Chapter 225: Please punish me

We head to the stage wing from the『theater basement』once again.
Kudou Haruka and her four injured followers were walking on their feet, holding down the part that hurts.
Kudou mama and the emergency personnel are with them.
They head from the entrance to the dressing room to outside the theater.
They head to the hospital avoiding public eyes.
We saw them off and head towards the dressing room where Misuzu is.
We’ve got to return to the front of the dressing room or you won’t be able to return tot he lobby.

「It’s quite flashy once again」

Kouzuki security service cheif Tanizawa is waiting for us in the corridor where the dressing rooms are lined up.

「It’s this girl’s overwhelming victory. She broke her arms without hesitation」

Margo-san narrates the fight to chief.

「It’s very brave of her breaking her real sister’s arm」

Chief Tanizawa looks down on the petite Michi in admiration.

「No…that much spirit would be promising in the future. Kudou Haruka’s skill is only losing her anger…if you slip through it and decide the match in one shot, I think it’s quite a big deal」

Chief Tanizawa seems to have checked Kudou Haruka’s ability when she was employed.
The chief analyzes Michi’s ability to take down her sister who’s the top at high school Karate.

「Though the skills can be mastered through time…the mind’s not good yet. At that age, if you’ve got guts, then I look forward to your future growth. I intend to let the elder sister be recruited just for formalities but…this lady can be officially recruited in the training frame」

It seems that Michi and Haruka are in temporary employment in Kouzuki security service.

「Tanizawa-sama…I’ve got a request」

Michi asks the Kouzuki security service’s executive.

「Please delete my membership」

Chief Tanizawa’s surprised.

「…Ojou-chan, are you saying you’re leaving the company?」
「I will be serving Misuzu-sama as an individual in the future」
「However…you won’t get a salary if you don’t belong to Kouzuki security service you know?」
「We’ll be taking care of this girl’s salary…」

Minaho-neesan told chief Tanizawa.


『Kuromori』paying up Misuzu’s guard fee…Chief Tanizawa can’t understand.

「…Yes. I decided to affiliate myself with『Kuromori』」

Michi answered with a serious face.

「What? You guys aren’t just『prostitution ring』but also a『security department』?」

Chief Tanizawa speaks sarcastically, Margo-san;…

「That is not the case but…this girl can’t develop her talent on a big place like Kouzuki security service. That’s why we decided to take her in
「No way…She’s going to be Nee-chan’s disciple?
「This girl’s master is only her father. I only have the standpoint of an elder sister who will study together with her…!」

Chief Tanizawa seems to be troubled about how to reply about Michi’s transfer.

「Tanizawa-san, I don’t mind it so could you let Michi-kun do what she wants?」

Turning my gaze to that voice…
Kudou papa is together with Katsuko-nee.


Michi bowed to her father.

「I just met Etsuko and Haruka…Etsuko glared at me」

Kudou papa answers.

「If the father says so then it can’t be helped…to be honest, it’s not fun to have a girl who could become the『future strength』of our company be taken away」

Chief Tanizawa said.
Chief didn’t see Michi’s fight earlier.
For the chief, Michi’s still a『girl with a promising future』

「Besides…I don’t think this girl’s success could be entrusted to a tiny『prostitution organization』」

Chief Tanizawa glared at Minaho-neesan as he speaks.

「Are you saying that Kyouko-san and I can’t guide Michi-san properly?」

Margo-san smiled.

「I’m not saying that but…apart from Nee-chan, Kyouko-san’s out of standards」

…Out of standards?

「If it’s a human resource like Margo-neechan…I’d be gladly welcoming her to Kouzuki security service. Nee-chan’s skill has no kink. On practical use…as expected, unless you’re guarding an VIP with orthodox method, it won’t work」
「Kyouko-san’s orthodox too」
「Liar…she’s a bottomless unorthodox. She can calmly put the VIP she should protect as a bait and uncover the hostile forces, right?」
「That’s a misunderstanding. Kyouko-san serious at her work. She won’t make mistakes on her purpose and methods. She won’t put the person to guard in danger. But…she can calmly abandon someone who she doesn’t guard」

Margo-san said.

