Chapter 200 : Endou-kun’s Judgement

Yukino appears behind Minaho-neesan…
I torn down the uniform Yukino’s wearing until yesterday…
What she’s wearing right now is what Mana brought out of her room…a spare uniform.
Yukino’s…wearing that uniform『normally』
No…it’s different from『normal』
Our high school girls are…except for some super serious girls…
They’ve devised how to wear their uniforms.
They try to roll up their skirt at their waist to shorten it…
They try to open a button on the blouse…
It’s the so-called…high school girl feel clothes in Japan.
Yukino was the same.
…Until yesterday

「…The hell is that?」
「…Hey hey, what does this mean?」

The classroom turned noisy…
Well of course…
Yukino right now is just like a super-serious high school…
She’s wearing the school uniform perfectly according to the『school regulations』…
Just like how the illustration on the student handbook look like…
The correct length of the skirt is unstylish.
Her blouse is buttoned up to the top.
Her hair is separated in braids.
There’s no ribbon but a black rubber hair clip.
From the center of her forehead to her head…her hair is divided into two perfect parts.
Then…an old style nerdy silver rimmed glasses…
Yukino…your eyesight isn’t bad, is it?
Yukino was toned down to a quiet girl by her dress…
Doing that far…Yukino who’s a well-known beauty looks like a plain girl.

「…What, is it that woman?!」

From outside the corridor…statements from the spectators who don’t know about Yukino pops out.

「…It’s not, you idiot」
「Yes…if I recall, she’s a girl with good looks」

The first year from the class next door who has seen Yukino told the senior.

「Ah…what do you mean?」
「…She came looking like that on purpose」
「Well…if she pretends to be a serious child then you won’t be coming for her would you?」
「Like I said, why?!」
「Well you see…her house is surrounded by the press! When she’s captured then she’ll have an impression that she’s good」

The spectators were convinced by that explanation.

「Wow…that’s the worst」
「That girl usually mess around normally?」
「Well…her dad’s in an advertising agency」
「She probably hangs around the clubs and mess around?」
「Couldn’t she have fucked with a model boy?」
「She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter after all…!」
「That girl’s father gather’s girls in his house and have a party, doesn’t he?」
「That girl’s definitely participating there…!」
「Un un…she’s definitely『selling』」
「Yeah…if I recall, she has that face」
「Well…she came to the school on that look on purpose…!」
「That’s stupid…does she think we would sympathize with her by wearing that dress?」
「Why are you going to sympathize with Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…!」
「Well…『I didn’t know that my Papa did something bad. Boohoo!』she tries to gloss it over?」
「Can’t be fooled like that」
「That’s obvious…that’s just bullshit」

The spectators on the corridor heats up on their own…

「Oh right…let’s take photos!」
「Ooh…let’s upload it on the net!」

The boys take out their phone and capture Yukino’s image.

「Ah…me too」
「Right…you can’t take photos of a criminal’s daughter that easily」
「He’s the most famous criminal in Japan right now…Shirasaka Sousuke」

The phones give out a shutter sounds.
She remains standing next to Minaho-neesan all this time…
She’s enduring as she’s exposed to the harsh sounds of shutter from the corridor.

「…It’s about time」

Minaho-neesan looked up at the clock in the classroom.
The homeroom chime rings.

…Kinkon! Kinkon!

「Okay…everyone, go back to your classrooms…!」

Minaho-neesan told the spectators.

「…But, Sensei」

The somewhat excited senior tells Minaho-neesan…

「…Hurry up」

Minaho-neesan…gave that one a cold gaze.

「…Hey, let’s go」
「Right…for the time being, we saw her come to the school」
「Let’s come back later」
「Un…we also took photos」
「I’ll come back to take photos later…when I upload this to net in real time it’ll become a『festival』for sure!」
「Ah, that’s good…!」

While speaking selfishly…
The spectators disband in the corridor.

「Okay…good morning everyone」

Minaho-neesan greeted morning with her usual expressionless face.
Yukino’s standing beside Minaho-neesan while having a gloomy face.
She’s not going to her seat.
…The class is confused.
Even though it’s just been a month since the entrance ceremony…
Yukino’s a classmate.
She’s a classmate they saw everyday.
For Yukino to appear with such a『serious girl』look
Everyone would be confused.
Or rather…the air says「What’s this?」…

「First, Shirasaka-san has something to say to everyone」

Cued by Minaho-neesan, Yukino bows her head…

「…I’m sorry for my father causing a fuss on the society」

Ah…she’s being made to say that.
It’s not the words she want to say…
From that speech…it was transmitted.
At that moment…the people in the class felt something『out of place』from Yukino…
It turned to『antipathy』immediately…

「Okay, Shirasaka-san, take a seat…」

Yukino goes to her seat.
A cold gaze attacks Yukino.

