Chapter 196 : Endou and Yukino’s morning…

When I end my call with Misuzu…Katsuko-nee spoke to me.
「Sorry but could you deliver breakfast to Yukio-san in the confinement room」

Looking at it…there’s one tray on the table with rice ball and miso soup for one person.

「Neither Margo-sama nor Ojou-sama are here so I can’t move away from the monitor」
「…Where did the two of them go?」

I asked Katsuko-nee
I’d like to know about Minaho-neesan in particular.

「Margo-sama is looping around the school…there are some places where she’s uneasy about the surveillance cameras and sensors… It’s already bright so she’d like to check it with her eyes」

As expected of Margo-san, she’s always thinking ahead.

「Ojou-sama is preparing for the『trick』again」
「『Trick』?…the thing Iwakura-kaichou’s taking part too?」

I want to know the contents of it

「That is…I can’t speak it out. I can’t take away Ojou-sama’s fun after all」

Katsuko-nee said and smiled…

「However…I’ll show you this video at least. It’s a video from a few minutes ago」

Saying that…she operates the keyboard.
An image reflects on the monitor.
…That is
The hidden camera put on the baseball ground…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

『…Why did you come here?!』

A roar echoes in the ground.

『No, you see…I…!』

A man in his practice wear is standing outside the ground…
That is Endou.

『Don’t give me that bullshit bastard…! Do you know what you did yesterday?!』

The baseball club members are staring at Endou from the ground.
Their eyes are burning with anger.

『You criticized the coach in the middle of an outside game and went home without permission…!』
『You showed that state to other school…you do understand that was a disgrace on our faces…!』
『…Geropa-kouchou even came! The coach’s position is completely ruined!』
『There’s even a lot of students from our school…and yet, you!』
『How dare you show your face to us calmly…!』

The practice game with the baseball club from other school…
Endou was ordering a change of coach…
He mocked the coach in front of the public…
He went home without permission in the middle of the game…

『T-That’s why…I want to apologize』

Endou tries to enter the ground between the wire net…

『Outsiders can’t enter our holy ground without permission!!!!』

Endou’s legs stopped from those harsh words.


A big man comes out from the baseball club members.

『…Captain Ataka?!』

Endou mutters and Captain Ataka glares at him.

『…You’re removed from the baseball club』
『Yeah, we had a meeting after the game yesterday and that’s what we decided…we don’t need your leave report. Or rather, don’t show your face in front of us again』

The captain of the baseball club throws a『Break off declaration』to Endou.

『N-No way…that’s harsh, captain…』

Endou said while laughing hysterically…

『Or rather…I think that you’ll be given indefinite suspension at the staff meeting today…!』

Endou opens his mouth wide, making a foolish face.

『Are you an abysmal idiot? Making such a fuss in front of the principal…there’s no way you’ll come out unharmed!』

…Doing something that stupid from his temporary emotions…
…He stopped the progress of the game and even blamed the coach.
It was seen by the principal and other people from the school…
Thinking about it normally, he’s completely out.


Endou’s faltering.

『Your prided councilor uncle seems to have been arrested!』
『Yeah, I saw it from yesterday’s news!』
『Suspected bribery…it seems that your father’s company is involved too…!』

Endou…thinks that with the political strength of his uncle…
…and the power of his father’s money, he can do anything…
That’s why he just rampaged yesterday.
But…Endou’s shield is about to lose power.
Endou has to pay responsibility for what he has done by himself.

『Anyway…you’re no longer related to baseball club. There will be a meeting in the athletics club so I will make it clear with them…!』

Captain Ataka said.

『We’re already close to summer qualifier…there’s no way we can let an asshole like you be with us!』
『The truth is, you should’ve been beaten up by everyone here!』
『Stop that, if you hit that idiot…then you’d be suspended and we won’t have anyone to play』
『This brat will definitely tell his dad…!』
『PapaーEveryone’s been bullying me, something like that?』
『Yeah right…he’ll cry to his parents then ask them to do something about it』
『But…this guy’s parents don’t have the room for that do they?』
『That’s where they would complain for their cute cute baby boy? They’ll go to the Japan High School Baseball Federation…!』
『Scary scary…overprotection is scary!』

The club members curse Endou and laugh.

