Chapter 254 : Ruriko opens up her heart

「I only follow what grandfather desires…」

Ruriko answers.
Her whole body’s nervous…
That’s not her sincere words.

「Un, a good answer. Then, you’re with our『family』…!」

Nagisa says, but.

「Ruriko. I’m already old…I don’t have much time ahead…!」

『Kakka』tells Ruriko

「…Grandfather, what are you talking about?!」
「It’s the truth. I’m on an age where it’s not strange if I collapse tomorrow…」

『Kakka』stands up and walks to Ruriko…

「You and Misuzu…your lives were twisted due to my selfishness. Forgive me」
「…Please don’t say that」

Ruriko looks down sadly.

「I’m only worried about your futures after I die. But…I think that entrusting you to Minaho-kun is a good choice. She protects her relatives with her life. I’m sure she’ll protect you two…」


「Thinking about it…I’ve enjoyed going to Kuromori’s mansion, I forget that I’m the head of Kouzuki when they entertain me. Nagisa-kun…Katsuko-kun…the women of Kuromori I’ve encountered a decade ago…everyone has accepted me only as an Erojiji」
「That is the founder, Kuromori Kounosuke’s dying instructions」

Nagisa answers.
Minaho-neesan’s grandfather…the founder of the high class prostitution mansion『Kuromori tower』, Kuromori Kounosuke

「We must never make a difference to the customers who come to the mansion. No matter what status they have, when they come to the mansion, they’re only our『guests』…」
「Umu…the world Kounosuke made was wonderful. That imbecile and the Shirasaka boy has destroyed everything…Minaho-kun did well in restoring it」
「That is all thanks to Kouzuki-sama’s help」

When Shirasaka Sousuke instigated Minaho-neesan’s father…they caused a coup d’etat on『Kuromori tower』and banished Kuromori Kounosuke
After that, they did as they wanted…turning the mansion into a mess.
Most of the old guests didn’t come back to the mansion…it seems that Shirasaka Sousuke’s perverted friends have hanged out for a while.
What saved it was the intervention of『Kakka』
『Kakka』calls back Morimoto-san who’s the clerk of Kuromori Kounosuke that was driven away, sent in Kyouko Dothnomechey as the guard of the women…and selected Kuromori Minaho as one of the operators.
Since then…the mansion managed by Shirasaka Sousuke’s perverted route and Minaho-neesan’s high-class restoration route.

「But…I never thought that I would be entrusting my own grandchildren to you」

Kakka laughs in self-ridicule.

「Please do not worry. Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama will never be a woman of the mansion…these girls are his『women』 My『little sisters』…」

Nagisa promises that Misuzu and Ruriko won’t be a prostitute.

「I trust you. All of you aren’t women who accepted their fate」
「Yes We have fallen into a harsh situation because of fate…but we’ll be happy. With him…!」

Nagisa looks at me.
Misuzu holds my hand and smiles.
Michi…I’m patting her long black hair.

「This kid…is the foundation of『Kuromori』?」
「Yes…he’s the starting point of our happiness…and the end point」

I don’t get what Nagisa and『Kakka』are talking about


Ruriko, gets off her chair and puts her hand on the floor having a gloomy face.

「I may be inexperienced but my best regards」

Her voice and hand are trembling.
It feels like she’s being sold by her grandfather.
Suddenly entering the Kuromori family, and got sentenced to become my woman.


I said.


Ruriko looks up afraid.

「It’s not Kuromori-sama…it’s Onii-sama. I’m your elder brother」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「If that’s what you wish…then I will call you that way…」

…That’s not it

「I don’t want you to be a female slave!」

I speak to Ruriko with a bit of anger.

「Y-Yes…I’m sorry. Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s completely closing her mind
This can’t go on


I ordered.


Ruriko stands up timidly…
This 15 year old girl is still small.
Her beautiful skin is very fair.
But, she’s got some parts swelling unlike the flat Michi.
Michi’s like a Japanese doll beauty but…

「Ruriko…you’re beautiful」

I decided to just throw the words that come up in my mind.


Ruriko’s surprised.

「Ruriko’s like a shrine maiden. A sacred beauty with divine feeling」

Yeah…Ruriko’s innocence is…
It shows a beauty of a shrine maiden.

「I am not a beauty」

Ruriko humbly speaks.

「I can only see you as a beauty in my eyes. You’re really beautiful」

Ruriko’s cheeks blush.

「…I’m hugging you」

Before Ruriko could answer…I embrace her body.
Ruriko’s body stiffens

「Are you scared of me?」
「…I am」

Ruriko murmurs.

「It’s okay…Misuzu and Nagisa are watching. You have your grandfather…Yoshiko-san’s here too. Michi’s here. I won’t do anything unreasonable」

Saying so…I pat Ruriko’s black hair as I hug her.
Her smooth silky hair…I stroke her strained back.

「I decided to first hug Ruriko」
「Ruriko’s beautiful…cute, that’s why I want to embrace you」

I’m not doing anything but hugging and stroking her hair and back…
If I try to kiss or touch her chest or butt…a strong rejection will come out.