「Right. If Kyouko-san was here right now…she’d definitely protect the people’s safety in the theater but she’ll turn the guards from Kouzuki security service as shields. Those who chose guard as profession should be prepared as a matter of course, Kyouko-san can make that decision」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Looking at it…she’s not fit for a large organization」

As an executive of a security company…you also need to pay attention to the safety of your staff.
『You should be ready to throw away your life』it would be troubling if you instruct with that assumption.
Chief Tanizawa and Kyouko Dothnomechey-san have different fundamental mindset.

「In that sense…Kudou Michi-san is a talent close to us」

Margo-san told the chief…

「Don’t be ridiculous…She’s still a small girl. That can be fixed depending on the future education…!」

For Chief Tanizawa…as an employee of Kouzuki security service, an employee that’s disciplined is the best.

「Sadly…this girl’s combat ideology has already been perfected. She’s the successor of the『Kudou style ancient martial arts』」
「Is that so, Kudou?」

Chief looks at Kudou-papa…

「Her spirit is drawn towards『Kudou style ancient martial arts』 More than me…」
「Yes…I think it’s impossible to straighten her out. Even if she enters our company…she’ll only belong to the underworld like my『guard department』」
「That’s why you want her out?」
「Yes…a small caliber like me can’t teach this girl」
「I don’t think Kyouko’s a woman with such a big caliber…!」

Chief Tanizawa thinks.

「…Promise me one thing. Don’t let this girl entertain a guest ever」

Chief looks at Minaho-neesan.

「I promise…Kudou Michi won’t be a prostitute」

Minaho-neesan declared clearly.

「Got it…I’ll allow the transfer」

Chief Tanizawa told Michi.

「However…you should ask for Misuzu-ojouchan’s permision properly. Also, if you’re fed up with『Kuromori』you can always come back to Kouzuki security service. Make sure to keep those two」

Michi replied…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Then, why are you here?」

Chief Tanizawa asks Kudou papa.

「Well you see…!」

Kudou papa whispered something to Chief’s ear.


Perhaps…it’s about Miss Cordelia and the white Viola.

「Then…what happened to those guys?」
「They’ve already gotten out of site. I’ve let my reserve guys tail them」
「Then…did you tell this to Yamaoka already?」
「…Well you see」

Kudou papa makes a troubled face.

「He’s too stiff…so if he discovers this situation, he’ll just turn the defense frozen you know?」
「Even if you say that…Yamaoka’s the one responsible for this field. There’s a『chain of command』」

Chief Tanizawa complains at Kudou papa skipped director Yamaoka and reported to the position above

「I’m not good with him…」
「Got it. Anyway, let’s go to the headquarters. I’ll talk to Yamaoka」
「Both of your daughters have disappeared from the control of our company. We need to have Misuzu-ojousan and Ruriko-ojousan a guard…」
「Can’t we just have Tanizawa-san’s subordinates for that?」

Kudou papa asks.

「…Is that your aim?」
「Yes…Yamaoka’s guys don’t have enough experience nor skill」
「True…the『enemies』have penetrated through the guards Yamaoka has assembled. They’re not normal enemies」
「They can’t cope with babysitting and guarding them」

I see…as expected, guarding a child is a low status for them

「Got it…leave it to me」

Chief Tanizawa calls out the man in black suit near to him.

「Sugai, guard this place. I’m going to the headquarters for a while」
「Also…call Fujimiya to the headquarters」

The man called Sugai took out his phone immediately.

「Eh…you’re letting Fujimiya guard the ladies?」

Kudou papa’s surprised.

「Are you dissatisfied with Fujimiya?」
「It’s the opposite…isn’t Fujimiya the top among Tanizawa’s unit?」
「There’s no other woman vacant」

Chief tanizawa smiles wryly.

「But if Fujimiya’s on『offense and defense』, isn’t she a definite『attack』woman?」
「She’s got good sensitivity to『danger』 She’s qualified for the current situation」
「The other guards from other houses would be frightened you know?」
「Don’t care, let them be. I think they should have that much tension」

That Fujimiya seems to be a scary person.

