She won’t go as far as killing her then.
But still…she wants to retaliate to Yukino too…
…and have them never meet again.
I understand Megu’s feelings…

「That’s why…when she was watching the video of you and Yukino-san having sex…she was unable to allow it by all means…!」
「We’re not that intimate though」

Rather…we were just yelling, cursing each other while having sex.

「…Megumi can see it as such」

… Is that so?
True…Megu said that but.

「Also…Mana-san too」
「…Mana too?」
「Mana-san…she has abandoned Shirasaka family you know? She threw her own past and identity and jumped to Yoshida-kun’s chest. That’s why, she doesn’t want to see Yoshida-kun and Yukino-san getting along…!」

…Yukino for the current Mana.
She’s the symbol of the『past』she threw away…
Yukino still calls Mana『Maika』…
She thinks of her as her sister and a person under her control.
Yukino…she’s the『Sister』who made a fool out of her…

「Mana-san also wants Yukino to go away somewhere. She wants her to disappear. That’s why…she’s that harsh with Yukino-san…!」

She calmly makes her faint with the stun gun…

「I’ve made the two join up…so they unconsciously pull Yoshida-kun from Yukino-san」

…Is that how it is?
Both of them don’t want Yukino to stay here.
Their reason is personal but their purpose is matching…
Both of them want to eliminate Yukino…

「Then…from the sense of antagonism with Yukino-san…or the anxiety…there’s a tendency to lean towards much more excessive and stimulating sex」


「They’re worried because Yoshida-kun might be taken away by Yukino-san」
「That’s…I’m not」

If it’s Yukino…or Megu and Mana…
Then Megu and Mana are much more important.
Both of them are my『women』
I have the duty and responsibility to protect them.

「Both of them aren’t confident with themselves so they’re like that」


「Their inferiority complex towards Yukino-san…Megumi and Mana-san thinks that Yukino-san has much more charm as a woman」
「That’s…Megu and Mana are attractive enough. Even I told them over and over again…!」
「It can’t be helped…That’s how it has always been…」

…Always been?

「Both of them has seen Yukino-san been pampered and made to wear beautiful clothes in Shirasaka house for years you know? Those girl has been looking up at Yukino-san and…Yukino-san looks down on them. That has accumulated for a very long time…it’s not easy to overturn the hierarchical relationship between the two and Yukino-san…!」

…Is that so?
I don’t know interpersonal relationships like family though.
I know that both of them have an inferiority complex towards Yukino,

「That’s why…those two are escaping through sex. They drown in sex」

…They escape through sex.

「Sex with the person you love is a wonder drug that’s most effective on an unstable minds. If you have sex then the insecurity in the heart is released. Especially…Yoshida-kun has the power to make girls feel relieved. Both of them are escaping through sex with Yoshida-kun」


「Remember this…sex is amazing but it’s also dangerous as there’s a possibility of getting addicted」

…Sex addiction

「Similar to Alcoholism and Nicotine addiction…there’s a disease called sexual addiction too. How do they call it now…oh right『Sexual dependency』was it?」


「In case of the two…the『Yoshida-kun dependency』is much stronger than『sexual dependency』 Their minds have already set to never have sex with anyone but you…」
「There’s a speech where they have a 『A body that can’t have sex』with anyone but that person right? But those girls just learned about sex and their body isn’t that developed yet… That’s why they make it so that they’re no good unless it’s not Yoshida-kun, instead of falling into the worst situation where they『will have sex with anyone』」
「…What does that mean?」
「There’s no choice for them…they haven’t opened up to any other men but you. There’s no one but you」
「But…apart from Mana who was in the enemy side until the day before yesterday, Megu has Minaho-neesan, right?」

…That’s right.
Megu has Minaho-neesan who she trusts sincerely.

「But I don’t have a penis you know? The sedation with Yoshida-kun’s sex is really amazing. You should have confidence in your ability already」

Even if you say that…
There’s no way I have confidence in my own sex…
I was just a virgin until quite recently.