「I’m jealous of Ruriko-san. I’d like to be embraced like that too」

Nagisa says.

「I’ll do it anytime you want…Nagisa」
「Ufu…I know that you’ll say that!」
「Ah. Me too…Danna-sama!」

Misuzu says

「I know…Misuzu」

Michi’s staring this way

「Michi…you too!」

Michi smiles.
She’s smiling like a puppy waving her tail.


Ruriko speaks to me.

「I-I’m already fine so please give it to the others」


「Don’t be ridiculous…Ruriko」
「It’s your time right now」

I embrace Ruriko tighter

「But…how long will you hug me?」

Ruriko asks anxiously.

「Until Ruriko’s convinced」
「…About what?」
「That I really think that Ruriko’s cute…!」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「To tell you frankly…I’m a man ignorant of the world. I’m not that smart. That’s why I don’t even know how amazing Kouzuki house is at all」

Or rather…I didn’t even know it’s existence until one week ago.

「Therefore…I can tell that the old man over there is an amazing person because everyone around him says that he is, but…I don’t even know what he’s amazing about specifically…」

Un…why is everyone listening to『Kakka』?
Where does man of power’s power come from?
Is it『money』? Or『connections』?
But, I don’t get why you can use a lot of money as your power.
Minaho-neesan should be familiar with it but…

「In short…I mean. I won’t obey that old man’s instructions」

I say clearly.

「If Jii-san has a point in what he’s talking…if I think that’s better then I might do as he say but. But, I’ll never obey him just because he gave an order without even giving a chance to ask. Because…I’m unrelated to Kouzuki house」
「…Unrelated to Kouzuki house?」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Un. I’m just an ordinary high school boy you can find anywhere. It’s not that I’m thinking of entering a noble family or something. That’s just stupid」
「But…Onii-sama, Misuzu-oneesama’s…」
「I like Misuzu. I didn’t like Misuzu from Kouzuki house…I like Misuzu, it just happened that she’s a daughter of Kouzuki family. Of course, I’ll support Misuzu but…I’ve got nothing to do with Kouzuki house you know?」
「You don’t think of ruling Kouzuki house as Misuzu-oneesama’s husband?」

Ruriko asks in my arms.

「I’ve been telling you since earlier. I’m not that smart…I’m not suitable for it, I’m not even interested in it」
「Then…what is Onii-sama’s interests?」


「How can I make everyone happy…or something like that」
「You see…I’ve been a loner until just a few days ago. My parents abandoned me. Thinking that I’m alone…I felt that everything and anything doesn’t matter anymore. That’s why I never made an effort to be happy when I was alone…」

…At that time.
In the dark house where no one else comes back…
I’ve been living in the sofa alone…
It hasn’t even been a week yet it’s so far in the past.

「It’s different now. I have my『family』 I’ve got to work hard to make them happy. I can’t be lost. I’m no longer alone. I’ve got a『family』I must make happy」

I stare at Ruriko in my arms.
Once again…I look at this girl firmly.
Don’t be swept away…do it properly.
If not…I’ll be mistaken.

「W-What are you looking at?」

Ruriko says bashfully

「I’m just checking」

I answer

「ーIf I really do like you or not」
「I will be looking after Ruriko for the rest of my life. It’s not because Kouzuki-san tells me. It’s not because it was recommended by Misuzu or Nagisa…I’ve got to accept and like Ruriko by my own will…or it’ll be rude to Ruriko you know?」

Un…Ruriko isー
Ruriko’s cute.
Seriously cute.
Or rather.

「Ruriko…you’re an amazingly good woman!」

Looking at her once again…No, even without looking at her again…
Ruriko’s really a beauty among beauties

「M-Me…a good woman?」
「Yeah…when it comes to beauties, Misuzu and Michi are also one but…Misuzu’s pure and clean, you’re really cute!」
「Y-Yes…thank you very much」

Ruriko’s ears went red.

「You’re also smart, kind…there’s nothing bad at you at all」
「T-That’s not true…there are dirty parts in my heart」

Ruriko says.

「I got it. Then, show me those next time」
「Ruriko’s heart…includes that so I’ll like it as well」

Ruriko’s eyes open wide.


I embrace Ruriko’s head.

「Yeah…it’ll be fine. It seems that I really like Ruriko. I’ll be able to do anything just to make you happy…!」

Finally…the『conviction』springs up in my mind
Then, at the same time…I can feel the love from my other『family』members.
The feeling of love causes an explosive chain reaction…!

「Misuzu…I love you! I’ll make you happy!」
「Yes! Danna-sama!」

Misuzu replies immediately.

「Nagisa…I love you! I also love Mao-chan! I’ll make you two happy!」
「We’re already happy!」

Nagisa smiles.

「Michi! I love you! Make a lot of failures! I’ll punish you until you’re satisfied!」
「Yes! I also yearn for Master!」

The puppy girl wags her tail.

