Chapter 239 : Inside the dressing Room

「Then, I will take my leave…」

Saying that…Fujimiya-san stands up.
It’s only me and Michi in the dressing room now
Misuzu left Michi hear means…
Even Fujimiya-san knows that the enemy won’t come here.
For example…if chief Tanizawa comes by the order of Kouzuki『Kakka』
Then ordered Fujimiya-san to get rid of me…
For her, 『Kakka’s』order is on higher priority than Misuzu…
Then…the possibility of me getting killed is high.
Therefore…Misuzu left Michi here in case of emergency.
Misuzu and Ruriko-san should be guarded by Seki-san perfectly.


Michi looks at me anxiously.
I’m a bit tired…
It’s only been thirty minutes but it’s all mentally hard.

「Michi, come here」
「Be my dakimakura」

Michi’s surprised.


Michi steps forward toddling then brings her small body to me.
I sat on the chair of the dressing room and hugged Michi’s standing body.

「Don’t be so nervous…relax」

Michi’s body softens.
I rub my cheeks on her flat chest.
I put my hands behind Michi and rub her small butt.

「Haaaaaa…that was scary」

I leak out those words along with a sigh.

「Right…Seki-sama is a fearful one…」

Michi pats my head.

「Master did well」

I feel my heart calming down in Michi’s arms.
I have to switch my mind or else…
I can’t keep going on…

「…I’m very sorry」

Michi said…

「About what…?」
「My body lacks in feminine charm…master cannot feel relieved…are you dissatisfied?」
「…That’s not true」

I answered immediately.

「If Michi’s not here right now…I’d go crazy you know」
「Michi’s always so humble. If it’s not necessary, you only stay on the side silently. What a gentle girl…」
「That’s not true…」

Michi said bashfully.

「Imagine it…if it was Mana that’s with me here. I’ll have to keep desperately talking in order to release her anxiety」

Un…I need to move as Mana’s guardian with all my strength.
There’s no time to rest my mind.

「If it was Megu…she’d try to be a bit more modest, but. Megu’s mentally weak. She might’ve fainted during my confrontation with Seki-san earlier」

I’d like Megu to have a bit more nerve.
She doesn’t need to have ad much nerve as Yukino…..

「Much worse…if I was here alone with Yukino…!」
「…What will happen?」

Michi looks down at me from above.

「I don’t want that. Taking care of her hysteria in here…!」

Michi’s face loosens from my smile.

「Was I useful to master?」
「Un…It’s reassuring that Michi’s here」
「…I’m glad」

Michi said.

「This ass feels nice…!」

I enjoy the feeling of Michi’s ass.

「Is that true…?!」
「Yeah, it’s trained well…it’s tender like raw rubber. It feels better than anyone’s ass I’ve touched until now」

I praise Michi’s ass.

「…My everything is master’s」

Michi answers with a blushing face.
Her body that she had complex on is being praised…she’s excited.
Michi’s M heart is on fire.
…This is bad.

「Un…I’ll give you love once we have time」

I have to hold back now…I told michi

「Yes…Michi can give her chastity whenever you want」

Michi said with her breathing turned rough.

「We’re going to show it to Misuzu」

Oh…what a cute creature Michi is

「Michi…kiss me」
「Kiss me by yourself」


「Excuse me then…」

Her nervous lips comes close to me.


Our lips overlap.

「…Un, well done. Good girl」

I pat the head of the embarrassed Michi.


Michi’s ears are red.

「Sit on my lap」
「I’ll massage your breasts while calling Minaho-neesan」

Mich sits on my lap.

「Flip your skirt…then place your raw ass against my knee」

Michi’s soft legs and ass can be felt in my legs.
I then embraced Michi from behind with my right hand…
I touch Michi’s breasts…


What the…I thought that she’s a wash board but.
I can tell that there’s a small thin layer of fat under her skin.
There’s a foundation for her breast done here.
Un…I’m sure that they’ll grow when you rub this.
I grope and grind Michi’s chest.

「Please don’t be too rough」
「But it won’t be stimulating if I just touch it lightly you know?」

I massage Michi’s chest on top of her uniform.