『…Isn’t senpai the one exaggerating here?』

Endou who doesn’t have any learning ability just opens his eyes without holding back his childish heart.

『Exaggerating?…Don’t give me that bullshit idiot!』
『Yesterday’s game…if it wasn’t for your mistake then we could’ve won!』
『You just gave us extra humiliation to bear…!』
『Please quit the school before you got indefinite suspension!』
『That’s right, that would be better!』

Tit for tat…!
Endou’s heart heats up quickly!

『Sure…I’ll quit from this school!』

…It would’ve been good if he hold back here and yet.
Unable to do that…is the small human named Endou Kenji

『I will break off from weak people like you!』

Look…he’s done it

『What what what’s with all of you…making a fool out of me…! Even though you’re not even a good baseball club…! You see, I came all this way to this school even though I’m much more talented than all of you!』

…Even though he could’ve stopped there.

『Didn’t my father’s donation buy you a lot of drinks and protein?! Just how much do you think was invested in you!! Then you just turn your hand away from something so trivial!』

Endou’s true nature comes out.

『Well fine, who cares about you! I’ll transfer to another high school…I will enter the baseball club there and I will definitely make you regret it…!!!!!』

Endou puts up a middle finger to the baseball club members and shout so hard.
Endou intends to make them fall I guess…
He’s glaring at the baseball clubs with bloodshot eyes.
Those words thrown at the baseball club members turned to a『cold bird』flying above their head…

『…Is that so?』
『…Then do your best?』
『…Un, if you can then, sure』

The club members reaction are as cold as ice.

『W-What the hell is with you people…I’m serious! I will destroy you all in an official game, remember this!』

You’re so stupid it makes me sad…

『Err…someone explain it to him, I don’t want to talk to him anymore…』

Captain Ataka said in disgust.

『Well then, on behalf of the captain…!』

One tall member raised his hands…
I’ve seen this guy…he’s a second year Koizumi-senpai.
He’s the baseball club member sucking cigar on the roof…the one I witnessed before I was beaten up by Endou there…
He’s one of the two people who became my starting point of raping Yukino.
That Koizumu spoke to Endou.

『Are you planning to transfer to a school to beat us in an official game?』


『Isn’t that obvious!? My purpose is to make you regret…! I will make you repent that you kicked me out until you die!』

The enraged Endou shouts at him.

『But you see…which high school that’s going to compete with us will accept you seriously?』

…Endou’s angry face twitches.

『W-W-W-What do you mean?!』
『Well you see…you caused trouble in the baseball club of our high school, and in addition you are a student who quit school after an indefinite suspension…do you think that an admirable school would accept you specially?』
『You can’t use your uncle or your father’s power anymore…!』

Endou’s face turns paler every moment…

『Furthermore…you caused a fuss in the middle of a game…』
『There were scouts from other schools on that preliminary round…』
『Yeah…you probably would be quite famous on baseball clubs on the surrounding schools』
『Telling the coach that you’ll tell your Papa that you’ll fire him! A big idiot who shouted and ran away from the ground』
『Or rather…it seems that the video of that scene is already on niconico』
『Eh…are you serious?』
『It must’ve been a scout from other school taking a video and uploading it?』
『Ah, I saw it last night. It was under the『funny videos』on the site』
『Un…it was ranked five on popularity yesterday』

…That’s probably Minaho-neesan’s act.
Once she bore a grudge, she’ll definitely take revenge…

『With that said…there’s no baseball team that would take you in inside the prefecture』

Koizumi spoke to Endou meanly…

『If you really want to continue baseball then you should look for schools on the countryside far beyond the prefecture…a remote school that doesn’t have an internet connection or something. You might be able to transfer to that school safely without then knowing your bad behavior…!』
『But, well…either way, we won’t see each other again』
『For a school outside the prefecture, you can’t hit an official game unless you go to a national tournament』
『But…it’s possible that we can go to Koshien only at a fundamental level with our ability…!』
『Furthermore, the possibility of Endou’s new school confronting us in Koshien…is already equal to zero』
『Either way…we’re already severing connections with you』
『Yeah…well, that can’t be helped』
『That’s what Endou decided himself…he’s already quitting our school』
『Well…live healthily on another high school!』
『Don’t come back ever again!』
『Go back to the mountains!』

The baseball club members laughed together.
Endou…his face that looks like he’s about to piss any moment trembles…
Lastly, Captain Ataka told Endou.

