Chapter 207 : Aftermath

The principal’s broadcast continues idly…
Anyway…They’ve repeatedly asked not to leak today’s event outside multiple times.
Everyone knows that Yukino’s father is making a commotion in the world right now…
They would want to avoid the bad influence coming to their student life.
That is especially on the athletics club.
Even the delinquents don’t want to drive their own school to decline…
It’s possible for those who doesn’t have friends at school or those who don’t love the school trying to talk it to the media but…
What they can only offer is witness story and indistinct photographs…
I think it’s good enough to be on a third rate weekly magazine.
Anyway…Yukino’s rape live broadcast would be a black history for the current students.

『Students…especially schoolgirls are in great shock. Kondo-sensei, our school counselor is in the nurse office so the students who think they have received a strong shock should go there for a consultation. You can go to your homeroom or club adviser as well. Please consult to someone whom you think is easy to talk to』

…Speaking of which.
Schoolboys who are familiar with adult videos usually were actively talking about it from a moment ago but…
The schoolgirls, some of them are silent…there are some who are even crying…
Of course…
The sex they saw for the first time was their classmate…
Furthermore, it was a rape video…some other children are in trauma.

「…Therefore, we have discussed to discontinue today’s classes. All of the after-school club activities are cancelled as well. I’m very sorry for the clubs near the tournament but…please take a rest in order to calm your minds. We the school faculty and staff will be discussing how to deal with this in the future. Tomorrow’s club activities will resume as normal however…today, we would like you to leave the school immediately except for the students who wished to be counseled』

The morning classes are suspended.
The after-school club activities are banned and the students are forced to go home from school.
Yup…this is Minaho-neesan’s schedule.
If there’s afternoon classes…then we can’t respond against Shirasaka family or Viola.
Right now…we want a bit of some time…

「As for Endou…for the time being, someone from his house came to pick him up」

One of the boy who went scouting on the staff room came back and told everyone.

「What’s with that…in the end, it won’t be a police case?」
「Is this the power of the parents again?」
「For the time being…he’s been expelled by the members of the baseball club yet the advisor hasn’t handled it yet」
「Then, there’s no helping there」
「Endou’s father would just roll money and deal with it somehow? Saying that it’s donation to the school and baseball club」
「…It must be a big trouble for the uncle and the father when they’re in big trouble right now…」
「Then, where’s Endou right now?」
「It seems that he’s still in the nurse room」
「Won’t his parents come to get him and take him out secretly on the backdoor?」
「Well…they can’t come home dignified」
「That was some violence shown to all of the students right…」
「Rather than seen…he showed it himself…」
「But…what would happen to Endou after this?」
「For the time being, he’s got an indefinite suspension…he might just drop out after」
「For the time being, Endou’s father’s a powerful local figure」
「Won’t he drop out himself before he gets expelled?」
「Rather than that, Endou’s father would make him quit」
「That way, the damage won’t be big?」
「While the parents are being targetted by the media for the bribery case, his son barricaded himself and raped」
「But, it wasn’t rape according to the principal, right?」
「Well, that’s just the opinion of the school」
「Actually…well, won’t that kind of thing be sticky from now on?」
「Yeah…Endou house and Shirasaka house…both of their lawyers making a thorough discussion」
「At most…won’t Shirasaka house make a rape trial for their daughter?」
「Won’t they settle it quietly?」
「No…it would become『You’ve damaged our girl so your son has to take responsibility』」
「No way…they’re going to marry?」
「Un…that kind of development might be interesting…」
「Right…Shirasaka was on it half-way of the rape too…」
「Their bodies must be compatible so it’s fine I guess. Both of them should just get married」
「If Endou and Shirasaka marries…would you go?」
「No way I would…」
「You’re right…it feels like we’ve already been shown the newlywed’s first night」
「Yeah…I think I had enough」
「Or rather…they’re a couple I can’t give my blessings to」
「No…you guys are impossible for Shirasaka you know?」
「What is?」
「…Yukino-chan’s taken to the Yakuza’s office?」
「She’s going to be forced to prostitution after this」
「Well, yeah I guess…」
「Then that means that…it’s goodbye to Shirasaka?」
「Is that how it is?」
「No…she’ll attend high school at day and work at night」
「Un un…prostitution is a night job after all」
「Nono…she can also do it at days you know?」
「Day time…there’s a big discount!」
「Hey hey…since she’s a high school prostitute, she has to come to school you know?」
「Right…if she’s not a high school student then her value would go down」
「Then…Shirasaka would still belong to our class?」
「Idiot, like hell you can study with a prostitute monitored by the Yakuza」
「Well, you’re right」
「Or rather…would you like to stay together with a girl who shows off her sex?」
「We’re fine but the girls wouldn’t want that」
「Un…that video is a bit too raw」
「Then…both of them are out?」
「Or rather…either way, they won’t be coming to our school again?」
「Well, I guess they won’t…they’ll probably disappear quietly」
「Un…normally, you’d be ashamed to come back」
「We won’t probably meet Endou and Shirasaka」
「Or rather, I don’t want to meet those shameless people」
「Even if it’s not a rape…that’s a very shameless sin」