「Kouzuki-san…to be honest, I don’t know about nobles, bloodline, successor or anything! I’m not interested. But…I understand that you trully love Misuzu and Ruriko!」

I look at『Kakka』

「Therefore…I welcome you. Welcome! You’re also now my『family』…!」

Once again…accepting Ruriko…
Everything seems to be objective.
Un…I can accept all of this situation.
All of it are okay.

「Hm ! I see…then I’ll be your Jii-san…!」


「Though your head works slow, you don’t forget who you are. You don’t neglect the effort to confirm your mind without being swayed by the situation. You’re a man who can judge if you will give your consent to on the very limit」
「Yes, it’s my Danna-sama after all…」

Misuzu answers her grandfather.
I look at Ruriko.

「Then…what about Ruriko?」

Ruriko’s puzzled.

「Ruriko…think about it and give me an answer. Is Ruriko fine with me? Do you want to enter our『family』?」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「You can’t say that it’s Kouzuki-san’s order. Tell me Ruriko’s real feelings」
「If, I…say that I don’t want it…what will Onii-sama do?」
「Sadly…I’ll give up at that time. That is Ruriko’s choice. Ruriko should decide on how she should live her life…」
「Even if I become unhappy as a result?」

If Ruriko doesn’t enter our『family』…
Ruriko’s would be in mess in the middle of the succession struggle in Kouzuki family…

「I’ll do as much as I can…it won’t change that I like Ruriko. I’ll cooperate with Misuzu and others with all my best …But」
「You’re not in my『family』…so I won’t risk my life for Ruriko’s sake. I must first protect my 『family』before anything…」

I answered honestly.

「I feel relieved hearing that…Onii-sama is really an honest one…」

Ruriko tells me.

「Once again, I will ask…does Onii-sama like Ruriko?」
「Yeah…I like Ruriko」

Without any hesitation…I answered clearly.

「Ruriko…how about it? Do you like me?」


「I don’t understand it well. It’s Ruriko’s first time to talk with a man…」

I-I see.
She lived a life where love is unrelated.

「But my life…I’m convinced that I will be together with Onii-sama…!」


「Please stay by my side…I will enter Onii-sama’s『family』…!」

This time…Ruriko embraces me.

「…You’ll bear my child」
「…Yes, gladly」

I kiss Ruriko.
Trembling…Ruriko accepted my kiss.

「I…it’s my first time doing this」

Ruriko said blushingly.
The genuine innocent pure girl…
She’ll be dyed to my color from now on.

「You’ll have to challenge a lot of firsts from now on」
「Yes…my best regards, Onii-sama」

With this, Ruriko’s become my『woman』too

「P-Please wait…!」

Yoshiko-san speaks up as she’s unable to endure.

「P-Please…let me enter Kuromori-sama’s『family』」


「Please take me as well」

What should I do with this?

「Yoshiko…take your time and think about it. You mustn’t say something like that easily」

Ruriko speaks from my arms.

「Right now, you’re being swept away by the situation」

That’s right…Yoshiko-san.
Feeling that she’ll be left alone…
Thus, she merely said that instinctively.

「Yoshiko…you’re not longing for Onii-sama are you?」
「…That is…I will」
「Don’t force yourself. You have a different option unlike Misuzu-oneesama and I…」
「There’s no meaning to a future if I’m not by Ruriko-sama’s side…!」

Yoshiko answered clearly.

「I’m thankful you say that but…as expected, you should think about it」
「It’ll only be rude to Onii-sama if you say it as you are right now」

Ruriko’s words pierce her『retainer』

「Yes…I’m sorry」


「Let’s stop deciding things in a hurry…Yoshiko-san」

I tell Yoshiko with a smile.

「Everything takes time to mature」


「What is that, grandfather?」

Misuzu asks.

「It means『The time of love』」

The old man laughs.

「Now then…now that we’ve become『family』…Ruriko-san!」

Nagisa speaks to Ruriko.

「Y-Yes…Nagisa, Onee-sama」

Ruriko immediately recognizes Nagisa as her『sister』…

「Yup, cute! I’ll cherish you a lot!」
「…Thank you very much」

Embarrassed, Ruriko twists her bodyu.

「Therefore…Ruriko-san, take off your panties!」


「Ah, I won’t tell you to have sex right away so don’t worry…let’s keep the important parts when we have a better opportunity. We don’t have everyone gathered yet…」

Then…why asking her to take off her panties?

「Since you’ve become his『woman』…I feel sorry if we don’t teach you a bit about the women’s pleasure」

Right…I only touched Ruriko’s crotch on top of her underwear…
She hasn’t cummed yet.

「Dear…lick up Ruriko-san’s pussy!」

Nagisa smiles at me.

「This time…make her reach climax!」

Un…that one.

「Ruriko-san’s brave enough to enter our『family』…as her man, you have to properly reward her」

…That’s how it is

「Shige-chan, you want to watch too, don’t you?」
「Yeah, of course」

I order Ruriko

「Ruriko…flip your skirt. I’ll take off your underwear」

Ruriko’s white skin turned red until her ears.

「It’s fine…trust me, I’ll take care of your body」

I said

「…I’ll make you feel good!」

Ruriko’s frightened yet blushing…!i
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