『The uniform you used yesterday and took home was an official game uniform… There were opinions from the members that you have to return it but when it comes to this, the uniform you wore is too bad to use. We don’t need it. You can have it…that’s your last memory for a high school baseball…!』

Captain Ataka seems to think that it’s impossible for Endou to transfer schools and continue high school baseball…
True…all the schools in the prefecture would refuse him…
The plan to go to a distant school in the current situation where Endou’s relatives are involved in a bribery case, that’s impossible.
Endou’s high school baseball life is already over.

『U-Uhm…captain, everyone…!』

Endou puts his hand on the ground in a hurry…!

『I-I’m very sorry for speaking a-arrogantly!』

Endou kneels on the ground with a pale face.

『But…I love baseball! I don’t want to quit baseball!』

Rubbing his forehead on the soil…!

『I’ll stay in this school! Please…please let me stay in the baseball club!!!』

Captain Ataka looks down at Endou like a pest…

『It’s too late…!』

The other baseball club members look at Endou with eyes of sneer…

『…Really, what a useless trash』
『…I’ll never forgive you!』
『…Or rather, die already!』

Endou still shouts while lowering his head…!

『Are you telling me to quit baseball?!』

The captain lost temper from those words.

『…Don’t give me that bullshit bastard!!!』

The other members held back the captain…!

『…Captain, we’re just before qualifiers』
『That’s right, there’s no worth hitting that guy!』
『If you hit him you lose…he’ll definitely squeal to the league…!』
『…Please calm down for now』
『Our guts are burning too but we’re holding back!』
『…Please bear it』

Captain shouts!

『…Take this brat to somewhere I can’t see!』
『…Yup, got it. Captain』

The two second years…Sugiyama and Koizumi who were from the rooftop that time jumped outside the ground.

『…Hey, Endou, come here』
『…Hurry up!』

The two senior members pull Endou forcibly and took him away.

『P-Please wait…I want to talk to Captain!』

Endou resists…!

『Idiot, you made him that angry, there’s nothing to talk about anymore!』
『Anyway…come with us for now!』

Saying that…the two lift Endou to their shoulder…!

『Then, Captain, we’ll be throwing this guy away!』

Saying that…the two carries Endou while cheering…

『Wait a moment…please, wait…hey…!』

Shouldered by the two stronger seniors…Endou’s figure grows smaller and smaller…

『…Because of that idiot our training has started late. Well, let’s start!』

Captain Ataka pulled himself together and told the members.


Finally… the baseball ceremony begins

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「…What the hell is that?」

I’m nothing but amazed.

「That’s all for Endou-kun’s video」

Katsuko-nee told me with a smile.

「No, uhm…what’s going on after this? Endou was taken by the two seniors…where is he right now?」

When I asked that…Katsuko-nee…

「We’re still recording now」

So something’s going on right now?

「…Could you show me the real time image?」

They must be in the school…
If they’re recording with a surveillance camera…then we should be able to live broadcast.

「Well…not for now」

Katsuko-nee said.

「…Why not?」
「Ojou-sama’s plan has an order. We can’t show it to you right now」

…So this is also Minaho-neesan’s『plan』…?

「Rather than that…could you deliver Yukino-san’s breakfast already?」

Oh right…I remembered what Katsuko-nee said.
It’s pitiful that Yukino’s hungry.


I bring the tray of rice ball and miso soup
…Oh right.

