Chapter 262 : 『Family』time 3 (Kouzuki Shigetaka)

Chapter 262 : 『Family』time 3 (Kouzuki Shigetaka)

「Hm…what is it about?」

Kouzuki-jiichan looks at his granddaughter with a sour face.

「Yes…grandfather. You like sour cream salmon don’t you?」

Misuzu hands the dish to her grandfather smiling.

「You remember my favorite food well」
「It’s my beloved grandfather after all…!」
「Even if you flatter me nothing will come out」
「No, I just love taking care of grandfather. Please stay by our side from now on」

Misuzu looks at Jii-chan’s face.

「Therefore…please don’t push yourself so much」

Jii-chan ignores what Misuzu sad and eats the salmon on the plate with a fork

「…Delicious. The cook’s skill hasn’t fallen」
「Grandfather…please take a look at Misuzu’s face properly」

Jii-chan looks at Misuzu.

「…What are you worried about? I’ve already accepted your relationship with this boy. I myself became a member of the『family』and promised to back-up Minaho-kun’s activities. Far from that, I also guaranteed that you’ll be the owner of Kouzuki house in the future. Misuzu, isn’t everything you could wish for granted?」

…Misuzu speaks with a serious look.

「It’s too good of a result…I didn’t expect grandfather to concede to us」
「…Are you dissatisfied that it’s too good?」
「I’m not dissatisfied…I’m uneasy」

Uneasy?…Misuzu is?!

「Minaho-kun came over for the same reason I presume?」

Jii-chan looks at Minaho-neesan’s face.

「Yes. I do trust what Kouzuki-sama has said. Kouzuki-sama is a person that never turns back once he makes a promise…however」

Minaho-neesan stares at Jii-chan’s eyes…

「I can only see Kouzuki-sama as rushing」
「Oh…Minaho-kun. Could you tell me why you have reached that conclusion?」

Jii-chan said smiling.

「Sure…first, Kouzuki-sama is trying to invite the『enemy』to this hotel, making himself a target as well. I think that it’s an action that’s unlikely for Kouzuki-sama who’s usually careful」
「What…It’ll be just an inspection for Kouzuki security service. How will they function in case of emergencies」
「…If it’s just to test the security company’s ability… then I think that it’ll be a problem to let them deal with Cesario Viola」

Cesario Viola is a boss of a huge criminal group in US.
He won’t hesitate to take other people’s lives.
On top of that, the organization is filled with mysteries…
It’s too dangerous to take them on.

「…The guards who lead us from the theater were replaced by Viola’s minions. It’s true that the enemy have infiltrated Kouzuki security service.」

Misuzu says

「I can only think of this as Viola making progress before Nei-san discovers Viola in US」
「Yes. It may look like that Viola came to Japan because of the information leak about Nei but…I think that the root of this case is deeper」


「Kukuku…you people are really sharp. What a wonderful judgement…!」

He takes the wine of glass and drink it.

「Grandfather, please tell me your true intentions」

Jii-chan smiles from what Misuzu said

「I don’t have any. I just wanted to make the man named Cesario Viola to come here…」

Just to summon Viola?

「This is the bay area…the outskirt of Tokyo. Even if we make a big fuss over here, uninvolved people won’t be dragged in. Those in the hotel are only those from Kouzuki security service and the professionals hired by Kudou. We’ll be fighting Cesario Viola and his party directly」
「It’s not only fighters that are in this hotel」

Misuzu said

「Yes. I feel sorry but you will take the special spectator seats with me…that’s the only way to attract the『enemy』 Once again, sorry」
「No…I think that we’ll be attacked by Viola someday anyway. We can’t be hiding ourselves forever…」

Minaho-neesan said.
Yeah…even if we hide ourselves in the school…
We’ll return to normal classes after golden week…
If we were attacked by Viola during the days where the students are present…it’ll only cause serious damage on normal students.

「I appreciate being at the center of guard together with Kouzuki-sama」
「It makes me happy that you say that」

Jii-chan laughs.


Misuzu stares at her grandfather

「It’s not only us you brought here…true?」

…It’s not just us?

「The amount of food prepared in this room is just too many」

…Speaking of which
The amount is too much that even if we increase the number of people by three times we still won’t be able to finish it.

「Besides…there’s a possibility that the negotiations between us could’ve been broken. I don’t think that grandfather has prepared the dishes for us from the beginning」

Misuzu speaks what she felt.