The class say that but…
What will really happen?
Minaho-neesan declared that Yukino will stay in this school…
Is he someone that would easily back down?
As I’ve seen Yukino’s defiance earlier…
Endou is also a person who lacks the sense of『embarrassment』just like Yukino
I don’t think that they would just fade out from this…

「Ah…it’s Endou」

Speaking of the rumor…
The students looking outside the classroom window saw Endou being taken away from the school building.
The schoolboys flock at the window.
I also join in them and look down at Endou’s figurte.

「Far from doing it on the back door quietly…」
「He’s returning from the place where all of the students can see?」
「Well, you can say that it’s very Endou-like…」
「You can’t win against idiots…」

His head is wrapped in bandage…
His shoulders were supported by men in work clothes and they head to a light van.
The people in work clothes must be from Endou’s father’s company
The car is perhaps the same.
That’s trouble…they came to pick up the president’s son
Well, the father…and Endou’s prided『excellent lawyer』…
Their hands are filled with the city council member uncle’s bribery scandal…
Ah…Endou’s looking up here.
I left the window.
It’s bad to show myself and arouse Endou in a weird way…

「You bastards! Hey! You motherfuckers! Remember this! I will definitely come back!!」

Endou’s shout goes from under the school building…
If someone who doesn’t know what happened saw that, he’ll look like an insane man.

「Don’t fuck with me! Fucking! Bastard! You sons of bitches! Idiot! Baka! Fools!」

He’s already messed up.

「…etc., The criminal seems to be speaking incomprehensible things」

One of the boys made such narration.

「Now, botchan…let’s go」
「We’ll prepare a private room in the hospital…!」
「There are also Marrons glaces, Botchan’s favorite」

The employees in work clothes push Endou in the car.

「Dammit! Dammit! Remember this all of you! I will never forgive you!!」

…There’s nothing to forgive.
People lacking『embarrassment』are really strong
They insist that「they did nothing wrong」at any time…

「Oh…they’re out」

Then…Endou’s car starts…

「In his case…shouldn’t it be the light van of their house but instead a yellow ambulance?」

One of the boys said.

「Anyway…both of them aren’t here」
「Yeah…it’s finally quiet」

Then…Minaho-neesan enters the classroom and dismissed the class.

「Earlier, the principal has said it but…for those who feel depressed, you can consult our counselor」
「Sensei…I’m feeling horny though1」

One of the delinquents make a joke.

「Then hurry up home and masturbate. What do you think your right hand is for?」

Minaho-neesan’s reply is harsh

「Anyway…those who don’t have any business then you can go home. Okay?」
「Well fine…it’s holiday tomorrow again anyway」
「That’s how it is Then…let’s see each other again at the end of the golden week」

…Minaho-neesan looks at each of the students in the classroom.

「Everyone, cheer up…」

Minaho-neesan’s words were inverse.
We don’t know how to return this classroom to the energetic one.
We have a fight we have to put our lives on from now on.
This might be the last time we’ll be with the other students in this classroom

「Then…let’s end the class」

Minaho-neesan’s words pierce my chest.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「The track and field got a meeting in the clubroom」

Megu comes to my desk and said.