「Uhm, Katsuko-nee…where’s the『confinement room』?」

Katsuko-nee looks at Michi when I asked…

「Kudou-san…you followed Ojou-sama when she took Yukino-san to the『detention room』didn’t you?」

After Misuzu’s phone call, Misuzu’s face looks deppressed…

「Y-Yes…should I guard him?」
「Then…could you go with him to the『confinement room』? Yukino-san might begin to rage…!」

Michi who felt that she was given a『mission』 has her face changed to work mode…


Mana who’s playing with Mana look at me…

「Then I’ll go too!」


「I don’t want to let Onii-chan and Yukino-san be alone!」

Rather…I don’t want Mana and Yukino to meet
Contact with Yukino still stimulates Mana’s heart…
I can’t aggravate Mana’s dependency any further.

「No…Michi is enough. Yukino might be stimulated if we’re too many…she’s mentally dangerous right now…!」

Yukino was struck by reality from the conversation with Minaho-neesan a while ago…
There’s a possibility that she’s in a dangerous state…


Nei-san embraces Mana from the side…

「Mana-chan’s on watch with me right?!」

Nei-san smiles…!

「It’s okay! We can watch the situation in the『confinement room』from this room!」

Saying that…Nei-san activates one monitor.
The state in the『confinement room』is reflected
Yukino…she’s somewhat limp.
It’s the same as last night…
She’s lying down like a lion in the zoo…

「Watch it here with me, okay?」

Nei-san’s kind words…Mana…

「…Got it」

She answered in a small voice.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「This way…!」

I head to the『confinement room』guided by Michi.
That said, it wasn’t very far.
From the monitor room, to the door leading towards the bathroom and toilet…open the wall next to the toilet.
At first it looks like a wall in the machine room but it turned out to be a hidden door.
Three small doors line up when I pass through the back passage.

「These three are the confinement rooms」

Michi said.

「Yukino-san is on the firstmost room.」

Michi opens the lock with the key Katsuko-nee gave her.


How should I say it…it’s a very small room.
There are only two tatami mats and the ceiling is around 180cm.
You’ll get claustrophobic with this…
The whole ceiling is a light panel and it glows brightly…
If this goes dark, you’ll panic.
There’s only 150% space to breathe.

「…Yukino, I brought you breakfast」

I try to talk to her but…
Yukino who’s lying down on the floor wearing a piece of white blouse isn’t twitching at all.

「Hey, Yukino…you okay?」

I tried to enter the room but…

「Don’t come in! Leave me alone!」

She snarled…
For the time being…she seems to be alive.

「Here, you must be hungry. I brought breakfast…!」

I try to show the meal on the tray…

「I don’t need it! Bring me back home!」

Yukino’s in bad mood…

「Don’t say that…eat. If you don’t eat it then you won’t regain strength」
「…Who cares!」
「…You don’t want to eat?」

I’m a bit worried.

「There’s no way I would! If you have appetite in this kind of circumstances then you’re crazy!」

Yukino shouts…!
Well…there’s no need to worry if she’s this energetic.

「I can’t do anything if you don’t have an appetite but anyway, I’ll leave it here」

I put the tray next to Yukino lying down.
The room that’s too narrow…
The delicious smell of miso soup drifts in the room.


…Yukino’s stomach rumbled.

「What, aren’t you hungry?」

When I say that…
Yukino jumped out of bed and glared at me…!

「Shut up shut up shut uuuuup!!」

You’re the one who needs to shut up.

「Anyway, eat…we’ll leave so take it easy and eat. Okay?」

I told Yukino.


Yukino ignores me then lied down again.
…She’s really an animal.

「…Who told you to bring it?」

Yukinko who’s lying down told me.

「Eh…Katsuko-nee told me. She said that Yukino might be hungry…」
「Is that so?…As expected」

Yukino leaks a sigh.

「You…in the end, you’re always acting according to other people’s orders…!」


「You don’t have a will of your own…you just listen to everything other people tell you then obey them…the worst」


「The only time you made a decision was during the first time you raped me? No…even that one was just a setup by Yuzuki-sensei and you just acted according to Yuzuki-sensei’s plan」

Yukino glares at me.

「You don’t have a self…!!!」
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