「No…if the negotiations didn’t work out, I intended to offer you a meal. I don’t want to see women at their age feeling hungry…」

Jii-chan answers.

「But, it is as Misuzu says. The meals aren’t prepared only for you all」
「…As expected, your students are also with you?」

Misuzu asks


I asked, Misuzu…

「It’s the gathering of the children of the executives of Kouzuki branch families」

Oh…those sitting behind Jii-chan in the theater.
…The elite youth?

「It wasn’t only Shiba Takahiko-san that you took in here, is it?」
「Yes…out of 21 people, the people I didn’t have much expectations from were sent home. With Shiba Takahiko returning as well, the remaining would be 15 people」

15 of those elites?

「Why did you bring those people to this hotel?」
「I’d like to see how much guts they have…!」
「Please stop the jokes. Misuzu’s asking seriously」

Misuzu’s angry

「…Let’s see. To tell the truth. It’s not just the 15 young men but also their parents were called」


「There are some siblings among the 15 as well, there are 9 parents who came. All of them are leaders in Kouzuki group. Takahiko’s brother, and Shiba Okitachi-kun is also here…」

Shiba Okitachi…Isn’t he the boss of the new faction in Kouzuki group

「The pretext is negotiations with Shirasaka family. The representatives of Shirasaka house will be coming here and negotiate with us. I only told the executives to dismantle the television and news company of Shirasaka house and swallow it to Kouzuki group in this occasion. As for the young ones, I told them to watch the negotiations to study…!」

In short…nobody in them knows about Cesario Viola’s assault.
I see, that’s why…
The lobby and the shops on the first floor are business as usual.
The hotel man and shop clerks were all Kouzuki security service guards…
Just so the nine executives under Jii-chan and the 15 sons of the executives can’t notice…

「The security system seems strict but if you say that it’s a countermeasure against media, they’ll be convinced. Either way, the Shirasaka house is in trouble thanks to Minaho-kun」

The scandal of Shirasaka Sousuke and Shirasaka house is making a big fuss on the internet and television.
It won’t be strange to think that in the midst of deciding the future of Shirasaka house, the security’s going to be strict.

「But…isn’t there an individual in contact with Kouzuki security service among the executives? The information about the foreign crime syndicate attacking might’ve leaked already」

Misuzu said worriedly.

「There’s no problem. I am here. Whether an assault is expected, me being here means that the enemy’s going to be repelled without fail. Even so, if there’s an executive who fears the enemy and goes against my summon…he’ll be fired. Besides」

Jii-chan leaks out a sigh and looks at us.

「Those who won’t come will just show that they are『traitors』…」

…I see
The accomplice on Japan side that’s already been connected with Viola and sent down the minions to Kouzuki security service…
Jii-chan is thinking that it’s among the nine executives.

「Everyone will come no matter what…they don’t want to be known as the『traitor』this early…」

Finally…I could see Jii-chan’s whole plan.
Jii-chan intends to take out the traitors inside Kouzuki group at once.
For that reason…he’s trying to gather all of the people involved at this hotel and making himself a decoy.

「It’s also the same reason why I brought the young ones. Their sons are hostages. If they think about their child, even if they know that there’s a raid then they will have no choice but to come」

That’s Jii-chan’s plan.

「…Sorry but I decided to use your revenge」

Jii-chan tells Minaho-neesan

「I don’t mind…we are also using Kouzuki-sama’s plan too」

Minaho-neesan answers

「I finally understood what grandfather is thinking」

Misuzu stares at her grandfather

「But…I still feel that you only gave half of the answer」


「I won’t say any further than this」

Jii-chan answers.
Therefore, Misuzu…

「Danna-sama, I’ve got a request…!」

Misuzu looks at me.

「… What is it?」
「Could you do Ruriko-san’s first experience in grandfather’s preferred situation?」

Jii-chan’s surprised.

「Sure…let’s do it in a place, situation and costume Jii-chan prefers. Ruriko, come here!」

I call Ruriko…
Ruriko’s talking to Yoshiko-san and Margo-san.
Ah…the ring circling around Megu’s getting bigger.
In addition to Nagisa and Mao-chan…Katsuko-nee, Nei-san, Reika, and Seki-san are there too.
Megu, even though everyone’s worried about her…
She doesn’t realize it herself

「What’s wrong, Onii-sama?」

Ruriko comes right away
Her posture is too elegant

「Well you see」

I can’t bear to say such a thing to this cute and elegant girl…

「It’s about Ruriko and my first sex…Jii-chan’s thinking about it a lot」
「Oh, I feel slightly awkward to call him grandfather you see…」

Ruiriko smiles

「Onii-sama, you seem to be getting along with grandfather!」

She said happily

「Yeah…then, could we leave it all to Jii-chan?」
「It’s fine. Don’t worry. I’m sure that grandfather will make it a romantic experience」

Misuzu follows it up.
Ruriko looks at me and Jii-chan…

「It’s my first time having sex…I will leave it all to Onii-sama and grandfather…!」

Jii-chan’s deeply moved.