「Your sex can even heal the anxiety in Yukino-san’s heart who doesn’t even love you at all…」


「Really…when you embrace a woman, you make them feel relieved. You have that power. Therefore…she wants to monopolize you. The scramble for Yoshida-kun has begun」


「Megumi and Mana-san…also don’t want you to be taken away by Yukino-san. Also, both of them are『sexually dependent』only to you. On top of that…both of them are convinced that they lose to Yukino-san when it comes to charm…」

The three elements overlap…

「Therefore…their trend in sex will get even more excessive. They feel like you’re going away unless they have a much more stimulating sex…!」

Minaho-neesan said.

「True…it feels like they’ve gone too far…!」

『Naked stroll』and the『rape play』…

「If it’s a play then that’s fine but…Megumi wanted to have sex during classes, didn’t she?」

Minaho-neesan has heard it all.

「Ah, yes…I was surprised from that. The very decent Megu said something like that… !」
「Of course you do know that Megumi isn’t a sex crazed slut, do you?」
「Well of course」

Minaho-neesan leaked a sigh.

「I’m worried that you might be taken to do that. That girl’s desperate. “He might be taken by someone” she thinks…especially Yukino-san」

I see…it doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex by all means…
She just wants to hold me by doing that…

「It’s a bit of a problem don’t you think? 『Addiction』and『love』are different… You do know that this is a bad situation don’t you?」
「But…Megu has to face the students in the school knowing she’s a Shiraska. Her dependence towards you will increase rather」

Un…in the school, Megu can only rely on me…

「Therefore…be careful and moderate on taking care of her」
「In short…I’ll support Megu on the back but if she asked for excessive sex, I don’t have to respond?」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「That’s how it is…if Megumi can’t really bear it hen love her normally. Normal sex will be enough…your sex has enough power to soothe Megumi…believe in yourself」
「…Got it. I’ll look at Megumi’s eyes and embrace her」
「…Please, Yoshida-kun」
「No…she’s my Megu. I’ll take care of her. Ah…Mana to」

Un…Mana too.
I have to be careful…

「I don’t mind if you do something like『rape play』…But, strongly insist that it’s just a『play』in the end. Before and after the『rape play』…you have to embrace and kiss your partner closely. With a smile too. Tell them『It felt really good, thank you』and smile to your partner Try to finish the sex in a bright mood…if you do, even with『rape play』they won’t develop an even more extreme sex. On the contrary, when the dark feeling remains…it’ll settle in the heart of the girl and it’ll increase and grow to a much more extreme and gruesome sex…!」
「…Got it」

Whatever sex it will be…I have to make it fun and bright.
Consideration is important.
I shouldn’t have sex that leaves frustration in their heart.

「I can leave the two to you?…」
「Yes…Thank you for your advice Minaho-neesan」

I bow and say thanks.

「Now then…the main subject has just begun」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…Main subject?」

Minaho-neesan smiles.
…What is she planning up?

「Today is a weekday so normally you have classes until the sixth lesson, right?」
「But…we have the matter with Shirasaka house and Cesario VIola so if possible…I’d like to end the classes by lunch…!」

…Does this mean ?!

「…We’ll use Yukino-san to make a fuss」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes shine suspiciously.

「Of course…this is a part of my『revenge』」

In short…I have to participate in it.

「…What should I do?」
「I’ll explain the details later…we’re in the process right now」

Anyway…she’s planning something that involves Yukino.

「However…depending on the outcome of the event…I think you will have to decide『what will you do to Yukino in the end』…!」


「With that said…please think about it starting now」

Minaho-neesan said

「I’ve already made an answer」

I answered.

