Chapter 264 : The private students

Chapter 264 : The private students.

Misuzu comes to my side.
「Please don’t worry about those who made noise just now. It was purposely done by the people behind」

She whispers behind my ears.

「The tallest man on the back, Kouzuki Souji-san…he’s grandfather’s brother’s grandson」

True, there’s a man observing us with a calm appearance.

「Next to him is Souji-san’s brother, Subaru-san. The one in the middle of those making noise right now is Kouzuki Satoshi-san. That person is on the lineage of grandfather’s younger brother. On Satoshi-san’s side, Natsuko Makoto-san. It’s grandfather’s sister’s grandson. Those four are the princes of Kouzuki house…」

…I see

「The people around Souji-san are on his faction. Next to Makoto-san is Tsunoda Fumikazu-san. Behind Souji-san is Torada Chitoku-san, Koku Rakujin-san, Oohari Ryou-san, Kata Takashi-san…everyone of them are sons of old executives of Kouzuki group」

With the princes of Kouzuki family as center…they form a faction

「Then…those comig from the corridor」

Yeah, there’s another faction solidified near the entrance, apart from Kouzuki Souji’s faction…
There’s another group that can be seen from outside the door.

「Those are the sons of the new emerging force in Kouzuki group. Shiba Akira-san…Takahiko-san’s brother. Hanaoka Shinsuke-san, Koumori Akira-san, Kawafuji Akishi-san, Kouzuki Kenshi-san…Kenshi-san’s origin is a branch family of Kouzuki family however, he’s in this faction as he hates Souji-san. Then, that’s Takagi Fuuta-san」

Jii-chan’s students are divided into the prince faction (9) and the rising group (6)
Just like their parents, the children are also having a conflict as a faction…

「Who told you to come in?」

Jii-chan glares at the young men with strong eyes.

「G-Grandfather…that is, you see」

Kouzuki Satoshi panics.

「You’re the grandson of my brother…not mine

Jii-chan said coldly

「No…I admire『Kakka』like my real grandfather…」
「If it’s not the eldest son, then the relatives are also vassal…that’s the law in Kouzuki family… I’m not so low to need『respect』from a young man like you」

Jii-chan said…Kouzuki Satoshi fell silent.

「…Satoshi, apologize to『Kakka』」

Kouzuki Souji speaks from behind.

「…I will also apologize. We’re sorry for being impolite.」

Kouzuki Souji bows his head…
With that pose, I can’t think of him apologizing sincerely.
This guy’s disgusting.

「I-I’m very sorry. 『Kakka』…!」

Kouzuki Satoshi also bows his head.

「No, it’s not just Satoshi. We also have been impolite. We’re sorry. We reflect on this」

The one who said that is…Natsuki Makoto?
That person seems to be the oldest…I guess he’s in the first half of twenties.
Natsuki Makoto’s apology seems to be sincere.
He’s properly apologizing and reflecting on it.

「Who brought you here?」

Jii-chan asks the young men.

「…It’s me」

A woman’s voice comes from the corridor.
Then, a woman wearing tight skirt and glasses comes in the room in the middle of the young men.


Jii-chan said hatefully.

「Yes…as president Kouzuki’s secretary, I have guided them」
「…Why did you not confirm it with me first?」
「I just acted according to the time schedule prepared…!」

The glasses secretary said in a aloof attitude.,

「Time shifts are trivial」

Jii-chan said but.

「The schedule has already exceeded 20 minutes. In professional ethics, 20 minutes isn’t a trivial gap of time. It’ll have a huge impact on the future schedule progress」

This woman’s giving priority to the time schedule over Jii-chan, the owner of Kouzuki house’s will?

「Let me ask you just in case…what is the current time in your schedule?」

The secretary replied.

「It’s supposed to be the meal and social gathering of the『students』」
「Hmm. Therefore you brought them here?」
「Yes…it’s set to be 45 minutes but it’s already over by 20 minutes. If they don’t dine in the remaining 25 minutes, it’ll affect the next schedule」

The secretary said.
Jii-chan looks at Misuzu.

「Misuzu…remember this. Being a secretary of a big company, people who makes misunderstandings like her will appear. Although…there is a lot of insensitive old men among the executives who just leave their schedule to someone else…」

The secretary gets angry.
The feelings of grudge shows up in her face completely.