「Besides…me taking out Fujimiya is an effective message to the other houses and to Yamaoka too」

Chief Tanizawa seems to be putting pressure on the venue in a good sense…

「Uhm…if you’re going to report to the headquarters, should I accompany you/」

Katsuko-nee asks anxiously…

「No, it’s possible that Yamaoka would make a strange misunderstanding if you were there. Leave this to me…」

Chief Tanizawa said.
Un. If he misunderstood…then it would be troublesome if he thought we’re connected with Miss Cordelia.
We should leave director Yamaoka to Chief tanizawa.

「…Let’s go. Kudou」

Chief Tanizawa and Kudou papa heads to the headquarters in quick pace.

「Let’s go back to the lobby for now」

Minaho-neesan said

「You can go to Misuzu’s dressing room along with Michi-san」


「You have to report to Misuzu-san don’t you?」

True…that’s right but.

「While we’re at it, come anc take Megumi-chan and Mana-chan」

Margo-san smiled at me.
If they stay there all the time…they’ll only trouble Misuzu and Ruriko-san.

「I’ll be the one to take care of Kuroko-chan!」

Nei-san said while looking at Yukino who’s sticking to me.
Yukino’s been holding the hem of my suit all this time since the fight a while ago.

「Hey, Kuroko-chan, come here!」

Nei-san pulled Yukino from me.

「I’ll be with them so don’t worry…Michi-san can remain at the dressing room until chief Tanizawa’s subordinate comes in to guard Misuzu and Ruriko」

Margo-san gives her instructions.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Michi and I head to Misuzu and Ruriko-san’s dressing room.
There were a lot of girls who changed to their stage dress in the hallway already.
Each of them have an adult woman wearing a suit…
Oh, so this is what chief Tanizawa meant by『babysitting and guarding』a while ago.
True, they have a different feeling from the male guards gathered at the entrance of the dressing room.
Though they’ve been properly trained…they don’t look like they’re specialized in combat ability.
It’s needed to be a calm woman when you have to guard small children.

「Master, this way」

Michi walks abruptly.

「Michi, you’ve come here before?」
「Yes. This symposium occurs every year. Our ladies have been using the same dressing room…!」

Each of the dressing room has a name printed on paper and pasted on the door.
Most of the performers are using a shared big room but…
Misuzu and Ruriko-san have a private room assigned for them.

「Excuse me!」

When I speak out from the outside…


Mana shows up from the inside.

「Ah, Onii-chan! Michi-san too!」

Mana happily looked at me.

「Can we enter now?」

Misuzu had to change her clothes.
I asked Mana just in case.

「Wait a moment…!」

Mana goes back to the dressing room.

「Misuzu-san, Onii-chan and Michi-san is here!」
「…Please come in!」

I hear Misuzu’s voice from inside.

「…Then, excuse me」
「Excuse me」

Michi and I go in the dressing room together…
The dressing room was six tatami mats wide.
There are two dressers having Misuzu and Ruriko-san sit in front of each.
Both of them are already in their Japanese clothing.


Ruriko-san greeted me.

「Ah…Sorry to disturb you before your performance」
「Please don’t mind it. We’re still not on stage. Misuzu-san and my turn would be very late」

…Speaking of which

「Misuzu…what about stage rehearsal?」

Misuzu smiled wryly

「I’m waiting for the stage director to call me now. It seems that they’re pushing the overall time」
「…Will you make it?」

There’s not much time left before the opening time though

「At worst, they’ll make only light adjustments…and they might not have the time to check my dance from the beginning to end」
「Would you be fine in that situation?」
「Yes…this is normal for us late performers」

Misuzu seems to be used to this situation.

「The headmaster dancing at the last always dance on main event without practice」

Well…she has to check everyone’s practice carefully…
She’s considerably tired from that and she can’t confirm her own dance.
But…the headmaster is a professional dancer…
She has the capability to dance in front of the audience without problems no matter what situation it is.

「Then…how was it?」

MIsuzu asks about the result of the match between Michi and Kudou Haruka.