「…We’ll begin our attendance」

Minaho-neesan confirms the attendance while looking at the list.
When she’s at Endou, she stopped…

「…My, Endou-kun’s absent?」

His seat is empty.

「Sensei…Endou-kun’s bag is here」

The student next to his seat reported.

「Uhm…he came to the baseball club this morning but…Endou was banished…」

The baseball club student explained the story this morning.

「Then…perhaps, it got to his head and he went somewhere?」

The baseball club member only knows that Endou was taken away by the two seniors.
Afterwards…Endou was beaten up by those delinquent baseball club members, then Iwakura-kaichou took the destroyed Endou to the gym…Minaho-neesan and I are the only one who knows here.,

「Speaking of which…Endou-kun’s house is in bad state too. Yesterday, the fuss was about Shirasaka-san’s father’s news so the report about it became small」

Minaho-neesan said filled with sarcasm.

「I didn’t know」

The small voices flutter in the classroom…
Oh, it’s because the matter about Shirasaka Sousuke was greatly reported…
There’s a lot of students who didn’t knew

「Endou-kun’s councilor uncle…he seems to be arrested for bribery」

Minaho-neesan said calmly.

「…What’s that?」

The boys asked Minaho-neesan…

「It’s taking bribe for convenience…simply put, they apply pressure in the market to make it convenient to those who flush out funds. Then, it seems that Endou’s father was also one of the briber…it seems that he’s one of the people who handed money behind the scenes」
「…Oh, speaking of which, Endou’s father’s company got a lot of work from the city, didn’t he?」
「Eh…so they give money to the uncle and take the work?」
「That’s how it is I guess」
「…What happens now that it’s exposed?」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「NOrmally…they will resign from the Diet before he’s arrested by the police… If you’re in the congress, then you’ll be blamed thoroughly by the other lawmakers. It seems that he’ll be driven out by the political party be belongs to…well, it’s impossible to come back as a politician.」
「Eh, so Endou’s proud skill『My uncle’s aー』won’t work anymore?」
「That’s how it is…nobody would take you in if you have a criminal record you know? If he can’t get a party take him then the next election would be hard…」
「Won’t it be harsh for Endou’s father’s company to not have a work on the city?」
「Right…they might go bankrupt」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「…Sensei, that’s not something to laugh about!」

A serious girl opposed Minaho-neesan.

「My, it’s funny you know…don’t you remember what Endou-kun told me yesterday?」

Endou did the『My uncle is a city councilor』against Minaho-neesan, in front of everyone.

「Well…that’s a lot of change for one day. I wonder if that’s how the French Revolution felt…right, Shirasaka-san?」

Right…Endou picked a fight with Minaho-neesan yesterday and Yukino’s house was exposed to the class.
Shirasaka house…owning a major newspaper company…
Yesterday, she picked that topic on purpose to elevate things up…
Those in my class and others…they got more interested in the news about Shirasaka Sousuke.
Yukino no longer has a place to go to.

「By the way…what about Endou being expelled from the baseball club during this morning practice?」

One of the male student asked the baseball club member.

「Oh right…you guys don’t know」

Yesterday, after the physical examination, there are those who returned home immediately so they don’t know what happened during the practice match.

「Yesterday…we had a『practice game』with a baseball club from other school」
「Oh, Endou mentioned that」
「Then…that Endou bastard, while in the middle of the game, he did the『Wait till my Uncle hear about this1』in front of the other schools and the principal…!」
「…Could it be that he’s crazy?」
「But still…he said that he’ll cut off the baseball club’s coach with the power of his uncle」
「No…he’s totally useless so the coach asked for a substitution…then he suddenly snapped!」
「Un…I saw that too. 『Why am I getting replaced?!』he shouts…then screams『I’ll get you coach and director fired』」
「Then…he went home without permission while in the middle of the game」
「That’s just horrible」
「Or rather…is he some country’s dictator?」
「Or rather…there’s a limit on being stupid」
「Inside his brain, his uncle councilor is a『great leader』」
「But…you know it normally. The city council member doesn’t have the authority to dismiss director or a coach in a private high school’s baseball club」
「Well you see…it’s Endou」
「He’s an abysmal idiot…」
「Also…his councilor uncle has lost his position…」
「He can’t use his father’s money too…」
「Un…he’s checkmate」

On Endou’s seat where nobody’s seating right now.