「…Ah, it’s embarrassing」
「You like being embarrassed right?」

Our figures are reflected in the dressing room mirror.

「Look at yourself in the mirror」
「Aaaaah…it’s embarrassing」

Michi who’s a masochist…trembles.

「You love being embarrassed, right?」
「Yes…I love it…I love it a lot…Masteeeer…!」

Really…Michi’s a good girl.
She’s able to make my heart completely relax.

「Try to stay quiet as I’ll call Minaho-neesan」
「Don’t let out your voice…hold it back」

While groping Michi’s chest with my right hand…
I take out my phone with my left hand.
There’s two bars on the antenna.
Well, it’ll do somehow
I pressed call on Minaho-neesan’s name…


Minaho-neesan immediately answers.

「Un. I’m safe somehow… I’m with Misuzu and Ruriko-san. Michi’s here too」

I reported briefly.

『…What’s the situation?』
「Kouzuki『Kakka』ordered…I’ll be heading to the Imperial hotel along with Misuzu. The guard will be chief Tanizawa’s subordinates Seki-san and Fujimiya-san」
『The two elites of Kouzuki security service?』

Minaho-neesan’s surprised.
The combination of the renowned guard of『Kakka』-Seki-san and the beat to death swordswoman- Fujimiya-san…is exceptional as expected.

「Then…Ruriko-san’s also coming together. Ruriko-san had something to talk about with『Kakka』she said」
『…Is that so? Well, I don’t think there’s a need for worry if you’re with the two top elite guards』
「Then…Where’s Minaho-neesan and others right now?」
『We’re at the parking lot. We’re leaving now…we’ll also be filing with Kouzuki-sama’s convoy』
『Kouzuki-sama’s forming a line of a dozen cars…we’re departing with the guidance of the patrol car, so we’ll be sticking with that』

If they’re going to move along with『Kakka』…they’ll have enough guards.
That would be safe.

『In exchange…one of our cars will be left in the theater』


『Though we went in with three cars…if you and Michi and Misuzu-san will be heading to the hotel, then we’ll only need two. Director Yamaoka from Kouzuki security service told us to reduce the number of cars if we want to join in』

『Kakka’s』travel…is managed by Director Yamaoka.

「That’s why…I’m driving the Benz, and Margo’s on the passenger seat. Nei, Mana and Megu’s on the back」

Normally…Minaho-neesan is Viola’s target from Shirasaka Moritsugu’s request so she should seat on the back.
But…it’s better for Margo-san to move freely just in case something happens.
Therefore, Minaho-neesan’s on the driver’s seat and Margo-san’s on the passenger seat.
…Ah, speaking of which.

『I know, it’s about Yukino-san, right?』

…What happened to Yukino?

『She’ll be on the Maserati along with Katsuko. It’s fine. I won’t throw her away while you’re not watching』

Haa…with Katsuko-nee?
Well…it’s much more peaceful than being with Megu or Mana.

『I feel sorry to Katsuko but…it’s hard to deal with that hysteric girl』

My my…that’s the same thing I said.

「Yukino’s bad with Katsuko-nee so I think that combination is the correct answer.」

I answered.

『Anyway…don’t worry here. Once we head outside the theater, Kudou-san’s team will follow』

Kudou-papa’s backup unit will also start moving to guard『Kakka』
Well…I can’t imagine Viola attacking such a firm guard system.
This is Japan.
Viola doesn’t have sense of locality in Tokyo
『Kakka’s』convoy will only go through the main street.
It’ll be difficult to attack from anywhere.

『Let’s meet up at the hotel…okay?』
「Got it…Minaho-neesan」

『Ah…Mana-san and others also want to talk to you』

The person on the other side changes

『Onii-chan…you okay?』
「Yeah, I’m fine. I’m with Misuzu and Ruriko-san, we have the two strongest guards of Kouzuki security service」
『I’m glad…we’re going to the hotel first then』
「I’ll follow right away」
『Un. I’ll give the phone to Megu-oneechan』

I hear Megu’s voice

「Don’t make such a worried face. I’m fine here. I’ll follow up right away」
『Un…I’ll wait』