「Misuzu would also like to have grandfather watch us having sex as he prefers. Danna-sama, is that okay?」
「Sure, it’ll be troublesome to do everyday though…so just once a while」
「…You people」


「Misuzu, Ruriko…I thought of making Jii-chan name our child…what do you think?」
「Me too…Onii-sama!」

The two answered smiling.

「Misuzu…how old do you want to give birth?」
「It would be best after graduating from college but…no, it’s okay anytime after entering college」

Misuzu changed her opinion in the middle of speaking…
She must be thinking about Jii-chan’s age.
Jii-chan’s already 82 years old so if we want him to see the face of his great-grandchildren, the earlier is better.

「Then, let’s do it when I’m 20 years old. Do your best to live in the next four years!」

I tell Jii-chan

「Ruriko, doesn’t mind bearing right away」

Ruriko who doesn’t know about sex or pregnancy calmly says that.

「That’s no good」
「Why, Onii-sama…?」
「You’ve got to enjoy your student life until you graduate in high school…that’s decided. It’s hard to take care if a baby’s born」

That’s our rule

「You’re right…then, I will leave it to Onii-sama when I can bear a baby」

Ruriko smiles with an innocent angelic smile.

「Ruriko is already Onii-sama’s…!」

Is this really okay?…Making such a pure child mine?
No, I won’t hand her to anyone else though

「With that said…grandfather, please take care of your life」

Misuzu tells her grandfather smiling
Her mouth’s smiling but her eyes are serious.

「Got it…I won’t be unreasonable. I promise that」

Jii-chan promises.


Suddenly…Misuzu calls Minaho-neesan『Onee-sama』

「I will be calling you Onee-sama from now on. Therefore…Onee-sama, please stop calling him『Kouzuki-sama』but『Grandfather』instead」
「Family united as a『family』…that’s how we win. I think that there are a lot of complicated feelings but…please treat us well」

I see…Minaho-neesan’s true grandfather is Kuromori Kounosuke.
She may feel resisting about calling Jii-chan『Ojii-san』

「Uhm…Minaho-neesan. I also have a real grandfather…furthermore, he’s someone I don’t like that much…so I can’t call him『Ojii-san』 Thus…I decided to call him『Jii-chan』」

I tell Minaho-neesan

「Therefore, how about Minaho-neesan try to call him in a different way?」

Minaho-neesan smiles…

「Thank you. But, because I was an illegitimate child…I’ve never seen Kuromori Kounosuke alive Therefore I don’t feel resistance like you」

Oh…I see.
She’s just purely resistant to call『Kouzuki Shietaka』who’s a customer until now as『Ojii-san』

「But…it is as Misuzu-san said. We’ve got to unite more…grandfather, my best regards」

Minaho-neesan bows to Jii-chan

「Umu…same here, best regards Minaho」

Jii-chan stopped adding『Kun』

「We can break each other’s walls even with such trivial things We may be a『pseudo family』, a『pretend family』but…we’ll eventually have a strong『bond』」
「Yes…I will work for it as well」

Minaho-neesan answers

「Minaho-oneesama, this way…I’d like to consult you about something」

Misuzu tells Minaho-neesan.

「Yes…I also want to talk about with you」
「Grandfather, excuse us」

Misuzu and Minaho-neesan get off their seats.
The two of them head to the wall side…started to talk seriously.
What’s left is Jii-chan, me, and Ruriko.

「The two of them aren’t satisfied with my explanation」

Jii-chan smiles wryly.

「The two of them have sharp senses…no, they’re too sharp」

True…Minaho-neesan and Misuzu are both smart. Their intition is also sharp.
When they find a problem, they come up of a countermeasure and carry out with leverage.