「Well fine…if someone sees Endou-kun, tell him to come to the faculty office」

Minaho-neesan said with a smile.

「The principal’s calling him…Endoui-kun’s going to have an indefinite suspension」
「Eh, why…Sensei?!」
「Idiot, he just did that in front of other school’s baseball club! He’s a shame in the school!」
「It was in front of the principal too…!」
「Or rather…Endou seems to be quitting school」

The baseball club member tells everyone.

「…Eh, no way?」
「Earlier, when Captain Ataka told him『You’re removed from the baseball club』he snapped…then he told us that he’ll transfer to another school, enter the baseball club there and make us regret…!」
「Is that even possible?」
「Well, 『the possibility is on a particle leve』I guess?」
「Un…he caused trouble to another high school…I don’t think that he’ll be able to enter a school or a club in such a halved time…!」

The apathetic air drifts in the classroom.

「What will happen to him?」
「…Shouldn’t he just die?」
「No, even hell would be lukewarm for him…!」
「Un…I think he’ll tell the demons in hell『My uncle is a city councilor』…」
「…I feel sorry for the demons」
「Can’t win against an idiot right…?」

…Then, one of the student turned to me.

「Speaking of which…in the middle of the game…wasn’t Yoshida doing a Hero Show behind the wire net?」

…Hero Show?

「Ah, I saw that! It looks like a small girl swings a chain and scythe…then a cool girl beat up some of the hoodlums?」

Michi and Margo-san?…
No, she was swinging a steel ball but there was no scythe A scythe.

「What was that? Yoshida and Yamamine-chan were there too…!」

…How should we explain this?

「Oh…that was people from the nearby college filming an indie movie」

Minaho-neesan said with a nonchalant face.

「…Indie movie?」
「It seems to be an action hero movie. It seems that it will be on a university’s school festival. For the time being, the application to shoot came to our school」

Un…lying smoothly…

「Oh…but still, that was an amazing punch」
「I see…so there’s no way that’s an iron ball attack」
「But, that girl’s a cutie isn’t she?」
「Cute girls fighting that nasty makes you fire up, don’t they?」
「I see…that might be a college level indie film」

…As expected of『Kudou style』
It’s too much of a comical attack that you can’t see it as a serious fight from a distance.
The guy who started the talk about said that it was a『Hero show』
They try to make that kind of impression…
Kudou papa’s actions are surprisingly deep.

「Or rather…Yoshida」

The baseball club member looks at me.

「I thought that I just mistook you for someone but…last week, there was another beauty with you…」

Right…the baseball club…
Last week…they witnessed Misuzu and I kiss…!

「…My, what is it about?」

Megu talks to him.

「No…Yamamine-chan…you see…actually」

Is it okay to talk or not?
The baseball club member is confused…

「…You do know that Yoshi-kun and I are『engaged』…don’t you?」
「I don’t mind it at all…I’m completely fine with it…!」

Megu said then smiled at the baseball club member…
Those eyes are scary.
She’s applying pressure.

「No, uhm…Yamamine-chan…it’s nothing」

The baseball club member fell silent.

「Yoshi-kun and I were there because the college students came and asked『We’ll be recording a movie so please appear as a background character』 That’s all. The two girls are students from other schools who were scouted by the college students too. We completely got along…!」

Megu throws a lie smoothly.
It seems that Megu was able to escape the mental burden…she’s gotten strong.
As a member of『Kuromori』she’s reinforcing Minaho-neesan’s lies…

「Oh, so that’s what happened…!」

The schoolgirl who came to see the game was convinced easily

「But…Shirasaka-san was there too, right?」


「That’s right. Shirasaka-san was also called out by the college students… Everyone will take a meal there then the bad guys will attack…it’s a story of two action heroines taking them out」

…That’s amazing, Megu
She’s doing well on making up lies on the spot.

「But…everyone rode the car together. Shirasakka-san rode together too」

Wow…this one was watching it closely.

「That’s right…the movie’s story goes to that extent. After that, we went to the town with the college student’s car and we were treated hamburgers. That was a make up for the performance fee…right, Yoshi-kun!」

I just nodded.

「That’s one meal saved for us!」

…Ah, Megu.
She intends to use the『poor』setting that was mentioned before…
For the students to accept us…
She judged that it’s good to make them think that we are『poor』…

「Un…that was great. We were treated with the biggest burger available. It’s my first time eating such a thing」

Or rather…I have never been to a hamburger shop.
Anyway, let’s just say what’s suited.