『Hello, Yo-chaaan?』
「Yes, I’m fine…Nei-san」
『Ehehe…that’s great. I was worried』
「I’ll meet you up in the hotel right away. Wait for me.」
『Hurry up and come! Get it?』
「Yes…I get it」


『…Hello, Yoshida-kun』

…Margo-san too

「Yes, I’m here」
『I don’t intend to threaten you but perhaps the enemies may aim at you guys more than us』


『We have secured Shirasaka Sousuke, Yukino-san and Mana-san but the enemies might aim for Misuzu-san or Ruriko-san as well』

The two granddaughters are perfect as negotiation card with『Kakka』

「But, we’ll be fine. We have Fujimiya-san and Seki-san…Michi’s here as well」

I said to reassure Margo-san.
Margo-san knows the power of the elites of Kouzuki security service.

『I don’t doubt their ability but if there’s three people trying to escort you and Misuzu…then at least two of them can freely fight while there’s only one sticking with you. I think that’s slightly severe when it comes to war potential』

As a pro guard…Margo-san made a conclusion.
Me, Misuzu, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san…there’s two people needed to defend the four of us.
The only one remaining fights the enemy…that might be tough.

『We’ll contact Kudou-san…we’ll have him send someone around』
「…At Kudou-san’s?」
『Yeah, Kudou-san have people specialized in combat only. We’ll have those people surround you』

We’ve got enough guards here.
What we currently need is a combat only staff.

『Ah, don’t tell Seki about this…those people are elite. I think they hate Kudou-san’s team coming to help』

Un…Kudou-papa’s behind the scenes team.
I think that it’s incompatible with Seki-san and Fujimiya-san’s elegance…

「Got it」
『…Anyway, be careful』
「…Yes, Margo-san. I’ll leave Minaho-neesan and others to you」
『Leave this to…later then』

…Then, the call ends
I want to hear Katsuko-nee’s voice…
…Yukino too.
I think that she’ll only scream or complain.


Michi whispers with a bright red face.

「…Hm, what’s wrong Michi?」


「I’ve gotten wet…」

Putting back my phone on my pocket…I use my left hand to reach out inside Michi’s skirt.
Michi’s panty is wet.

「Michi…you’re easy to get wet when aroused」
「…I’m very sorry」

I talk to Michi through the mirror of the dressing room.
Michi on top of my legs..
She’s opening her legs widely right now and het wet crotch is clearly seen in the mirror.

「I might be lewd. Do you hate the lewd Michi?」

Michi looks at the mirror with moist eyes.

「…I like it. It’s my Michi after all. You’re cute, Michi」

I lick the back of Michi’s ear from behind


Michi trembles on top of my legs…
Her panty’s overflowing with love nectar again

「…Let’s kiss, Michi」

Michi turned her face to me.
I fixed my post a bit so it can be seen in the mirror properly…then I kiss Michi’s lips.
Our tongues twine.
Michi’s aroused as she look at her own foolishness in the mirror.

「…Master, I」

Michi speaks.

「More…I want to be treated like an object y Master. I want to be Master’s possession」
「It’s Misuzu and mine, right?」
「Yes…I want to be the toy of the two of you. I want to be played like a toy…!」

Michi passionately seeks my tongue.

「…You already are. Michi is Misuzu and my toy」
「…Aaaahn. I’m happy」
「But…hold back for a bit more. We’ll do it when Misuzu’s with us」

The playtime while Misuzu’s gone is only limited until here.
It’s about time they come back from the shower.

「Let’s kiss once again…then we’ll leave it as that」


「Uhm…I don’t mind」
「I can lick Master’s thing and drink it」

I caress Michi’s cheeks gently.
Michi’s 15 year old skin is slippery.

「We can postpone that for now. I want to stay strained until we reach the Hotel. I’ll relax if I ejaculate here」
「I’m glad that Michi says that…actually, I want to do Michi. But, we’ve got a situation…so understand」



Saying that…she rubs her cheeks on me.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The shower group came back after a few minutes.
They haven’t seen Michi and my play.
Ruriko-san Yoshiko-san, Misuzu, and Seki-san comes to the dressing room…
Fujimiya-san still stands outside the corridor.