「It seems that it’ll only take around 15 minutes but…Captain Takeshiba wants to pull everyone together」

Un…captain Takeshiba…
She hates Yukino’s rape broadcast the most…

「Got it…then, should I wait in front of the clubroom?」

If it’s just around 15 minutes…

「It’s okay. Yoshi-kun can go ahead」

Go ahead…it means under the principal’s office.


I’m worried about this morning

「I’m fine already…Yukino’s done that much so everyone don’t mind me anymore」

Megu said that but…

「I’ll be fine alone. I’ll come back once the meeting ends. Yoshi-kun, go back and take it easy…!」


「No…I’ll go with Megu」

I must not corners at this time.
I have to be at Megu’s side any time.
At the moment I thought it’s「troublesome」or「well, it should be fine」…our bond of trust would break

「I just want to walk together with Megu…let’s go」

I tell Megu in a somewhat strong commanding tone…
Megu stretched out her hand happily.

「…Un, Thank you, Yoshi-kun」

Holding hands with Megu…we head to the clubroom
…On the way.
Megu speaks while there’s nobody else around.

「…I’m happy」

Megu snuggles to me.
I kissed the back of Megu’s ears.


Megu laughs

「Geez…do that kind of thing later」

I smell Megu’s hair

「What are you sniffing at?」
「Megu’s hair, it smells good」
「…Yoshi-kun smells good too」
「Un…I love Yoshi-kun’s sweat」
「I also like Megu’s sweat」
「When I’m wrapped in the smell of Megu, that’s where it feel the most peaceful」

After having sex and embracing Megu, she smells nice.
The smell of mixed milk and honey…it smells gentle.
I like that time very much.

「…Yoshi-kun’s amazing」

Megu said while blushing.

「What are you talking about?」
「You’re getting cooler and cooler. Since earlier, whenever Yoshi-kun speaks, it makes my heart throb…1」

Well…that’s because everyone, including Megu taught me a lot of things…
What I learned this morning…『Speak what you think…especially if it’s something that would please the other』…
I’ve learned earlier to『expose my desires honestly…however, be careful not to lose trust by having minimum judgement』
ALso…『In Megu’s case, I have to take the lead, even being a bit aggressive』…
I’m learning little by little.
How to engage with people and my『women』

「Megu’s the same. I’ll get better and better」
「…I wonder?」
「That’s right. Megu has a very good foundation. The more you polish the more you shine…you’re that kind of girl」
「…T-Thank you. Yoshi-kun」

If it was Megu before…
『Yukino’s much more beautiful』or『Compared to Yukino?』she’d say
But…she endures it now.
So she won’t fall down comparing herself to Yukino…
So her jealousy against Yukino would disappear.
I think that kind of effort is cute.

「Megu’s so cute」
「Yeah…you’re very cute」

I kiss Megu

「…I love you. Yoshi-kun」

Megu accepts my kiss.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Forget everything you saw today! We’re women in athletics but our hearts are a samurai! We can’t lose our focus just after watching such a thing!」

I can hear captain Takeshiba’s voice from inside the clubroom.
The captain is upset as she’s speaking this far.
Takeshiba-senpai’s a tough one.
She must have never seen a sex video ever.

「We won’t have a practice for today due to the school’s orders but…try to flex at your own individual homes at least. Those who can run around their home then run. Okay?!」

The club members replied.,

「Second years and the third years who’ll go to the tournament…I won’t force it but I will be training my muscles in the city’s sports center, those who want to come then come. It’ll be self-training in the end…!
「Okay, I’ll join you up!」
「Okay, then dismissed. Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting at the usual time…good bye」
「…Good Bye!」

Then…the club members come out of the room
The first years went out last as they were cleaning up.

「Okay! Those who want to self-train, let’s run to the sports center!」

Takeshiba-senpai comes out so I lower my head.
Senpai saw me then smiled.