「Hee…is that so?」

Okay, good…it seems that we’re able to fool them somehow.

「Then…when Endou-kun comes, tell him. I’ll ask everyone to take care of Shirasaka-san. She’s having lots of hardships because of her father…!」

Minaho-neesan brings the talk to an end.

「Then…that’s all for the homeroom. Have fun studying today…!」

Minaho-neesan comes out of the classroom with a cold smile.
Only the students remain in the classroom…
Usually, the classroom would get noisy immediately but…
The strange silence continues.
Everyone’s paying attention to Yukino

「U-Uhm…Yoshiko…Yukari too…」

Yukino talks to the usual girls she’s going along with
Both of them didn’t turn to Yukino.

「Hey, Endou-kun seems to be quitting school…what about you, Shirasaka-san?」

The delinquent that was trying to get to Megu and I…
She’s now targeting Yukino.

「Are you going to stop too? Are you going to the same school as Endou-kun? You two are going out, aren’t you…?!」


「…I don’t know about him. I don’t care about him anymore!」
「Hmm, could it be because of Endou-kun’s uncle making an incident…?」
「It’s not…I didn’t know anything about him at all…!」

Yukino’s just thinking about her own self until the end.
Herself…among all of the options she has…
The delinquent find fault on what she said.

「My…Endou-kun might think the same? Who would’ve thought that Yukino-san’s father was a sex criminal…!」

Yukino lit up.

「My papa’s not a sex offender!!!!」
「Huh?…He’s not? I saw it on the internet. Your father is raping a former idol…!」

It’s not just in the news.
There are a lot of videos over the internet.

「That’s not my Papa! He’s just someone who looks like him then forced to say that it’s my Papa!」
「Is that so…still, that’s strange? On the middle of the video…she said『S-Stop it Shirasaka-san!』」
「That’s on 13:42, I saw it」

Another delinquent joins the war.

「『Stoooop, Shirasaka-saaan…don’t cum insiiide!!』」
「But, Shirasaka-san’s father came inside」
「That was an idol that was popular ten years ago wasn’t she?」
「My brother was an old fan…that’s why he’s a bit depressed」
「…It was completely him」
「It’s not just that girl…there’s a video where he raped a five girl unit too. Weren’t those girls 14 years old at that time?」
「Ah, I saw that…they were wearing their costumes then they were raped in something like a waiting room」
「Those clothes were certain」
「Un…no doubt. I was a big fan since I was a child…」
「No…I got so aroused」

…A-As expected of the boys
Everyone jumped to the talk of the erotic videos flowing out…

「Seriously…there’s a lot of inspection sites in the net. It’s almost exposed which hotel they took the leaked video, and which studio’s waiting room too」
「Oh yeah…everyone’s got some amazing investigation skills2」
「Then…the old man attacking in the video too…they knew that it was your father from the position of his mole」
「Un…that’s completely alike but that’s a bit irrational」
「Or rather…your father’s dick is slightly distinctive」
「Ah…it’s bent to the right a bit」
「Anyway…it’s like a purple-black glans」

The delinquents attack Yukino all together…
Having her father’s penis criticized in the class…that would be unbearably hard for a 16 year old girl…

「Who cares about the idol videos!」

A delinquent girl speaks in a loud voice.

「I feel sorry for that kidnapped girl!」
「…She was kidnapped and killed, wasn’t she?」
「The corpse come out from your villa!」

…Minaho-neesan’s sister

「That’s just too cruel!」
「That’s right…too pitiful!」
「That’s absolutely unforgivable!」

The delinquent boys was participating the idol videos…
When it was about Naomi-san…the serious schoolgirls protests.

「…You’re wrong. That’s not my Papa!」

Yukino says that but…

「Comparing the videos of the former idol…it was all the same person, it’s exposed!

The delinquent boy said coldly.

「Your father…is an advertising agency director and he comes out on TV programs doesn’t he? It was compared to the videos and photos he had at that time
「Un… That was Shirasaka’s father…!」

The materials Minaho-neesan spread over the internet…
The people over the internet are investigating it thoroughly…
No matter how much Yukino denies it…
The fact that Shirasaka Sousuke is a rapist, kidnapper, and a murderer can’t be overwritten anymore.

「Your father’s the worst scum」
「A national disgrace!」
「A demon…someone like that!」

…Yukino is…

1. It’s close but let’s make a harry potter reference here ↩
2. “Who is this 4chan?” ↩
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