「Compared to that…Ruriko and you are slightly slow」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「No…it’s not a bad thing. A human that’s too sharp will do unneeded wounds to other. Your and Ruriko’s dullness may break the sharpness of the two. I think that’s a needed power on itself」
「Is that so?」
「Yes, a group of humans with only sharp people will self destruct. With a dull one becoming a weight, the group functions

That’s when Michi shows up with dishes

「Hm…what’s wrong?」
「Is the conversation done?」

Oh. Misuzu, Minaho-neesan and Jii-chan have been talking all this time…
She tried keeping away from me.

「Yeah, it’s done already」
「…I’ve chosen those that seem delicious」

Michi brought me dishes


I receive the plate thanking her
Speaking of which, I haven’t eaten yet


I stab the fish with a fork, and eat it
Well, this is a hotel dish after all
Michi’s standing in front of me…?

「Hm…what’s wrong?」



She kneels in front of me and looked up.

「Could it be that you want me to pat your head?」
「Do you like me patting your head?」

Err…this puppy girl

「At such times, you should properly say『please pat my head』」

Michi speaks embarrassed…

「Please pat Michi’s head…Master…!」

Dammit…so cute
This 15 year old third year middle school girl.

「Come here…I’ll pat your head」

I put the plate aside and embrace the squatting Michi
Then, I pat her long black hair

「…It feels good」
「If you want something from me then say it right away. I’ll do it as long as it’s not unreasonable」
「Thank you very much. Master…!」

Ruriko watches over us smiling.

「Isn’t that great…Michi-san?」

Michi and Ruriko are of the same age so neither of them are the『elder sister』

「Does Ruriko want patting too?」
「Yes, later…I’ll ask a pat from Onii-sama after his meal」

Michi recalls that I’m in the middle of the meal after hearing what Ruriko said

「Ah…please continue eating!」

Michi parted from me

「You don’t have to panic that much…I’ll give Michi some patting later too」
「Yes, thank you!」

Now then…let’s go back to our meal
When I take the plate back…Mana comes

「Mana also brought some! If you’re done with that, eat Mana’s dish too!」

No…that’s helpful but

「Mana…why are you still naked?」
「Well…it’s just troublesome to get dressed again」

Mana’s no longer her pussy.
Her cute breast and crotch are all visible.

「Err…are you sure? I can see it」

Even though she hated being seen by Jii-chan earlier
Right now, she’s calm in front of Jii-chan

「Yeah…I stopped worrying about it. Thinking that she’s Mana’s grandfather…I stopped caring」

This one’s also fast at deciding things.

「Ojii-chan can look at Mana with lewd eyes but he can’t do anything. If that’s the case, then I thought of giving him some freebie」
「Hm, I think that’s a good idea」

Jii-chan says happily.

「Besides…I’ve got to appeal even at this time!」

Mana rubs her skin to me.

「There’s a lot of fascinating ladies…Mana won’t lose!」

Mana seems to be appealing to me that she’s sexy.

「Mana…I’m eating a meal right now. Don’t flick your nipples in front of my eyes」
「You can just eat Mana along with the rice!」

Now then…what to do?

「Rather than thta…if you don’t put on your clothes, you’ll get in trouble」
「Eh, why?」
「Don’t you think that there’s too much food if it’s just us?」

Mana looks at the table.

「Speaking of which…that might be true」
「It seems that there are other people coming to ear here too」
「Other people?」
「Look, those wearing expensive looking suits lined up behind Jii-chan in the theater…」
「Eh, those men well be coming?」

Mana’s surprised

「Let’s see…It’s about time I call them too」

Jii-chan said feigning ignorance.

「Eh, No way!」
「It’s true…so hurry up and get dressed」

Mana rushed to the place where she took off her clothes

「Hmm, what an interesting lass」
「There’s some untact in her so Ruriko, don’t copy her」
「Yes, Onii-sama」
「It’s no good to wander around naked too」
「Yes. Ruriko won’t show it to anyone but Onii-sama…!」

Ruriko’s elegant so it feels a bit too stiff.
Well, that’s very much like her so that’ fine.

「Geez! Yoshi-kun no Baka! Baka! Ochinchin!」

Megu…what’s wrong?
Your face is so red…

「You like that girl that much!? Sure! Either way, I’m not an Ojou-sama! I’m not as beautiful as the other girls!」

Who let Megu drink alcohol!
Ah…Nei-san’s standing with a bottle of wine from behind.
She’s bowing her head saying『Sorry』towards me…
Yeah…she made her drink

「…You already hate me don’t you?!」

Megu shouts half-crying
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