「it’s the president who approved the schedule I have made…!」
「Yes, I certainly approved of it…therefore I also have the authority to change the schedule as I please」

Jii-chan said calmly

「Sudou-kun…you just became my secretary this April」
「Yes. I became president Kouzuki’s secretary since April first」
「The one who recommended you is…Torada-kun, secretary in chief…he’s a man that’s too stiff…」
「…What do you mean?」

The secretary speaks aloof.

「You’re dismissed…return to your headquarters」

Jii-chan said with cold eyes.

「…Are you making an unjustified dismissal?」
「What, is your hearing bad…?! I’m saying that I’m dismissing you as my secretary. I’m not saying that you’re fired. Go back to the head office and become a secretary of some incapable executive. You’re not fit to be my secretary」

Jii-chan tells the secretary…

「Yes, I also felt the same way. A selfish person like president don’t need a secretary’s work! You don’t tell me your destination and you don’t try to stay by the time schedule. Cancelling the schedule of dining together with the executives of other companies multipole times…Just how many times do you think I contacted them to apologize…!」

You’re snapping on this…hey

「All of the elaborate schedules I have made for president were all thrown to the bin! I’m the one who can’t endure this!」

Jii-chan snorts his nose.

「…I changed my mind. You’re fired」
「This is tyranny! I’ll sue you!」


「Let me tell you beforehand…the one who recommended you, your boss, and your guarantor will all be given a penalty. Your parents in Nagano…weren’t they managing a manufacturing company?」
「…Why do yo know that?」

Jii-chan laughs

「I always read the details about my subordinates…your little sister is still a college student. Your brother should be playing softball in high school」

The secretary fell silent.

「I’ll put pressure on your father’s company. I’ll make all the customers cut off their connection. Your father won’t get the materials to make a product. I’ll instruct the banks to collect their loans…by the end of the month, your father’s company will be crushed, but there’s no other choice」
「W-What are you talking about!?」

The secretary’s frightened.

「I will let you know what it means to make Kouzuki Shigetaka angry」
「I-Isn’t that threatening?」
「It’s not…this is how I do things. It can be smoothly executed」

Jii-chan smiles.

「I-I will appeal to the police! Listen to this. I have acquaintance in media!」
「Even I do have acquaintances in media. In the first place, most of the major media outlets are under my control. I’m a major shareholder after all」
「It’s my first time to deal with a secretary that forgets who she is you see…I had fun playing with you but it’s already a month. I’m getting bored now. I’ll ask for the next secretary who can do a bit more work and knows what she’s working on」

Then, Jii-chan looks at the secretary like she’s a garbage.

「Go back home already. Go to the head office and pack your stuff. Then, consult the people around you what happens if you make Kouzuki Shigetaka angry. You’ll gradually understand what’s going to happen to you. The scary part starts from that…!」
「I won’t lose!」

Secretary Sudou stares at Jii-chan.

「What are you talking about, there’s nothing to win or lose. There’s not a match happening between us after all」
「Whatever president tries to do with me, I’ll absolutely succeed. I’ll win someday!」

Jii-chan laughs loudly.
He’s sneering at her.

「Then…because of you, those who recommended you and your family will become unfortunate, you don’t mind that do you?」
「…T-That’s unfair President」
「What’s unfair is you looking at others from the high place without thinking about your actual position. Aren’t you just treasuring your so small pride?」
「I am different from president…!」

But still, the secretary doesn’t yield to Jii-chan.

「Well fine. I probably won’t remember you tomorrow anymore. After a while, I’ll only just read the reports. When you and your father fall down…I’ll read that and remember. 『Oh, there was this stupid secretary that acted against me. There’s quite a lot of humans sacrificed from that』…」

Jii-chan ignores what the secretary said and takes out his phone.

「…Tanizawa. Sorry but I just fired my secretary. Have someone send her back to the head office. Right away. I don’t want to see her face again. Then…come here at once. Either way, you’ve got the important information about the secretary right? I’d like to hear the explanation of the situation directly from you」

The secretary trembles in disgrace as she listens to the contents of the call.
Jii-chan hangs up the phone then speaks to her.

「Director Yamaoka of Kouzuki security service will be at the front desk on the first floor. If you speak to him, he’ll arrange you a car. Get out of this hotel within 5 minutes…」

Jii-chan’s words were cold however you look at it.

「Yes, understood. Excuse me…!」

The female secretary glared at Jii-chan until the end then left the room.