「Ugh, Captain…isn’t that 10 kilometers?」
「That’s right, let’s go ride a bus. Bus!」
「Shaddap! It’s better to get ourselves sweaty and our head empty at this kind of times!」

…As expected
Yukino’s video was too stimulating for Takeshiba-san…

「Now, let’s go!」

Then…Captain Takeshiba and at least five senior members begin to run…
Everyone’s holding a big sports bag…their uniform and books are inside.
It must be a big trouble to run 10 kilometers holding such a luggage on their back.
Waiting five more minutes…
Megu comes out of the clubroom

「Yoshi-kun, thanks for the wait」

…We hold hands again

「Bye gals」

Megu says goodbye to the other first years…

「Huh…Yamamine-san, where are you going?」
「This way home, right?」


「We’ve got some business with Sensei for a bit」
「Oh, I see」
「Then bye… See you tomorrow」

We part from the first years who are heading to the school gate…
We head to the school building…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

From the principal’s office…we go down the monitor room
Mana hugs me.

「…Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chaaaaaan!」

She must’ve seen Yukino’s video too
Mana’s complex against Yukino is strong.

「Onii-chan, I was lonely…!」
「Yeah, Mana!」

I embraced Mana tightly.


Mana’s surprised.

「I was lonely too. You weren’t with me」

I rub my cheeks with Mana’s.
Mana smiled happily.

「Ahn! Onii-chan!」

Embrace her tightly…
I must not ignore Mana ever…
Embrace her as strong as possible as much as possible…
So she won’t feel uneasy…

「Yo-chan, welcome back!」

Nei-san is still on her boyish look

「I’m home, Nei-san」

I embrace Nei-san’s body too.

「W-W-W-W-What’s wrong…Yo-chan?」

Nei-san’s in panic.

「Un…it’s Nei-san」

Nei-san too…she actually is a person I need to hug as much as possible too…
I understand it after hearing her past last night.
She also needs a hug…
That’s why I embrace her.

「What? You want to be pampered by me?」
「That’s right. I want to be pampered by Nei-san…please pamper me」

While I embrace Nei-san’s plump body…she gently strokes my head.

「It can’t be helped…then here. I’ll pamper you for a while」

Nei-san happily said.


I rub Nei-san’s back.

「Ah, that feels great…Yo-chan」

As expected…she’s got too many worries that her body’s tense.
There’s a lot to know by just embracing…

「…Why did you go out? Even though you could’ve been found out by the enemy」

When I asked…
Margo-san who’s in the monitor answers…

「There’s a slight change in the situation」


「It’s not Cesario Viola himself but…there’s an information that Viola’s employed people are checking about『Kuromori』」

Nei-san continues what Margo-san is saying.

「It would be troublesome to the other ladies like Nagisa-san, won’t it?」

…I see.
If they investigate『Kuromori』…
Nagisa, and the former prostitutes of『Kuromori』has the danger of being aimed at.

「If we keep on hiding…it’s possible that Viola might capture them. Kidnap Nagisa-san and make her a hostage…」

That would be bad…!

「Nagisa…are they okay?」
「For now…」

Margo-san answers.

「They’re having minimum guards but we can’t afford to guard them openly. That would just advertise that those people have a very deep connection with『Kuromori』after all」
「Therefore…Nagisa-san and others will continue their normal life as usual! We’re trying not to give them inconvenience as much as possible!」

That’s why Nagisa doesn’t contact me.
Right now…she’s refusing contact with『Kuromori』as much as possible…

「But…we can’t stay in this forever. Then…there’s an information that Viola’s side seems to be approaching Nagisa-san. Therefore we used our wild card」


「If I show up…Viola would concentrate here don’t you think?」
「Yeah, once we clearly show that Nei’s here…Viola would put his force here. He brought a few people from America after all」

Therefore…Nei-san went out on purpose and let them see her…
The students in the school went home this morning…

「While we’re at it…we made a light provocation」

Nei-san laughs.

「I dressed like Kei-chan…!」

So that’s why Nei-san’s dressed like a man.

「Cesario Viola likes to take on provocations. He’s that kind of man」

Margo-san analyzes.

「Now…this is a match!」

1. Moya moya and Mura mura ↩
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