「From our sex earlier…Yukino has said that it will be our last. Yukino doesn’t want to do it with me anymore so I will give up on Yukino…!」

If this continues…it’ll be a bad influence to Megu and Mana…
I have no choice but to give up on Yukino…

「Also…if I continue to have sex with Yukino…you said that Megu will be crazy in sex… There’s no emotion that’s between Yukino and me…」

If it’s just a relationship to enjoy sex…then either one of us will collapse soon.
…We don’t love each other after all

「Do you really believe that?」

Minaho-neesan asked.

「Eh…but, isn’t that right?」
「Don’t think about it with just your head!」

Minaho-neesan looked at me with a smile…

「…Don’t think with just my head?」
「That’s right…you’re a bit top-heavy for now. It’s not good for Megumi to be instigated that way」

…I don’t get it.

「Humans are creatures emotions…if you try to find a clear solution with reason alone, you’ll fail horribly」

Minaho-neesan looks outside the window…

「You see…from time to time…I go to places where it hurts me before on purpose… The room where I was raped by Shirasaka Sousuke for the first time…the room where Naomi died. I can confirm the state of my heart when I go to that place」

Minaho-neesan looked at me.

「Now I don’t feel anything on the room where I was first raped. The only feeling I get was『Oh, it was this room wasn’t it?』 Then…I now know that the the『scars』from when I was raped and lost my virginity have already healed up. The『scar』still remains…but I know that I’m fine now」


「But…standing on the room where Naomi died…the tears still doesn’t stop. Then, I know…there’s still a big wound in me from the fact that Naomi died. It hasn’t changed since that time. The sorrow, anger, hatred…I’ve reconfirmed it from that time…

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「Spirit is a litmus paper. There are a lot of things where you don’t know the real one unless you stand there」

Therefore…you stand there and confirm.

「Humans are weak…so they often fool themselves. With words…logic. 『This is **** so ***** I have to』, or『It can’t be helped』 And they don’t understand their real thought therefore you need to measure at the moment you face the painful reality…!」


「…Face Yukino-san once more. I’ll make the location and the opportunity. Then, make the judgement once again…Is Yukino-san a necessary existence or an unnecessary existence for you?

Yukino…for me.

「Don’t use logic but judge with your heart, body and emotion.. Okay?」

Minaho-neesan’s words stick to my heart…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

From the principal’s office, I go down the monitor room.
Then…Suddenly, Nei-san jumped to me.


I’m being hugged?!
Her abundant breasts are pressed against my face???!

「Yo-chaaaan! Yo-chaaaan! Yo-chaaaan!」

…It hurts!
I-It’s soft…it’s like heaven but…
If this continues, I’ll suffocate!

「…Can’t breathe!」

I raise my face from Nei-san’s chest desperately and breathe.
…Haa, haa, haa


Nei-san’s smiling.

「Uhm…what’s with this sudden hug?」

…She’s embracing me.

「Hm…Sensei told me」


「Un…Yo-chan seems to be downhearted so give him a bear hug…」


「Am I that downhearted?」
「Yeah…totally」 That’s why」

Nei-san hugs me strongly again.

「Onee-chan will be hugging you…!」


「Nei-san…too much force…it hurts」
「…Ehe, sorry~!」

Nei-san’s completely back to her usual condition.
No…there’s a deep sorrow asleep in the feigned brightness.

「…Really, it is as Sensei says」
「『Worry about Yo-chan more than worry about yourself』she said」

She’s really our eldest sister.
She’s been taking care of us…

「Un…it really is. When I worry about myself…I can’t do anything but sigh but…if I worry about Yo-chan, then I thought there’s something I can do…so I get energetic」

Nei-san smiles.

「That’s right…I’m glad that Nei-san’s smiling like that」
「Then…I’ll smile for Yo-chan」
「You don’t need to smile for me…I just want you enjoy being with me」
「I’m having fun when I’m with Nei-san. I love Nei-san after all」

What I learned from these past hours…is to live satisfied.
I have to tell in『words』what I think about my women.
That makes them relieved.
So it won’t turn gloomy…you have to be bright…

「Nei-san, you’re really beautiful…!」
「Yo-chan?…What are you saying suddenly?!」
「I…I’m really happy that I’ve got a beautiful sister like Nei-san…!」
「Nei-san’s already my Onee-san okay…!」

Nei-san’s eyes turned moist.