「Thinking what’s going to happen to this hotel from now on…I let her out while it’s not too late. She probably won’t understand it」

Jii-chan said whisperingly.

「Minaho-kun…what do you think of that woman?」
「She’s a strong one. She kept glaring until the end」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「She’s excellent however…she’s not suitable for secretary work when it comes to behind the scenes. Her personality is to show herself forward to make an appeal」
「Yeah…if she becomes an entrepreneur then she’ll have a decent success. However, with her personality, she’ll make a lot of enemies and won’t work with the subordinate that’s not a yes-man」

Jii-chan analyzes.

「Do you want me to do something?」

Minaho-neesan asks Jii-chan

「Don’t you think she’s suitable on your side?」
「…That one?」
「She has that personality but she looks good. Even the style. She’s confident in herself and seeks for people that spoil her. Well, if it’s her then she’ll be slightly frustrated」

Jii-chan is recommending that female secretary to become a prostitute of『Kuromori』…!?

「True, there are guests who like that kind of girl but…」
「Right. If I was younger then I would be a guest of hers too. To be honest…it was fun having arguments with her for a month」
「…You like her?」
「My schedule’s completely managed by Tanizawa. The female secretary just needs to sit down. And yet, she takes it seriously…it was really enjoyable making fun of her」
「Therefore you evacuated her」
「Yes…it feels pitiful to get her involved」

Jii-chan said lonely.

「Understood…please leave that child to me…!」

No way you’re really making her a prostitute…?!

「Can you use her on your place?」
「She won’t become a『woman』 in the mansion. With that personality…we can only make her a woman that takes care of Kouzuki-sama…!」


「Please look forward to it…!」

「Minaho-neesan didn’t end what she’s speaking about on purpose」
However, I can understand it from the movement of her mouth
Minaho-neesan said『Ojii-chan』

「Shige-chan loves beauties with strong personality. He liked that girl you see」

Nagisa whispers in my ears.

「Anyway…there’s a lot to look forward for in the future. I’ve got to survive now…!」

…I see
Jii-chan entrusted the fate of the secretary to Minaho-neesan.
I don’t think that it’s a good thing to become a prostitute but…
Jii-chan’s also distorted…so he thinks『If she won’t be a woman only for me then make her a prostitute』
But then…the relationship of Jii-chan and that woman remains broken.
Therefore, Minaho-neesan shows the possibility of Jii-chan’s relationship with that secretary to continue.
With that…she’s adding fuel to Jii-chan’s energy to survive.

「Now then. We need a secretary for negotiations with Shirasaka house. If there’s no flower then it’ll just be brutal…Minaho-kun, could you lend me Katsuko-kun? Well she only needs to operate machines and make tea」

Jii-chan tells MInaho-neesan.

「I don’t mind…Katsuko」
「Yes, Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-nee stands up.

「Well then, Minaho-kun and I will pack up the arrangements. The room next to this will do. Katsuko-kun, come too. Also, I will bring Seki-san as a guard…is that okay, Misuzu? I’ll leave Fujimiya-kun to guard you all」
「Yes, grandfather」

Misuzu answers with a clear face.

「…I think you understand but if you can’t rule this place then you don’t have a future」

There’s fifteen students in this place.
The children of Kouzuki family’s branch house and executives.
If she can’t control these people…then it’ll be hard for Misuzu to become the head of Kouzuki house.
It’s bad if they smell Misuzu’s ambition now…
She has to show that she’s a formidable opponent for them.
Therefore, Jii-chan purposely gets off from the seat.

「…Thank you for waiting,『Kakka』」

Chief Tanizawa comes in the room.

「Oh, I’ve been waiting. Let’s talk in that room…!」

Jii-chan speaks to Chief Tanizawa.

「You people can eat here. Don’t drink alcohol. Your parents will be coming on the negotiating table with the Shirasaka family. Having the parents working seriously watch their children drink. Is just bad」

Jii-chan tells the prince group.

「Yes, understood!」

Kouzuki Satoshi answered lightly.

「Then…the ladies over here are Misuzu and Ruriko’s friends. My girlfriend is also here. Try to not make any blunder…!」

The young men stares at us.
As expected…they seem to be interested in the『women』

「Roger! Everyone, understands!」

Again, Kouzuki Satoshi answers in their behalf.