「Un, what happened, Onii-chan?」

Mana looks at my face in curiosity
Next to Misuzu, Megu’s also paying attention to me

「Michi’s win…an overwhelming one」

When I answered…Mana;

「As expected…I thought it’s absolute!」

Mana’s frolicking
No…it wasn’t on the level Mana imagines.
It was a perfect victory at a ridiculous level.

「Then…what happened to Haruka-san?」

Ruriko-san asks me.,

「Haruka-san’s arms hurt a bit so she left early. Her mother’s with her…」

As expected, I can’t tell that Michi broke Kudou Haruka’s arm.
It might be too stimulating for Ruriko-san and others.

「Oh, her mother also belongs to Kouzuki security service…!」

Yoshiko-san calmly said.

「Yes, they’re heading to the hospital with great care. Her four friends are accompanying her」

To be accurate, the four of them are also sent to the hospital by Michi but I won’t speak of the details.

「Then…about Ruriko-san’s guard after this」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san’s face turned serious as they listen to me.

「Chief Tanizawa seems to have sent Fujimiya-san」
「My, Fujimiya-san?」

Ruriko-san’s surprised.

「She’s too good to be my guard…!」
「Ah, he said something about no other women can be a guard this time」

Anyway…I speak about what I know.

「Then that can’t be helped but…I somehow feel sorry for her, don’t you think Yoshiko?」
「Yes, Ruriko-sama…!」

The two ladies look at each other.

「…Uhm, Misuzu-sama」

Michi speaks to her master

「What’s wrong…Michi?」

Michi looks straight to Misuzu.
But she’s nervous she can’t speak.

「Michi has decided to devote her life to her masters, only Misuzu and me…」

Instead…I reported to Misuzu.

「…Is that so? She swore her loyalty to Danna-sama and me」


「Yes…I’ll devote my life to the two of you…!」

Michi speaks in a hoarse voice.

「Then…she’s leaving Kouzuki security service」

A long as she’s a member of Kouzuki security service…
She would be bound by the chain of command of the company
Since she swore her allegiance only to Misuzu, she won’t listen to her boss…that kind of selfishness won’t be allowed.

「Right…that’s way better」

Misuzu consents

「For the time being…on the outside, I will be affiliated with Kuromori-sama」

Michi avoids to use the organization name『Kuromori』because we’re in front of Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san.


Misuzu smiles happily.

「Well done making up your mind. Danna-sama and I will be loving you a lot okay…」

Misuzu seems to be satisfied from the bottom of her heart that she got Misuzu free from the hands of her family and Kouzuki security service.

「On that topic…Misuzu-sama」

Michi looks up at Misuzu.

「Actually…earlier, I have committed a blunder of not keeping Master’s order a while ago」

That happened?


Megu’s surprised at Michi’s change.

「Yes, he is my master…」

Michi looks at me.

「Michi…explain what blunder you have done in detail」

Misuzu ends the talk about『Master』
She’s worried that Megu will feel strange jealousy against Michi.1

「Yes. Master has given me an order to『fight my sister with the intent of killing』but…I have misunderstood it as an order to『kill』」

That thing happened right.

「Fortunately…before I cut the enemy’s throat, mother has intervened the match…and Master has corrected my misunderstanding at that time」
「No…it’s not like a big problem happened. Kudou Haruka’s injured but alive…!」

I tell Michi in panic.

「No! I’ve misunderstood Master’s orders and made a mistake of attacking for a certain death…!」

Michi…why are you saying that?
I don’t get what’s Michi’s intention.


Misuzu grins.

「In short…you want to be punished by Danna-sama?」

Me…punish Michi?

「…Yes. If possible」

Michi bows her head to me.

「Danna-sama…what kind of punishment should you give Michi?」

Misuzu whispers to me

「Michi…what kind of punishment do you think is appropriate?」

Because I’m not replying, Misuzu asked what Michi hopes for.

「…My butt」


「Please beat my butt violently」

It what meaning?

「She’s asking to have her butt slapped strongly…!」

Misuzu tells me with an aroused face.

1. lol, sasuga Megu, jelly of everything ↩
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