「Danna-sama, I’m back…Michi, have you taken care of Danna-sama?」

Misuzu asks Michi…

「Yes…Rather than me taking care of him…Master has taken care of me」
「Well…that’s another point increased on punishing Michi.」
「Yes…please punish me. Misuzu-sama…!」
「…Be prepared for tonight. I’ll have you confess how were you taken care off」
「…Yes, Misuzu-sama」

Oh…these two masochists…
Does postponing sex increases the pleasure for them?
I somehow understand.
…By the way.
Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san have completely changed their clothes in the shower room.
They’re wearing the Ojou-sama school uniform Misuzu usually wears.
Un…changing their clothes to uniform…
Yoshiko-san’s huge breasts can be seen.
Ruriko-san also have a good style for a 15 year old girl.
Or rather…this girl’s legs is thin and long.
Leaving that aside…
Misuzu…why are you wearing a bathrobe?

「I’m sorry…I’ll change right away」

Misuzu tells Ruriko-san and others.
She takes out her change of clothes from inside the bag.
Her underwear’s there too.
Misuzu…no way?
You’re naked under the bathrobe?


Misuzu comes before me holding her new underwear like it’s natural.


She handed the panty and bra to me.
Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are surprised…
Misuzu…they want to show the two our relationship.

「…Got it」

I take the underwear like usual.


Misuzu opens her bathrobe.
Her fair naked skin…and cherry colored nipples.
Then, her hairless pussy becomes exposed.
Then…Misuzu dropped her bathrobe.

「Come here, I’ll put on your panty」

Kneeling on Misuzu’s feet…I put on one foot in the panty.
Then, I pull up Misuzu’s soft legs…
Her firm ass is tightly wrapped by a thin cloth.

「Next is the bra」

Misuzu smiles.
I put the bra on Misuzu’s boobs and fit the meat on the cup.
Then, I attached the hook on the back.

「…Thank you. Danna-sama」

The naked Misuzu is sexy but it’s also nice if she’s wearing just underwear.
Misuzu wants a kiss from me.
I made our lips touch.
Misuzu doesn’t like such light kisses so she clings to me and asked for a long kiss.
Our tongues entwine.

「Does Kuromori-sama always help out Misuzu-sama on changing clothes?」

Yoshiko-san has a blank face.

「When it’s just the two of us…then always, right Danna-sama?」

It’s not always but…Misuzu wants to brag her relationship with me.

「Well…she’s right」
「…Do you not find helping a woman change clothes unpleasant?」

Ruriko-san asks.

「No, not at all. She’s my Misuzu after all」

I answered clearly

「Is that so?」

Ruriko-san isn’t satisfied with the answer.
It seems to be unthinkable on her past world view.

「Ruriko-san, you have Yoshiko-san helping you change clothes, don’t you?」

Misuzu asked.

「She’s a woman…and my『retainer』」
「Danna-sama and I have a very close relationship too. I hide no secret from Danna-sama and he has never lied to me before」

Misuzu in her underwear tells Ruriko-san with confidence.

「…Are you not ashamed even if you are naked?」
「Rather, I can’t love Danna-sama if I’m not naked」
「…You can’t love if you’re not naked?」

Ruriko-san who doesn’t have knowledge about sex doesn’t understand what Misuzu is saying.

「Please stop the flirting for now…please hurry up and change」

Seki-san tells Misuzu.

「Yes, sorry. Seki-san. Danna-sama…please dress me」

Misuzu takes her uniform out of her bag.

「Sure got it」

I dress Misuzu as I speak.
In front of Ruriko-san…Misuzu’s in good mood as she’s being dressed up by me.

「Seki-san…is it common for a man intimate to you help you change clothes?」

Ruriko-san asks Seki-san.

「The upper class people…all have different hobbies from each other…I don’t know what’s common!」

She answered with a red face.
un…Seki-san has been guarding various people before she became『Kakka’s』guard
Well…she has seen various people.
Therefore…she can’t stop Misuzu’s act.
…It’s only changing clothes.

「But…I find that Misuzu-sama really trusts Kurormori-sama from the bottom of her heart」

Yoshiko-san looks at us as she speak.

「You’re right…Kruomori-sama’s very devoted too…」

Ruriko-san said.
It seems that she sees me helping out Misuzu change as『devoted』…
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