「Hey, those in the hallway…come with us」

Jii-chan calls out the six members of the rising faction

「Yes…excuse us」

The six people enter bowing their heads.

「They were holding back from entering the room until they get permission」

One among the group said.

「…Takagi Fuuta-san. He’s the spokesman of that group」

Misuzu tells me in secret.
I see.
Both factions have someone in charge.
The prince faction…Kouzuki Satoshi who’s overfamiliar.
On the rising faction…Takagi Fuuta.
With their faction boss taking a stance…they don’t come out directly.

「…Who’s the boss of that group?」

From Misuzu’s talk earlier…the prince group has Kouzuki Souji.
The rising faction…

「Originally, it’s Takahiko-san but…Takahiko-san isn’t here.」

Right, Misuzu’s fiance, Shiba Takahiko…
Since their engagement is annulled, he came back from the hotel.
Well, even if he remained…it’ll be hard to keep face with all the other members.

「However, perhaps…it’ll be Shiba Akira-san, the younger brother」

The younger if the elder isn’t present…
In short, in the rising faction, the power of the father of the two is standing out.

「The one on the back…man wearing a blue tie」

Misuzu tells me in a small voice.

「Isn’t his age that much different from me?」
「…He’s on the same age as Misuzu」

Shiba Akira is on second year high school.

「Then, I’ll leave the place to young ones to talk to…」

Jii-chan said and left the room.
Chief Tanizawa, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Seki-san follows.
When Jii-chan and others were gone…

「Oh, aren’t you cute? From where are they? Which acquaintance are you, Misuzu-san or Ruriko-san?」

Suddenly…one of the young men calls out to Nei-san.
Err…it’s the guy from the prince faction.

「I’m Tsunoda Fumikazu. Or rather, you know about me already don’t you?」

The seducer smiles at Nei-san…

「Sorry, your mouth stinks, could you go somewhere else?」

Tsunoda gets angry.

「What’s with you bitch…!」
「…Hey, Tsunoda, stop that」

Kouzuki Satoshi calls out from behind.

「You’re the one who’s rude」
「『Kakka』told us not to be rude with the women…!」

Kouzuki Satoshi tells Tsunoda.

「…I apologize for his actions. I’m very sorry, Ojou-sama」

Laughs out loud.


Kouzuki Satoshi looks at Nei-san.

「…You guys have good teamwork. Just how many women have you taken with that technique?!」

Nei-san said while laughing.

「The one will seduce arrogantly, then the other guy will pretend to help out the girl…what a strategy to attract. So idiotic, there’s no one in here that would be caught by that technique!」

Nei-san smiles.

「Bitch…making fun of us!」

Tsunoda presses closer to Nei-san.

「If you think so…then don’t do something as stupid as that」

Margo-san comes in front

「What’s with you. Whose house are you guarding? It’s a rule that guards can’t be brought here!」

Tsunoda screams.

「That’s just the rules for the『students』right? I think that we’re unrelated to that…!」

Margo-san smiles.

「I-I’m doing boxing!」

Tsunoda pretends to be tough against Margo-san.

「Is that so?…Then, you’re resilient? Could you be my sandbag just for a moment?」

Margo-san comes in forward holding her fist with her palm.

「Hey, do something about this…aren’t you a guard from Kouzuki security service?! I know that!」

Kouzuki Satoshi tells Reika.
Reika’s hugging Mao-chan’s knee…the two of them are eating sweets.

「Yes I am but…Why do I have to do something?」

Reika seems to be unable to help but cherish Mao-chan.
She answers while putting sweets on Mao-chan’s mouth.
She’s not even turning to Kouzuki Satoshi.

「Because…my father’s an executive of Kouzuki group. Isn’t it your job to protect us!?」

Kouzuki Satoshi shouts…

「My current duty is to protect Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama…therefore」
「Therefore what?!」
「If you’re hostile to me then…you’ll be taken down」

Reika glares at the men.

「Yes. If you are impolite to my close friends…I can order Fujimiya-san to dispose of you」

Misuzu said clearly

「…Tsunoda, Satoshi, it’s your loss」

The boss of the prince group, Kouzuki Souji…speaks to the two members.

「…Misuzu-sama, I’m sorry I apologize for their rudeness」

Kouzuki Souji bows his head.
This one’s also quite a cunning guy.
Even though it was Tsunoda and Kouzuki Satoshi’s fault…
He looks like he’s unrelated to this.
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