「Un…thank yo…Yo-chan!」

This time…it’s my turn to hug Nei-san.

「…I love you Nei-san」
「Me too! Yo-chan!」
「…I’ll never let you be alone anymore」
「Thank you…Yo-chan! Yo-chaaaan!」

I stroke Nei-san’s blonde hair while hugging her closely.
In my arms is a sister two years older than me.

「As expected…we’re no match against Yoshida-kun」

Margo-san said as she continues to look at the monitor.

「It almost took me an hour to calm Nei in the shower room and yet Yoshida-kun didn’t even take a minute」
「That’s not true…Nei-san likes Margo-san too. That’s why she just wanted to be pampered by Margo-san for an hour」

When I say that, Margo-san…

「Oya oya…was Yoshida-kun a child that says that kind of things?」
「I’m just saying what I really think. At that time, what Nei-san needed was Margo-san who can calm down Nei-san’s heart. Margo-san is Nei-san’s elder sister after all…」


「The elder sister has her role and the little brother has his role. I’m really grateful to Margo-san who’s always taking care of us as an elder sister. Therefore, I will also fulfil my role. We’re a『family』after all…!」

Nei-san’s deeply moved from what I said…!

「Mau-chan! Yo-chan said that we’re his『family』…he said『family』…!」


「Please think of me as the elder sister living on the neighboring house okay」


「I’m glad about what you said but right now, I must not be healed by you. We’re in a middle of a combat so it would be a problem if my intuition becomes dull」
「No, I’m the one who should be sorry but…I don’t want to forget the sensation. When my mind calms down then I may overlook something important…」

Margo-san’s really a person harsh to herself…
…No, that’s not it.
Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan has been taking care of us…and the atmosphere has turned calm so we forgot about it…
Our current situation is really severe.
We can’t be crushed by the anxiety, but…
We can’t get rid of the tension…
Therefore, Margo-san…tries to keep a tough look as much as possible…
That is Margo-san’s『role』as the『family member』of『Kuromori』

「Ah…speaking of which, where are the others?」

There’s only Margo-san and Nei-san in the monitoring room…

「Oh, Katsun is in the kitchen. Megu-chan and Mana-chan are in the shower room」

Nei-san answered

「…What about Yukino?」

I asked in worry.

「Yukino-san’s in the confinement room」

Margo-san presses the keyboard.
One of the monitor shows an image of Yukino trapped in a small room.
Yukino’s wearing only a white blouse hanging her head.

「We had this room?」
「Un, just in case. It’s our first time using it but…that only has two tatami mat space. The floor to ceiling is only 180cm」

It’s really a small room.

「We don’t want to use it that much…it’s mentally harsh to be confined in that room」

True…it looks like you’ll be turned claustrophobic.
Or rather…Yukino’s limped it looks bad.

「But, it can’t be helped…Minaho-san said that it would be better to isolate Yukino-san and Megumi-san…」

I see…so Yukino and Megu and Mana won’t meet each other…
Minaho-neesan has confined Yukino ahead of time.

「Nei-san…can I leave Mana to you?」

Un…just as Minaho-neesan says…
Mana should be separated from Megu and Nei-san should take care of him.

「Un…I know. Sensei already told me」

As expected of Minaho-neesan, she’s already moving.

「I also prefer it that way. When I take care of someone, I get distracted…」

Nei-san smiled at me.

「Now…let’s remove this vid before the two comes back from the shower」

Saying that…Margo-san turned the video in Yukino’s room.

「Minaho and I will be watching over with this small monitor here. Therefore…Yoshida-kun doesn’t need to worry about Yukino-san」

Margo-san told me…
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